tagFetishMy Mistress is My Wife Ch. 02

My Mistress is My Wife Ch. 02


I'd spent what seemed like forever locked away in my cock cage, looking at and downloading porn for Mistress while she slept. I felt like the slightest touch to my cock would cause me to explode. I had tried and tried to touch myself the whole time but the cage more than served it and Mistresses purposes. I was only able to get so hard and my balls ached. I needed to cum more than I ever had felt I needed to ever before. I was struggling to not think about it. I was failing miserably when I heard Mistress call for me,

"I'm awake my pet. Come present yourself to me."

I walked in to our bedroom. The cock cage pushing through my black thong. Mistress was sitting on the bed and I dropped my panties to my ankles so she could inspect the cage. She ran her hand along the shaft of the cage then gently smacked my balls before pulling on my ball sac as hard as she could. The pain once again mixed with intense pleasure and without even thinking about it I blurted out,

"Thank you Mistress."

She smiled and said,

"Looks like my pet is really becoming my slave. I can do anything I want to you, and you'll say thank you. Hmmmm I wonder if you'll ever say stop? I doubt it. You're such a slut that you'll take whatever I give you, wherever I give it to you, whenever I want to, won't you, you little sissy slut?"

"Yes Mistress, I am your little sissy slut, to do with as you please." I said it as a wave of humiliation washed over me, which only caused my caged cock to strain again.

"That's right you are! Now pull up your panties, and get those clothes on top of my dresser. You say you're my sissy slut? Well you will prove it to me. You will show me how much of a little sissy slut you can be.", Mistress couldn't help but rub her nipples as she said this. She was getting very excited. As I said before the power was starting to be a huge turn on for her.

I quickly pulled my panties up, and went to get the clothes. A mixture of excitement and humiliation overtook me when I saw what was there, and realized I'd soon be wearing them. A pair of black thigh high stockings, a black garter belt, a frilly black teddy, and two hair ties. Mistress must have seen my face because in the most stern voice she said,

"What's wrong pet? Having second thoughts? Tough! You wanted to serve me, you wanted this, and now you will ALWAYS do what I tell you to do. I really don't care if it makes you uncomfortable. You are mine to do with as I please. Now get over here, NOW!"

I was turned on by her demeanor and her words. I quickly walked over to Mistress. I set the clothes down next to her, and without a word she dressed me in the clothes. She smiled slyly and said,

"Now spin completely around slowly so I can see my pretty little sissy boy."

I did as I was told and when my ass was in her view I received several hard smacks. I knew better than to stop so I completed my turn. When I was facing her again my face was bright red with embarrassment. I was completely humiliated and I loved it. She grabbed my nipples and pulled them very hard. I whimpered as she spoke,

"Such a pretty little sissy slut I have, but somethings missing. On your knees you little bitch, and lick my toes."

I didn't hesitate. I love having her feet near my mouth and especially in it, so my brain all but told me to not care about what it was she thought she was missing. I very eagerly licked every inch of every toe, almost oblivious to my hair being pulled a few times. I did not stop licking till Mistress said,

"Such an eager little sissy foot slut. Now look at me."

I raised my head to look at her but was instead greeted by a hand held mirror. Humiliation again washed over me as I saw my hair was now in pig tails. Mistress stood up and grabbed the back of my head and plunged my face into her pussy.

"Now just a few more things to do till you're a proper little sissy slut, but first you will lick Mistress to two orgasms you dirty little slut." She said as she began grinding on my face.

I love to eat my Mistresses pussy. I went to town, all the while her foot was rubbing my still caged cock. When she came a second time. I licked every inch of her pussy clean, and without a word she walked to the bathroom leaving me to ponder my current situation. Here I was in a cock cage, wearing women's lingerie, hair in pigtails, and face glistening with her cum. Once again humiliation led my cock to grow, and once again the cage caused me endless frustration. I wondered to myself where Mistress had gone? What was she going to do next? It wasn't long before I had my answers. She had something in her hand when she returned that I couldn't see, but in the other hand I could clearly see a collar and a leash. My cock constantly betraying me, once again tried to harden. She placed the collar around my neck, attached the leash then said,

"Close your eyes and tilt your head back a little bit sissy.", she paused for a second and I felt something on my lips, she continued speaking while I wondered what was being done to my lips,

"Oh my...such a pretty little slut now. I think when I have you dressed up like a little sissy slut, you should have a sissy slut name. Hmmmm what shall we call you my sissy pet?"

I didn't say a word as she lowered my head and my eyes were again met by the hand held mirror. Humiliation again greeted me, as I saw the bright red lipstick on my lips. My cock yet again tried to harden. My God I love being humiliated as I was learning. Mistress grabbed my hair and yanked when she demanded,

"Answer my question sissy! What shall we call you?"

I didn't know what to say! What did she want me to say here? I panicked and said something I wished I hadn't the second it left my lips,

"I don't know, whatever."


My Mistresses hand cracked me across my face, and I recoiled in shock. This was the first time I ever failed to address her correctly, and she obviously didn't like it. Truth be told the face smack was a turn on and my dick strained harder than before to grow, but as I was becoming used to, the cage caused me even more sexual frustration. I didn't move as Mistress spoke,

"Do you remember when you said you'd do whatever I wanted? Well that's what you're going to do! I asked you what we should call you when you're dressed up like a sissy, and you didn't give me an answer! Now I pick, and you're not going to like it. Believe me slut, some days you'll be my sissy slut, some days you'll be my pain slut, some days my diaper slut, some days my foot slut, and some days all of them, but make sure you get this, every second of every day you are mine!"

No way I was hesitating this time,

"Yes Mistress!" I exclaimed.

