My Mom's Drunk Friend


"How can I resist," remarked Cody, unable to stop a smug grin from spreading across his face. The mere idea of assfucking Anne was exhilarating.

He shuffled on his knees right up behind her, his hands still on her ass, spreading her cheeks wide to expose his destination hole. His cock was still slick with saliva and cum juices, despite the thorough titfucking he'd just given her, so he was well lubricated.

Cody clutched tighter at the firm cheeks of Anne's buttocks as he pressed the trembling head of his rock hard penis against her asshole. The entrance seemed so small with the mushroomed tip of his cock against it and he wondered briefly if it was even possible. Would he be able to stuff his dick up her ass?

"Mmm!" groaned Cody as he pushed forward, slipping the head of his cock into Anne's incredibly tight anus. The gorgeous blonde moaned slightly in her sleep at the intrusion, but didn't wake up.

"Oh fuck that's tight!" gasped Cody as he pushed a little deeper, easing himself into the sleeping woman. He only had a few inches stuffed up her, but it felt like her tight ass was squeezing his cock. Cody leant forward, bracing his hands on her hips as he pushed himself a little deeper, his breathing heavy. Cody grunted, his cock rock hard as he started to move slightly within her, pumping his cock in slight back and forward motions, letting her tight ass relax slightly to accommodate his intruding member and working his way slowly deeper within her.

Cody panted as he fucked his lovely neighbour's ass, running his palms over her smooth bare back. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling on it as he thrust harder inside her, lifting her head up off the bed and arching her back slightly. Amazingly this still didn't awaken her from her alcohol fuelled unconsiousness.

"God this is amazing!" breathed Cody, pounding harder into Anne's fantastic ass, he let go of her hair and once again held her hips, now thrusting with full vigor into her back passage. Her ass had relaxed slightly, but was still incredibly tight, clutching at his cock much harder than her lovely pussy had.

He drove repeated into her lovely ass, his balls slapping against her wet pussy, he could scarcely believe that the gorgeous body impaled on his dick was his to enjoy in any way he could imagine. His balls were churning and he knew that he could not take much more, he let out a heavy grunt as he forced his cock deeper into her tiny hole, bottoming out finally as he stuffed his entire dick into her ass. He held her tightly by the hips, pausing a moment to luxuriate in the sensation, her tight ass clutching hard at his trembling cock.

"Fuck!" grunted Cody, slapping the side of Anne's ass as he stabbed quick and hard into her ass, the bedroom filled with the sound of slapping flesh as Cody went in for the kill.

A few moments later, his climax imminent, Cody pulled out of Anne's ass and jumped up onto the bed. He hurriedly shoved Anne over, rolling her onto her back, her big tits jiggling over her chest like jello. Cody's fist was a blur over his cock as he squatted up over his beautiful neighbours head, aiming his cock at her face.

"Oh fuck yess!" he gasped, a heavy rope of cum spurting from the tip of his penis and splashing over Anne's face. Cody's hips surged and another burst of semen shot out, covering Anne's closed right eyelid and forehead. Considering Cody had cum only a few minutes earlier, his load was surprisingly plentiful as wave after wave of his seed burst out and covered Anne's face.

When he felt his orgasm finally slowing, he leant forward and pushed the head of his cock into Anne's warm, saliva filled mouth. He paused a moment, breathing heavily and letting her mouth milk the last of his seed out of him. He pressed forwards a couple of times, pushing his erection into Anne's cum-splattered face and then finally withdrew, rolling off and falling onto his back on her bed.

Cody lay there for a few minutes, a large goofy grin spreading across his face.

It was time to head home, his parents were probably wondering where he had got to.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/12/18


Will be coming back to read this one again. Definitely what I was looking for. 5 stars from me.

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by Anonymous01/17/18

Rape fantasy

To the comments debating whether this is rape, yes it is rape! Do not try this in real life! However I love this type of story and since it's properly tagged in the Non-consent section people shouldn'tmore...

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by MrBonds01/06/18


Very hot story. I enjoyed this fantasy fucking situation.

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by happyjack92112/24/17

liked It!

This requires a sequel. The next day or morning after.

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by Anonymous12/05/17


It was okay, could have been a bit better if it was longer and if he had came in every hole but overall okay. Would defiantly love a sequel.

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