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My Mom's Boyfriend


This story begins with me coming down the stairs. I had just woken up and gone to brush my teeth.

"Hi Sweetie," my mom said as I walked past her in the kitchen. She looked great today even in just a simple dress. Her blonde hair, which had grown darker with age still glistened beautifully in the sunlight.

Yes, I had a genuinely hot mom. She was in her mid-forties, but she still attracted men around half her age. Its not something to brag about, although my friends never failed to remind me of it. My friend's would always tell me things like "her boobs are as big as lisa ann" or ava addams sometimes, although I always thought she looked a lot like carolyn reese. Thinking about it, she looked a lot like carolyn reese. Is it weird that I compared my mom to a pornstar? Yes, very.

"Hi mom," I casually replied, as I passed by.

I finished what I was doing and was walking back upstairs when the door opened. It was Tyler and he was carrying groceries into the house.

Tyler was my mom's boyfriend. My dad had passed away around two years ago now. My mom never really dated until a few months ago when she met Tyler. Tyler was in his mid twenties and was well-built. I was extremely angry when my mom introduced him to me because of the age difference, as he was only a few years older than me, as I was 18, which made it very weird.

Unfortunately, my anger only got worse. when I found out what a jackass Tyler was. Around my mom, he was the kindest person ever, but when she wasn't around, he would say sexual things about my mom to me just to piss me off. My mom would never believe me. Embarrassingly, although I hated Tyler and the picture of him fucking my mom made me hate him even more, I found that picture a weird turn on.

Anyways, Tyler owed me money, so I walked back down the stairs to go collect my money, although I knew there was a high probability I would never see that money again. Tyler walked into the kitchen where my mom was making food and set down the groceries.

"Hey honey," my mom said as she turned to face Tyler.

"Hey babe," Tyler said as he moved towards her.

I was right outside the kitchen when my mom and Tyler began to kiss. It was not a short, quick kiss. Rather, it was a long, passionate kiss, with their tongues getting in each other's mouths. I patiently waited right outside the kitchen, but had to peek and watch them kiss, as I said before, it strangely turned me on, yet I was still disgusted Tyler was kissing my mom.

They turned while they were kissing so that Tyler was facing the outside of the kitchen, where I was and my mom was facing inwards to the kitchen.

"Sorry," my mom said as she wiped Tyler's mouth, "I got my lipstick all over your mouth."

At this point Tyler saw me and smiled. I knew what he was going to do now and I hated him for it, yet I somewhat wanted it to happen.

"Its alright babe," Tyler responded. He put his arm around my mom's neck and they began to kiss again passionately. Tyler looked at me as he kissed my mom and began to grab and squeeze her ass as they continued to kiss. I was extremely angry at this point, but watching them kiss, my cock had become erect. Tyler nearly burst out laughing as I started to rub my cock, but continued to stick his tongue in my mom's mouth as they continued to kiss.

"We can't do this right now," my mom protested softly, laughing, "My sons right upstairs"

Tyler moved her head back towards himself, as she had begun to move her head behind to see if I was in sight.

"He won't know," Tyler said softly, "And there's nothing wrong in having a little fun,"

Tyler took off his shirt and put his hand on my mom's cheek again as they kissed again for the third time. As they kissed, my mom's hand moved down his bare body and began to rub his dick though his pants. Tyler was clearly enjoying this and nearly began laughing again as she continued to rub his cock.

My mom then got on her knees and unzipped Tyler's pants and took off his under wear. She then grabbed his cock and licked it as she stared right at Tyler. He moved my mom's hair to the side as she grabbed his cock with one hand and began to suck on it. She rubbed his cock and she sucked it and then took her mouth out, rubbed his cock again, and then began to suck his cock again while rubbing it.

Tyler just touched my moms hair and moved her head towards his cock as she continued to give him a blowjob. My mom then took her mouth out of his cock and licked his ballsack. She then went back to sucking his cock and rubbed it even more passionately this time.

