tagIncest/TabooMy Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 01

My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 01


Kate called me around mid afternoon one cold and windy Saturday and asked if she could hop over for a visit as she was lonely.

"Well Kate, Janice just left for a three day bingo marathon, but you are more than welcome to come over for a supper of stew and watch a movie or two."

Kate stands about five foot eight a bit on the chunky side, with nice 42D size bosoms. I know because I had a time with her bra six months ago.

Kate liked low pumps, they were usually in black patent and she has about a dozen pair of heels some known as 'Spectators' which are black patent at the toes and heels and white in between.

It seems to me that Kate cornered the market on reading glasses. Some are of the silver oval style and some of the half-glasses style in either half-square known as 'Granny" or half-moon and they all have a well made glass beaded neck chain and sometimes I have had nice fantasies about about her doing some nice things down there.

One such fantasy has me standing before her as she rubs my balls with a pair of those sexy silver ovals and she looks at me through a pair of gold half-round glasses and the candle burning on the dresser is seen in them as her head bobs up and down with me in her warm loving mouth and her beaded chain is keeping time with her sexy movements.

Kate came over around four that Saturday afternoon. I had a fire going in the old cast iron laundry stove, used to heat water for a laundry tub. The stove burned wood or coal and takes the edge off the house heating bill.

We sat for a bit as the stew needed to simmer longer and talked about Janice's attitude. It turns out she can be jealous about me being nice to her mom or friends so she decided to no longer consider me her husband and did pretty much what she wanted to, to live as a single woman.

I was a lot happier before I married her and I owed it to my self to, as the Beatles put it,"Get back to where I once belonged."

This had been going on for close to two years and I was fed up with it.

"This is a good stew, do you have turnip in it?" asked Kate.

"Yup I love that taste and sometimes I just do mashed and turnip, add lots of butter salt an pepper and have it with a burger."

"That sounds good, Ray."

"Thanks and I make a nice Italian vegetable soup too. When it is done I'll call you over."

"What about Janice?"

"She is hardly here anyways, it is sad but you know something? I should have stuck with my gut feeling and went after you instead."

We finished up a good supper and went back to the sofa to watch "Al Pacino's 'Scent of a woman.'

I got closer and hung my right arm over her shoulder and my hand came down under her right bosom and she moved not an inch.

"You know Kate, we could start doing nice things together."

"Like what Ray?"

"Going to antique shops and flea markets walking old railroad tracks or a beach."

She was quiet for a few minutes and I had to wonder what she thought of this but did not have to worry as she asked,

"Could you get your hand up under my bra?"

I did, what lovely melons to grab onto. She said,

"This is not going to work, Take off my blouse and bra."

Of course I did so.I got on my knees and gave the two boobs some real action. Kate loved the way I grabbed them and and squeezed till the nipples got red and fat.

I had a pie from the store but this was the real desert. I saw Kate's gold half- moon style glasses with the beaded neck chain and grabbed them. I ran that chain past Kate's nipples slowly then fast and Kate loved the feeling. I also rubbed her half-glasses over her nipple as I sucked; licked; and kissed her other nipple and Kate was getting turned on by this as she was softly moaning.

"Oh Ray, where did you learn that? it is the nicest feeling they ever had."

"Get my purse over there, please?"

I did and she took from it a nice pair of silver oval style glasses with a chain of small purple beads and asked me to drag the silver ovals over her nipple as I ran the other string of beads against her other nipple.

Yup,Kate was getting turned on.

I saw her dainty red painted finger nails move towards her love place and knew what she was going to do.

I went in with two fingers and started to finger her and Kate was getting hot and juicy down there. I wanted to get my fingers on her clitoris and drive her over the edge and she would know I knew something about satisfying a woman and that it was not a matter of just making sure I got off.

"What's making me feel so good?"

"Tell ya later."

I kept moving my fingers which were as far in as they would ever get and her lovely sex juices were all over my hand. Kate stiffened up a few times as she uttered things in the language of hot sex or love, hell maybe both but when she was done or we were done she was feeling pretty good and so was I.

"Oh Ray you did that so well, I feel great!"

