tagIncest/TabooMy Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

My Mother-In-Law Ch. 02


The next week was a busy one in the household. The kids were home from their sleepover and seemed to be everywhere at once. Nikki had four days off from her job at the hospital. And everywhere I went, my mother-in-law was there. Every time I looked at her, I got hard remembering what we had done a few days ago. And I got plenty of chances to look.

I was mowing the lawn one afternoon. Karen decided that she needed to weed the garden wearing some tight denim shorts and a bikini top which barely held her large breasts in check. Every time I got near to my mother-in-law, she would make sure to bend over and point her butt at me. It was probably the worst mowing job I'd done since I was ten.

Then, I decided to make dinner one night. Stir fry, my specialty. Karen took it upon herself to taste test the meal. As I fed her a piece of vegetable from the skillet, she pressed close to me -- ostensibly so that nothing would fall on the floor. What happened was that by getting so close, she had her breasts pressed against my arm and side.

Of course, I got my own, sometimes. One morning, Karen was doing the dishes. The kitchen was momentarily empty, so I reached around my mother-in-law to wash my hands in the soapy water. I pressed my groin against her soft bottom. Karen was in a light summer dress that day, so I could really feel her butt. My cock grew hard and pressed between her cheeks, but Karen just ground her butt harder against me. Until we heard Nikki open the bedroom door, anyway (she'd been changing). I hurried to the bathroom to jack off, hoping my wife wouldn't notice my condition.

Saturday evening, Nikki left for work at the hospital and the kids were soon put to bed. Karen was nowhere to be seen, so I sat down on the sofa to watch some television alone.

A few minutes later my mother-in-law walked in wearing the shortest pink nightgown I'd ever seen on her. When she walked in front of me, I could see the bottom of the black panties she was wearing. And from the way they were bouncing, her large breasts were hanging free. Karen sat heavily on the lazyboy.

"Is this what we're watching," she asked, looking at the sitcom playing on the screen.

"Unless you want to change the channel," I told her and tossed the remote onto her lap. Karen picked it up and flipped to the adult pay-per-view channels. A couple minutes later, we were watching a long-haired blond bent over a chair and having her shaved pussy eaten from behind by a short-haired brunette with big tits.

"Ever done anything like that," I asked.

"You wish," Karen laughed.

"What I really wish is that you were over here on the couch with me," I told her. Karen made a big production of sighing and slowly making her way (with a bit more hip swish than usual, I noticed) to the couch, where she sat beside me to watch the girls on the television.

"I really put that on for you," she told me. "I figured you'd like it."

"Not like I really need it," I said with a quick glance at my crotch. Karen's eyes followed mine and locked onto where my erection was making a tent in my shorts. My mother-in-law undid my shorts, reached inside to pull out my dick, and slowly stroked it while we watched the television. I tried to return the favor, but I couldn't get my hand to her pussy without interfering with her stroking of my manhood, so I had to settle for playing with her tits and nipples through her nightgown. I even elicited a slight moan when I lightly twisted her nipple.

"This is getting to be too much," I told Karen after a several minutes. I'd been hard ever since Nikki had started getting ready for work figuring -- hoping -- that this would come to pass tonight, and the stimulation from her hand was getting to me. "If you keep it up, I'm going to cum."

"Will it stop you from fucking me later," my mother-in-law asked.

"It might slow things up a little bit," I told her without trying to sound too surprised by her choice of verbs. "But no, it won't stop me."

"Good answer," she said scooting her butt to the side before leaning down and engulfing my cock with her hot mouth. I only got to watch my manhood sliding between her lips for a couple minutes before I groaned loudly and unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. Karen swallowed it all and kept sucking until she couldn't keep me hard any more.

"You want to continue this out here," I asked, "or go to a room?"

"Might be better if we went to my room," she said. "Never know when a little one will get up to use the bathroom." So we turned off the television and held hands as we walked back the Karen's room.

Once inside her room, with the door shut and locked, I caught Karen up in an embrace and kissed her hard. She returned the kiss and added her tongue to the mix. I grabbed her soft round ass with both hands and pulled her groin hard against me, kneading her cheeks as we kissed.

We probably stood by the bed and kissed for ten minutes. Karen was continually grinding on my leg and panting through our passionate kisses. Finally, I disengaged and gently pushed Karen to the bed. I could see a large wet spot on my mother-in-law's panties as she lay on the bed.

