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My Mentor


The wall above the drapes was faintly lit by a gray light. I figured it was close to dawn. The room was dark and quiet. Getting up. I found my way to the bathroom. The short hall was lighted by a strip of muted light leaking under the hotel room door. I closed the bathroom door and plunged into total darkness.. Fumblingly, I found the light switch, flipped it, and instantly blinded myself.

I pissed, washed my hands and face and dick, drank some water, turned off the light, opened the door and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I thought about flushing the toilet, but didn't because I figured the noise would wake my sleeping mentor.

I padded across the room to the draped window. I held the drape and curtain aside and looked across the airshaft to a lighted window. The drapes and curtains were wide open and two people were engaged in rear entry sex. I guessed some exhibitionists like to perform early in the day.

My mentor stirred and sat up in bed. 'What's going on, Jeremy? What are you looking at?'

'Oh, just the people in the room across the way.'

'What are they doing?'




'Sounds like a nice way to start the day.'

I heard the bed covers getting pushed aside. Bare feet padded across the room. A pair of arms slipped around my waist and a pair of lips planted a soft kiss on my neck.

'Open the drapes more.'

I found the wand and pulled the drape back a ways.

'Open the curtain too.'

The hands moved from around my waist to my shoulders. Another kiss was planted on the side of my neck.

'They look like they're enjoying themselves.'

'Yes. Looks like a loving fuck.'

'Bent over that straight back chair like that might be a little uncomfortable.'

'Probably the only chair they could easily move.'

'You're probably right.'

'Looks like someone is about ready to pop.'

The guy across the way was driving his cock deep between his partner's butt cheeks. We watched as he gave one more hard push, the several rapid short ones. He leaned over his partner's back then pulled out. In spite of the distance across the airshaft, we could see a string of cum drip from his shiny cock.

'Nicely done.'

'Nicely hung, too.'

The partner straightened up and turned around. They kissed, then the guy bent down and took the partner's hard, erect cock into his mouth. He sucked furiously for a few moments, then pulled away. A stream of cum squirted across the gap between them and into his mouth. He followed the cum stream back to the source and took it back into his mouth.

When he was finished, they both turned and looked, rather expectantly, I thought, out their window.

'I don't know whether to applaud or look away.'

'Open our drapes and curtains.'

Although our room was dark and in shadow, it was obvious, in the gray light, that both my mentor and I were naked.

Hank turned us sideways to the window. He kissed me then squatted down. My dick lay across his cheek as he licked and sucked my balls. The two guys in the room across the airshaft watched intently as Hank sucked my dick into his mouth.

In spite of the semi-darkness, I was very self conscious of this rather public blowjob. Our room was filling with light as sunrise came nearer.

Hank was fondling my balls as his lips slipped up and down my dick.

I thought, nervously, 'The sun is rising in the sky and the cum is rising in my balls. And we're on stage.'

My balls popped just as the sun cleared the roof of the building and flooded our room with bright light. Hank pulled off so a couple of wads landed on his face. Then he sucked me dry and cleaned me with his tongue. When he finished, he turned to the window and waved. The two guys across the airshaft grinned and waved back. Hank stood up and gave me a cum sharing kiss. The window across the way was empty when we finished kissing.

'Close the drapes.'

And so began one of our weekends together at the most gay friendly hotel in the city.

It was too late to go back to sleep and too early for breakfast so we lay on our bed and engaged in some foreplay and horseplay until we decided to shower together. The shower is a great place for slippery fun. Soaping each other's body and washing slippery body parts is enjoyable. Hank enjoys rubbing our bodies together and he likes it when my soapy hard dick slips between his butt cheeks and when I run it up and down in his butt crack.

Hank is usually very discrete. That's why we are spending the weekend in a hotel. We met at the university. He is a full professor - Dr. Henry - and I'm a student. He is fifty-three and I'm twenty-two. The university is located about two hours from the city.

I said Hank is usually very discrete so this morning's blowjob in the window was way out of character for him. He sometimes does things like that when he feels he can remain anonymous.

Hank said he didn't know what a homosexual was when he found out that boys and girls were different, but he knew from the start that he liked other boys more than he liked girls. He was in high school when he learned more about homosexuality. He also learned it was something you didn't talk about or show.

