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My MIL's Ass


The night was finally winding down at my in-law's house. We were in form out of town, visiting for a few days. Kids were in bed and John, my father-in-law, stayed out at his "buddies" drinking....wouldn't be home tonight. We all knew his "buddies" was really code name for his girlfriend....and so did his wife. My mother-in-law, Mindy, knew all about his exploits and had long given up on caring. She is big woman, 5 ft 7, around 260 lbs I would guess. Shoulder length blond / gray hair, an apple shaped body with big tits. Her size and lazy un-happiness about it had led her to pull away from her husband, quietly blaming herself for his cheating. I suspected she had long given up on sex.

But her curves were well rounded, almost like a sculpture, rather than rolls of fat. Mindy's skin was beautiful, keeping her looking younger than her 53 yrs of age. Now, I'm an ass man. Her ass was large, round, and seemed to flatten for a couple of inches at the height of her mounded buns. Like a large breast with a flat end rather than a nipple. Definitely not an ideal ass, but I always had a devious curiosity to know what it would be like to fuck a larger woman like her. And she certainly had a good shape that you would watch jiggle around if she had a dick slamming her from behind.

She has a friendly personality, but always intense and stressed out. Definitely loving and generous with her family. My wife and her mother could not be more total opposites. My wife, in her late twenties, has a small frame, 5 ft 5. Her upper body slightly longer than the bottom. Slender legs with muscular calves. 36c breasts with tall nipples when aroused. And an ass that I enjoy fucking the hell out of .

The one thing they do have in common is great skin. The Scandinavian blood adding just a little texture and color. Beautiful. And so soft. Since it was getting late and Mindy was planning to stay up for a while, she disappeared for a few minutes and came back down in her night gown. A green, silky gown with a low cut front, revealing a 1/3 of her cleavage. The length ran to about 2/3 of the way down her thighs. Her legs were visible just a couple of inches about the knees. Her legs were not large as I had imagined, but thick. I took a double take when I saw her, realizing my peering was a bit obvious. I glanced up at Mindy and she was looking right into my eyes, with a smirk, and quickly looked away. My cock stirred as I let my imagination wonder for a moment, contemplating what it might be like to fuck her in the ass, slapping it hard....making her take it. The thought of that pleasure and control sent a tingle through me.

My wife winked at me as she headed down the hall-way, wiggling her little as dramatically enough to make eye-contact with me and shoot a devious smile. I knew what that meant and didn't hesitate a moment. Her mother, now sitting at her computer on the other side of the room, watched our little interaction take place. She just smiled. "Good night you two."

My wife & I turned in and retired to the down-stairs bedroom, leaving my mother-in-law to stay up a little later, finishing up a work project on her computer. I closed the door behind me and playfully chased my wife down the short flight of stairs, into the basement. I'm not sure what had gotten into her, but that night my wife was a real animal. She is normally a little sexually suppressed when we are at her folk's house....reluctant to really get into the mood. This would limit us to quickies when visiting her folk's house. But that night she was insatiable. She sucked my dick, commanded me to fuck her ass and then followed it up fucking me on top, reverse cow girl style. My wife is a vocal love maker and had a hell of a time not drawing attention to what we were doing downstairs. But she did great.

I awoke about an hour later in need of a glass of water. I checked to see if there was any light coming in from under the door. I was still naked and really didn't want to get dressed. I would just make a mad 15 ft dash, there and back. I slowly opened the door and peeked out. Though I couldn't see it before the door was open, a dim soft light landed on me and I took a step back. Peering out the crack in the door, I saw my mother-in-law still sitting at her computer, the soft light from her small lamp the only light on in the house....except her computer monitor.

My eyes began to focus a bit better and I was debating how quickly or quietly I could make it to the kitchen sink, which was directly in-between us, about 10 feet away. I reasoned that it was tall enough that from where Mindy was sitting, she would not be able to see below my stomach. I was starting to get chilly standing there and still thirsty as hell. So I decided to do it. I didn't walk too quietly, just enough that I wouldn't startle Mindy. She moved her chair a little when she heard me. Her back was to me, her head blocking any view of the monitor. I heard her click the mouse a few times as I shuffled over to the sink. Grabbing a glass out of the cupboard next to the sink, I watched as she turned to face me, her computer displaying only the desktop.

She seemed surprised just for a second that I didn't have a shirt on, then the look passed.

"Can't sleep?" she asked?

"Just getting a drink." I said.

She slyly smiled and said, "I figured that work-out you two had down-stairs would have knocked you out by now."

My face must have turned red as I tried not to smile.

"Don't worry about it. I'm just teasing you. You two can do whatever you want down there. We're all adults here."

"Fair enough," I said, "it's cool that you're not stuffy about it." I filled up my glass.

"Not at all," she said, swinging back toward to her computer and turning off the monitor. "I finished my work a while ago and was just surfing around, waiting for you two love birds to quiet down before turning in."

She swung back around, stood up and stretched. As she did, her night gown slipped from just below her panties to her knees. I hadn't realized that her gown was up. Was she playing with herself while looking at porn, I wondered?

Suddenly I remembered I was naked as she began to walk towards me. I didn't know what to do, there was no way she wouldn't see me now...I hadn't left the room quickly enough. So, I impulsively just slowly picked up my glass and acted like it was no big deal. As she approached the counter, my full naked body came into her view. The room was dimly lit and I could not see her face as well as she came closer, it was darker on this side of the room.

But I could see her eyes travel down my body as she got closer. Our eyes met after she looked me over. She had a big grin on her face. She stood right in front of me, placed her hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. She quickly gave my butt as small pat and said "nice" as she walked down the hall to her bedroom.

"Goodnight" she said, her back to me as she walked.

