My Mom The Model


Eric pulled Jason aside while they waited for Suzy.



"How are you holding up?"

"Oh, uh, good I guess."

"Well, you're doing a great job. Just remember that Suzy will be very self conscious when she comes back out so make sure you keep complimenting her. Ok?"


"Great. I know it must not be easy for you to be doing this with your mother, but trust me when I tell you that she has a real shot at this and any help that you can give her now will be good for her."

"Oh, it's ok. I'm doing what you said. I'm a professional, right? She is just another model. I haven't thought of her like my mother in a while now. I'm just happy that this is going so well for her. You seem to really believe in her."

"Well, it is pretty simple right. She is a beautiful woman and she knows how to play to the camera."

"I guess you're right." Jason thought to himself that she was in fact a beautiful woman. He couldn't wait to see her next outfit.

Suzy looked stunning as she walked into the studio. She wore a full length black satin gown, topped off with a pair of black strappy high heels. The front of the gown exposed a modest amount of cleavage, but the back was open to her waist and the sides were cut out enough to provide an ample view of the outsides of her breasts.

Jason took in the sight of his mother as she confidently strode across the room. His brain worked overtime to combine the images of her bare outer breasts that he was currently being treated to with the memory of her cleavage from the bikinis to form an almost complete image of her bare breasts.

Suzy expected Eric's eyes to be glued to her body, but she was surprised to see her son openly ogling her. She also noticed, for the first time, the tell tale bulging in his pants. Despite the fact that it was her son, she was proud that she still had what it takes to give a teenage boy a hard-on. Between the silky material of the gown against her skin and the knowledge of the impact that she was having on the two men got to her and she felt her nipples harden as she approached the set.

Jason could clearly see from the open back that his mother wasn't wearing a bra and from how the material clung to her hips he inferred that she wasn't wearing any panties either. Knowing that she was naked underneath that thin silky gown kicked his libido into high gear.

"Don't worry Eric. I'm not wearing any panties this time." Suzy caught her son's eye as she spoke and was pleased with his reaction as his eyes widened.

The shoot began and Jason again was instructed to move around to reposition the lighting. As he worked he noticed that the gown would fall away from her chest when she moved in certain ways and began to pay attention, waiting for it. Twice he caught the moment perfectly and was blown away when he saw a flash of his mother's bare breast and nipple.

Every movement she made caused the gown to glide across her naked body. Suzy hadn't once gone out in public without panties since she was married and the thrill of being almost naked was making her hornier by the minute. She did her best to tease the camera, and even though she had misgivings about being so seductive in front of her son she decided that he would probably see the pictures anyway so what was the harm. She let herself go and made love to the room, which included her son.

Jason heard his name as his mother was getting ready for her next outfit and dutifully went to see what she needed.

He found her in the dressing room holding a pair of shoes. She wore an incredibly short black halter nightie with a gaping neck line. It didn't even cover half of her thigh.

"I need a little help; I've never been good with these things." She lifted the shoes as she spoke.

She turned and sat down on a chair in the back of the room and held out the shoes for Jason.

He took the shoes, which were little more than two platforms with heels. Each shoe had two long black silk ribbons dangling from them.

"I need your help to wrap the ribbons around my legs and tie them up. Do you think you can handle it, or should I get Eric?"

"Uh, no..." He jumped at the opportunity even though he had no idea what he was doing.

"I can handle this."

Jason lowered himself in front of his mother and took her left foot in one hand with the shoe in the other. He guided her foot into the shoe and then propped it onto his knee, he knew that he would need both hands to handle the ribbon. He took one ribbon in each hand and slowly wrapped it around the back of his mother's ankle.

"Let me know if this is too tight." He looked up at her as he spoke and couldn't help but notice how far her dress had crept up her thigh.

"So far so good."

After a few missteps he figured out how to lace up the ribbon. The delicate work required that his hands caress her soft skin as he crisscrossed the ribbons around her calf. It ended just below her knee, where he tied it off. While Jason held onto her knee his eyes drifted up between her legs. He wondered if she was wearing panties and hoped to catch a glimpse without her noticing.