"Much better you little sissy slut." She said as she sat on the bed in front of me and forced her foot inside my mouth to the point it was causing me to gag a little. She continued,

"You love my feet so much don't you pet?"

"Yes Mistress.", I tried to say with her foot gagging me.

"Good.", was all she said as she laid back and began rubbing her clit, leaving her foot completely in my mouth.

Her foot was gagging me more as she brought herself to orgasm. When she finished she removed her foot from my mouth, and I knew what to do next. I liked her pussy clean again. She smiled and grabbed my leash, as she started to walk towards the kitchen. I followed on my hands and knees. My cock straining, my balls aching to cum. When we reached the kitchen she said,

"Lay on your back you filthy sissy cock sucker.", she smiled and said,

"I told you you should of picked a name, because now you're just a little sissy cock sucker, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress. I am your sissy cock sucker.", humiliated again I thought as I said it.

Mistress took a can of soda out of the fridge and placed her toes in my mouth. She slowly poured the soda down her foot and it went over her toes directly into my mouth. She instructed me,

"Good, now suck those toes like they were a cock, and get all the soda. You had better swallow every little bit."

I did as I was instructed. She continued this till the soda was empty. She left me lay there and went to the bedroom. I could hear her talking to someone on the phone but couldn't make out what she was saying. She returned with phone in hand as said,

"OK sissy boy, stand up, I want to take some pictures of my sexy little whore."

She snapped a few pics and then said,

"Good, now I want to watch you fuck yourself, so panties down."

I took them down, and asked

"Mistress, how can I fuck myself? My cock is in its cage?"

She laughed, and said,

"OH my little pet, you have so much to learn. You see when you're dressed up like a sexy sissy, you don't have a cock. That's your clitty in the cage. Your ass is your pussy. Now get those legs up by your head like a good slut and finger your pussy for me."

Wow. Mistress was really getting into her role. The thought of calling my cock my clitty was embarrassing, and hot. The thought of fingering my ass, my pussy, wow. I knew I was taking a while to start and knew I had better stop thinking and start doing. I put my legs up and went to reach for my asshole, when Mistress stopped me and said,

"Wait. Before you start fingering yourself for me, first suck on the finger you're going to use like a cock. Get it nice and wet sissy bitch."

I put my index finger in my mouth and started to suck it, and lick it. I tried to remember every move Mistress did when she sucked my cock, and do it to my finger. I did this, legs still up in the air till Mistress said,

"Now fuck your sissy pussy, you little slut."

I placed my finger at my asshole and gently started probing, little by little till the finger was all the way in.

"Now fuck yourself, hard and fast you dirty little cock loving sissy slut, but close your eyes while you do it.", Mistress demanded.

I closed my eyes and began to really fuck my ass, hard and fast, it caused me to moan and groan in pleasure and pain. I heard the camera take more than a few pics. I kept going till I heard a knock at our door, and I froze out of fear. Mistress laughed and said,

"Oh no. Someone's at the door. If I open it, whoever is there is going to see you all dressed up, panties at your ankles, legs in the air, and a finger in your sissy pussy, not to mention your clitty all locked up. I could let you go to the bedroom, but you'll have to accept a very very harsh punishment if you do, so what will it be slut? Humiliation, or punishment? Answer quickly!"

What should I do? I had no idea what the punishment was, but I had no idea who was at the door either. I love being humiliated, but not knowing who it could be was terrifying. I made up my mind and said,

"I'll take the punishment please Mistress."

"Very well my sissy pet. Get. Go sit on the bed, and pull your panties up you slut."

I quickly pulled my finger out of my ass, pulled my panties up and all but ran to sit on the bed. I heard Mistress open the door, but couldn't make out who was there. I heard the door close, and then Mistress said,

"Present yourself to me now sissy pet."

I got on my hands and knees, eyes on the floor and crawled to Mistresses feet. I placed my mouth on her toes and awaited her command.

"Well my sissy pet, you chose the punishment. Personally I would of loved to have seen the pizza guys face when he would of saw you, maybe he would of wanted you to suck his dick? You love dick don't you little slut? Tell Mistress how much you love dick, and want to suck one."

I felt the sting of humiliation again, and of course my cock jumped to life. God I loved serving this woman. I did as I was told,

"Yes Mistress I love cock, and I want to suck a cock for you because I'm your sissy slut."

"Mmmm someday you're going to do that for Mistress, so I can rub my clit and watch my little pet whore suck a dick, but for now...your punishment."

Mistress took the cage key from her bra and unlocked me. Freeing my dick. She rubbed her foot all over it, and my balls. I was rock hard. She grabbed a slice of pizza and set it next to her on the floor, no plate. She put one foot at my mouth and ordered me to jerk off. She held the pizza right at my dick, and within seconds I could feel the pressure in my balls. I was about to cum.

"Mistress, I'm going to cum.", I said.

"Good.", she replied.

I couldn't take it anymore and blew my load all over the slice of pizza, and because there was so much some got on the floor. Mistress took her foot from my mouth and wiped up the cum that got on the floor with it. She put her foot back to my mouth and said,

"Lick it clean sissy."

I did. Then she put my cage back on and pulled my panties up. She took the slice of pizza and handed it to me. She smiled and said,

"Enjoy your dinner cum slut. Now eat it all."

I knew I had no choice. I chose the punishment. It took a while to finish it all, and I was humiliated. Once again my cock came alive, to be denied by the cage. Mistress grabbed my leash and led me towards the living room. What was next? My God I was someone's slave! I loved it, and couldn't wait for more. I had no idea how deep into freak my Mistresses mind went, but was soon going to learn more...

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