I was stunned. Was she flirting with me? I mean, we would joke around about sexual stuff on rare occasion, but never any blatant flirting.

I watched the darkness swallow her as she got to her room. She flicked the light on, illuminating the hallway and stepped inside, leaving the door just slightly open.

I stood there for a minute, standing naked in my mother-in-laws kitchen with a glass of water in my hand; thinking about what had just taken place. Something must have spurred this and I just had to know. I put down the water and crept over to the computer. She had left a minimized window open down in the tool bar. I clicked to see what it was.

Up popped a photo of an older woman sucking a large dick of a younger guy, in his late twenties. The woman had her other hand on the ass of a young girl, playing with her rose bud. I was floored. Shocked and entirely sexually excited at once. It was as odd, exhilarating rush. Then I saw the name of the website was incest related! At the bottom of the caption was a small caption that read "mommy fondles daughter, sucks son-in-law."

My cock was instantly hard as I just stared at what I was seeing. I mean, I had no idea that my mother-in-law would be into this kind of stuff. I sat down at the computer, stroking my now rock hard cock, still sticky from fucking my wife. My nipples were hard from the chill in the air. I went to her computer's settings and I accessed her internet history. There were the names of at least a hundred porn websites, dating as far back as a few weeks prior.

I felt like a man possessed. Could this be true? I mean, I had never cheated on my wife, but this was just too good to be true. Did she want to fuck us both?

I looked the clock on the computer. I had been there for about 15 min. I returned to the kitchen and looked down the hall. My mother-in-laws light was off, except for a small night light on the opposite side of the room. After what had just happened, I had to peek in.

I crept down the hall and looked into her room. She was laying her bed, her back facing me. Her night gown now gone as she layed in her bed naked, her wide ass poking out of the sheets. I was sexy as I had imagined it might be.

As I stood there quietly, I listened to her breathing. It was the same breathing pattern I would hear when my wife was sleeping. Feeling brave and drunk with lust, I quietly walked over to her bed, not sure just yet what I would do.

I stared at her naked ass. Studying it. The shape, lines and curves. It was gorgeous in a way much different than my wife's ass. This was simply a big ass fetish I had to pursue, I decided. I gently touched her ass, waiting for her to wake up and bust me. But she didn't. I began to stroke it, rubbing the length of her mounds. I was braver with each stroke.

I slipped into the bed, next to her. I pushed by cock right up and nestled into her crack. She rustled a little, parting her legs just enough that maybe I could access her from there, and I lay still as she drifted off.

I pushed by cock down to her pussy and rubbed it against her. She was wet! I rubbed up and down until my dick was wet too. I then slowly place my cock against her big ass, right on her rose bud. I held one of her big tits and began to push by cock up her ass. As I applied pressure, she began to wake up and placed her hand on my leg. It was then that she realized she wasn't in her bed, alone.

She quickly looked at me with a look of soft surprise.

"Hey, wait. What's..."

She sat up a bit on her side and looked at me in the dim light and I began to kiss her neck.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as if innocent.

"Mindy, I'm going to fuck your bid, beautiful ass."

"No, wait. We can't do this. You're my son-in-law."

"Don't be shy now, I know you want it. Just let me fuck your brains out."

With that, I pushed by cock the rest of the way up her ass and she moaned.

"No, wait, we can't do this!" she panted.

"Come on, I know you want it. I saw what you were looking at on the internet. You not only want to fuck me, you want to fuck your own daughter. You naughty little slut!"

I was fucking her ass with force now, watching her globes vibrate with each slap of my torso. I pinched her nipples with one hand, and slapped her ass with the other.

"Oh, god....we can't" she said, gasping.

"Well, we are. And you'll do exactly what I say or I'll tell your daughter that you want to fuck her. Your own daughter!" The though of it turned me on immensely, but I wasn't about to tell her that, yet.

My mother-in-law just moaned as I continued to fuck her ass. She now seemed reserved to the fact that I was going to fuck her and she had to let me.

"Does that feel good? Do you like your son-in-law fucking your big ass?"

"Oh, oh. Fuck" was all she was ready to say.

"Every had your ass fucked before?" I asked, absorbed in sexual ecstasy.

"No, but I have now, I guess" she panted.

"And you like it, don't you?" I asked.

"Fuck, yes....."She whispered. "It feels amazing. Don't stop!"

I pounded her fat ass, her tight hole. Harder and harder. The bed was starting to squeak. Her whole body was moving with the motion of the bed. I watched large, naked body rise and fall with the movement.

"Now, I want you to play with your pussy," I said. "While I fuck your ass."

She moved her hand down between her legs, in compliance. Her middle finger found her clit and she began to rub as I my cock continued to ravage her ass hole. We both found a rhythm and it seemed to go on forever.

I was starting to get sore and feeling the need to cum soon, I decided to bring her to the O.

I looked her in the eyes, her mouth open in ecstasy as she played with her pussy and my big cock in her ass. "You want to fuck my wife, don't you?! You want to fuck your daughter. You want her to lick your pussy right now as I fuck you ass!"

"Yes, oh yes! I do!"

"Then let me her you say it," I groaned.

"Oh, god, I want her to eat my pussy! I want to suck your cock after watching fuck her. I want to share her pussy with you!"

"Well," I said, "my cock as still covered in her pussy juices when I came in here. And now I'm fucking you with it. Your daughters own cum is up your ass now!"

We both exploded into enormous orgasm. I swear I came for an hour. She thrashed and moaned on the bed as her orgasm ravished her body. She was panting like an animal and I pulled my cock out of her ass.

"Oh god," she said, licking her fingertips. "That was amazing. This has to stay our little secret, no matter what."

In the crack of the door, I suddenly saw my wife's silhouette standing there, her arms folded.

"Too late for that," I heard my wife say.


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