"Jason?" His mother's voice sounded playfully accusatory?

Jason looked up at his mother like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Are you trying to look up my nightie?"

"I, uh..." He stammered, not knowing how to respond. He was caught red handed trying to look up his mother's nightgown.

"It's ok. I think I know what you are looking for. You know, a wise man once told me that I should never wear panties ever again." She threw him a sly smile as she spoke.

"How are you doing with the shoes?"

"Just finishing up the first one now." Jason took the opportunity to look back down and began lacing up her right foot. He mulled over her comment while he worked. Had she told him that it was ok for him to look up her nightie?

Suzy surprised herself with her forwardness. She knew he was her son but she was enjoying the attention. She also enjoyed watching him squirm. He had been ogling her all day and was doing a pretty poor job hiding it.

By the time Jason was tying off the second ribbon he had worked up enough courage to try to sneak another peak. He slowly wrapped the ribbon around her calf and gently pushed her knee out, spreading her legs a little further. He didn't dare look up to see if she was watching him but he felt her eyes on him.

Suzy watched as her son's eyes widened. She knew exactly what he was seeing and felt a rush of excitement through her body.

Jason felt time stop down as his eyes marched up her thighs. The darkness between his mother's legs shrank away as he gently pushed her leg aside. More and more of her inner thighs were revealed to him. His body tensed and he inhaled sharply as his eyes traveled from her thigh to the golden tangle of hair that adorned her pussy.

Though she trimmed her pubic hair, it was still much fuller than the girls that he had been with before. Seeing such an impeccably maintained and lush forest of hair between his mother's legs both surprised and delighted him. He drank in the sight before him, knowing that he didn't have much time.

Jason made one last adjustment of the ribbon before he finally stood back up. His mother remained where she was with her legs spread apart. The hem of her nightie had been pushed up to her hips leaving a hint of her womanly charms on display.

Suzy couldn't control herself. She had just flashed her pussy to someone besides her husband, and she liked it. She didn't want it to end.

"Well, how does it look?"


"The shoes, I mean. Unless you have something else on your mind."

"Oh, yeah, right. The shoes..." His voice kept trailing off.

"They look amazing. Much sexier than I could have imagined."

Suzy knew very well that her son wasn't talking about he shoes.

"Are you sure you like it?"

"I like it a lot."

"Good, I'm glad. Now help me up, would you?" Suzy offered her hand out to her son who helped her to her feet.

She took a moment to straighten out the silk nightie and then walked right past him into the studio.

Suzy had to move very deliberately so as to not flash the camera. She knew that Eric and Jason were enjoying the show from their hungry stares and the thought of them looking at her in such a revealing outfit thrilled her.

Eric had her propped up on the arm of a couch with her back arched out for the shoot. As the camera flashed it became obvious that her nightie had shifted and the edge of her aureole was coming into view. Eric directed Jason to cover her up, and he was all too eager assist.

Jason paused in front of his mother before he fixed her top. Lowering himself to her level he took in the contrast in color between the milky white flesh of her breast and the darker hue of her aureole. The outline of her nipples was clearly visible at such a close proximity and Jason was in no hurry. His thumb slowly slipped into the front of his mother's top; the back of his thumb gently pressing against the soft flesh of her breast as he grasped the thin silk material. It took every ounce of restraint for him to not tear the thin satin nightie open and grab two handfuls of her tits. As hard as he tried to refrain from touching her nipple, his fingers still managed to graze against it as he repositioned the material. Jason looked up at his mother apologetically.

"It's ok." She said softly. Her chest heaved gently as she spoke.

His fingers were still resting on her breast when he decided to throw caution to the wind. Jason took his mother's words as permission to proceed and allowed his hand to cup her breast momentarily. The thin silky material against her soft but firm breast felt amazing in his hand. He gave her a single squeeze and felt her hard nipple against his palm before he finally took his hand away.

Jason thought he heard a soft moan as he retreated.

