tagNonHumanMy Monster Under the Bed Ch. 00

My Monster Under the Bed Ch. 00


A/N: There is a bit of plot intro but after it gets good so keep reading. Also you pronounce Aemilius (Eh-meal-e-us) and Emil (Em-eel). Please vote and comment :) (Be Kind, this is only my second story)



When we are young we are all afraid of something, be it the dark, the creature in the closet, or in my case the monster under the bed. I believe that these monsters stay with us for a very long time, even if we no longer fear them.

Most children are afraid of these said monsters, but being that I was always strange and wondering what sort of monsters hung out in the woods behind my house. I was filled with both fascination and fear; needless to say I was less than ordinary.

I first met Aemilius when I was 8; it was a terribly rainy night. The clouds covered every star and even the moon. Lightning ran through the sky sending light through my window, but the most frightening part of all was the thunder. It boomed through the sky and shook the house.

My little body trembled under my blanket as the thunder came closer. When the next explosion sounded I jumped up; practically out of my skin, grabbed my favorite stuffed bear and crawled under the bed.

True I was afraid of what might be under there with me but my fear of thunder was greater than that of monsters. I clutched my red bear to my chest with every roar of the angry sky; clamping my eyes shut and scrunching up my toes.

Then I heard a soft and silky voice ask

"Are you okay?" This was NOT the voice of my mother or brother; it was a defiantly a man's voice, and my father had long been dead! My eyes flew open and looked around in the darkness, but there was nothing out of the ordinary; old Christmas decorations and a few lost socks. My heartbeat quickened and I mustered up the courage to talk back to the dark abyss surrounding me.

"H...Who's th...th –there?" I waited for a reply, not daring to breathe; my hummingbird heart pounding in my chest. Still there was no reply and my nerves relaxed a little, until I saw one red eye open in front of me and then slowly another appeared. There was no white in these eyes, only red with a black pupil

Involuntarily I sucked in as much air as I could and started to let out a blood curdling scream. Not more than a second passed before I felt a hand cover my mouth; muffling out my screams like one snuffs out a candle.

Thoughts raced through my head as I squeezed my eyes shut once again from fear. "What's this thing going to do to me? Eat me!? Oh please no! Why would it want to eat me? I'm just a skinny little girl. Wouldn't it prefer to eat my neighbor Tommy? He's big and round like a beach ball."

I forced myself to take a few deep breaths; for fear my heart might explode. The invisible hand that lightly clasped my mouth, released me slowly to ensure I did not scream again. But trusting that I was calmer now, the hand moved completely away from my face.

"Please don't eat me! Eat Tommy instead!" I pleaded with the eyes, but what I heard next both startled and confused me; it laughed. Not the kind that scares, but a contagious sort of chuckle. A sharp set of white teeth appeared before me, joining two half closed red eyes; it was an alarming sight, but the sound of his laughter quelled my fear.

"My dear child, there is nothing to be afraid of; I'm not here to harm you." I was thoroughly confused hearing such nice things from a beast with a razor sharp grin and glowing red eyes.

"Then...then..." My mind was going so fast words escaped me. "Who are you?" I finally spit out.

"Introductions seem like a must now, don't they" He said to himself "give me a minute." I waited and heard him say some words in a strange language I'd never heard before and the scenery had changed.

We were in a sitting area with plush worn leather couches, a fire place that lit the room, and very soft floor rugs that kept my feet warm from the hard wooden floor.

"Where are we?" I asked, totally dumbfounded on how I had gotten here.

"YOU are still under your bed, but your subconscious and I are in the Netherworld. This is the realm I live in, but this room was created by your subconscious." Being only 8 not much of that made any sense to me at the time.

"So it's magic?" I asked

"Sort of, it's a bit hard to explain, but for simplicities sake let's call it magic." He sat down in an armchair by the fire, and for the first time I could see his features.

His skin was a strange shade of grey/blue, and as I walked slowly closer to him I saw it was almost scaly like a lizard, only not. At his command he could harden or soften his skin, and when I touched his arm is was a texture I cannot describe in words. He broke my studying of him when he finally spoke.

"Introductions, introductions, I am Aemilius; your designated Guardian." I began to open my mouth and introduce myself but he cut me off. "There is no need dear, I know who you are; I was assigned to you when you were four." When he said this I noticed something move behind him. With further examinations I found it to be his tail; like a cat's it swayed as he thought.

"What do you mean assigned to me?" I questioned him, watching his tail move from left to right.

"All children are assigned a Guardian to ensure that they are protected from dark forces." I looked into his red eyes confused.

"Guardian, but you're a monster?" He growled low in his chest; seeing that this frightened me, he cleared his throat and continued.

"Yes Guardians, we not only protect you but also help you grow up."

"How? I said disbelieving. As I stared at his hands, and saw that donned on each finger was a long nail; like dull claws.

"To grow up you must face your fears; and we help with that." He said simply.

"Is that why you are so scary?" I asked, but wished I didn't once it came out of my mouth. "I mean... I'm sorry A-meal-E-us" I slowly sounded out his name trying not to say it wrong and abash myself even more. "What I meant was that you were scary at first, but now that I look at you in the light you're not so bad. Plus it was nice of you that you didn't eat me. I was rambling like I always did when I got nervous.

"Shhh" He sounded softly, putting a finger on my lips. I quieted and looked at his face, besides the skin color he could have passed for human; on his angular chin there was a patch of hair for a goatee, and long jet black hair that he pulled back with a silver string.

I rubbed my eyes heavy with sleep and laid my head down on the cushion of the sofa I was on while Aemilius talked to me. He was telling me the origins of his family. They were from the snowy parts of Europe. Sometime around when he was talking about his great Uncle who was some sort of Snowman, was when I had drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the sun had already risen and I was tucked into my bed; just as my mother left me. Images of a blue creature with glowing red eyes filled my mind; only I was not afraid.

"Good morning mommy" I said to my mother; who was making pancakes. She kissed the top of my head as I passed by.

"How'd you sleep last night hun? She asked; knowing of my fear of thunder. I pondered about last night for a moment; it was all very foggy to me.

"I think I slept okay." I replied with a smile

As time went on I grew up; my imaginary friends had gone and with them, my monster under my bed. There were moments when I was reminded of him and that strange night again. For instance I never could find my red teddy bear after that, and every once and a while I would sleep with a foot or arm hanging off the bed; and I could swear that someone tickled me. I went into my teen years and all but forgot about my monster.

My life went on like any other, I went to High School, Graduated, Left from Home, went to College, got my Bachelors Degree, Rented an Apartment, and got a Job. I work for a Media Company as a graphic designer. I'm very good at my job due to my creative mind. But my life would not stay average for very much longer.

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