My Mom Needs Love


"Oh, honey,"she purred softly. "You're about to bury it inside your mother's body, That is so absolutely thrilling!"

My cockhead now wedged against her lubed anal entrance, I pushed in as she pushed out against my thrusts. Suddenly the barrier gave way, the sphincter relaxed, and my cock was engulfed by the warm, humid tightness of my mother's rectum! I was inside her, not inside her cunt as, earlier, I had expected to be, but inside her bottom!

"Yes!!!" she howled. "Yessss!!!! Screw me, baby, drive it inside, deep!"

As she wrapped her arms tightly around my body and I reached under her to grab hold of her buns, I started to fuck mom's ass in earnest, with deep, smooth relentless strokes. I'd fucked enough babes up the butt enough times, that I thought I'd acquired a real knack for it. Some babes like it up the ass, and some don't. The ones who don't, don't, and there's nothing more to say about it. But the ones who do, I've found, really like it, really get into it. There's something a little taboo about getting fucked up the ass, and combine that with getting fucked up the ass by your own son -- that makes a very, very potent mix.

"In my ass, my ass!!!" mom shrieked, bucking upwards to take every last inch deep in her bowels.

Suddenly she pushed me sideways, and rolled over so that she was on top, never disengaging, her rectum impaled on my stiff cock.

"Now let me do the work, baby," she purred into my ear, rocking up and down on my cock as she squeezed it with her anal muscles and twisted her pelvis in a sort of figure-eight, overwhelming me with a flood of intense sensations. I couldn't believe how sexually alive mom was, how she moved, how attuned she was to my cock. It wasn't just that she was fucking my cock, it was more as though she were skillfully massaging it with the glove-like muscles of her rectal walls. And while she was doing all this she managed to drop a hand between her own legs, finding her pussy and going to work on it with a few free fingers. Looking down I could see a fingertip flickering over the raw, exposed surface of her clit, a swollen nub.

"Oh God..." she panted, her eyes closing, a fine film of sweat forming on her skin, giving it a slick, satiny sheen. "Play with my breasts, Jimmy, please..."

I took her tits in my hands, sucking the nipples, going from one to the other as her body began to tremble, then to quiver.

"Oh Jimmy, oh Jimmy, oh Jimmy!!!" she gasped. "Oh baby!

Baby! N-- n-- now! Your momma's going to c-- c-- cummm!!!!"

Her whole body convulsed and she broke out in a sweat, gasping and panting, as an explosive orgasm tore through her body, my mother's body! My mom had just climaxed, climaxed while I was fucking her up the ass and chewing on her big, stiff nipples!

She was breathless for a few moments, her head still thrashing sideways, the sweat still pouring. Then she looked at me.

"Now you, baby, now you!" she panted, "Cum inside my ass, cum inside your mother's hot, tight ass!"

My control is pretty good. When I need to hold back, I hold back. But when I'm ready to let go, I just release it. Which is what I now did with a few more thrusts into my mother's innards.

"Yesssss!!!!" she howled, seeing the obvious signs on my face, squeezing me with her sphincter as my cock throbbed inside her, releasing a rich bounty of spunk into the dark depths of her bottom.

"Oh sweetheart! You ejaculated inside me, you filled me with your essence!" she said, hugging me tightly, kissing me, her face glowing with joy and satisfaction. "I wanted that so much. When I realized, before, that we might be doing this, getting intimate, and I knew I wasn't on the pill and couldn't take you in my pussy, it made me feel so bad. But a few more weeks, baby, and I'll be on it again and then you can come inside the front, just like you came inside the back today, you can fuck your mother right and proper in her cunt!"

"I can't wait, mom," I told her truthfully, though having just probed her rectal innards with every last one of my eight inches, I had no cause to complain.

Finally I pulled it out of her, very slowly, and we just lay next to each other, talking and cuddling, both more than a little amazed by what had just transpired. I admitted to mom that I'd long lusted for her, but did everything to suppress those desires, knowing how taboo it was to even have them, let alone enact them, as we just did.

"Taboos are made to be broken, I guess," she said with a sweet, playful smile. "And I've lusted for you, Jimmy. You know how I have a thing for young dudes. That's partly because of your dad, because he was so young the last time we were together. I never got over that. That's one reason I go for young guys. And you, Jimmy, I've had these fantasies about you also partly because you are your father's son, as close to Dennis as I could ever get."

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by Anonymous12/13/17

asshole fuck???

tremendous turn off when there is a pussy in the house. ruined the story, made it just a slut and a man whore...3 stars

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