tagIncest/TabooMy MIL's Ass Ch. 02

My MIL's Ass Ch. 02


My wife looked on the scene before her. There I was, her husband lying in bed with her mother with my cock up her fat ass. My heart jumped. This was it. She was going to divorce me for sure. I just blew 10 years of a wonderful marriage, I thought. She stood there in her little t-shirt, which was just long enough to cover her pussy. It hugged her body and accentuated her flat stomach and firm bra-less tits, extending just to the bottom of her round ass. She didn't have any panties on, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy that I so often loved to eat.

My mother-in-law, Mindy, gasped and pulled her ass away from my cock, letting it slip out. My wet cock slid down the crack of her ass as she pulled away. Her hands were shaking. "Oh my GOD! He made me do it sweetie! I told him no! He forced himself on me!"

"I see." My wife said matter-of-factly with one eyebrow raised. I knew that look and thought for sure that the shit was now going to hit the fan. "And how do you explain telling him that you want me, your own daughter, to each your pussy? You whore!"

My wife's mother's face turned red and she began to stutter, but not really saying anything. What could she say to that? I just laid there, alarmed at the situation and not sure what to do.

My wife stepped out of the doorway and over to the bed, flicking on the light and looking down on me in disgust. "And you. What do you have to say for yourself, Jason? I just fucked your brains out downstairs and you have to come up here and fuck my mom?!" She smacked my naked ass in anger, causing me to jump.

I was resolved to my fate and had no reason to lie. "She was downstairs looking at porn and I took a peak at what it was. It was a mother sucking and fucking her daughter & son. I found her lying here naked. Her big ass exposed and I just had to fuck it. She's right to say that I made her do it. I told her I would tell you about the incest porn if she didn't let me fuck her ass. I couldn't help it!"

This moved by wife's eyes off of my and directed her attention to Mindy. "You were looking at porn mom? The most self righteous person I've ever met? The same woman who grounded me for a week when you caught me masturbating that one time? How long has this been going on?" asked her daughter.

"Just a few weeks dear, I swear!" said Mindy.

"Incest?!" asked my wife, appalled. She was truly in shock.

"Well, umm,.....I guess...yes." she stammered with shame. "But not at first. I heard you two making a fuss downstairs and it just made me horny thinking about it. You know I've always found Jason attractive. And you're a beautiful girl. Just the thought of you two doing it in my house..." she trailed off, obviously embarrassed to admit her own needs. "Your father hasn't made love to me in over two months and I was looking for some relief! I didn't plan on actually fucking your husband!"

My wife blushed a bit. The room filled with a nervous silence. My wife stood there, processing the shock and the idea of her mother as a sexual being. At least, that's what I think. Her mother just told her that she was beautiful and obviously saw her in a sexual light. I think it was just too much for her to absorb right away.

Despite all of the drama my dick hadn't softened yet. As my wife stood there simmering, she stared at my wet cock for a minute. I could definitely understand her anger and disappointment. But also knew that she was a pervert at heart, as was I. We had that in common and it helped keep our sex life exciting. That was my only hope that she wouldn't leave me. That perhaps in some small way she could relate to why I had done what I did.

We had shared fantasies of a threesome with one of her girl friends. We even fantasized about one of her female cousins before. And one night in a sexually charged stupor while we were fucking each other's brains out and a little drunk, I had my dick in her ass and a dildo in her pussy. I let is slip that I'd even like to see her fuck one of my sisters. My mind was in a sexually charged haze and I was afraid I had gone too far, as soon as I had said it. But to my surprise it turned her on all the more and she immediately howled with an orgasm, shaking and moaning "oh, fuck yes!" It was so hot that we fucked for to two more orgasms that night. And I loved it when she would talk dirty.

Mindy began to sit up to scurry out of the bed. My wife grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her back down to the bed. "And where do you thing you're going?" my wife asked. "You think you can just give your slutty ass to my husband then run out of here?!" Her anger seemed to have returned and I could not recall the last time I had seen her so upset. And rightfully so, I suppose.

"Please dear. I want to get dressed and we can discuss this downstairs. I love you both and we need to get this worked out." my mother-in-law pleaded. "I promise this will never happen again."

"Wait a minute." my wife said. Although she was angry, her tone seemed to soften just a bit. "That's it? We can work it out? How do we work out the fact that you let my husband fuck your ass? That you want ME, your own daughter to eat your pussy and GOD knows what else?"

