tagIncest/TabooMy Mother Kamala Ch. 01

My Mother Kamala Ch. 01


My father is an ex-army who served for the British. He has a habit of enjoying himself along his buddies. He drinks heavily and mostly during a night he would pass out in pubs and had to be helped to get back at home. He was mostly drunk every night. As for me, my childhood was spent mostly on Hong Kong and UK. After serving for British for 15 years, our family returned back to Nepal. I helped my mother out at every opportunity, as I was their only son. She's only 36 and has a knock-out, drop dead gorgeous body, not like other woman of her age. My mom is an old-fashioned kind of wife, stayed at home, cleaned, cooked, kept house, and raised the family. Dad would usually go to out in the morning and the next time we saw him was late at night when he would be heavily drunk.

Even though, my father behaved that way, they stilled loved each other. They still laughed and joked with each other but it seemed like there was no spark between them. I was on my holidays. College was on break and most of my friends had gone back to their hometown. After the dinner mother and I used to sit by the kitchen table and talked about various stuffs. She said how I was the pride in her life. Being with her almost every day and night I began to notice my mother in a different way. I started to realize that mother was very sexy. She has a medium dark hair, hair that reaches just below her shoulders. We started to get more closer as days passed by. She talked about her life before she married father. I started to become more aware about my mother as a desirable woman, I began to hug and kiss her more often. I started to compliment on how beautiful she looks.

One day out of nowhere she said "Pavin, I think we should start looking for a good girl for you. Who can handle the family and friends. Do you have anyone in your mind?"

"I do not want to get married. I just want to be with you always like this. I don't need anyone other than you." My Mother was surprised and silent.

I continued "I am sorry but truth is I am in love with you and I will do anything to make you happy. I don't care about anyone beside you. If I could I would marry you."

All I can remember was I just got slapped by my mother. She was telling me what I was talking. She started to scold me again and again. Finally, She looked at me sadly said "It's my fault, I have failed as a mother. You are my son and that kind of things don't happen between a mother and son."

In desperation I said "I can't stop loving you mom. Can you at least give some considerations to what I have said?" She was silent for a long time. She started to cry. Finally, she said "I think we should go to sleep". Then we went back to our respective bedrooms.

In the next few days things between us started to cooled down but my mother started to spend less time with me. I feel liked she was trying to avoid me. When I try to bring about the things I said before she would simply ignore me. This lasted for a week. One night there was a verbal argument between my mother and drunken father. He said how useless she has become. He started to belittle Mother which ended with her exiting to the bedroom and slamming the door shut. That night she slept in the couch and I could hear crying all night.

From next day, her behaviour towards me started to change. We started to hang out more often like we used to do. One evening while she was washing the dishes I went and hugged her from behind. She asked me to stop fooling around. I quickly said

"You know Mother about how much I love you and I can't think of anything else."

I bent down and kissed her neck. She was startled for a moment and then stopped the running tap. I slowly turned her around while holding her hip and then placed my mouth against hers. I felt like she did not protest against what I just did. I was happy to see her response. From that day on whenever we were alone we used hug and kiss each other more often.

I remember one Friday when my mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. The thoughts of me making love with my mom had driven me crazy throughout the week and I made up my mind to make my move. I moved into the kitchen went behind my mom and gently put my arms around her belly and kissed her in neck and said.

"I am hungry."

She replied, "I finished cooking everything beside your favourite dish and it is almost done. Just wash your hands wait in the table and I will bring everything."

I replied back saying, "That's not my favourite dish, you are."

"What do you mean?" she asked

I switched off the gas and turned her around, pulled her towards me and as her breasts rest against me I raised her chin and slowly placed my lips over her lips and kissed her gently. She complained about what I was doing but did not try to move out of my arms. We slowly started to kiss more deeply. All of a sudden our front door opened and comes in my drunk father. We separated immediately and went to see what he was up to. Mom was pissed off seeing him drunk every night. She was complaining about his behaviour everyday but he seemed to ignore her. He was heavily drunk and didn't want to have dinner when asked. Mom and I held him up in shoulder and put him to bed. He was already in deep sleep whilst snoring. We went back down to kitchen and just as we enter I held her again. This time I was holding her tight against me I felt her breath increase as she closed her eyes put her arms around me and started rubbing her cheek with mine. I felt her warm breath on my ear.

