My Mom’s Boyfriend and Me


He growled back at me, "What do you take me for? I haven't finished with you, not by a long shot. Go to your bedroom."

I lay on the floor, sweat dripping off from me, pussy completely exposed to him, completed frustrated at what he was doing. I was so close to reaching my goal, I had waited so long for this moment and he was going to take it away from me just like he did. I hated the power Sam had over me, I hated the fact that he could dictate like this.

I pleaded with him, "Sam, please. Take me."

He laughed and humiliated me, "You are pathetic aren't you? Do as I say and go upstairs and wait for me, otherwise there will be trouble."

I stood up meekly, shyly pulling up my tracksuit bottoms and slowly walked up the stairs. His dark eyes followed me, he himself stood indecently naked downstairs.

As I got into my bedroom I looked at myself in my dressing table mirror, prick of tears were in my eyes at the thought of his taunt. I wondered how long he would be and whether he would be back. I wondered whether I would have enough time to put some make up on or whether it would be a waste of time. I wondered whether I would have to finish myself off, I still felt so horny.

I suddenly felt very lonely.

I looked a mess, eyes puffy, hair everywhere, a few bite marks seemed to be appearing on my neck. How was I going to explain that to Mom? The sober part of me once again began to doubt my own actions. How did I get to the point where I was sucking my Mom's boyfriend in her own home, and he was going down on me in the front doorway where she could have stepped in at any time?

As these troublesome thoughts raced through my head the door swung open and Sam swaggered in. I moved towards my bed and turned to face him, he slammed the door firmly shut. For the very first time I had a chance to look at him naked properly. His arm muscles bulged frighteningly, his well toned chest covered with a great expanse of hair, some of it greying. I was drawn to his hairy crotch and his semi-erect cock. Naked with this older man, I suddenly felt like a lost little scared girl, I had never been with anyone who exuded such arrogance and confidence. Part of me realised my Mom's boyfriend was naked in the room with me, part of me wondered what I had got myself into, part of me wanted to bolt out of the door. The other part of me wanted to be at his mercy, the same part that generated the heat from between the legs, the same part that wanted him to finish what he had started, the part that wanted to feel good with a man.

Slight anger and menace tinged his voice as he said to me, "You're going to do what I say and there will be no questioning."

I nodded at him shyly like a little school girl being told off, what had I done to make him so annoyed?

His trademark smirk spread across his face, "Good, I'm glad you agree. I'm going to take you to places you've never been and never will, I will take you to heights that you can only imagine." I could feel myself flare up with those words, it was what I wanted to hear, what I needed to know. My confidence restored at the thought of his desire I could finally be lost to the rest of the world, all that mattered was me and Sam.

He took a few large self-assured steps towards me and pounced at my lips. His hot breath washed over me as his moist tongue delved deeply into my mouth. Gaining a bit of confidence I occasionally slipped my tongue into his mouth. His stubbled chin scratched across my soft skin, and his arms completely enveloped me.

Before long his hand slipped into my tracksuit bottoms and panties, I was a little perturbed as he fingered my anus roughly, his hand moved towards one of my fleshy butt cheeks and he squeezed it firmly. I thought briefly of the time he had fingered my anus with Mom in the room, but the thought left quickly as all I wanted to do was feel Sam inside me. I had to have that cock.

Eventually he stood away at me and ordered me, "Turn around."

I did as he ordered and stood facing the bed, I could not see behind me but could sense him kneeling, his face inches from my bum. He gripped tightly at my tracksuit bottoms and panties and yanked violently down. I gasped at the ferocity in which he had exposed me. His hands gently rubbed my inner thighs as he ordered me again, "Bend over and spread your legs, I am going to give you an orgasm you will never forget."

