My Mom

byDon Grampa©

I grew up in a small town in Southeast Michigan. My dad worked at 'Buick City' in Flint from before I was born until I was in my thirties. I always remember him working the first shift, from six AM until two PM. Lots of time he worked overtime, but mostly I remember both my parents being home when I got home from school. My mother worked part time selling real estate, but she never went to work before I left for school.

For some reason I started sleeping with my mother when I was about ten or so. I would wake up when my dad left for work and climb in bed with my mother. I liked to snuggle up to her back and smell her hair. I must have heard the garage door open and close, because I never went to her bed if my dad was still there.

I continued doing this until I was about thirteen, then either because my mother kicked me out, or I lost interest, I stopped doing it. But I always liked my mother's hair, and whenever I would get the chance, I would touch it and wrap it around my fingers.

I was a very late developer, and didn't go through puberty until I was almost seventeen. I never dated at all in high school, and didn't think much about girls. After I graduated high school, I enrolled in the local community college and continued to live at home.

I was almost nineteen the winter we had a tremendous snowstorm, and we lost electricity to our home. Even though the driving conditions must have been terrible, my dad got up and left for work. I must have heard him leave, because I woke up and it was freezing cold. Like old times, I got up and crawled in bed with my mother. I snuggled up to her back and twirled her hair around my fingers. Being in bed with my mom made me feel absolutely fantastic.

By the next day the power was back, and when I heard my dad leave for work I again went and climbed in bed with my mom. I twirled her hair and snuggle up to her back and just enjoyed her warmth and aroma. For the next couple of weeks I did this every morning when my dad left for work. My mother never said anything about it and never chastised me or asked me to stop. I just assumed she must have enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Then life changed for me. I had progressed from cuddling up to my mom's backside and smelling her hair to rubbing her arms and up and down her back. One morning she was on her back and I was up tight against her side and was playing with her hair and trailing my finger under her jaw when my forearm, unintentionally I should add, brushed across the hard nipple of her left breast. It felt so good that without thinking I let my hand slide down and caress her breast. I toyed with her nipple, through her nightgown top, for a long time.

Finally she sighed and got up. She never said anything about what I had done, and the very next day we progressed to another level. She again was on her back and had her left arm up over her head and I was resting my head in the crook of her elbow. That morning she was wearing a thin strapped loose fitting nightgown and my hand easily slipped under the material. I was going back and forth between twirling the long thin hair that grew under her arm and running my hand very lightly over her entire nude breast. All the while I had a tremendous erection but I purposely kept my lower body away from her.

The next morning we evolveed to the next step. She had a nylon nightgown on and it was kind of scrunched up around her waist. Without thinking I let my hand trail down to her naked hipbone. It wasn't long before I was running my fingers through her pubic hair and gently pulling on it. I was infatuated with the length and texture of her body hair. Her pubic hair was much softer and finer that the hair on her head. The hair growing in her armpits was long and thin and straight. The hair of her eyebrows was course and thick. Over the next few weeks we continued with me pushing up her nightgown and feeling the contrasts of her smooth skin and silken strands of her body hair.

One day in early spring I was surprised to discovered that she was sleeping without a stitch of clothes on. From that day on she stopped wearing a nightgown and would be nude in bed when I joined her. Most days I would run my hands over her body, feeling every bit of her surface area for an hour or an hour and a half. What I liked to do best was feel and pull gently on her underarm hair, than her eyebrows, and finally the hair on her head before I would slide my hand down to caress her silken pubic hair.

I would wrap the longest hair that was right over her clit into a tight little curl and than stretch it straight until it would drop from between my fingers. At that time I didn't even know what a clit was. I would continue to do this over and over again and again. After awhile my mother would sigh and get out of bed. When she was gone I would masturbate into a wad of paper tissues.

One morning we were spooned together. We were both on our right sides, and I had her left breast resting in my left hand. I could feel the complete weight of the breast, and while kneeing and caressing it, I got an erection. My dick was sticking out of my boxers and was nestled between her legs and inadvertently I started to move my hips back and forth. I did it because it felt good, not because I was trying to have sexual intercourse with my mother.

However, her sex juices started to flow. The next thing that happened was the head of my cock slid into the opening of her sex. She was out of bed quicker than you could shake a stick. She didn't say anything, however, and just went into the bathroom. As soon as she left I ejaculated a huge load into a wad of paper tissue. I almost didn't need to touch my cock.

That morning started the change in our relationship. She didn't say anything when I got up and she served me breakfast. I resolved to try and keep my dick away from her. Anyway, the next morning I was back in bed with her. She was nude and lying on her stomach, and I was on my right side with the fingers of my left hand sliding back and forth over and into the crack of her ass. I had my head resting on her back down near her butt. My fingers were being coated in her juices, and the smell of her sex was very strong. I was in love with the squishing sounds that came from under my hand.

Some of my friends at school had talked about cunnilingus, so I knew that lots of guys licked women and supposedly like it. I liked the smell, and when I licked my fingers, I liked the taste.

My mom's legs were spread just a little bit apart, and I don't think she was aware of what I was doing when I positioned myself between them with my own legs falling off the end of the bed. I know she wasn't conscious of where I was until she felt my tongue lick the crack of her ass. I couldn't reach the whole length of her slit, so I was mostly just tonguing around her anus. I went as far as I could down into her pussy, before I licked all the way up to her tailbone. She tried to roll off the bed, but my shoulders were on the back of her thighs, and she couldn't shift to the side. I got in a half dozen good deep licks when she scooted back and got up on her knees.

I think that she was trying to get away, but in reality she just gave me better access to her neither region. I was licking her now wide-open pussy and down to her clit. I'm sure she couldn't stop herself from pushing back and before she could make her mind work successfully, she had a shattering orgasm. Afterwards she just laid down flat on the bed and I gently kissed her ass and stroked her smooth skin until without a word she got up and left me alone in the bed.

The next morning, just as soon as I climbed into her bed, she rolled over facing me and took my dick in her hand. This caused it to immediately get hard, and then she slid down and put it in her mouth. After that we worked ourselves into a sixty-nine position almost every day. I would lick her vagina and gently comb the strands of her pussy hair with my fingers and gently pull and tug at her nest.

We had complete sexual intercourse for the first time on my twenty-first birthday. The feel of her slick tunnel squeezing my cock was the most wonderful physical sensation I have ever felt. My cock was only in her cunt for a couple of seconds when I climaxed, but I never went soft and we continuing fucking for a long time. We continued having our morning sexcapades while I finished up my associates' degree at the community college.

I got a job working in the same plant as my dad, but I was an apprentice draftsman, and worked the afternoon shift from two until ten. I still lived at home and my mother and I continue our relationship until I moved out when my dad retired.

I will never forget the smooth warm skin of my mom's inner thighs and the softness of her belly where her navel indented. I recall with fondness the heft of her breasts and the firmness of her nipples. Mostly however, I remember the hearty aroma of her pussy and the silken strands of her pubic hair and the way it would form into a tight little ringlet when it would get wet with our combined juices. My mom was the sexiest woman I have ever known. It's been over thirty years...and I still miss her.

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