My Mom’s Boyfriend and Me


I swished the drink once more around the glass and then took a plunge that I later regretted. With a swift swig the drink was down my throat and I started coughing with its sting. The hot alcohol vapour seemed to flow out of my nostrils and immediately I started a brief coughing fit.

Sam smiled coldly at me and poured both of us another.

"No, no more. I can't drink it straight," I pleaded.

"One more, then I'll add a bit of coke to it."

I downed another shot, much less reluctantly, and as I placed the glass down and composed myself I realised that the drink was already swimming within my head. As Sam finished his drink he gave a huge sigh of relief and a big smirk formed on his face, "There isn't that so much better?"

I gave a weak smile back, it was. He went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of coke, he proceeded to give me another drink this time mixed with coke.

Once again he stared at me intently, boring straight into my soul, and he asked me, "How are you feeling?"

And that was it. A simple question like that opened up so many avenues and so many conversations, it also healed some of the wounds he had inflicted to me. We talked long and hard about lots of things, we laughed about a few things, we drank a lot. He even seemed embarrassed about his previous behaviour, he did not say anything overtly but hinted at repentance. I actually felt at ease with him, no, more then that I felt at home with him.

I opened up to him, much more than I had to anyone else, much more than I should have done. But I was vulnerable, he was there. I talked to him about Mom, told him how I felt she had abandoned me. He tried to reassure me, although that was one thing he could not change, Mom had let me down badly.

"Here I am, depressed as hell. Mom abandoned me, she'd rather spend time shopping and spending money than cheering up her only daughter."

"We're having an OK time aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are but..."

"But nothing. Look, you've got to forget about your Mom, you've got to forget about your exam results, just for today think about here and now. All you need to concentrate on is finishing that drink."

He pointed to his near empty glass and my almost untouched one. He made me feel a pang of guilt as I picked up mine and tried to finish off as much as I could, with each large gulp sliding down my throat I could feel the alcohol working its way to my head. I was starting to feel a little tipsy, and to be honest a little bit giggly.

Before I could finish the drink he poured another shot of vodka into my glass, then his, and then topped both up with coke. He raised the glass towards me, in a toast, "To the rest of the world, it can go fuck itself"

I smiled shyly at his toast, clunked my glass with his, and took a large sip.

"It's so unfair though. Everyone has it better than me."

"Nonsense, it's just your perception. You're feeling down, it's understandable if you feel that the world has a vendetta against you, but it's simply not the case. You have so much going for you."

I looked briefly into his eyes and lowered my own and snorted in disagreement. My eyes flitted between looking at the drink and glancing at his obvious bulging biceps. The skin on the arm had a worn look and leathery look, I looked at the muscle and wondered what it would feel like under my soft fingers.

"Like what?"

Sam's trademark smirk formed on his face, "Are you really that oblivious? Do you really want me to spell it out for you?"

I continued to stare blankly at his chest and did not answer, I wanted to hear what was so special about me.

"I guess so then. You are very intelligent,"

Another snort in disagreement escaped me, "Couldn't pass all my exams."

He just smirked even harder and gave one of his trademark, sneery putdowns, "You're predictable, I knew you'd mention that. Just because you didn't do as well as you thought you did in one set of exams, does not make you unintelligent. You are very smart. You're also very funny when you want to let go, you should loosen yourself up a bit. And you are a very attractive young girl."

That was what I was waiting for, now it was my turn to find him predictable. I wanted this, I wanted him to say that, but even when he did I shivered a little that the creep would be so blatant with his girlfriend's daughter.

"Well I don't see many boys queuing up at my door. Mom has a better sex life than me."

"You don't realise just how attractive you are, you can have anyone you want. Why bother with boys, they don't know what they are doing with their pathetic fumbles, they wouldn't know a diamond if they cut their hands on it. You want to find a man, not a boy, you can have any man you want."

I looked up at him and his eyes told me exactly what I wanted to know, what I needed. He wanted me, his desire was for me and not for my Mom. His eyes bore at me for a second before I could not take it any longer. A shudder of excitement slipped through me.

