tagIncest/TabooMy Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 04

My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 04


Kate and I had a wonderful time in Canada and I would have written about it to satisfy my readers but the laptops hard-drive was toasted and that was it so far as writing. But we are back in the saddle so to speak.

While on honeymoon Kate brought up the subject of her mother coming to visit for a while. Now Kate is around fifty five years old and her mom is in her mid seventies, still driving and looking good as well as knowing what the hell is going on in the world. In short Kate's mom is very much with it and she loves sex as Kate told me she was helping mom clean house when she found her moms big hot pink dildo. Ray the thing takes three D size batteries!. I had to tell her they are not batteries but cells. It is when you connect them in series they form a battery. I had to wonder just how much it would take for a guy to really please her mom with a dildo that size.

There were a few begging letters from Janice but we marked them return to sender, after we read them. Reading those letters was like a comedy. Did she actually expect me to take her back when I have a woman so much nicer and lovelier? yeah it had to be a comedy, to take her back was like taking a bath with a plugged in radio on a rickety shelf.

Well one day Kate and I are lying on the bed with me licking her lovely bosoms and teasing her nipples with the beads of her eyeglass chain and she says,

"Raymond, I would like you to meet my
mother, she looks good and is a lot
like me, wears half-glasses too."

"Well Kate, that sounds good to me. Bring her over for a bit. Where is she living?"

Over in Gulf-Gate apartments but she is lonely and I don't want her to be alone, frankly I was thinking she could stay with us."

"Bring her over first, let me meet her."

So a week goes by and I come in from doing an electrical job and Kate's mother Eleanora is over. It took not more than twenty minutes I decided I really liked her. So much of Kate was in her mom and I liked that. She wore glasses as well and they were black granny glasses with half-moons, also known as a rectangular style that looks very feminine. Eleanore is a great looking woman with hardly a wrinkle

I told Kate later that evening,"Your mother is very nice, sure let her stay a few weeks see how she likes it here.

"Would that be because you like the style of her glasses and heels?"

"Well Kate I was always a corner sewer of women's glasses, you know that, and high heels too.

"Say that again the conissoire word."

"Corner sewer

"It's not CORNER SEWER!" Kate said laughing, "God where did you hear that?"

"My old boss Boswell who worked on the railroad.

Anyways Eleanora like me loves her black patent pumps and only has like half a dozen pairs and she wears half-glasses too, only when she is in the house, would you mind making her a nice eyeglass chain like you made me?"

"Of course I will.

"You know we could have a nice time with my moms glasses and heels, have you thought of that Ray? and I bet you could fit in her clothes as mine fit you well.

"Never gave it a thought."

"Right Raymond.

"Lets not kid our self, You love that style of glasses when I wear them
you had to have thought of this and it is o.k. just another pair to go with the forty pair you already have and I know that were my mom and I out shopping or doing Bingo you would be doing her heels and wearing her half-glasses as you were wearing my clothes, probably as you play one of those romantic classical pieces. . .right?".

"My mom is like seventy seven and she has not had it in a while, and if say you gave her a kiss and or a hug and she got the feel of something growing south of the equator. Well I would not get mad or angry as long as mother was pleased. It would be keeping love in the family. It is not cheating as that is done so no one knows what is going on. This would be "out in the open, no lies." Just that you happen to fancy my mother and she may fancy you. frankly I have been thinking of doing a threesome.

A few weeks later we planned on our Saturday night ritual doing to each other what the nations politicians are doing to us. Mom was in the parlor watching the British comedies like Are you being served, Open all hours; Keeping up appearances and GAWD no not Spencer. That guy could fuck up a wet dream.

We were naked and getting ready for a good time when I said,

"Kate, your mom is out there all alone don't you think she would feel sad about hearing what she was once able to do, That she no longer has a husband. Do you think we should wait till she goes to church?"

"Ray, that is so kind to think of my mom that way, to want to make sure her feelings are not hurt though she would not say so."

"Well I try to think about these things avoid sad bad feelings whenever it is possible.

