tagBDSMMy Master's Orders

My Master's Orders


I am over 40 and a little overweight and out of shape. Some men may call that curvy. I have been married for 17 years. I have 3 children. I have been very unhappy both in life and sexually. Then I met Him and discovered that

I am a sub.

I was always dominant in my sex life with my husband. I could "climb on for a ride" whenever I chose. He is very passive when it comes to sex. I had been feeling extremely unfulfilled and empty. Longing for something, I just didn't know what that something was.

One afternoon, in a fit of boredom and loneliness, I decided to download a new app to my phone. It was a sex chat app. I felt very secretive and naughty doing it, even more so once I opened it. While scanning through the "Meet People" section a text to me popped up. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I read, "Hey, do you sext?" Just like that.

I closed the app right then. Later in the day though, I checked the notifications. I was curious. Most I just deleted immediately. One of them caught my eye however. It had a profile picture of a single red rose. The text said, "What are you into?" What the hell did that mean?

I decided to respond to the text and sent "Idk what you mean."

It didn't take long to get a response. "What are you into? What do you want out of sex?"

"Well duh?" I thought. I want what every other woman wants, a mind-blowing orgasm. I couldn't say that to some stranger though so I answered, "More than I get now!"

"What do you get now?"
the mysterious man asked.

I decided what the hell. This person didn't know me. I could say whatever I chose and not feel any consequences. So I decided to be truthful. "You want the truth, or are you into fantasy?"

"I am into fantasies, and fulfilling them. Give me truth."

"Fine. Sex is boring. I get more enjoyment from playing with toys than my husband. I'm tired of it always being the same. I want more."

"How do you want more?"

"Well really, start with the easy questions why don't you?" I thought sarcastically. "What do you mean?"

"Tell me what you dream sex should be like. What do you want to change?"

"Well, I'm tired of doing all the work, I guess. I want someone else to make the decisions. Tell me what to do and how to do it. Someone to, at least, be an equal participant."

"Do you want to be controlled? Told what to do?"

"Well I've never thought of that, to tell the truth. Has some allure. Won't get that here though."

"Would you like to try it?"

"Can't. I said I won't get that here. Can't convince my husband to try anything new. The wildest thing I get him to do is go out to a nudist resort."

"Hmmmm. Would you consider letting me control you? You would have to come to trust me."

"I don't know you."

"That can be changed."

What followed in the next few weeks was a voyage of discovery for me. I talked to Him every day. I discovered he lived in the South of England. He was married as I was and also dissatisfied, although not to my extent, as his wife was not really into what he was. He sent me his picture. I saved it to the camera roll on my phone. I was fascinated by his eyes and every now and then would open the picture to fall into them. His eyes felt like they saw more deeply into me than anyone had before.

He was a Dom. He got sexual satisfaction from control. He was into bondage. He liked to use ropes and cuffs. All this shocked me. I hadn't even guessed that this world existed. In fact, once I'd learned this I didn't even text him for a couple days as I processed the information he'd imparted. I could not stay away though. I was drawn to Him like steel to a magnet.

Over time, he had told me to do many things that I had never considered trying. Whatever he told me to do I did. He had had me pleasure myself and fuck myself with my toys for him over video chat. He had me insert a dildo in my anus for the first time. He had talked dirty to me and let me know how much what I was doing thrilled him and turned him on. Now I was here, at this point, at this time, ready to do what he said.

Here, was the nudist resort my family frequented. Now, was night, alone at the pool, no one around, waiting for Him to text. My family was all back in our room, hopefully asleep. I sat in a lounge chair near the hot tub, my favorite spot, wearing a short white robe against the slight night chill. The app on my tablet buzzed. It was Him.

"Hello," he typed. I could imagine his deep British accent washing over me as I read the words hearing his voice in my mind. I shivered in anticipation. "How are you tonight?"

"I'm good,"
I answered.

"Are you ready?"


"You remember my instructions?"

"Yes, all of them."

"And especially?"

"No kissing,"
I typed immediately.

"Good," he said. "Is anyone else around?'

"No, not right now."
I know what he wanted. We had talked about it. He wanted to see me sexually satisfied. He wanted to see me pleasuring a man and being pleasured in return. He wanted to see me get fucked. I glanced around and saw someone entering the pool area.

"Wait, someone is coming," I texted. As the dark silhouette came closer I began to be able to make out features. It was a man I'd seen around here before. He was hot and well hung. Perfect. My pussy was getting wet just thinking of what I was about to do. I was also nervous. If I should be seen, I could get my family banned from the resort, plus, I had never cheated in all my years of marriage.

"Is it a man or woman?" he asked.

"A man," I answered. "I know him. This will work."

"Enjoy, my pet."

"You too,"
I typed and with that I opened the link to video chat and set the tablet so it would have a clear view of the hot tub. I unwrapped my last kiss of the night, a chocolate strawberry one from Hershey, and popped it into my mouth. Mmmm.

During this time, the man had come across the pool area, set his things down, and entered the hot tub. He had moved to the far end and was perched on the edge; arms braced backward, head thrown back, eyes closed. I did know him, kind of. I had seen him here before many times. He was part of the swinger set here, kind of wild, older, like me, handsome. I knew I would enjoy sex with him, now to do it.

I got up from my chair, moving quietly so as to not disturb the serenity and peacefulness of the darkness. I let my robe drop from my shoulders and approached the tub. I stood at the top step a moment and drunk in the sight of him, dark hair, a bit on the long side, broad shoulders, tanned, all over, muscular, strong but not obsessively so. My pussy was getting wet just looking him over.