His first encounters with men were through school and church - teachers and preachers. It began with the usual touching and fondling and being naked together. Then it moved on to receiving oral sex and then to giving oral sex.

He said, 'None of what I learned and did seemed wrong. It was right for me. I learned about my sexuality and I knew I was gay. Having sex with a woman made me uncomfortable. I had one girl friend who gave fantastic head, but it wasn't the same as when a man was giving me head. And giving her head was no where close to going down on a man. And don't even mention intercourse.'

Both during and after college he found other like minded men. At the university, Hank appears to be an older, almost asexual, celibate Academic. He is known on campus by his title and first name - Dr. Henry. Now he is mentoring me in the ways and pleasures of man love.

I am curious and I'm a willing student. I've had several girl friends and I've enjoyed sex with a number of them. And I've had some enjoyable one night stands, but man love is another aspect of sex and sexuality that I want to explore.

Dr. Henry teaches some rather esoteric courses that involve discussions of the interrelationships between philosophy, ethics, religion, international events, and how it all involves and affects each individual. Since I hadn't declared a major, I was just taking courses to see if any field of study really interested me. I signed up to audit one of Dr. Henry's courses. And that's how we met.

Actually, we met while working out at the gym in the field house. Sometimes, when I have trouble studying I'll take a break and go to the gym for a workout session. Sometimes, Dr. Henry would be working out too.

One evening, he asked if I was taking one of his classes. I said yes, that I was auditing a class. He asked me what I thought about the course and I told him it was all rather heavy going for me and that about the only subject he hadn't mention was human sexuality. He laughed and said that was for next semester.

We worked out together and often went for a cup of coffee after we finished our workout and after we showered. One evening, just after we showered and dressed, the power failed. The coffee shop was without power too. Dr. Henry suggested that we walk to his home. If the power was on there, he'd make some coffee.

From then on, we'd walk to his place for coffee after our workouts. One thing I liked about Dr. Henry's home was that he had a lot of art type photographs on the walls. Some of them were of nudes and several of those were male nudes.

He seemed pleased that I liked his taste in art. We talked about the human form and nudity and how people perceived nudity. Dr. Henry felt that nudity and being nude was not offensive and that it was a natural state for one to be nude.

We continued to work out together and we always ended up at Dr. Henry's.

'Let me show you something that I show to very few people.'

I followed him down a hall to a closed door.

'This is my inner sanctum. My study. My refuge.'

He opened the door. It looked like an office to me. The first thing that I noticed was the walls were covered with framed photos.

Dr Henry turned on the lights. 'Go ahead. Go in and take a look around.'

All of the photos were male nudes. All were homoerotic. In many, the men's dicks were in various stages of arousal.

Together we walked around the room. 'I think the male body and form are as beautiful as the female's.'

I looked at a grouping of photos, 'These men are handsome.' There was a black and white photo of a younger man. He had shaggy pale blonde, almost white, hair, pale skin and very large eyes. He was lying on his side, on a rumpled bed, in a pose that was definitely seductive. 'He's almost beautiful.'

Dr. Henry stood next to me. 'He is, isn't he?' He put his hand on my back. 'I have a collection of photos of him.'

He turned and walked to a bookcase. I watched as he selected an album and placed it on the desk. 'Sit down here. I think you'll like this.'

The album contained a number of pictures of the pale blonde. The pictures became more explicit as I paged through the album. In several he was fully erect. In several he was holding his dick. The last pictures were of him and different men. They were posing while holding hands or with their arms round each other. In many of the photos, either one or both were erect. The last picture was a kiss. I noticed their hard dicks were pressed together too.

Dr. Henry put his hand on my shoulder. 'This is particularly erotic, don't you think?'

I looked up at him, 'Yes, it is. It's almost. . .'

'Pornographic, isn't it? Dr. Henry leaned against me as he reached down and closed the album. He leaned against my arm. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my arm. And I realized that I had a hard-on too. From looking at nude pictures of a young man.

He put the album back on the bookcase. 'Let's have some coffee, shall we?'

Over coffee, we talked about our workouts, my classes, some of the pictures in his collection, and I learned that one of his hobbies, in addition to collecting photos, was taking them. Several of the art photos on the walls in the living room and halls were his work.

