tagIncest/TabooMy Mother, My Cum Target Ch. 05

My Mother, My Cum Target Ch. 05


"Come onnnnnn," Mom begged as she practically pulled me up the steps to our front door, her fist grasping a handful of my shirt. I lagged behind her, watching open-mouthed as her perky cheeks bounced and squirmed under her grey sweatpants. She had a skip in her step, and she wasn't bashful about why she wanted to get home quickly.

"Seriously, hurry up," she pleaded, turning around because I took a bit too long admiring her unbelievable caboose. Mom's golden hair fell across her shoulders in a sexy frizzle, and anyone who saw her hungry eyes, heaving tits and just barely-visible crotch puddle could probably guess that her snatch was only recently vacated. In fact, Dr. Brooke was to thank for even this degree of discretion- she fastidiously lapped every ounce of my white, thick semen from Mom's puffy, well-fucked lips. Mom wasn't in the mood to reminisce.

She pulled me in to the front door by my shirt, and before the door closed, she dropped to her knees and trained her cool blue eyes on mine as she began frantically pulling at my belt.

"I'm so glad that we got to involve a slutty, busty professional in our first fuck, but I could not get my mind off what I was going to do with your thick meat when I finally got you home," she gasped. "I know you practically just sprayed your warm load up my tight little clam, but I need to swallow another one down right now, before we go any further."

Mom succeeded in ripping my belt off, and she shimmied my pants down, my cock lazily pointing toward her face. The skin was still sticky from when I unloaded my balls in Mom's cunt only an hour ago.

"I know you can do better than that," Mom chastised, "I've seen and felt it." She grabbed her shirt with both hands and lifted it over her head, struggling to stretch the tight material over her impressive breasts, which bounced with the effort. When she finally managed to fling her shirt to the floor, her perky double D breasts jiggled in the confines of the sheer black bra that held them.

My dick stirred at the site of Mom's rack, but it didn't have time to fully engorge before the back of Mom's throat hit it like a freight train. She gagged with appreciation and slithered her soft wet tongue over the underside of my shaft.

Mom choked up and down on my stiffening penis, sloppy sounds filling the room. She grabbed my ass with both hands and bottomed her throat out on my dick, my cock spasming helplessly against the warm back wall of her throat, hugged by her tonsils on either side. I reached down to Mom's hanging breasts, still jiggling from her vigorous thrusts, but hugged to her chest by her sleek black bra. I kneaded her tits in both hands, savoring the full globes that I had pictured in my head countless times to stroke out a load. Mom reached back with one hand and unfastened the clasp holding in her pert boobs. The bra drifted to the floor as Mom's rack proudly bounced free.

Two pink, flawless titties hung from Mom's chest as she resumed her sloppy ritual of thoroughly throating my cock. Her pert nipples accentuated the dark areolae that occupied the crest of her breasts. I grabbed one in each hand and pinched her nipples, eliciting a squeal from my busy mother.

Mom spat my cock out, gasping, "Squeeze my tits while I blow your fat dick as hard as I can, baby. You have no clue how wet Mommy's tight lower lips drool when she sucks some perfect meat down deep." I groaned and snaked my right hand down toward Mom's waistline, ready to dip a finger in to her soaked snatch.

Mom swatted my hand away. "You were such a willing little donor at the doctor's office today that I'm going to give you three rewards- but you have to do exactly what I say." Mom explained the rules while she jackhammered my throbbing penis with her right hand, my cock drenched in the saliva Mom brought up from the back of her throat.

"First, you're gonna cum on Mommy's pink little tongue and lips. You don't even get to see Mommy's warm, wet honey pot until you've sent about a billion little swimmers on a wrong turn toward my belly," Mom giggled. I gulped at her words, my cock twitching appreciably in her hand. With a "hnnnnnnnnng", Mom slobbed on my fully erect penis, her eyes making perfect contact with mine for effect.

She continued unabated, her right hand taking over stroking my cock for her filthy mouth. "Next, you're gonna take your fat meat and drive it right up Mommy's tight little cunt. We're gonna fuck. Hard. And there's not gonna be any third party to distract either one of us from your perfect rod stretching out the little love hole I pushed you out of when I was a teen."

Mom was clearly working herself up, her rhythmic, rotational jerking movements getting faster and faster.

"You wouldn't even be here right now if my tiny little flesh pocket didn't coax a hot cum load from just about every prick she meets!" Mom laughed, before she ballooned her cheeks around my mushroom tip in exaggeration, sucking my member all the way down her throat, making squeezing motions with her esophagus to tease me.

"And last," Mom looked me sexily in the eye, "you've teased my puckered little butthole over the past few weeks, but enough is enough. Maybe after I've gotten two hot servings of cum out of your balls with my mouth and cunt, you'll last a few minutes. But to be honest- I'm gonna make you ass fuck me so hard that your cock is going to fucking explode. I've never met a man who could stand my twitching, gaping butthole for more than a couple minutes before he filled up my suffocating little colon."

