tagMatureMy Mother-in-Law

My Mother-in-Law


I had been married to my wife Mary for about two years. Mary is two years younger than me. She is about five foot four and she goes about one twenty. Mary has nice medium sized tits, well shaped legs and a great ass. Mary is a good wife and we really enjoy each other.

Mary and I get along very well. We are well suited to each other and we haven't had any real problems. I like her family and I think they like me. Mary and my mother get along well and I think that she would have liked my father if he were still alive. Mary and my brother tease each other a lot and both families seem to get along well when we are all together, usually at our house.

Mary is a good-looking woman and the sex is great. She is very uninhibited. She is very adventurous and likes to explore new territory. She bought a book on sex positions, and I think that she was going through it, page by page, until we had tried them all. I'll bet she even makes notes in the book. Mary gives great head and she really gets into it when I reciprocate. She can ride my face like there's no tomorrow. Mary has a habit of sitting close to me when we are in the car and she likes to play with my cock while I drive. There have been a few sudden 'pull-overs' with her doing that. I'll bet a few truckers have gotten an eyeful.

My In-laws have a "house down the shore." It's a summer place, a small three-bedroom ranch on the very end of a long lagoon. The lagoon is wide enough for two houses at the end. It has a bulkhead and a ten-by-twenty floating dock that you reach by going down a ramp. The adjacent corner lot is vacant. The In-laws purchased this lot with the house so that they wouldn't get "built-too-close-to". The summerhouse has all the regular accessories except air conditioning. "It's a summer house down the shore, dammit", my father in law said. "I'm not going down there to sit cooped up in a refrigerator."

It was really hot weather. Mary and I went down the shore for a week's vacation. The week was, of course, sandwiched in between two weekends. The first was Fourth of July weekend, the Fourth was on Saturday. We goofed off on the first weekend. Sat around mostly, drank a little beer, did a little fishing and crabbing down on the dock and generally relaxed. Sunday night, my father in law went back up north. He had to work this week and decided to go home on Sunday night so he could be at work on time Monday morning. More beer for me!

Monday morning I started on "The Project". Somehow, I let them all talk me into putting up a fence around the vacant lot. The In-laws were concerned that people were walking across the lot. There were no sidewalks here yet, and some cars cut the corner a little short. The tire tracks were visible in the sand. It looked like at least one of them had gotten a little stuck and made some deep tire ruts. Anyway, I had agreed to build a fence and the In-laws had purchased a 'shit-load' of posts and one-by-eight lumber. It was all cedar and must have cost a lot. I liked working with the cedar.

I brought my post hole digger with me from home. This is a cruel tool to use in the summer. You twist it back and forth and it makes a small dent in the ground. I had to go about thirty inches down to get into solid dirt. This turned out to be a much bigger and harder job than I had thought when I agreed to do it. Live and learn.

Well, I worked all day putting up the fence around the vacant lot. I used the post hole digger and found that if I stuck the hose down in the hole and kept it moist, I could dig a little easier. It was still hard work out there in the sun. The cedar posts went in one-by-one. I used the 1 X 8 lumber to form a rail at the top and another about twenty inches down. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Galvanized nails, of course. This was hot work, and I drank all of my father in laws beer, most of the soda, some juice and even some water. Mother in law went to the store twice just to get liquid supplies. I finished about a third of the fence.

I quit at about six and had diner. I was very tired. I took a short nap after dinner and slept till about ten thirty. I got up for a snack then I went into the bedroom and flopped down again on the bed. Mary wanted to fool around, but I was really tired and I faked going to sleep. I lay there quietly for a while and pretended to snore a little. Mary must have thought that I was fast asleep because she started to masturbate. She tried to stay as still and quiet as she could, but no use - I could tell what she was doing and I was enjoying the show. She rolled over onto her side with her back toward me.

Mary was masturbating with two hands in her crotch. She had her top leg bent at the knee and was really getting into it. I listened to her breathing and could tell that she was getting close. I was fully erect by now and just waiting for my moment to 'pounce'. Just as she started to take those 'long and deep' breaths that indicate that she is starting to come, I slid over and put my cock up against her ass. Since we both sleep in the nude, there was little additional preparation needed. She was already very wet and obviously has sex on her mind.

