tagIncest/TabooMy Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 03

My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 03


After I sent my mother -inlaw Kate to the station of "Orgasmic Heights" I told her I wanted to Marry her as she is so much more of a woman than her daughter could ever be. And that is what I wanted in my life, a real woman. I did consider that maybe Kate could turn out the same in a few years as did her daughter but right from the beginning her mom was always nicer to me and frankly speaking I would have been much better off "snagging" Kate to begin with.

Kate started moving in a bit at a time and I was glad the house had three bedrooms with good closets. She did not have much more than her clothes which she took great pride in as she is a woman who loves looking her best. I had considered changing the locks but had not gotten around to it yet.

One Saturday we went to her place and packed up the last of her goods which was a number of medium boxes from U-haul. Only her furniture was left and we would take care of that next week. So we went back to my place and put things in the closet and got intimate. Of course I locked the doors and we were pretty much into it when I heard what I should have expected.

Janice is here!

Kate thought she should put some clothes on but I said,don't bother, She won't be here long, let her walk in and see whats going on, that ought to fix her sorry ass. So Janice walks in and see's the both of us stark naked."

"I don't friggin' believe this, your doing my mother? Mom how could you do this to your daughter! I...I ..Cant believe it, this is incest, how could you even

"Oh shut the fuck up will ya? if you were any kind of decent wife this would've never happened. Two fuckin years putting up with your crap, an you thought you'd get away with it? look on the cheery side, I have something for ya

"You know Janice I am so embarrassed that my daughter would treat a damn good husband in this manner, since you don't love him and have no respect for him I do! So why don't you go bugger yourself!"

Boy, Janice was mad but when I gave her the divorce papers, well she looked as though her face was full of "Crimson flames" as in Dylans "My back pages."

"Your divorcing me? where am I supposed to live? you can't do this! I am your wife!

I decided I hollered enough, I was happy to Janice's face look like it was going to melt. And so I told her she was the idiot for thinking she could pull this so called dog shit and get away with it.

"Ray, we could see a marriage counselor!"

"Forget it! you should have talked to me when you were not happy with things. But no you go an take off for weeks at a time and for the last two years you were so cold to me for WHAT? Nope you blew this marriage to pieces and I'll tell you, your mother is much more of a lady and woman then you'll ever be, so beat it!

Janice left with her divorce papers in hand, very maddened I am sure. But hey, you made the bed so lie in it. She thought in her heart she could screw me over and get away with it? Kate and I laughed about the whole episode. I will change the locks now but I am glad Janice got her "comeuppance" for either messing around or treating me so bad or both. It no longer mattered at all.

The wedding took place a few months later at a quaint little church. Kate had some family and I had a few sisters and friends. Then we had a nice reception at a country club where all had a most wonderfull time.

Well we are in Canada for a honeymoon and having a wonderfull time. I would have written about how great the sex is with my lovely bride but my laptops hard drive is toast.

We are looking forward to more chapters when we get back.
love ya's
Raymond & Kate

The end

I would like to thank Percy Panerval for his kind words and inspiration.

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