"Oh pavin don't do this, it's immoral we are mother and son, and besides I am married to your father." but she seemed to enjoying it.

"I love you mom and I don't care if it is immoral or not"

"Pavin, please leave me," she resisted.

But I did no leave her as I was already turned on. I started to move my hands slowly on her back and waist and after some time I felt she wasn't opposing anymore. She might have started to feel the heat between us. We were melting into each other's and my cock was already hard like a rock. I felt blood rushing from every part of my body towards my cock and it was growing harder. I kissed again. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes then placed her lips on mine and slowly slipped her tongue inside my mouth. Her tongue was now playing with my tongue as she sucked it and pressed her breast harder and harder against me. I don't know how long it lasted I was almost about to come when she stopped.

She then said, "Let us have our dinner and then you can have your favourite dish later. We have enough time."

"No, let me have my favourite dish first. I can't wait", I insisted.

I lifted her in my arms and took her to the living room and placed her on sofa. I closed all the curtains in the room. She was still lying on the sofa and I got on top of then moved my fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes and we started to kiss again. I began to caress her hip and slowly moved towards her breasts. Then I told her remove her clothes. She was feeling shy about it and with my little persistence she was completely naked in front of it. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. She suddenly laid down on sofa trying to hide her body. I sat next to her and moved her hands. Her breast was directly in front of my face. My eyes locked on her nipple. It was erect and very, very hot. She grabbed my head and pressed me against her breasts. Then I leaned forward, moving my mouth towards her nipple. I pressed my lips against her breast. The nipple was in my mouth and I touched it with my own tongue. My mother made a soft noise as she rotated back slightly. I continued to lick her nipple and fondle with her breasts. She made small noises over and over again. She moaned and started to turn onto her back, so I opened my mouth and let her nipple pop out. I could see my saliva on her breast. I continued to lick her breasts for 8-10 minutes.

Then without thinking I asked her to suck my cock. She was reluctant at first. Meanwhile I took my shirt and boxer off. After some talking, she agreed with a condition that I wouldn't cum in her mouth, I agreed. My mom got up and sat in sofa while I standing in front of her with my cock pointing towards her. My mother took my cock into her mouth and began to suck it. I was so excited to have my mother suck me off and I could explode at any time. When I was about to shoot, I took it out and spread all over her breasts and belly. I found it highly erotic.

Finally I told her, "Mom, I want to have sex with you."

"That's sweet pavin, I love you to! But I am your mother and we shouldn't have sex!"

"Mom, I don't see any harm in that, what matter is we love each other."

"But pavin, what if your father wakes up and come downstairs." Suddenly I had an idea. "Mom, how about going to my room. Father's drunk and he won't miss you."

She was silent for a few seconds and she nodded her head in agreement. She said, "Go to room and wait for me i'll go and check on your father." I wore my underwear and took our clothes and went to my room and lit my bedside lamp. After a while, my bedroom door open and mom walked in. She shut the door behind her. She hastily came up to me and said, "Father's asleep drunk as usual. pavin, I am scared. I don't think we should do this." she whispered, although she was completely naked.

I took a good look at her, held her and then lay her back on my bed. I almost came at the sight of her beautiful body lying naked in my bed. I took her back into my arms and felt her nipples burn against my chest. I kissed her neck and face. Mom melted into my arms and we held each other tightly together. After 5-10 minutes of hot necking, I reached down to push my underwear off. As I kicked my off my underwear, I could feel my hard cock brushed repeated against the soft hair of my mother's pussy. I began to stroke her legs up and down. Her legs were firm. I could feel she was wet.

"Mom you are so beautiful and so sexy. I want to hold you and make love with you forever. We will keep this secret. Nobody will ever know about it".