Mary leaned a little forward and exposed more of herself to me. I quickly found her pussy and eased myself in. "Don't stop what you were doing on my account," I said.

"You rat," Mary said. "You just lay there and let me do all the work."

I didn't respond to that. I just started giving her some long slow strokes. She put her hand back down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit again. Every once in a while she would put her fingers a little further back and rub my cock a little, I think that she did this to pick up a little additional lube for her clit rub. Anyway, it felt good when she did it.

Mary got off in short order and I soon followed, I had a good come. Afterwards we just lay there with my cock still in her. It was a hot night and we didn't even pull the sheet up. I quickly fell asleep. The combination of the work and the sex knocked me right out. I had a good nights sleep and woke at around nine in the morning. Mary was still asleep. I really had to piss, so I got up, pulled on my cut-offs and went into the can.

When I came out of the can I could smell breakfast cooking. Mother in law was cooking eggs and bacon. I was pleasantly surprised at getting a nice cooked breakfast. She said, "I've got to keep fuel in the fence man, don't I?"

I finished the breakfast and walked back outside. It was already getting hot. I reassembled my tools and went back to work on the fence. It became obvious that I was not going to have enough nails and probably would not have enough lag bolts. Mother in law volunteered to go to the hardware store (I could have used the break!). I gave her one of each item to take as a sample. She said, "I'll get some beer and food while I'm out, is there anything else that you need?"

I couldn't think of anything so off she went. Mary came out of the house at around eleven o'clock. She looked like she had just gotten up. She was wearing her bikini with a white shirt over it, open at the front. She walked up and inspected my work. "Where's mom?" she asked.

"Went to the store," I said. "She left about an hour ago, she should be back shortly."

Mary nodded and started to walk towards the dock. "Want to go for a swim?" she asked.

"Not right now," I said. "I've got a good sweat going and a swim would ruin me for the rest of the day."

Mary went on down the ramp and pulled off the shirt. She dove right in and started to swim up the lagoon. How can women do that? It seems like a lot of them can just jump right into the water. I have to ease myself in. Must have something to do with having tits or something. Mary swam up the lagoon to about the fourth house and then swam on back to the dock. She got out but didn't even towel off. It was too hot and being wet probably felt good. She opened one of the deck lounge chairs, plopped herself down and started to rub on a little sun oil.

"Want me to do that for you, lady?" I yelled.

"No thanks, buster, my husband wouldn't like it if you did," was her reply.

"OK, but it's your loss,"

"I'll live with it," she continued.

She moved the chair a little closer to the bulkhead so as to get out of the direct sun. She looked good laying out down there by the water. After a while, she rolled over onto her stomach, and, if you ask me, the view improved. I've always liked looking at her butt. Mary spent the rest of the afternoon down on the dock.

Her mother came home just before noon. She brought me the two bags of hardware and a tall cool one. I sucked the beer down in about two swallows. I guess that she anticipated this because she had another one in her other hand. The second beer I actually tasted, the first one just flew past all the taste buds and came out as sweat in about three seconds. Man, it was hot!

I had a quick sandwich for lunch and then went back at it. Mother in law kept feeding me beers about every forty-five minutes all afternoon. I knocked off at about six when she called me and Mary in to dinner. I guessed that I was about three-quarters done, maybe a little more. When Mary came up from the dock, she looked about half done too. She was nice and pink from the sun. "That's going to hurt later," I said.

"Yeah, I guess so. I've got some spray that is supposed to take the sting out of it," she replied.

"Something that I can rub on, or would you rather do that yourself?" I teased.

"Oh, knock it off, asshole. That was just a lucky break for you last night, that's all." She said.

"Well, I liked it. It got me really hard watching you do that." I told her.

"I'm sure as hell not going to be repeating that tonight. I'm starting to hurt already." She said as she looked at her arms and legs.

"You had better put that spray on right now," I suggested.

"I think you're right, can you help?"

"Sure, do you want me to rub it in too?" I replied.