I did not plan on sleeping with Kate that night, but I had a few things in mind. The last year or so I had started to wonder if I might end up in bed with Kate. I mean her daughter had as much affection towards me as an innocent guy has for the gallows.

Kate was looking around the parlor for her other heel and half-round glasses with the pearl beaded eyeglass chain.

I gave up on the idea of messing with her heels, how many beers did I drink anyways?

"Here Kate,it was under the sofa." I said as I gave back her heel.

"What are you looking for now, Kate?"

"Oh just my reading glasses. I want to talk to you."


I saw part of her glasses peaking from between the sofa cushions and gave them to her.

We sat on the sofa and she told me she loved what I did for her and wanted to know if I wanted to keep it up.

"Well Kate, it works better when it's up."

"Yes Ray I know, but what I meant was would you like to keep what just happened, still happening?"

"Yes Kate I would, I am not worried about Janice, frankly I think she has someone already. Probably had for awhile but if she thought she was going to pull this baloney and get away with it that's her mistake."

"You sound like you have really had it with her."

"You are right about that, Kate. I knew something was weird when she kept trying to get get name on the deed. I did not ask her to sign anything but I was not going to hop right into putting her name on the deed either."

"I could be part of the problem here too Kate, I liked you a lot from the beginning, I should have just asked you instead of Janice but I did like Janice. I just had no way of knowing what she was going to be like and looking at it now I think she had this plan all along to marry and then be quite deceptive."

"It does look that way."Said Kate with a serious look.

"Ray, forget about her, I agree she has someone else already. When she was in high school and college, she was never without a guy to carry her books."

"And I like it that you like my half-glasses and heels! do you think I didn't know that?"

"Well Kate, I do like the heels you wear and your style of reading glasses and your way of dressing, very feminine, compared to the way Janice dresses, in slacks and a suit jacket."

"I know you had a fine time with my bra about six months ago, and my glasses are always spotless when I am here, in some ways you are very sweet. And I like that."

"Kate, what did you think when you knew I enjoyed your bra?"

"Oh I liked that because I knew that it was a symbolic gesture, That you not only wanted me sexually but all the time."

I looked at Kate and really liked what I saw and I knew she was right about my thoughts.

"Did you ever do anything with my half-glasses? as I really think you have a thing for them?"

"Nope, thought about it but did not want to cover them in love sauce, as I felt that that would have been just a bit too personal."

"I don't think Janice has been very nice to you at all.I am embarrassed to say." Said Kate.

"I think I know what you had in mind for tonight, that's why my glasses and heels were missing. Why did you change your mind?" Kate asked with a smile.

"Well Kate, to really be honest, yes I do have a few fetishes but I'd rather not be sneaky and thought you might like to do some things with them."

"Janice would be ripping mad if she knew what I did to a few of her things out of utter sadness and depression, but she did cause said feelings."

"Yes Ray, of course we could do things, I think it is sweet that you like my things."

"You know Kate, I tried to tell Janice that. Say she teased me with her patent black heels. Sometime later I would tell her how much it meant to me and thanks so much for doing that and maybe it would lead to her getting something quite nice. But she was very angry about the whole idea and her general thing was she was not going to do anything nice to me with her things."

"Want to spend your life finding out what I am like?"

"I will give that a lot of thought although I do have an idea what the answer would be." Said Kate in a voice of happiness.

The hour was midnight and I was bushed so I shook the grates in the stove, added coal and banked it and kept the draft open enough to keep the fire going till morning.

"Kate, if your tired you are welcome to use the spare bedroom, extra blankets are in the closet. And in the morning I will make a nice breakfast."

"Ray that sounds nice, Good night."

"Night, Kate."

Knock knock.

What the hey? the clock said four a.m. and I saw Kate standing standing in the door way. At the moment I suppose I was confused, thinking she was cold and would have grabbed one of Janice's nighties

But she stood in the door way in a black satin and lace bra with a matching slip black patent heels and donning those sexy silver oval style glasses with the beaded neck chain and she had a few other pair in her hand as well.

"Ray, it's me Kate, are you awake?"

"I am now, anything wrong? are you cold?"

"You made me feel so good earlier and I started thinking you might want or need some kind of love or affection as well. I wish I thought about it earlier. I could have done some nice things."