'Most of my pictures are still life's and of objects. I'm not into scenics or nature, except I do like to photograph leaves, flowers, seed heads, and so on. Forms in nature, you know, like the human form.' His smile was particularly warm and generous.

One evening, we were walking to Dr. Henry's when we got caught in a cloudburst. We were soaked to the skin.

'We better get out of these wet clothes. Let me get some towels and robes.'

Dr. Henry pulled off his wet shoes and socks and disappeared down the hall. He returned with several towels and two robes. We quickly got out of our wet things, toweled off and slipped into the warm, dry robes.

'Put these wet things in the clothes dryer.' He indicated a set of folding doors in the hallway. 'And I'll make some hot tea.'

After putting the clothes in the dryer, I followed Dr. Henry into the kitchen. He bustled around with kettles and cups. He filled a teapot and sat it on a tray alongside two cups. He carried the tray into the living room. 'Have a seat.' He nodded towards a large leather sofa. 'Make yourself comfortable.'

I sat down on the sofa. Dr. Henry moved a wing back chair closer to the couch. He checked the tea.

'I think I'll have a little rum. Tea and rum goes well with wet weather. It's so warming. Would you like a little too?'

'Yes, please, Dr. Henry.'

He poured the team and rum. 'Here you go.' He sat down in the chair, 'And call me Hank.'

'Thank you, Dr. Hank,' I smiled.

He laughed, 'Just Hank. We've worked out together and showered together, so I think we can dispense with the formality of titles.'

'O.K., Hank.' I sipped the tea. 'This is good.'

The conversation quickly turned away from the weather and tea. We talked about some of the art photos that Hank had hung on the walls. He started talking about his camera equipment and he went to another room and came back with one.

'This is my newest.' He was holding what appeared to be a single lens reflex camera. 'It's digital.' He showed me some of the features of the camera then set it aside. 'Would you like some more tea? With rum?'

'Sure. Please.' I handed him my cup. He refilled it and handed it back to me. My robe kept slipping open a little as I moved around. Hank refilled his cup and sat back down. He crossed his legs at the ankles. His robe fell open, exposing most of his legs. He continued to talk about his hobbies - collecting art and homoerotica and developing his skills as a photographer and artist.

'I like working in black and white and I never even stopped to consider that the new camera is color digital. But I guess I can take care of that when I down load to the computer.' He looked at me, 'Let's find out. May I take your picture?'

I was feeling relaxed and comfortable, 'Sure.'

Hank got his camera. He stood up and began snapping pictures as he moved around the sofa. He made comments such as 'Nice.', 'Good.', 'Perfect.' as he moved around. I got into the act by changing poses a little. The robe came more and more open.

Hank stopped snapping photos and sat down on the edge of the sofa. I moved my legs. He moved around so he was sitting beside me. We reviewed the pictures that he had snapped. In the last one, the robe barely covered part of one of my legs and my crotch.

'That's going to be a nice print.' He put his hand on my arm. 'You're very handsome in your robe. And seductive'

I looked down. My robe had fallen aside as I had scooted around. I was essentially sitting in the nude in one of my professor's living room.

'Jeremy, You do know that I'm a notorious homosexual?'

I smiled, 'I've heard rumors.'

'And you're not frightened? Or put off?'

'No. Maybe a little apprehensive, but more curious than apprehensive.'


'Yes. About how men can, er, can. . .'

'Experience man love?'

'Man love?'

'Yes. The feelings and attraction between two men can be just as intense and overwhelming as that between a man and a woman. Or between two women, for that matter.'

'I was thinking more about two men having. . ., er, having sex.'

'That's a small part of man love. May I touch you?'

I shrugged the robe off my shoulders. Now I was completely nude. 'Yes.' I smiled and put my hand on Hank's arm.

He took my hand in his and he gently squeezed. The tips of his fingers on his other hand caressed their way up my arm to my neck. Hank touched the side of my face with the back of his hand. 'You are seductive.' His hand moved to my chest. 'Lay back.'

I reclined against the cushions and pillows on the sofa. Hank got on his knees beside the sofa. He returned to caressing my chest. I jumped a little when his lips touched my skin. His fingertips rubbed one nipple as his tongue touched the other. I felt my nipples harden.