"Please dear! What else would you have me do?" Mindy exclaimed to her daughter. She was panicked!

My wife's eyes seemed to briefly glaze over again as she stared at the floor and a wicked smile slowly crept across her face. Her mind was definitely somewhere else for a moment. She snapped out of her gaze and looked at me. I felt her eyes scan over my body from my legs to my face. Our eyes met briefly but then she looked to her mother. She then threw her the same look. Her wicked smile slowing rising up on one side.

I could tell that my mother-in-law was very nervous. She had asked my wife an open-ended question, after all. Although she meant it rhetorically, her daughter was obviously calculating a response. Mindy was still laying flat on the bed and started to nervously shiver a bit.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do." my wife said. With that, my wife walked around the bed and stood next t her naked mother. I looked over at my mother-in-law. I could see that her big nipples were hard. My wife leaned down and forcefully pushed her mother's shoulders to the bed. And then, to my complete surprise, she jumped up on the bed and straddled her mother's face in one quick move. She immediately pusher her pussy into her mothers face and began to grind. "You're going to pay the price for fucking my husband! Instead of me eating your pussy, you're going to eat MINE like the slut you are!"

This startled the hell out of me and my mother-in-law, to say the least. Mindy's lower body jumped in surprise as she frantically raced her hands to my wife's hips in an effort to push her off. My wife, with a look of satisfaction that only comes with control & revenge, wrestled her mother's arms to the pillow and continued to grind her pussy into her.

"Eat my pussy mom! You know you want it! Lick your nasty taste of incest cunt, you bitch!" Mindy continued to resist, trying to shake her head from side to side, but her daughter tighted her legs on each side of her head, now holding her in place. Those toned legs that had so often wrapped around my hips when giving her a good fucking. I knew my wife was wet now because I could smell the distinct sweetness of her pussy that I had just eaten an hour or so before.

It was then that her mother stopped struggling. If fact, it became obvious to me that she'd resolved herself to the situation because my wife began to groan, indicating that her mother had began to lick her pussy as she had demanded.

"That's it mom." my wife began to coo. "This is the price you have to pay for fucking my husband and for fantasizing about us both." I watched my wife grind up & down her mother's face, beginning to slow her pace as she found a rhythm. I sat up, in a sexual fog of disbelief, more turned on then I had ever been in my life! I watched my wife's fine little ass move back and forth over her mother's chin. "That's right, eat your own daughters pussy!"

Needless to say, my cock was rock hard. And no matter how upset my wife had seemed or how much I was already in the dog house, there was no way I wasn't going to be apart of this sexual frenzy before me. I put my hand on my wife's ass, giving her a slight pat and then softly rubbing it from top to bottom. I could hear my mother-in-law occasionally gasp for air as she ate her daughters' pussy. Mindy was starting to get into it. Her lower body began to slowly gyrate as though she was being fucked. My wife sensed this and let go of her arms. Her mother's hands went straight to my wife's ass.

"Is this what you wanted to see Jason?" my wife asked. "Your mother-in-law eating my pussy like a slut?" My dick was rock hard and I watched my wife's tits sway as she faced fucker her mom.

I scooted up the bed, lifted my wife's shirt and began suck on her left breast. The look on her face told me that she was in a sexual bliss and nothing at that point would distract her from an orgasm. Her mother began to grab, rub and knead her ass, occasionally slapping it if her rhythm became too slow. Seeing this site was nearly enough to make me blow my load! A horrifying situation had suddenly turned into a dream come true.

As I continued to suck on my wife's tit, she finally stopped riding her mom's face to let her breathe. She dismounted and I could see Mindy's face was soaking wet. Pussy juice dripping down her neck and onto the bed below. In the fervent humping some had made it onto her naked tits as well. Her eyes were wide open and her gaze intently scanned my wife's t-shirt clad body. She seemed to now be overcome with lust.

My wife pulled her shirt up over her head, now exposing her big 36c breasts. They were beautiful, though not as large as her mother's, which I would guess were a 38d. My wife stared at her mother and then forcefully said "Now suck my tits!" Her mother, over-come with lust, no longer needed to be convinced.