"Oh like what?"

"I know you have or really seem to have a fetish for my half-glasses and heels. I could turn you on with them."

"Well that's a great idea, when would you want to do this?"

"We could do this now."

So Kate turned on a bed side lamp and hopped up on the bed with a few pair of her half-glasses and a few pair of black patent heels.

"Just lie back an like what I am going to do to you."

She had her sexy oval style glasses at the end of her nose with the beads hanging and a soft burning lamp was seen in her glasses.

Kate started to rub her sexy heels all over down there and would switch to her half-glasses, rubbing them all over and over the top of my cock and under my balls.

When I started to show signs of cumming, she started to suck me off and in a very short time I felt the sweetness of blowing my load down the throat of my sexy mother -in law and it was really quite nice.

"Let's get some sleep Ray so we will be up for who knows what later on today." Said Kate with a warm smile.

Well of course we could not get right back to sleep.

"So Ray, Janice did not like the idea of you wanting her to do things with her heels?"

"No, she got very bent out of shape about that. I thought it would have been nice but she was getting all these new attitudes. She would go out and buy something she wanted but if I did it for half as much, she'd make a big stink of it.

"So between her attitude about things like that and being an out an out jealous bitch and being so cold a guy could get pneumonia being next to her, Is it really any wonder I went for a real lady?"

"I know Monday morning I will be talking to a divorce lawyer and that her days as a so called 'Free spirit' are close to being over."

We woke around 9:30 or so, Kate wanted another hour so I went down stairs and got the old laundry heater to put out some serious heat as I got a good breakfast breakfast going and put up a pot of fresh coffee.

My idea was to go to antique shops in search of old telegraph apparatus, the worlds first internet.

The U.S.A. was girdled with wires on green glass insulators. Important news spread as fast as greased lightning.

A telegraph operator wearing a green eye shade under a bare light bulb listened to a clicking sounder with a Prince Albert tobacco tin lodged between it and the resonator box to get a louder click as the operator banged the message out on an old typewriter.

Kate came down into the kitchen in a flannel robe belonging to that so called wife Janice and loved the breakfast I made.

"Let's hang out at antique shops today Kate."

"Sure and these home fries are delicious as is the whole breakfast."

We talked during breakfast and I was starting to remember that even in the best of times with Janice, I did not feel as good as I do now and without Kate's love for me, this would be as Charles Dickens said,'The worst of times.'

"Ray, how about some more action up stairs?"


I had no problem at all loving my wife's mother, she is a good, kind woman who has the brains to know a good man when she see's one and how to keep him as well.

We headed up to the bedroom and to be quite frank, I took a certain delight in loving my Mother- in law in the bed my wife and I slept in. Yeah we had some good times there but they were pretty much outweighed by the last couple couple of years of flat out hell.

"Give me a minute or so Ray."

Kate came out of the bathroom and looking HOT. She wore a fancy black bra with lace with matching slip and panties, and with her patent black heels with ankle straps a.k.a.fuck-me pumps and silver oval style glasses with the dainty beaded neck chain. Now I saw something very alluring as she walked to me, as she walked, her boob and thus her glasses jiggled and the light from a bedside lamp was seen in those sexy ovals.

"I'm all yours Raymond, make love to Kate."

I started nibbling on her ears and kissing her neck, and whispering sweet nothings,by the time I got to her hot sexy boobs, she thought I was hard enough and said as much.

"Damn Ray, you are so hard, go on in now."

I did and I am telling you Kate is so warm and loving down there and tight. I was surprised she was so wet already and I could hear and feel her pussy juices licking and lapping at my fat red cock. Kate knew she wanted me and I knew I wanted her just as much and we held each other as I gave her what we both really wanted.

We moved as one, each knowing how to get the best of each other or one could say we were in tune to the moment. Kate's warm tight and juicy pussy was so inviting and she wanted me and I guess we both began to know just how good it would be.

We knew how great this was and held each other for a while. I really thought we were going to go out and check out some antique shops.

"Boy is it snowing out there! "Said Kate, and it was a real blizzard.

We had plenty of food in the house so we stayed in bed all day, talking and loving each other.

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