She nodded. When I felt the time was right, I moved my hand between her legs letting it drag lightly across her mound. Her pussy was damp and I knew that she was enjoying this. Her legs were not fully inviting for my exploration and I had to use a little bit force to make them apart. When she finally let my hand come to rest fully on her mound, she moaned deeply and shuddered slightly. Each time my fingers got the touch on her pussy, she gasped and her hips moved forward. I teased her pussy with my fingers. "Oh God that feels good, this is wrong too, but it feels so good." said my mom.

Then I started to kiss my way down from lips, her breasts to her tummy and let my finger slip inside we pussy. It was incredibly tight, soft and wet. I continued to caress and pull and push my finger on my mother wet pussy while my lips got closer and closer to her pelvic. I began to kiss the inside of her thighs, and kissed closer and closer to her inviting pussy. I let my nose brush lightly across her pussy lips and inhaled deeply for my own pleasure and to let her know how amazing she smelled. I looked at her pussy for a few minutes, her lips were pink and puffy, and the sight off their wetness drove me crazy. I kissed multiple times on her damp pussy lips. My wet tongue were moving slightly alongside her damp pussy lips and run up and down either side without actually touching her pussy. I could hear her moaning during the whole period. Finally I laid my tongue across her pussy lips and slid it slowly upward towards her clit.

I slid my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. The taste and fragrance of my mother's pussy was overpowering me. I couldn't hold back any longer and began to tongue fuck her pussy. She was letting out her soft moans. I could feel her pussy muscles clutching at my tongue when I drove it deep. Probably after 10 to 15 minutes she started to cum. She just kept coming and coming.

"Oh God! I have never felt this good in my life." she said gasping.

After her breathing returned to normal, I raised up and laid l beside her and saw a look of total satisfaction on her face. I smiled at her and was rewarded with a loving smile in return.

"Mom you are very sexy and beautiful."

"Do you really think that I am beautiful?"

"Yes, more than anyone in this whole world. No celebrities can match the beauty you have." She smiled and suddenly kissed my lips and then forced my mouth open with her tongue. Meanwhile, she reached down, grabbed my penis, and began to rub it up and down.

"You know your penis's so thick and long?"

"Bigger than my father?" I asked then she nodded.

I couldn't resist any longer. While still lying on her back I got on top of her. She folded her legs upwards and then slowly parted them for me. I positioned myself between my mother's legs and guided my cock towards her pussy. I was about to lose my virginity to my very own mother. Instead of feeling disgusted I was looking forward to fuck her. The tip of my cock pressed gently against her soft pussy lips. I pushed my pelvis forward to gain entry but the thrust missed and I couldn't get inside her. I tried again but again I could not make it. My mother knew at that moment it was my first time. She slowly grabbed my hard dick with her one hand and with fingers of other hand parted the lips of her pussy and placed the head of my dick in between them.

"Now, Try it again", she said

I slowly pushed my pelvis towards her forcing my cock a little inside her pussy. I pulled it out and pushed again, this time my cock went inside a little further than before.

"Ohh.. Slowly it hurts"

I pulled back again and this time my cock passed through her outer lips and slid deep inside of her. The feeling of my mom's hot wet flesh against my cock was incredible. The moment I went in it was an awesome feeling. The feeling of going inside from where I came to his world made my cock even harder.

"Ohhh pavin you are so long and thick, you are going to tear me apart."

"Did I hurt you mom?"

"Don't worry, just a little but it also feels so good at same time." As she spread her legs wide apart making herself comfortable while moaning.

Suddenly she pulled me towards her and locked her lips with mine. My chest was pressing hard against her soft breasts. The pleasure of mom's pussy that it was giving to my cock was so amazing. I started moving my dick in and out of her pussy.

"Ummm pavin you are going to tear me apart."

As I continued moving in and out of my mother, her pussy became wet as both of our love juices blended inside her. She was now more at ease as it no longer hurt her. She had hold a grip of me by crossing her legs on back of me, while I continued move faster in and out of her.

"Ahhhh...Ahhhh... Ahhhh... faster pavin faster, Ahhhh... my baby faster." mom was screaming in pleasure.

Had my father been awake, He could have heard his wife being fucked by his own son in the next room.