How much more turn on could I get?! I lent awkwardly into the bed as I thrust my bum into the air giving him easy access to my pussy. His teasing continued as he rubbed his fully erect cock against my pussy, my inner thigh and my anus. I almost begged him to take me and plunge it within me, but I kept my self restraint – just! I needed him within me and I was not sure I could take anymore of his taunting,

Before I knew it he was kneeling down at me again. I waited expectantly, waited for him to attack my pussy again. But before I knew it he had spread my butt cheeks apart with his large hands and I felt a warm moist tongue slip into my anus. I felt grossed out at the fact that he had his tongue up there, but the more his tongue prodded and probed, the more excited I got. I started to sway with his rhythm, his hot breath running along my butt felt so good.

He then started to alternate between putting his tongue into my anus and sliding it between my legs towards my pussy. My legs were buckling under the awkward stance I had and the huge pleasure he was giving me. I almost passed out when he dragged his long tongue back from my pussy deep into my anus, and the sudden shock of moisture deep within me he seemed to be French kissing my butt hole!

After a few minutes of that in which I came at least once, he stood up. I was suddenly aware of the sweat dripping from me, and the fact that I was close to another orgasm Again, he took his cock in his hand and rubbed it around my thigh, pussy and anus.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he asked me.

I did not have the strength in me to answer properly, all energy had gone into the incredible pleasure Sam had given me. I nodded in great content.

Even though I could not see his head I could tell from his arrogant voice he was feeling smug with himself; "Good, you'll like this more."

Before I could do anything he had squeezed the head of his cock into my anus. I screamed out in pain, "What are you doing?"

There was no lubrication, no warning. All I could feel was my anus ripping in two. Sam was trying to push his cock further and further inside, but my anus was not meant for this, it was one thing having his tongue probe gently around there, another him forcing something that did not want to go any further. He found resistance and it seemed unable to go very far, he carried on pushing relentlessly.

He was only in me a couple of inches but it was absolutely agony, "Arrrrgggghhhh, you're hurting me."

"Shut up you silly little girl. I wanted to take this virginity from you. How does it feel to have your anal cherry popped?"

"It hurts, get off me."

"Your cunt isn't going to be tight enough for me, it needs something tight like your arse.

He pumped away, it was only for a few minutes but it seemed like forever. I had no choice but to carry on leaning into the bed, my bum perfectly placed for him. My arse felt it was being ripped in two. He was only in me a few inches but it felt like he had stuffed a thick dildo up there, I wondered how on earth other women could bear it all the way in?

Eventually he withdrew and relief washed over me as the pain subsided. Completely drained I flopped down onto the bed and faced him. He menaced over me, snigger spread across his face.

"You fucking bastard, what have you done to me." I felt so humiliated. He had taken me places I had never been, but they were places I had never wanted to go to. Part of me felt in absolute agony, but adrenaline was rushing through me and all I cared about was hurting him as he had done to me.

In a quick move he dove on top of me and dragged me completely onto the bed, He pinned my arms pinned down and I tried to keep my legs shut but within a second he had forced them open and was lying on top of me. His huge cock stood at the entrance of my pussy. I tried to fight him and struggle, but he was far too strong, I felt helpless and trapped as he sneered at me.

"Get off of me."

"I haven't finished with you yet. You've had your deserts but my cock wants a taste of that sweet young pussy.

Anger rose in my, "Get off me you bastard. I don't want this anymore."

"Ohhh, a little feistiness. I was wondering when you were going to show that."

He was loving this, he was in total control. He had me trapped, my arms pinned down by his strong hands, the weight of his huge body over me. I felt so helpless, so powerless. His face inches away from me, the strong reek of alcohol nauseated me, and I suddenly realised his body stank of a mixture of mine and his sweat.

His cock was at my entrance, he was going to fuck me whether I liked it or not.

"Don't lie about not wanting this, your pussy is so wet."

Before I knew it he had plunged his huge cock into my dripping pussy. I yelped in a mixture of shock and pleasure at how deep he forced himself into me. I bit my lower lip and grimaced in pain at how far in his cock was reaching. I tried to focus on the short sharp rhythm he was building up and tried to block out the pain. It felt like he was ripping me in two.

