tagMatureMy Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 2

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 2

byMr. Woo©

If you read part one of what will be an ongoing true story of my relationship with my mother-in-law, Ruth you will remember that I had just jerked off on her face. Boy, was my life about to change. I found a woman who loved sex and wouldn't squeal. How good is that?

Tuesday morning I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and eggs. Ruth had fixed me a lovely breakfast. As I was putting the dishes in the washer she asked, "will you be home for dinner at your regular time. I'm planning on having Italian for dinner and your ass for dessert."

Ruth is a woman of her word. "I'll be home around 6:15," I told her.

"Dinner will be at 7:00 and after coffee I'll have my dessert. Have a good day at work Tom."

With that comment she left the kitchen to start her day.

I spent my day working hard with few distractions considering the last 24 hours and what I was anticipating for my evening. On my way home I thought about what Ruth and I were getting ourselves into. If my wife Carrie could not be here for me and Ruth offered to supplement my sex life, than I would take her up on it since no one would know.

Walking in the front door I noticed with great pleasure that Ruth was dressed in a beautiful white blouse and fairly tight black skirt. For a 63 year old, she sure could set a mood. I was hungry, for her that is. Her full ass and meaty thighs was giving my cock a bit of stiffness.

Ruth glanced at my crotch and smiled. "Can you wait because I fixed a beautiful dinner? I promise to make the wait worthwhile. I can't wait to get at that beautiful ass of yours."

"Ruth, you look like you are dressed for business. I can't wait to finish the meal so you can get your beautiful face between my ass cheeks."

Just the thought of this woman's tongue flicking around my hole is more than I can stand. I left the room to take a quick shower before dinner and the night's entertainment started.

After a fabulous dinner, Ruth and I went to the living room to sip some coffee and relax. I sat in my leather lounge chair and Ruth sat across from me on the couch. God she looked good. During coffee she shifted several times exposing her thick thighs with her skirt riding up so far.

"Do you like the view Tom? I'm not wearing any panties you know."

"How would I know that Ruth." I said.

Ruth slinked down in the couch and spread her legs wide. I saw nothing but her big hairy cunt. I just smiled at her and stared while she stroked her lips. Her large clit stood at attention while she stroked and fingered herself. Dipping her finger up her cunt and then removing it with juice allover she brought it to her mouth and sucked it dry.

"Tom, I want my dessert. I'm sure you haven't forgotten what I promised last night while you jerked off on my face. Why don't you drop those trousers of yours so I can get at you? I'm so fucking wet that I think that I could take my whole hand. Now get over here and let me see that ass of yours."

Forgotten; how could I have forgotten last night? The rim job she described last night. If she did anything like it I will go nuts. I dropped my draws and walked over to her. My cock stood out straight as she fingered her pussy and licked her red lips.

"Lick it you slut," I said to her. "Lick my cock and get it all wet for me."

She looked at my eyes and then at my cock. A big glob of spit flew out of her mouth and then she proceeded to lick like she was possessed. She licked and drooled all the while squeezing my ass cheek.

"Turn around Tom and bend over. I want my dessert."

It was about to happen. I was going to get my first rim job and from my mother-in-law no less.

"Tom, spread your cheeks for your whore. I want to see what I am going to lick. You cleaned your ass for Ruth. How thoughtful of you. I always loved to suck my husband's asshole. I'm really very good at it because I love it so much"

"Then stop talking and get licking."

Looking through my legs I could see Ruth's fingers playing with her hairy cunt. Then I felt her hot breath on my ass. I kept my ass cheeks spread and she took one long lick from my ball sack to the top of my crack. Fuck, what a woman. The wife would never think of this and if she knew about her mom I think she would die. Well, she doesn't know and I have her old lady licking my asshole.

"Tom, do you like the way I lick your ass? I like to lick ass Tom. Do you want me to stick my stiff tongue up your ass and fuck it with my face?"

Before I could answer she had her tongue up my asshole. She proceeded to tongue fuck my ass with such force that I almost lost my balance.

"Sorry love, I got carried away. Let me tell you what I want you to do. Why don't you masturbate for me while I suck your ass? When you are ready to cum let me know, I'll have a treat for you."

For the next fifteen minutes I stroked my hard cock as this woman licked and fucked my ass. I never felt anything like it in my life. She spit on my asshole and then stuck her tongue as far up my ass as it would go. Then without it leaving my hole she moved her head in and out in a fucking motion.

"Ruth, you old cunt. You are a dream come true."

Here I was, jacking my dick like a blur and this old lady was sucking my ass. I wanted this moment to never end. Who wouldn't, it was incredible.

"I'm getting close."

"In my hands." She said. "Cum in my hands."

Ruth had placed both of her hands in a cup like fashion at the tip of my cock and was telling me to shoot into them. She returned her tongue to my asshole and forced it as far up as it would go. When she started to hum I came in her hand like I have never cum before. There was much more sperm than usual. Ruth never stopped her assault on my hole. Still she kept her tongue at it's desired spot and proceeded to rub all of my cum all over my cock and balls. She removed her tongue in a slow and deliberate fashion.

"Turn around Tom. I'm still hungry."

The slut then went to town on my front side.

"Fuck, you taste good. My husband used to love this."

For the next five minutes or so Ruth cleaned my crotch of all the sperm with her mouth and tongue. She pushed my soft cock against my balls and tried to put the whole package into her mouth. She couldn't quit fit it but could come close. My lord, this woman was a treat. My cum on her face and mouth. I can't get over the sight of this 63 year old woman and knowing that she was mine for the asking.

"Tom, did you like that? I sure did."

"No Ruth, I hated it."

Then we both laughed.

"Tomorrow Tom, I want some action. I want you to fuck me in my ass."

"I'll fuck all three hole tomorrow Ruth."

"Tom, only two. Your cock is only going into one cunt and that is Carrie's."

"The fuck it is."

"I mean it Tom. Unless Carrie says it's ok, you don't get my cunt. Anything else is yours. I told you I would do anything but no cunt fucking unless Carrie says so."

"How am I supposed to get her permission, just ask?"

"We'll try to find a way. In the mean time my ass and mouth will be yours. Why don't you try fucking these tits some day. They are plenty large enough to devour you big cock"

"I'll jerk off on them and watch you lick it off."

"You can jerk off on them and then you can even hose them off with your pee if you want. Just no cunt fucking."

"Are you serious. You would let me piss on you?"

"We'll see tomorrow night love."

I guess work will be another challenging day.

To be continued in part 3...

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