I entered the pool quietly, slowly descending the steps so as to get used to the scorching heat. At the slight sound of my entrance he opened his eyes realizing he was no longer alone.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi," I answered.

"I've seen you around here but, I'm sorry, I don't remember your name."

"Names aren't really important."

"Yeah, that's right. Nice night isn't it?"

"It's beautiful. Only one thing could make it better."

"What's that, sweetie?"

Knowing my Master was watching and not wanting to chicken out and disappoint him, I waded boldly over to stand right in front of Mike and looked him in the eyes before I answered him. "Sex under the stars," and with that, I took his cock in my hand and bent down to take him into my mouth.

I heard his sharp intake of breath as I took his head into my mouth, my tongue swirling around. He was still soft but I could feel him stiffening quickly. Mmmm yes, this would be fun I thought to myself. I could taste the chemicals of the pool mixed with the taste of his skin and already a slight saltiness of pre cum. I boldly took him deep into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat. I could feel his hand at the back of my head urging me on. He held me to him and I relaxed as my master had instructed and felt his cock slip into my throat briefly.

I pulled off and began riding him with my mouth, stroking up and down, my hand joining in. His hand still on my head would press and hold me deeply onto him, forcing me to take him into my throat. I loved his forcefulness. While I was sucking him, he was controlling me.

He pulled me off of him and up to his lips. I had not expected this. Kissing was sensuous and personal and against my Master's rules. His lips glanced over mine briefly as I turned my head to the side and he began nuzzling and kissing my jaw and neck. His arms wrapped around me pulling me closer between his legs. I could feel his cock press against my stomach and his hands reaching down to cup my ass. He pulled me upward until I was standing on the submerged bench.

His one hand continued to caress my ass, slipping between my ass cheeks, a finger outlining my puckered hole. His other hand came around to my pussy. One of his knees came between my legs, parting them, and then I was sitting on his lap being stroked and opened front and back. As one finger of each of his hands pressed intimately at each hole, I suddenly could not breathe. I threw my head back as I was breached, pussy and ass, at the same time. It was glorious. He was fucking me with his fingers. I had never experienced anything like this before. I was going to cum quickly. I felt my juices flowing gently, coating his finger that was fucking my pussy, I sighed in pleasure.

He removed his fingers and lifted me onto his cock. I was impaled in one swift thrust. He stood, with me upon him, and turned, carefully, setting my ass on the edge of the tub. He pushed my shoulders back, forcing me to lie down upon the cool concrete. I didn't care. I would do whatever he required. His hands spread my legs wide as he began thrusting into me, hard, pounding, demanding thrusts.

My legs wrapped around him, urging him to thrust even harder. His hands came to my breasts, teasing and pinching my nipples. Then his mouth was upon them, nipping biting and sucking as his hands held my shoulders, keeping me in place to meet the power of this thrusting. I was covered by him, confined in place by his body, and loving it.

I could feel electricity shooting up my spine, tingling spreading throughout my body. I was going to cum hard and soon. My breath was coming hard and my heart was racing. His cock felt even bigger inside me, I felt fuller than I ever had before. I grasped him with my inner muscles, squeezing him upon each thrust.

"Oh sweetie," he rasped.

And at that I came. As my muscles spasmed involuntarily around him, he came too. His cum pumped into me as my juices flowed over him. My body shook and a scream erupted from my lips as waves rolled over me. I had cum before many times in my life, but I had never experienced an orgasm such as this. I felt like I was being ripped apart, like I would explode. How could something be pain and pleasure at the same time? Juxtaposition.

The waves rolled over me and his lips were on mine, kissing me deeply. I lay sated, my body awash with sensation. He pulled out of me and began making his way down my body, sucking at my neck, licking at my nipples, kissing at my belly, until he came to my pussy. Our juices were oozing from my hole as his tongue flicked my clit then delved inside to lap at me.

I could feel new spirals of sensation coursing through me as he ate at me, sucking and lapping up our combined essence. His tongue fucked me and his thumb stroked my clit. I was going to cum again. As the jolts shot through me, my juices flowed over his tongue and he drank them as they did.

His tongue left me and he helped me sit up then stand. He pulled me tight against him and bent to kiss me once again. Once again I turned my head, rebuffing the kiss. He did not seem to mind as his lips tugged and sucked briefly at my ear instead. He then quietly helped me up the steps and out of the tub.

"Meet me again, sweetie," he whispered against my neck.

"Maybe," I responded, knowing it would only be with His permission.

"I have to go," he said as he grabbed his towel off the bench and slipped into his sandals.

"See you," I said quietly, smiling as he walked away. I padded softly over to my lounge and picked up my tablet. I closed the video chat app as I had been instructed to do once I had finished.

A text came through immediately. "So, you enjoyed yourself?"

I typed back.

"It appeared so," he typed. "I did too. I shot my load all over while watching you. Did you enjoy having sex knowing I was watching you? I saw he penetrated your ass. Do you feel ready for DP now as you've wanted?"

"Yes, to both questions,"
I answered. "It was even more stimulating and erotic knowing you were here. Definitely. I want to try it. You know DP is a fantasy of mine."

"Then it will have to be arranged."

"Thank you,"
I typed back, smiling. "May I see him again?"


"He is strong, and although not a Dom as you, he forced me to do as he wished. He took control of me. I loved it. I want to feel that again."

"Although those are good reasons my sweet, no. It is time to move on. I have something new in store for you next,"
he typed. I could sense him smiling at me, pleased that I had been fulfilled. "Go and get some rest. Sleep well. Do not skip your breakfast tomorrow or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master, good night."

I shut down the texting app and turned off my tablet. I gathered my things and headed off into the darkness, smiling and content.

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