I got up from my chair and walked to a cupboard behind me, "I need some popcorn."

As I reached for the high shelf where the microwaved food was kept, I could feel his eyes drilling into me. I knew exactly what they were doing, his eyes checking me up and down, his mind filling up with dirty and perverted thoughts about what he could do to me. His eyes probably lingered on my arse. At that point I wished I was not in my jogging bottoms, they were too tight and revealing to be comfortable under his glaze.

I desperately stood on tip toes and tried to reach the packet, "Damn stupid thing," I muttered to myself and my finger tips reached it but could not gain a firm grip.

Before I knew it my heart was racing as Sam stood right behind me, his crotch pressing tightly into the top of my buttocks. He spread his legs to ensure that I was trapped and would not be able to escape his grasp. I shrank ever so slightly, unsure at what to do with this pervert right behind me. I tried to wriggle away but I realised, all that succeeded in doing was rubbing up against him unintentionally.

His mouth rested so close to my ear, I could feel his hot breath running all over me and the smell of alcohol lingered as his stubble scratched along my sensitive skin. His odour surrounded and enveloped me, I am not sure he took a shower in the morning as his sweat nauseated me slightly. My eyes closed, a little faint from his smell and the vodka I had been drinking. I was aware I no longer had full control over myself.

His large left hand took both of my hands within it, they were so small and delicate compared to his which were masculine and rugged. His right hand easily plucked the packet of popcorn seeds from the cupboard and placed them into my hands. Taking both of my hands and the packet within his he brought them slowly towards my chest. His arms had reached around and deliberately pinned my arms back, I was completely at his mercy, I had no room to manoeuvre.

His hot breath whispered into my ear, "You can have any man you want."

I stood stock-still, unsure what he was going to do. My mind raced as he shifted his legs and his crotch pushed further into me, it was obvious he was not going to release me quickly.

I tried to laugh it off nervously, "I need to make some popcorn."

He completely ignored me and started to nibble at my ear and then work his way down, slowly kissing me on my cheek, chin and then my neck. His stubble scratched at me as his lips stared invading my neck.

I bit my bottom lip, scared as hell, as he prolonged the harassment of my neck. His crotch persisted in pressing against me and I could feel the start of an erection forming.

I tried to stay calm but I could hear a quiver in my voice, "No, please don't. I don't want to."

He ignored me and continued to attack me with his lips, his hands still held mine firmly and occasionally as he went at my neck more vigorously, his hands gripped mine harder.

I felt so weak and helpless, he had cornered me and overwhelmed me. I tried to plead with him once again, but it only made him angry, "Please stop, don't do it. I'm hungry, I want some popcorn."

He ripped the packet of popcorn from me and flung it across the room, for a second my neck got relief as irately his lips went to my ear and menaced to me, "Will you shut up about the popcorn."

My heart raced on, I felt faint and helpless. I wondered how long he would be at it and when I would be free. I just did not have the energy or inclination to fight him, I just went along with him.

Eventually he started moving away from my neck to the exposed part at the top of my breast, he let go of my hands and yanked at my tracksuit bottoms. I tried to defy him by squirming and whimpering a couple of 'No, don'ts', but he was far too powerful and quickly pulled them beyond my hips. They slid all the way down my slim legs and onto the floor. In another second he had managed to pull down his jeans and boxers, and his naked, fully erect cock was probing at my buttocks, now only protected by my thin panties.

Exposed and at his mercy, his crotch and cock started to pump more furiously at my buttocks, he continued to forcibly kiss my neck, but it was obvious he was now getting more pleasure from his rock hard prick. It almost had a mind of its own as it prodded and pestered me, the feeling of violation grew with each poke. First it rubbed against my cotton panties, then against my bare inner thigh, occasionally the tip attempted to poke at my anus but thankfully only finding the resistance of my underwear.

Sam's breathing was starting to get harder and it felt like he was getting close to coming. I felt completed dominated and intimidated by him, he was in complete control over me, but the faster he banged against me, the more degraded I felt, the more I loved it. I started to lose control and could not help feel myself starting to get turned on. Part of me felt completed disgusted that I could think this way about my Mom's boyfriend, but part of me enjoyed it because he was my Mom's boyfriend, this was a great way to pay her back.