Suzy could have killed herself. Her son's hand cradling her breast caused an uncontrollable response in her body that culminated with a barely perceptible moan escaping her lips. The dampness between her legs was growing.

Eric didn't seem to notice that anything had occurred between them and proceeded with the shoot.

The next outfit that she wore was a black bustier. The front and side panels were made of a thin see-through material. The outfit was paired with a pair of tight jeans that appeared to be painted on.

Jason was amazed at how the jeans clung to her ass so perfectly. He watched her posing and pouting for the camera until Eric asked if she was wearing the matching panties.

After confirming that she was, he asked her to open up the jeans and show them off.

Jason couldn't believe that he was watching his hot mother undressing right in front of him. His cock nearly burst from his pants.

She slowly unzipped the jeans and pulled them open, revealing a thin triangle of fabric that matched the sheer material of her bustier.

She spun around and pushed the jeans over her hips while looking over her shoulder. As they moved further down her legs, Jason noticed that she was wearing a g-string. The two round halves of her perfect ass came into view with two thin strings bisecting each other at the top of her ass crack. The one string curved around her hips and the other disappeared between her cheeks before traveling between her legs to her pussy.

Suzy realized that she was doing a strip tease in front of her son, but she was so turned on by the camera that she didn't care. It had been years since she wore a g-string and feeling the thin ribbon of fabric nestled between her ass cheeks made her feel like a teenager again. She knew that she was giving them a good look at her naked ass and she loved it.

Jason watched intently as his mother pushed her jeans down to the floor. She was the embodiment of his deepest sexual fantasy. He imagined her picture in a catalog dressed in nothing but the black bustier and g-string panties. He wanted to jerk off so bad but he knew that he would have to wait.

He was finally being offered a full unobstructed view of his mother's glorious ass. The two soft white globes of flesh danced to the beat of hidden music as she teased the camera.

Suzy turned around for the camera and swayed her hips for a few minutes before Eric told her that he got the shot. Jason's eyes followed his mother's bare ass as she walked to the dressing room to prepare for the next outfit.

Suzy walked back into the studio after a few minutes. She was wearing a purple dress and black high heels.

"Is this right?" Suzy asked as she walked over to Eric.

"Don't worry; did you put the entire outfit on?"


"Perfect. This ad is for the underwear, not the dress. This client likes to have risque ads, so they want their models dressed in regular clothes but showing off their lingerie. They think it makes it more taboo."

"Oh, that is clever."

Jason watched his mother walk to her position, wondering what they were talking about.

"Ok, so let's start simple. Jason I need you in front. Get down low with the reflector and catch the natural light. Suzy, I want you to start off like it is a normal shoot and then slowly show us the product."

"Ok, I think I get it."

"Ready Jason?"

He had no idea what was happening but he said that he was ready.

Eric positioned Suzy on a high backed wooden chair in the middle of the studio. She was sitting sideways with her torso turned towards the camera. Jason watched eagerly as they began.

The lights flashed as Eric took pictures. In no time at all, Suzy's hand was on the hem of her dress slowly lifting it up her leg. She shifted over so that she was resting on the edge of the chair with her left butt cheek and her camera facing leg dangling in the air. She bent her knee as the hem of her dress slowly progressed up her thigh.

Jason watched in awe as the tops of his mother's stockings came into view, followed by two thin pink lace garter straps. Jason had never seen a garter belt in person before and couldn't believe his luck. From his position he could clearly see the inside of his mother's right thigh and the outside of her left one.

Suzy adjusted herself so that she could pull the dress up over her ass and then sat back down. The purple dress was now bunched up around her waist leaving her legs and thighs fully exposed.

Suzy felt a thrill as she revealed herself like that. She knew that no more of her body was visible than when she wore the bikini, but this was lingerie and was meant to be sexy. She was flashing her son for the second time and even though he would see even less of her this time it felt even more erotic because they were out in the open. The thrill of what she was doing was getting her hornier by the second.

"Very good Suzy. You really know how to seduce the camera. A little more pouting. Good. Now turn towards me."