As he continued to ram his weapon into me he made the situation a whole lot worse; "Did you know your mom loves anal. She's such a fucking slut. I used to love taking her up the arse, don't like it anymore, my cock slips right in. That's why I went for her young sweat meat of a daughter..."

A slow sneer came across him as he said; "...All the sex with none of the wrinkles."

"You fucking bastard, let me go NOW!" I was so upset, almost in tears. But my body had taken over now. It was too late, I was being fucked by a bastard and there was nothing I could do.

I was being used and abused, and wondered why, why was I doing this? I almost chided myself, I knew why I was doing it. To get back at Mom, to feel warmth with a man as I had not done for a long time. The question should be how? How did I get to this position with me underneath Sam, how did I let it happen to me?

Before long my body betrayed me and the pain started to fade and pleasure came to take its place. I even adjusted myself so that he could penetrate me even deeper, my legs aching as his weight held me down and spread my thighs.

I thought I had had sex before but nothing compared to this, Sam was reaching places no one had ever been. I began to follow the furious pace he was setting and moved my hips in time with his. Every thrust, every plunge, every grunt that he made brought me closer and closer to the best orgasm I was ever going to experience, and the worst moment in my life. I stretched my legs wider to give him greater access and for him to penetrate even deeper.

His hips moved at a furious pace, I was closer to cumming.

My body had won over, my mind was lost to the impending orgasm. I forced out Mom, forced out my results, and forced out my doubts. I blocked out all that he had said, I blocked out it was Sam on top of me and closed my eyes and thought of only cumming.

I grimaced as his teeth sunk into my breasts, his quick sharp bites hurting badly. The pain was compensated as his cock was now hitting my sweet spot. He took one of my hard nipples in his mouth and swirled it around before crunching down. Pain mixed with pleasure swept right through me, I almost fainted at the feeling. Recovering I shifted myself again and cried out as I realised that this was it, I was about to have the best orgasm of my life, and it was going to be at the hand of my Mom's boyfriend.

Sam had left my breasts and moved his head to mine. I could feel his sweaty, hairy chest brush coarsely against my sensitive breasts. I looked with displeasure into his eyes, he was enjoying this so much.

His hands grabbed my head and kept them still, and somehow, despite the pace his hips and body was moving he managed to slip his tongue down my throat. I tried to move my head away but his grip was firm. I felt like a little whore not wanting to be kissed, but Sam had made me feel this way. Sam made me feel so dirty and used, but so horny.

His hips moved even faster, I was almost there.

I stopped concentrating on his rough kisses and started to feel the orgasm build up in me. His cock pushed harder and harder into me, the grinding of his groin remorseless, my pleasure unstoppable.


I cried out as my whole body shook, he pounded me and I tried to hold onto his hips, I wanted him as deep into me as possible. Wave after wave hit me, I squeezed my legs together to try and keep myself as tight as possible. I managed to escape from Sam's lips and bit into his shoulder, I did not want to scream for him.

Exhaustion came and went, it was still going and I was not sure I could handle it anymore. My legs trembled, arms barely clung onto him. I sank my head back and saw his lips were moving and he seemed to be saying something, my senses were frazzled, I could not make out what he was saying.

The pleasure of the orgasm was slowly replaced by the fatigue of the orgasm. I lay there as Sam continued to pound me relentlessly. I hoped that he would not be long, my body was completely drained.

His pace stepped up once more and I could feel he was close. I then felt his warmth inside me, his cum squirting quickly. His groin thrust at me one more time, it felt like he was trying to push me through the bed. Sam just grunted, his face contorted as he pressed hard onto me. His cum went deeper into me then I could imagine.

He lay on me for a moment before wearily getting up. His warm goo started to eek out of me. He stood up and searched out for a towel.

He stood over me angry, "Next time I don't want you to make such a big deal. It's just sex for fucks sake."

Next time? There was no way there was ever going to be a next time. As he threw a towel over me and told me to wipe myself, I wondered if I had made the biggest mistake of my life or whether that was the best fuck in my life.

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