There was a momentary pause in his thrusting movements as he suddenly realised that part of me was enjoying him. He stopped and stood back from me, I almost cried out in disappointment, he had stepped back a couple of paces at me and I could feel his eyes burning into my bum. I turned round to face him, hot and flustered, heart racing madly. I felt myself becoming slightly damp which increased as looking at him I was immediately drawn towards his cock standing proud and tall, a short cry of shock escaped my lips at the size of it.

Sam was breathing hard, staring at me, all I could think of was I wanted his cock in my hands, I wanted to feel it stroke my inner thigh, I wanted it inside me. Sam had other ideas.

"Come here and kneel down. If you're really that hungry why don't you put this in your mouth."

He held his cock in his hands and it pointed at me dauntingly, I had only ever had one boy's cock in my mouth before and that was for a brief few seconds. Reluctance washed over me, I wanted to please him, but not this way.

"I can't," I pleaded with him, "I don't know how."

A smirk formed across his face and in mocking me he made me feel small, "Don't know how? Well it's a good thing I'm here to teach you."

He took a couple of steps towards me and once again his considerable frame filled my view, his cock seemed to scream at me impatiently. Taking both my shoulders in his large hands he forced down on them. At first I was very hesitant and tried to defy him, but I could feel his anger rising at my unwillingness. I took the path of least resistance and sank to my knees. My eyes were now face to face with his cock and I was daunted as the thought of how I was going to get something that big into my mouth.

He took it in his hand and then started rubbing it around my face, strong heat emanated from it. I cringed and shuddered slightly at the task in front of me. Taking the tip to my lips, he pressed forward and forced it into my mouth. He thrust his hips forward and I almost gagged as it touched the back of my throat.

I tried to remember tips I had read or heard about giving blowjobs, but my mind came up blank. He did not seem to mind though as his hips gently swayed back and forth. Occasionally I knew when I had done something good as he pushed his cock a little deeper into my mouth trying to get some more. On one hand it felt good that I was pleasing him, on the other as he thrust deeper I kept gagging.

His unyielding strong hands cradled at my head and around my hair, tugging gently at it every so often. After a few minutes I could feel myself getting tired and especially my jaw which was getting locked, a couple of times I tried to move my head away, but his hands simply pushed it back towards his manhood. I was stuck here and had no choice but to do what he wanted, he was only going to free me from this task when he wanted to. I was not sure whether I was giving him a blowjob or he was fucking my mouth, his cock throbbed furiously.

I tried to relax and enjoy it, but trepidation came across me at the thought of his spunk in my mouth, I had never tasted cum before and I felt daunted at being forced to swallow it.

Eventually he pulled my head away ever so gently, he obviously did not want to cum just yet. I looked up at him and he was breathing hard and it was obvious that he pulled me up reluctantly, I was amazed at his self control and proud that I had done such a good job.

He looked hard at my eyes, I felt weak at his piercing stare. Before I knew it he had pounced at me and his tongue was delving into my mouth. For a brief second I was in shock at his intensity, his rough lips pressed severely against me and his stubble scratch furiously. At first I did not respond, in fact I attempted to turn away so great was the surprise, all he did was take my head in his hands and force it still for his pleasure. It was not long before I started to kiss back, it was hard not to enjoy what Sam was doing to me. No one I had ever kissed me with such passion and fervour. His exposed cock probed and prodded my belly fiercely, I wrapped one leg around his and started rubbing my inner thigh against his naked hairy leg. My whole body was feeling so sensitive and was aching to be touched all over.

Before I knew it I was lost, eyes closed and adrift, I was lost to the moment. Sam had completed captivated me and there was little I could do but slip into this ecstasy. I was briefly conscious of the real world, the world where I was kissing a pervert, a man who had abused me so horribly, a man who was living with my Mom, the man my Mom loved so dearly. But all that did not matter now, all that was immaterial. This man was making me feel so good, making me feel like I had never felt before. He had me in complete control.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled away from me, once again he was breathing hard and I realised so was I. He looked at me with powerful eyes of desire and I felt completely overwhelmed by it, finally I had found someone who made me feel good about myself.

