My Mom


I had just gotten home for summer vacation from my first year at UT. It was a typical, hot summer day in San Antonio. My mom was still home, but she was out in the backyard doing some yard work. I had went out drinking with a couple of high school friends, so much drinking in fact that I left my car at my friends house and walked home. It was 11am when I woke up, and as I rolled out of bed and I had my usual morning hard on. Really hard this morning in fact, almost painful, owing to the fact that I had spent so much time with my folks over the past few days, I hadn't gotten a chance to masturbate, so I decided while Mom was outside I would squeeze off a round to relieve the pressure. I reached down beside my bed and grabbed my laptop, plugging it in. I had a couple of videos I downloaded off of the Internet, and figured it would be cool to jerk off to something new.

I watched through all the foreplay in the video, and the obligatory blow-job and pussy eating and when the fucking started I slipped down my boxers and slowly started kneading my cock. I grabbed the small jar of Vaseline I kept in my desk drawer just for this purpose. As I churned away at my tool, I lay back on my bed and relaxed watching the video of 3 guys banging away at all three holes of a very buxom older MILF. I didn't even realize that I had left my bedroom door unlocked.

After a few minutes suddenly my door opened. There was my Mom, wearing nothing but a bathrobe. The belt was undone, revealing her curvy hips, very large, full breasts, and her soft rounded belly. She had an amazing tanline offsetting her golden South Texas tan, and she was shaved into a tiny sliver above her pouty pussy lips. Goddamn, my Mom is sexy, I thought. All of this thought about her attractiveness took place in a matter of half a second, as immediately I snatched for my blanket and tried to cover myself. She was as surprised as I was, dropping the clothes basket that she was holding and snatching at her robe to cover herself. Apparently, in my jerking frenzy, I didn't notice that she had come back in the house and taken a shower, and in the traditional motherly way, she came into my room to gather up any of my dirty clothes. I figured she thought I wasn't home since my car wasn't outside.

"Oh, shit," I said, turning away from her.

"Oh Jerry," she stuttered in unison with me. "I..I didn't know you were here."

As she clamored to compose herself, I looked down at me pelvis and saw that my cock was clearly pitching a tent with the blanket, and to make matters worse, in the sudden surprise, I apparently shot a little cum, as there was a very noticeably wet spot right where my pecker stood. The moans and groans of the woman and three guys were still pouring from my laptop's speakers. The woman in the video was gagging and sputtering from what appeared to be a tree trunk sized cock in her mouth, and my mother saw the whole thing.

"Oh god.." I felt like I could die right there in my bed. Getting caught jerking off by your mother was the ultimate embarassment.

"Mom, I'm sorry, let me explai..."

My voice trailed off as she interrupted me. Her face was beet red.

"No need, Jerry," she said reassuringly, "You're a healthy young man, and of course you're going to feel the need to...oh my."

Her eyes wandered down to my laptop screen, just as one of the guys pulled his dick from the woman's asshole and shot a gigantic load onto her still gaping anus, filling it and spraying her asscrack with greyish white jism.

I slammed the laptop shut. This was going from bad to worse. At least, after watching my mother view one of the raunchiest money shots I had ever seen, at least my erection was going away.

"Jerry, is that what you think sex is like?"

"Mom, i'm not a virgin, I've had sex before, I..."

"I know, Jenny Fenster, I heard it when it happened." My mother had a bad habit of interrupting.

"Mom! You knew?" Jenny had been my high school girlfriend, and also my first and only sexual experience, besides my own hand.

My mom sat down on the bed, and I thought that I could not get any smaller. If my bed opened up and swallowed me whole, I would have welcomed it.

"Son, you were in here making so much noise I think the whole neighborhood knew it. It was a little weird to hear, but I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I hope you didn't hurt the poor little girl, that bed was creaking so much I was afraid it might fall apart."

"Mom! Please spare me a little dignity." She had obviously gotten over her initial shock. "It's bad enough already that you caught me, well, you know."

"It's natural son, in a way, it was kind of interesting to see, I mean, i've only seen your Dad do it once, and you are, shall we say....big."

Great, I thought to myself, the first comment I get on my dick size is coming from my Mom. Still, I felt a slight stirring in my pants, it was kind of a turn on. Especially considering it came from some one that had the most attractive body I had ever seen naked.

"Uhhh, thanks Mom,"I said, shifting towards her slighty. "You're pretty good looking too."

She blushed. "Thanks Jerry. An old lady always likes to here that."

"Aww Mom, you're no where near old." And she wasn't. My Mom was only 41, and with her avid outdoors lifestyle, she had the body of a woman 10 years longer.

Without warning, Mom leaned over and hugged me. Her arm brushed against my cock, which reflexively flexed against her touch, and as I was taken by surprise, her breast ended up squarely on the palm of my hand. It was nothing like I expected, and I could resist squeezing it. Her tit was firm and round, and I could feel her hard nipple against my palm. I may have been a complete pervert for fondling my mother, but goddamn it felt great! I was taken aback just a bit when I heard a little sigh escape her lips.

"Dad hasn't touched me like that in a long time."