I knelt on the bed between her legs and lay down on top of her and we kissed some more. This time, I pressed my hand to her breast. I could feel the hard knob of nipple under my hand as I squeezed and caressed her tit. Karen started rubbing her panty-clad groin against mine. A minute later she gasped as her first orgasm of the night ran through her.

As Karen came down, I softly kissed her neck then her collarbone. Then, I caught her right nipple in my lips and sucked on it through the thin fabric of her nightgown. I put my hand on her hip and slid it up under her nightgown. When I reached her breasts, I flipped the fabric up exposing her soft mounds. I switched breasts and sucked on her left nipple for a minute while rolling her still-hard right one in my fingers.

Then I kissed down her belly. Karen's hands went to my shoulders trying to hurry me along, but I'd have none of it. I places a slow soft kiss down every inch of her belly until I got to the top of her black panties. Then I lifted my head and looked down.

The entire crotch of her panties was soaked. If they'd been white, they would have been see-through. I grinned before leaning down and kissing the hem of her panties. Then, I continued kissing "southward", pulling her panties down as I went. Her pubic hair was slightly damp and the slightly musky smell was getting stronger. I had a hard time restraining myself, but I kept up the same slow measure pace of kisses as I neared her pussy.

Finally, my lips touched my mother-in-law's clit for the second time ever, drawing a soft moan from her. Taking my cue, I continued to place soft kisses and licks on and around Karen's clit. When she started to buck her hips up at my mouth, I raised my head.

"Don't stop," Karen whined.

"Just lift your hips, woman," I mock scolded. When she complied, I pulled her very wet panties down over her soft butt cheeks and down her legs. Karen lifted on leg, bent at the knee, and I slipped her panties off that leg. Neither of us was worried about the other leg.

I lay back down between her legs and, spreading her legs wide, ran my tongue up the entire wet, musky length of my mother-in-law's pussy, ending at her clit which I attacked with my lips and tongue. As I licked and sucked at Karen's clit, I pressed a finger into her wet hole. That was quickly followed by a second finger. A few seconds later, I was fucking her pussy with three fingers while continuing my oral assault on her clit. Karen's hips started bucking almost immediately and I kept fingering and licking her pussy through her second orgasm.

By now, my cock was raging hard again. I quickly climbed up Karen's body. Holding her legs wide with my hands on her ankles, I pushed my stiff dick into her wet hole, plunging all the way in on the first thrust.

"God, I've been waiting for that all week," Karen moaned as my balls rested on her ass. "So full. So good," she cooed as I began to fuck my mother-in-law's hot, very wet pussy with long, hard thrusts making her large boobs bounce each time our groins collided.

I had purposely not let Karen come all the way down after her orgasm, and she was very quickly ready to cum again. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and gently, but firmly fucked her pussy with strokes as long and deep as possible. Just a few minutes later, Karen gasped and squealed as her pussy flooded with still more juice (I wouldn't have thought it possible). I thrust in deep and held still as Karen shook and quivered through her cum.

"Damn," Karen gasped after her orgasm passed. "I've never done that before. Two so close together. I thought my heart was going to burst!"

"Better now," I asked as I let her legs down to the bed. Karen let her knees fall outward.

"Yes," Karen said as she nodded. "Fuck me some more," she pleaded. Not one to disappoint, I lay my body down on hers and started slowly fucking her. "Oooohhhh yessss," she moaned as she rocked her hips in time with my thrusts. I kissed my mother-in-law as I slowly fucked her through two more orgasms, never changing speed. I did alternate between kissing her and sucking on her nipples.

Finally, I was getting close to cumming myself. I sped up slowly, getting faster and harder with each thrust until I was slamming it home. I groaned and came, spraying my spunk deep in her pussy. I thrust a few times trying to get even deeper inside my mother-in-law and managed to push Karen to one last orgasm. Her spasming pussy seemed to be milking my cock of every last drop of cum. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there panting with my still-hard dick inside her pussy.

After what seemed an eternity, my cock slipped out of Karen and we both crawled further onto the bed and lay down beside one another, my mother-in-law laying her head on my chest. We never noticed as we drifted off to sleep...

More to cum.


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