"No, just use the spray," she said walking into the living room. "Harry's going to put some spray on me before I sit down to eat, mom." She said in the general direction of the kitchen.

"I told you not to stay out there all afternoon," came back

"Oh, mom - don't start on me, I'm hurting" was Mary's weak reply.

I followed her into the bedroom. Mary took a spray can of some sunburn spray out of her overnight bag and handed it to me. I shook the can while Mary started to peel herself out of her bathing suit. The top cam off first liberating her now Lilly white tits. She was really sunburned and the contrast of her unburned tits was very evident. It sort of made her nipples look a little darker and they seemed to stick out more than usual. She turned her back to me and lifted her hair. I sprayed across her shoulders and down to the top of her bikini bottom. She held her arms up as she turned to face me and I sprayed her neck, her tummy and her tits. "I don't need any there, dummy." She said.

"OK, what about down below? I asked.

Mary pushed her bikini bottom down to her ankles and stepped out of them. I started spraying the front of her legs while I looked closely at her pussy. Seeing where my eyes were, Mary said "keep your mind on your work, fellah."

I finished spraying the front of her legs and motioned for her to turn around. She turned slowly so that I could do the side of her leg. When she had her back to me I started spraying the backs of her legs up to her butt. I put my hand on her ass and rubbed in little circles. "I just have to rub it in a little," I said.

"No you don't, she whispered. "It doesn't help."

She started turning again so that I could do the other leg. When she was facing me again, I asked, "What about the insides of your legs?"

Mary moved her feet apart about a foot or so. This was a very pleasant view. I could see her pussy lips and all the other fun places that I had visited last night. "Just finish, please," she said with a little pain in her voice.

I finished spraying and asked her, "What can I get for you to put on?"

"My robe is in the bathroom, can you get it for me?"

"Sure can," I said. "You're going to be hurting tonight."

"I know. She continued, "I have another can of that stuff and some of my pain pills. I'll take one of them if it really gets bad."

"I'll get your robe, then lets eat."

I went into the bathroom, retrieved her robe and put it into the door for her. I started toward the dining room, Mary came out of the bedroom and was right behind me. When her mother saw her she said, "Honey, you really look burned. Have you got anything to help you sleep?"

"Yes, mom." She answered, "I've got some spray and my pain pills.

"Those pills were for your knee," her mom noted.

"I know, but they work on just about anything."

Mother in law began serving up the diner. She had made hamburgers that she served with cold salads. It was almost too hot to eat. I nibbled at the meat but the cool salads went down fine. I had two beers with dinner, just replacing the water, of course. Mary picked at her dinner; I could tell that the spray wasn't working very well. I think wearing the robe was probably irritating her too.

After dinner, I laid down on the couch to watch the TV. Mary went in to the bedroom and changed into shorts and a T-shirt. She sat in a chair at the dining room table and put her elbows down on the table. This took the pressure off her back and probably felt better. Her mom kept reminding her that this level of sunburn was a little dangerous. "They say that it causes skin cancer, you know." Was one of her recurring themes. Mary put the overhead fan onto high and I think that sitting under it like that probably did ease her discomfort.

I fell asleep. I woke at about ten thirty. Mary was going in to bed. I asked her how she felt. "Medium well done" was her reply.

I suggested that I set up the box fan to blow across her on the bed. She thought that it might help. So, while she was in the bathroom, I put the fan on a chair and aimed it at her side of the bed. Mary came in while I was just finishing up. She quickly peeled off the t-shirt and her shorts. She handed me the can of spray and said, "Once more again, please."

I sprayed her down just like before. She flopped down onto the bed and lay on her side. I could see her hair blowing from the fan so I knew it was getting on her well. I said, "Will you be alright?"

"I'll be OK" she said. "Just let me get some sleep. I'll be tanned by tomorrow. I took one of my pain pills, so I should be able to sleep."

I kissed her on her head, took one last look at her naked butt and went back out into the living room. Mother in law was dishing up a snack. She had a bunch of cut-up fruit that she had chilled. She served this with a little whipped cream. It was really good - a good snack for a hot night. She told me that she had fallen asleep just after I had and now she wasn't very tired. I suggested that we play some cards, she agreed.