My mom then got up and Tyler kissed her neck as he ripped off her dress, leaving only her bra and her underwear remaining. He then squeezed her tits and then kissed her neck again as he undid her bra from behind. My mom then laughed as she took Tyler's face and put it between her 35D tits and rubbed his face all across them. Tyler squeezed her tits. He then licked her nipple as she put her hand around his head. He then went in and sucked on her tits passionately as she pushed and held on to Tyler's head and laughed.

I continued to rub my cock as Tyler stood up and looked at me peeking from around the corner. I couldn't take much more and Tyler knew that and chuckled. My mom almost turned around to see what Tyler was looking at, but Tyler grabbed her cheek again and they began to kiss again. As their tongues went into each other's mouths, Tyler carried my mom and put her on the kitchen's island, which was still facing into the kitchen, so she couldn't see me. They continued to kiss while I was very close to nutting.

Tyler then got down on his knees and began to lick her pussy. She moaned I loved it. He began by licking it slowly and then feasted on that pussy, licking it passionately. My mom was moaning very loudly now and she had probably forgotten about me by now. I moved closed to get a better view of the sex, but still stayed as much out of sight as I could.

My mom and Tyler kissed again, a short touch of lips this time, and then my mom laid halfway down on the kitchen island as Tyler spread her legs apart. One of my mom's legs was hanging off the kitchen island and Tyler held her other leg over his shoulder. He then inserted his cock into my mom's pussy. She moaned as he put it in and out and he began to go faster. His hand moved up my mom's bare body and he began to squeeze her tits as he kept his dick going in and out of her and she moaned even louder than before.

I could not hold it in anymore and let it go, cum shooting out of my penis as Tyler laughed. I was careful to keep it in one place, but I still felt very embarrassed. After all, i had just nutted to my mom having sex with another man. My mom heard the noise of me nuttin too and just like Tyler she almost looked around, and Tyler tried to do that same thing as before, but my mom was a little suspicious.

"I heard something honey, I'm gonna quickly go check it out," my mom said as I nervously froze, praying Tyler would do something about it.

"Don't go babe," Tyler pleaded as he kissed her forehead, "We're having too much fun,"

"But what if its my son?" she whispered loudly to Tyler.

"Go and I'll have to punish you later," Tyler said to my mom.

"Ooo," my mom said in a soft voice, running her hand down Tyler's chest, "Is that a promise?"

"Margie," Tyler said a little firmly.

"Okay, okay, I won't go," my mom said soothingly, "I won't go,"

I quickly cleaned up my cum. When it was all wiped up, I saw my mom and Tyler lying of the kitchen floor. They were lying down next to each other on their sides and Tyler was putting his dick in and out of my mom was she moaned loudly. Tyler put his fingers in my moms mouth to make the moaning softer. He was pounder her and her tits were bouncing up and down. I began to rub my cock again.

Tyler then took his fingers out of my mom's mouth and began to squeeze her tits as he continued to pound her from behind. She began to moan softer as her beautiful dark blonde hair continued to bounce up and down with her. Tyler began to go slower, as he was getting tired and my mom also began to moan less.

"Cum in my pussy," my mom moaned and thats exactly what Tyler did.

He then got up and my mom got on her knees and said as she rubbed his cock, "I want more,"

Tyler still had more left and nutted all over my mom's face and tits. She then took his cock and wiped all the cum off her face as I was frantically rubbing my own cock. She then licked the cum off Tyler's cock and sucked his dick passionately again.

I nearly nutted again and Tyler was tired of me. He looked at me and gave me the "get-the-fuck-out-of-here" look and I was too scared not to obey him.

As I walked up the stairs, I faintly heard my mom ask, "Round 2?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/20/18


A nice first story. Would like to see his mother become pregnant by her young stud in such a way that her son would know he had witnessed her impregnation. And perhaps some interaction between the boyfriendmore...

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by Anonymous01/18/18


I agree don’t go gay

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by Anonymous01/15/18


This story is a good start dont go gay with like the other two want. That's just gross and supper gay.

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by satinpantyboy01/13/18

I agree totally !!!

I would love to see you take dirtymom49’s suggestions!

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by dirtymom4901/13/18

Loved it

Cant wait to see where this story goes... hopefully the son watches them more and moms boyfriend gets the mother to be more risky with her son in the house... love to see the boyfriend walk into the sonsmore...

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