She immediately sat up, grabbed one of my wife's tits and began fervently sucking on it. My wife put her hands on each side of her mom's head, closed her eyes and gently moaned. "Oh yes mom, just like that. Now play with my pussy too, like the cunt hungry woman you are! Oh yeah, suck 'em mommy." Her mom immediately put her other hand all over my wife's pussy, as though she had just been waiting to do so.

I quickly took advantage of their new found position on the bed and rolled between Mindy's legs, burying myself in her soaking wet cunt. I no longer cared what my wife would say. At this point, how could she say anything? She had just forced her mother to eat her pussy!

I dug my tongue into her pussy with wanton abandonment. I pulled her engorged pussy lips apart at forcefully licked at her cunt. She momentarily pulled her face from my wife's tit to groan in delight, and then went back to her task, pushing a finger into my wife's wet cunt.

"Do you like that mother? Do you like to suck your daughter's tits? Huh?" my wife said as she gritted her teeth with pleasure. "Is this what you had in mind?"

"Oh....oh yes baby!" she grunted. "I love to suck your firm young tits!"

"You like my husband eating your pussy too, you little whore? Do you?"

"Oh, fuck yes! Forgive me, I do!" she moaned with a mouthful of her daughter's nipple.

"You like having your fat little fingers in your daughters cunt, don't you?!" My wife demanded. "Tell me you like to bang my pussy!"

"Yes! Yes! I want to finger fuck you so hard!" her mother moaned.

This kicked my tongue into overdrive and I at my mother-in-law's pussy like the sweet peach that it was. Her engorged lips tasted so good as I licked the length of her pussy and then suck it like a mad man. I then pushed my index finder into her ass. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably and she clutched my head with her creamy thighs. Just a moment later my wife's mother squealed as she was overcome with an orgasm. I slipped my hands beneath her and grabbed her big, soft white ass to hold her in place. She creamed all over my face and into my mouth.

Mindy collapsed to the bed and panted like woman in heat. It was a very intense orgasm and she tasted almost as sweet as my wife.

But my wife wasn't done, as she was yet to have her orgasm and her revenge certainly would not be complete until she did.

She then slapped her mothers' leg and told her to roll over. The look on her face conveyed that she was on a mission and nothing would stop her from doing whatever it took to cum. Her mom rolled her hips to the side. I playfully grabbed and licked her ass as she did, licking her along her crack.

My wife grabbed my dick with authority and said "Move it." I did.

"Now get on your knees mom and make it quick before I change my mind." I wasn't sure what she had planned, but I was sure that whatever it was, I was going to love it. Her mother looked confused but was in no frame of mind to argue and hurriedly did as she was told. She rose to her knees. Her big, round ass now up in the air, exposing her rose bud. And then, to my surprise and utter amazement, my wife slid under her and began to lick her pussy.

"Oh, GOD, YEESSSSS!" my mother-in-law shouted.

I then spread my wife's legs, put both my hands on my mother-in-laws big fleshy globes to secure myself and slid my dick into my wife's very wet pussy. It felt like heaven! Her hole was wet and tight. I then began to fuck her harder than I ever had in our 10 years of marriage.

Her mother looked over her shoulder to see what I was doing and immediately moaned very long & loud, as this was obviously what she had fantasized about all along. Each time I pounded my wife, her tongue seemed to hit just the right spot on her mother's clit. Within about 10 or 15 strokes, they both came at the same time.

"Oh my GOD! Yes, fuck her! Fuck my daughter while she licks my cunt! I'm cumming again! Ahhhhhh!" shouted Mindy.

"Oh fuck yes! FUCK YES! FUUUUCK!" shouted my wife. As their orgasms hit, they both began to shake uncontrollably. And it was right then, with my cock in my wife's wet pussy, her lapping away at her mom's cunt and staring at my mother-in-laws big ass spread before me, that I came like fucking fire hose. I came until my balls ached to think about it.

We all collapsed onto the bed, sweaty and wet from our dizzying fuck fest. I was in a daze, my face lying on Mindy's thigh, staring at her gaping wet pussy. My head was spinning like a top. As we lay there for a few minutes, no one said a word. The only sound was of all three of us panting like dogs.

It was then that her mom got off the bed and walked over to me, her big tits and ass jiggling as she made her way. "Given what we've just done, I have to do this!" she said. She then grabbed my now softening cock and began suck her daughters' cum off of my dick...

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