Hank stood up and took off his robe. His hard dick stuck up at an angle in front of him. I'd seen him nude in the showers plenty of times, but I'd never seen him with a hard-on. I had an urge to touch his dick. Hank got back on his knees beside me. He put his hand on my hip as he leaned towards me.

He began sucking my nipple again. I could feel my dick stirring. I thought to myself, 'Maybe I'm a homosexual. I'm lying here naked and a naked man is kissing and rubbing my body. And I'm not repulsed.' I was sort of lying on my side. My dick was trapped between my thighs. Hank's hand moved across my hip to my lower back. My dick stirred some more as his fingers traced part of my butt crack.

I squirmed around and shifted my position so I was lying more on my back. Hank was kissing my chest. His hand moved to my stomach. He gently rubbed and caressed my skin. His fingertips grazed my pubes. His hand moved to my thigh. My dick felt hard. I shifted my position a little more to free it.

Hank was leaving a trail of soft licks and kisses across my stomach. His hand was resting on the inside of my thigh. I inhaled as he lightly kissed the head of my dick. Hank moved himself closer to my waist. He picked up my hard dick and licked. He looked at me and smiled, 'You'll enjoy this, Jeremy.'

I held my breathe as he closed his lips around my shaft.

Hank held his head still. I could feel the flat of his tongue massaging the head of my dick. His finger tips touched my ball sac. Unconsciously, I spread my legs so he had better access. Hank separated my balls with his thumb. He massaged them and rolled them around as he sucked.

The thought that I was homosexual re-entered my mind. A man was sucking my dick and I was enjoying it. Hank stopped sucking my dick. His mouth moved to my balls. His hand squeezed and stroked my dick as he gently sucked my balls.

My hands moved to my chest. I found my still hard nipples with my fingertips. I twisted and squeezed them as Hank took my cock back into his warm mouth. He was sucking harder as his lips moved up and down my shaft. I could feel my dick getting more rigid.

'I'm going to cum!'

Hank grunted.

'Yahhh! Ohh!' I arched my back as my balls popped.

I was amazed he kept my dick in his mouth. When I finished cumming, Hank took my dick out of his smooth. He stroked and squeezed it and he licked a drop of cum off the tip. Then he licked the shaft and kissed the head. Without a word, he got to his feet. Picking up his camera, he took a number of pictures.

He held the camera in one hand as he stepped close to me. His hard dick looked like it was ready to explode. I wondered if he expected me to suck him, but instead he began to stroke his dick with his free hand. He popped almost instantly. He held his dick and sort of aimed it as he squirted a long, thick steam of cum which landed on my neck, chest and stomach. When he was finished, he took several more pictures.

Hank put his camera down and left the room. I heard water running. He returned with several warm washcloths and a towel. He got back down on his knees beside me. He didn't say anything as he washed my dick and cleaned his cum off of me. He just smiled a lot. When he finished, he took the washcloths and towels away.

I was sitting up on the sofa when Hank returned. He helped me to my feet.

'Did you enjoy that, Jeremy?'

'Er, yes, er, Hank.'

'Was this your first time?'

'Uh, no, er. . .'

'I mean the first time with a man?'

'Uh, yes, its. . .'

'I'm glad I was your first.'

He hugged me. I could feel his dick pressing against my thigh. Hank shifted his position and moved his hands to my butt. His pelvis pushed against mine. He kissed me lightly on the lips. I thought of the picture of the pale blonde guy and another man kissing. Our dicks were pressed together just like theirs were. Hank ground his pelvis against mine. I could feel his dick was harder and my was twitching.

'I hope we can do this again.'

'Uh, er, uh, I. . .'

'I'm sorry, Jeremy.' Hank smiled, 'I'm making you uncomfortable.' He kissed me on the cheek then stepped back.

'l, er, I don't know. I'm, uh, confused,'

'I understand. I'm sure your things are dry. I'll get them.'

He walked out of the room, Still nude. He was a nice looking man. And he did have a rather impressive looking dick and a set of balls.

He returned with my jogging clothes. They were still warm from the drier. 'I'm sorry, but your shoes are still wet.'

'That's o.k. It's only a short jog home.' I dressed as we made small talk.

Hank stood in the hall, still nude, as I opened the front door.

'Good night, Jeremy.'

'Good night, Dr. Henry.'

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