Jason watched in amazement as his mother swung her legs around and faced the camera. He was treated with a clear view between her legs. The only thing between him and his mother's pussy was a thin triangle of pink lace tucked seductively between her legs.

"Ok, stop. Jason."


"Do you see how the dress is bunched up on the left side?"


"I need you to flatten that out, ok?"


Without hesitation, Jason was kneeling between his mother's legs. His face was now only inches from her moist pussy. He reached out for the hem of her dress and let the backside of his hand brush against her warm soft thigh as he fixed it. He took his time as thoughts of fucking his mother raced through his head.

"Much better. Lean back for a moment Jason."

He did as he was asked and Eric zoomed in with the camera.

"Ok, one more adjustment. Jason, can you see how Suzy's panties are being stretched away from her body on her left side?"

Jason centered himself between his mother's legs again and leaned in for a closer look. The smell of her moist pussy filled his senses.


Suzy could feel her son's warm breath against her thighs as he spoke.

"Pull the waist band over so that it falls flush against her skin. Ok?"

Jason paused for a moment and looked up at his mother. She was so lost in the experience that she couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to, but she knew that he was looking for her approval.

She nodded once and whispered, "It's ok."

Jason pushed the hem of her dress further up to get access to the waistband of her panties. He placed his hands on each thigh and slowly worked his way up the length of the garter straps until her pink lace panties were fully exposed.

Suzy's heart raced as her son's hands drifted up her bare thighs. Jason thought he heard a soft moan escape his mother's mouth as he touched her. He noticed that she shifted in her seat while he worked his way up her soft flesh.

He found the thin elastic band and gripped it between his fingers. Suzy inched down into her chair and pushed her legs further apart as her son adjusted her panties. He pulled the front panel away from her body and was tempted to sneak another peak at her pussy but knew that it would be too risky in front of Eric. Jason slid the panties over an inch and then flattened the front panel out against her pussy. He could feel the tufts of hair beneath the thin lace as his hand made a pass across her soft mound.


There was no hiding it anymore. Suzy's body trembled as her son's hand rubbed against her pussy. She was on the verge of an orgasm.

"Is that better?"

Both Suzy and Eric answered to the affirmative at the same time. Jason looked up at his mother and recognized the look of pure lust in her eyes. And it was all because of him.

"Ok Jason get that reflector on Suzy and we can continue."

Jason resumed his position and his mother continued to show off her panties for the camera.

After a few more shots, Eric decided to try something new. He positioned her so that she was squatting on the floor in front of the chair. Jason watched as his mother pushed her heels next to each other and her knees out as far as she could get them. He repositioned himself in front of her to get a better vantage point of the pink lace stretching against her mound.

"Good. Now lower you left knee and turn your right leg to the camera."

The camera recorded every movement.

"Ok, hold on. Jason, her dress is bunching up again. Can you fix that for me?"


Jason happily dropped the reflector and knelt down in front of his mother. He inched closer to her and reached around to her backside where the dress was bunching up. Jason palmed his mother's ass with each hand and took a moment to enjoy the feel of her soft flesh against him. His face was close enough to hers that he could feel her quickening breath against his lips.

"Don't move." He whispered as his hands explored her ass.

Suzy whimpered as her son's hands followed the curve of her ass and his fingers converged between her legs. Jason felt the soft lace of her panties against his fingertips and kept going. The heat from her body radiated out from her pussy. Jason pressed his middle finger against the soft material, pushing it against his mother's throbbing pussy. He could feel the moistness of her pussy as he gently rubbed her.

Suzy let out another moan as her son touched her. Her breathing increased. Jason's lips were mere centimeters from hers.

"Don't stop." She begged for him to continue exploring her body but his hand was moving on.

Jason's hands moved back around the curve of her butt and moved the hem of her dress enough to even it out for the next picture. He let his hands continue around her hips and down her thighs as he withdrew them and resumed his position with the reflector.

Suzy had never been so turned on in her life. She was posing half dressed in front of a stranger who was taking her picture while her very own son was feeling her up. Her pussy ached for relief.

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