I was puzzled. "Why Mom, I thought you and Dad get along great."

"We do Jerry, it's just he works so much, he's usually so tired he doesn't have the energy to do much more than stick it in me for a few minutes."

I was growing very uncomfortable now. My dick was rising more by the second, especially at hearing my mother talk about being horny and Dad sticking his dick in her. What was going on with me?! I had never had an incestuous fantasy in my life, but Mom was really turning me on.

"Mom..I don't know what to say...." I tried to turn over, but she was sitting on the blanket, and as I turned, my naked, mostly erect cock flopped out in plain view.

Mom reached over and ran her finger tips along my shaft, which jumped in response to her touch. It felt so dirty, so weird, but I didn't wanna stop.

"Mom," I said, sitting up, "I think I need a little alone time." My cock was aching for some attention. Although I was getting more comfortable with the idea of my Mom stroking me, I really needed to cum and I didn't think it would be cool to do it with her there.

Mom sat there for a minute and looked at my cock. Then she glanced up at me with a little smile. Without saying a word, she wrapped her delicate hand around my head, coating it with precum. I thought about saying something but as she started to stroke me up and down, and the pleasure from her handjob made me wiggle, I couldn't say anything. She was moaning slightly and biting her lip as she watched her hand slide over my penis. I laid back and tried to relax. No girl I had ever been with knew how to work my cock like this.

"Mom..." I managed to mumble. "That feels so good."

"I know baby, it's growing in my hand." The perversion of hearing my mother call me baby while jacking me off, just like she always did when she was cleaning off a scrape when I was a kid, almost made me cum in her hand at that moment. I could tell she was getting turned on, as her pace quickened and she bent down and put my head in her mouth. This was too much.

"Mom, you're gonna make me cum...." My voice trailed off to nothingness.

"Mmm, Jerry, not yet, please baby." She stopped stroking me and stood up, and with a quick flick of her wrist, she undid the robe of her belt and flipped it open, revealing to me again her perfect, curvaceous body.

"Jerry,"she continued, "I know this is pretty weird, but i'm really hot right now. You wanna put it in me for a little while? I haven't been penetrated in so long, I really need it bad."

I'm sure the look on my face was much the same as the look she had seen for so many Christmas mornings before. "Ok,"I said.

I laid down and looked up at her as she gingerly straddled me. Her lovely tan breasts swaying against the fabric of her robe was mind blowing. I looked down and could see that she was glistening wet between her legs, even though she hadn't been touched. I could see her hard clit beneath her swollen labia and clithood.

"Just lay there, Jerry, let me do the work." Both of our bodies shuddered as my head slowly slid into her, damning us to this forbidden incestual sex. I had no idea a pussy could feel so tight and wet and warm, I started to move uncontrollably. Mom put her hands on my chest and held me down as she started to rock her hips forward and backwards, up and down. She thrust her head back an pushed her tits forward past the opening of her robe. I instinctively reached up and grabbed them, kneading the soft skin and rubbing her rock hard little nipples between my fingertips, which illicited more moans and a quickening of her pace.

I had to grit my teeth to keep from exploding as she had a sudden, explosive orgasm. Her screams and moans filled my otherwise quiet room as she collapsed on top of me, shaking and squeezing my member with incredible intensity. My mind was reeling. As I felt her pussy finally start to relax, I whispered in her ear.

"Mom, I can't hold on much longer, i'm gonna go..."

She sat up and placing her feet flat on both sides of my thighs, started to fuck me so hard that her ass was making hard slapping noises. I looked up and saw my tool slide in and out of her, shiny and sloppy with her wetness.

"C'mon baby," she said holding onto my hands for support. "Let it go?"

"But mom, is ok for me to like, finish in you?"

"It's ok, baby, i'm on the patch. Just don't worry about that, I want to feel your cum in me. I want to feel you release in me."

With those words I was done. I threw my head back as my dick stiffened like I had never felt it before. I screamed and my mother collapsed on me again, apparently feeling another orgasm, as the first spurts of my cum flew into her. She cradled my head as I lay there helpless for probably 30 seconds, as shot after shot of cum violently erupted from me. We lay there for a moment after my orgasm ended, her slowly writhing on me as my breath came in ragged, irregular bursts. My mother had just given me a climax so powerful that I never knew was possible. In the after sex afterglow, I found myself (in typical guy fashion) getting very sleepy.

I never even heard her leave the room. I woke up 5 hours later, to find myself tucked neatly into bed, my room free of dirty clothes and in perfect order. Just like Mom,I thought to myself with a smile.

Suffering from a serious case of cotton mouth, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen. Mom was standing at the stove looking very relaxed in a pair of jeans and and an oversized shirt, and Dad was sitting at the kitchen table stabbing at the remains of his steak.

"Well, sleepy," he said with a smile. "Must have had a big night last night."

I shot a glance at Mom, who smiled at me coyly.

"Yea Dad, sure did."

"Hungry, dear?" my mother asked.

"Starving, Mom."

She fixed me a big plate and I sat down to eat, but frankly, I didn't think about the food very much at all.

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