I continued fucking her for few minutes as I felt the tension built up in my cock. I was about to cum. I told my mom about this as I was fucking her.

"MMmmmmmm.. I want your cum inside me, my baby. It's my safe day." she begged.

I could feel my balls boiling up and started to shoot all of my loads inside her. She arched her back lifted her body against mine and pressed her finger nails on my back.

"Ohhhhhhhhh mom" as I climaxed with her.

I released my loads inside her pussy while we both were holding each other as tightly as we could. Waves of pleasure ran through our bodies. We were experiencing the pleasure of our life while out genitals were locked. I lay on top of her for a while. I wanted this to never end. But slowly my cock started to go limp so I tried to withdraw.

"Pavin." she said "You are so huge. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm in my life." I felt so proud and happy on what she just said.

"Oh Mother, that's only because I love you so much"

"So how was your favourite dish?" my mom asked

I said "I can eat it any day, anytime for rest of my life." Then she smiled

I asked her "So mom how did it feel to let me go inside from where I came?"

"I feel like the pain which I endured while giving birth to you was worth it."

"The pleasure of you trying to force inside me was way so... much better that giving you birth." she said.

"Oh, and with what we just did you can call me Kamala from now on but only when we are just alone."

"Yes, mo.. oh, Kamala", we giggled for a while.

We lay down on my bed for long time as I held my mom in my arms. I would play with my mom's body. Jiggle and play with her breasts and her pussy. My mom would touch my chest and often rub my cock up and down. I got my phone from table side and mom asked me about the time. I told her it was 1 in the morning.

"Pavin, I think should be going back to my bed. I don't want to arouse any suspicion now."

I told her that she can spend her night with me as father is heavily drunk and won't wake up by 9 in the morning. She thought for a while but said, "What if your father wakes up early and finds us like this?" We continued to talk about it and I was insisting her to sleep in my bed.

All of a sudden, the door of next room opened as we could hear the sound of it. I could hear my father walking towards us. He walked across the hallway and went to the toilet. He was there for quite a time. After he got out of the toilet he went downstairs. After about 5 minutes he came upstairs looking for us. I quickly got the duvet and covered us. Mom was looking for something to wear but couldn't find her clothes there. She ended up wearing my t-shirt only although she was completely naked down on the bottom.

"Are you in here Kamala?" said my father as he opened by room's door.

"Yes, I am. How are feeling now?" she asked nervously.

I was excited at that moment. Having my mother next to me who's naked on bottom whilst she talking to my father. I got an erection all of a sudden. I slowly moved towards the end of the bed without my father noticing. I slowly rolled towards my bed edge where my mom was lying. Then I moved upwards and reached my mother's pelvic area. My mother was very nervous on what I was doing and used her hand inside the covers to stop me. I resisted to her and finally got to spread her leg. Her lower part right leg got out of the duvet. I could still see our juices in her pussy. Then I kissed her bottom lips, where I was inside couple of hours ago. I continued to kiss her inner thighs as well. Finally, I spread her pussy and started to lick her inner side. I could feel her tightening her whole body from pleasure and guilt on what was going on.

At the meantime my parents were having a conversation. As my father stand in door, he turned my room's light. He could see my mom staying upright in back of my bed with her leg out of duvet. She told him to turn off the light as it was too bright as if she just woke up. Maybe my father was feeling the same and turned off the light and asked.

"What's going on?"

"What do you mean by what's going on?" my mom asked nervously.

"What are doing in pavin's bed? Where's the boy? Why haven't you had your dinner? The light in kitchen was still on."

At that moment we realize we had forgot to turn off the kitchen's light.

I continued to lick my mother up and down, side by side. I began to start inserting my fingers in her pussy. I finger fucked her while she was talking. Her resistance had slowly subsided and looked like she was enjoying what was going on. She slowly brought her both hands inside the covers and placed behind my head and started to stroke my hair.

"Pavin got sick all of a sudden. He's suffering from severe headache and fever and I'm nursing him."

Little did he know, his son was licking and finger fucking his wife as they spoke.

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