"Ray, lets do a threesome, we will tell mom we want her in on this as
Ray did not want to leave out a member of the family."

"Yes that's fine I have been having thoughts about this and would rather we do things together the first time."

So Kate went into the parlor to to ask her mom if she wanted to join us in a threesome. Mom was very happy to be asked, thus joining us. Her voice and face showed her happiness.

"Well mom how, how would you like to have sex with Ray?"

"Really Kate?"

"Yes Really! We would not ask if we did not want you to."

"Yes that would be so nice, I have missed sex for a while, but I feel it is cheating."

"No mom, only if things were happening and it was done so I would not know, that would be cheating."

"Well lets get this going!" said Eleanor.

"O.k. Mom you get him hard by diddling his cock with your granny glasses and half-glasses while I play with your bosoms. How does that sound?"

"Ray, you have a thing for my glasses?"

"Yes, they get me turned on, those black granny glasses and your gold half-rounds."

"Well it is nice to know, what gets a guy hard. Quite unusual but if it works that is fine. I hate a fucking limp noodle. A guy with a soft dick is as useful as tits on a bull.

I was rather surprised Kate's mom lets Kate play with her bosoms but hey we are all just having a good time and that is what matters. I was surprised by how Eleanor spoke, rather crusty but I like a woman who speaks her mind.

So we started with Kate and Eleanor playing with each others lovely bosoms. Kate would be touching and squeezing Eleanor's and Eleanor would be licking, kissing or sucking on Kate's. That would leave Eleanor's hands free to give me a hand job as she touched me allover down there with her various pairs of glasses and black patent pumps.

This worked out great and Eleanor kept saying how she loved family values. The two ladies were having lots of good feelings as they played with each other. I was feeling very good as Eleanor would touch me down there with her sexy heels and glasses and when she gave me a hand job I blew the man sauce allover her nipples and Kate licked it off. Well that was great foreplay now it was time to get serious. Eleanor and Kate wanted to be fucked royally by me so we had to flip a coin to see who was gonna get what.

Eleanor had gotten from a joke shop I suppose a two headed coin. and declared she would be the winner if heads came up. So she flipped then grabbed her gold half-glasses whose beads were tied up around my cock.

"Oh My how lucky I am to get to do Raymond!." And Kate was happy too.

So While Kate was getting me hard Eleanor sat on the bed playing with her melons and wearing those black granny glasses and that got me rather charged up again.
Oh what Kate was doing. touching me allover with her slip and bra and heels. I was harder than re-bar those steel rods put in concrete to give strength. and Eleanor had her
eyes on my cock and said, "It is time to do Ray."

Well I climbed up on Eleanore and got my cock right into her sopping wet glory hole
and started plunging away. Hot damn she is tight and could her vagina clamp down on me like a pair of vice grips.

"Don't think you have to be gentle with my cuz o' my age Ray, screw my brains out it's what I need!."

And so I did, like a dozen firemen stoking a boiler, I thrust myself into my hot mother -in law and I had every intention of satisfying her furnace of desires and as I did so, Dylan's song came into mind

"She was the rose of Sharon in paradise lost,
in the land of seven hills near the place of the cross
I was in Miami doing a play on divine comedy."

"Faster Ray!" Barked Eleanore.

I went for her big time and the steam gage was close to two hundred and fifty degrees
and then the explosion of man sauce as it shot up into every orifice Eleanor had and she clamped down even tighter so as not to let my cock have even the slightest chance of slipping out. Oh she shook like a current was going thru her and tightened up again and the smile on her was was like my pug after he got matey with the pug up the street.

Well, that was one hell of an evening. I had planned on getting the munchies after so I picked up a drum of what's his face chicken and those wedge potato slices and yes beer so we sat in the bed with a blanket down for the food and Kate picks up the two headed quarter her mom used to decide who was gonna get screwed.

"So mom, win a lot of bets with this two headed quarter?"

"Yes actually I do."

Eleanore is crusty alright. Well it was no big deal as we were gonna let her have a crack at me anyways, but we also decided in the future we would use a regular quarter instead.

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