He grabbed me by the elbow and dragged me towards out of the room, "Com'on."

I desperately tried to drag my track suit bottoms back up, he gave me little time to do that and I stumbled out following him. I guessed that we were going up stairs and I watched his hairy arse bob out of the door, even his bum seemed muscular! I worried about his clothes that he left behind, but he did not seem to care or notice. A pang of guilt pricked me as I had visions of Mom walking in on the mess we had left.

When he got to the foot of the stairs, right near the front door he seemed to change his mind. He turned around and once again I was intimidated by, and full of lust for his cock, it stood proud and mighty.

He checked me up and down, eyes lingering on my breasts, it was a single minded resolute glare; "I can't wait" he declared before pouncing at me again. Within moments he had me on the floor and his hands were pawing frantically at my breasts, my crop top close to tearing point. It was a little cramped in the passage and I tried to shift myself to make myself more comfortable, it was difficult with Sam so persistent, his hands, lips all over me.

He moved his hands to my track suit bottoms and underwear, and very quickly they were pulled down around my ankles. I finally had my pussy exposed to him and it felt such a relief, I shifted myself to expose myself more and gained some relief by rubbing my crotch against Sam. My bum started to protest at being rubbed against the coarse carpet on the floor, how clichéd, carpet burns.

As he relentlessly attacked my chest another of those sobering moments washed across me and I wondered what would happen if Mom decided to come home right at this very moment. The vindictive part of me wanted her to come home and see me taking her man from her like this. My body had taken over, and even if I wanted to stop I could not. I soon got the clear impression that Sam would not stop for anything, even if I said no. That worried me slightly.

Breathlessly I asked, "What happens if Mom comes in?"

Between molesting my breasts with his lips he managed to mutter; "Will you shut up about her, she abandoned you remember."

A moment after that I got the shock of my life when he started biting my breasts. With my body so sensitive I grimaced at the pain he inflicted on me. He started to mix his rough kisses by sinking his teeth into my fleshy part. He even bit hard on my stiff left nipple, I almost screamed out in agony at that.

I bit my lower lip to try and block out the pain, the bites meant this was becoming less and less pleasurable and more and more painful. All the while in the back of my mind I was feeling guilty about Mom, not about being with her man, but with the worry about being caught. I did not want to think of the consequences if she caught me.

Soon Sam moved down my body and quickly had his head buried between my legs. Only one boy had attempted to lick my out before and it was horrific, but as soon as I felt Sam's tongue I knew I was in heaven.

He teased me at first and nibbled at my inner thighs, no more sinking of the teeth, just gently pulling of the flesh. My clit was aching to be touched, to have that long, warm moist instrument of pleasure run deep across it. I wanted to be licked, but he was only interested in my thighs, he was teasing me so much I was sorely tempted to put my hand down there and do it myself.

I arched by back as he suddenly moved away from my thighs and gave my pussy lips long licks. He tugged at my lips gently with his lips and even nibbling at them. I screamed in delight then with a twinge of regret as he flicked his tongue over my clit then went back to my pussy.

Before I knew it he had rammed his whole tongue into me, I could feel it inside me attacking the walls first left, then right, next down and then... and then up. When he started licking upwards I think he found my g-spot! The pleasure was so intense I was not sure I could handle it.

He slowly moved to attack my clit with vigour, altering between his tongue moving quickly and roughly and him sucking deeply on it. My whole body was violently shaking with so much pleasure. No more, no more!

And then he did, he just stopped and stood up slowly. No more. "Get up, go to your bedroom," He told me.

I was so angry, how dare he stop now. I almost screamed in frustration, what did he think he was doing?? I wanted that feeling again, I wanted his tongue buried between my legs.

I then stared hard at his large, erect cock, hungry for it to be inside me, to make it do what it was made to do. I kept my legs wide open waiting for him to come into me and finish what he started.

"What are you doing?" I whined to him. "Finish it!"

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