We sat at the dining room table and played gin rummy until after midnight. I got up a few times to piss out the beer. While up, I checked on Mary. She was sleeping soundly. It looks like the spray, the fan and the pain pill were all working well. I walked out onto the screened in porch. There wasn't even a hint of a breeze.

I walked out to the bulkhead to look at the water. There was no moon that night, so it was very dark. I could see the floating dock was riding very high. It was high tide and the water looked very inviting. I decided to take a swim.

I went back into the house and took off my sneakers. I picked up a towel from the closet and pulled off my T-shirt. Mother in law asked "What are you doing?"

"It's so hot, I thought I'd take a dip. I replied. It's high tide."

"Wait for me, she said. That sounds like the right thing to do on such a hot night."

She went into her bedroom and emerged a couple of minutes later wearing her bathing suit. Now, mother in law is no spring chicken, but, she still has her shape. I can tell where my wife gets her figure. She filled out the bathing suit very well. She may be forty-nine, but she still looks good in a bathing suit.

She grabbed a towel and we walked out to the dock in the dark. "Wow, it's dark tonight," she noticed.

"Yeah, no moon tonight," I replied. "I don't think that anyone can see us down here."

She put down her towel and jumped right into the water (Just like her daughter). I tossed my towel and sat down on the dock with my feet in the water. The water was nice and warm. It only took me a half-a-minute to ease on into the water. I swam out about ten or fifteen feet and turned back toward the dock. I could see only a little, it was really dark. After a couple of minutes my eyes adjusted and I could make out a few shapes. Mother in law swam up near me and said, "This is great!

"Yeah, why didn't you think of this before?" I responded in the general direction of where I thought she was. I couldn't see her but she sounded close.

"I could stay in this water all night," she said. "It really feels good."

From the sound of her voice I could tell that she was between the dock and me. I swam in her general direction, slowly. Actually I doggie paddled so as to be nice and quiet. I sort of bumped into her. She was facing away from me and as I came close to her my legs rubbed up against her legs and her ass. She didn't seem to mind.

We half swam and half floated back to the dock. We both put our hands onto the dock and just floated there in the water. Neither of us said anything for a while. Finally, I said, "I think that I'll get out for a little while, I'm starting to get water logged."

I went up the ladder and sat down on the dock. I put my feet back into the water. She followed me after about a minute and sat down next to me. She put her feet into the water too. We sat there talking for a while. We talked about everything under the sun.

After the conversation hit a lull, she said, "This is really nice. With it being so dark down here, it's almost like a secret adventure."

"I'm very good at keeping secrets," I confided. "I learned that in the Army."

"Lets talk about Mary," She said. "Is she happy?"

"Yes, I think so."

"How is your marriage?" She continued.

"Good," was all I could think to say.

"How's the sex?" she really surprised me with this question.

I wasn't able to think up an answer to that one.

"Well," she said, I thought that as long as we were down here sharing a secret that we could be somewhat frank."

"Yeah," I pretended to understand. "Well, the sex is really great too. We do it a lot, if you know what I mean."

"I can hear you some times." She said. "The walls in that house are very thin and not insulated at all."

"I hope that we don't disturb you," I apologized.

"Not at all, it makes me remember when me and your father in law were younger. We used to do it a lot too, if you know what I mean."

I laughed at her little joke. "Yeah, I guess I do know what you mean."

"Tell me the truth, now." She continued on - now whispering. "Are Mary's nipples really sensitive?"

I was not expecting this question. I started to mumble something when she said, "mine are, and I was always curious if I had passed that on to her."

"Well, I guess that they are." I confided, now whispering myself. "She really likes it when I rub them and tickle them."

"How about when you kiss them?"

"Yup, that too," I whispered.

I was getting a little antsy sitting there like that and I began to stretch my arms. "Oooh," I said. "My aching back!"

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, it's just my back and shoulders, they're a little sore from the digging." I said.

"Want me to rub your shoulders a little," she offered.

"I sure would," I said. I didn't know where this was going, but I was going to stay with it to find out.

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