I thrust my raging prick in to Mom's hand as I remembered the few brief seconds that I had spent in a shopping mall changing room with my penis rammed up my mother's asshole, the last drops of my cum tribute blown right up her impossibly tight hole.

Mom's swinging pink tits awakened me from the memory, and the sudden presence of her wet throat on my dick again didn't hurt either. Mom bobbed her beautiful face, complete with streaming blonde hair, in my lap as she mercilessly sucked my cock on her knees. Her blue eyes didn't leave mine as she groaned and mumbled, the vibrations teasing the base of my cock. She gently cupped my swinging sack in her left hand and toyed with my overworked balls in her palm.

Mom closed her eyes in ecstasy, and I noticed for the first time the frantic rubbing of her right hand over the soaked patch of panties covering her perfect clam. I grabbed her swinging tits hard, one in each hand, as Mom bucked her arched ass and groaned loudly, never slowing her relentless self-fucking.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck, Moooooooooooom," I sighed, the familiar feeling of my balls and ass contracting, preparing to send a volley of my thick ejaculate for Mom to enjoy.

Mom increased the intensity of her sucking, her breasts bounding wildly beneath her in my upturned palms.

"Cmmmmmmmmmmm nnnnnnnnnnn myyyyyyyyyyyyyy fkkkkkkkkkkkinnnnnnnnnnng mouthhhhhhhhh," Mom pleaded.

One forceful shot left my tip and slammed in to the back of Mom's throat before I decided that I was in the mood to make a mess.

I yanked my cock from Mom's lips, my second burst leaving a thick white jet erupting right on Mom's nose and the groove between her eyes. Mom didn't miss a beat, opening her mouth wide and splaying her tongue out to catch my remaining milk, my first blast still visible pooled around her uvula.

Mom reached up for my spasming penis and gave it a full upstroke and downstroke, pausing at maximum jerk to allow me to aim at her already cum-filled mouth.

My next pearlescent rocket hit the same spot as the last, and creamy white semen overflowed Mom's philtrum and nose, with Mom laughing hysterically at the mess.

"Feed me that loaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh," Mom started, before her words were choked off by an on-target shot from my baby-maker to the back of her throat. She gagged momentarily before managing to collect the load of semen in a pool in her mouth again.

I scooped some of my thick nut off of Mom's lip and nose with my index finger, which Mom eagerly captured with her mouth, her tongue massaging my gift-laden finger.

"Fuck yeah, bitch," I groaned, as Mom opened her mouth to reveal the thick ocean of my semen that filled her to the extent that she couldn't talk. She took a large gulp, my load descending down toward her stomach. My cock continued to jerk at the sight of several smears of white cum decorating my mother's face.

"I can't believe I went most of my adult life without getting to drink down your milky load," Mom purred, lazily licking at the cum still splattered on her face. "I'm gonna go wash up in the sink, so you have about one minute to get that," she pointed at my drooping, soaked penis, "ready for my pussy."

Mom stood up, her DD tits bouncing with the motion, a conspicuous wet spot adorning the black triangle of her thong thaht barely contained her dripping cunt. She turned to walk away, her fat white cheeks jiggling, covered up by her half-back panties.

SMACK. A loud sound emanated from where I had spanked Mom's welcoming booty. She giggled and skipped, hurrying her way to the sink. I followed attentively despite my recently-spent cock, mesmerized by the pale globes rising and falling in turn as she walked.

When Mom reached the sink, I placed my hand on her upper back as she reached for the faucet. Before she could turn on the jet to wash her cum-streaked mouth, I pushed firmly down on her back.

"OH Ben!" Mom cooed as her upper body dropped, her luscious breasts overhanging the side of the sink. Her thick ass jutted out toward me as Mom instinctively arched her back, conditioned from years of getting rammed doggy style.

"You came all over my face and mouth just like I wanted," Mom reasoned, her ass thrusting sensuously toward the rising penis beginning to push in to her back. She twerked her booty, the thick white cheeks bouncing in the confines of her stretched black panties.

"I was gonna clean my mouth so you could WHOAH..." Mom stopped short as I grabbed her sexy panties with both hands and ripped them open. The black fabric tore to either side of Mom's ample cheeks as her peach and pucker came in to view. Mom arched her back further, and the puffy, engorged lips of her vulva splayed out in front of me, topped by a single clear droplet of fluid overlying her welcoming crevasse. Mom bounced her butt, the thick, dark muscle of her anus winking open and closed in time with her cheeks.

I steadied my penis with my left hand, directing it to smear across the fluid that Mom's gash so generously, naturally produced.

"I'm gonna..." Mom started, but I didn't let her finish. I drove my dick forward so that it cleaved her lips, eliciting a loud, high-pitched groan from the penetrated pussy's master.

I watched with satisfaction as my belly met Mom's overstuffed cheeks, my cock fully impaling her hardy little fuck hole. Mom shuddered and wiggled her butt on my member, which was suddenly filling her canal.

"Ooooooh fuck, baby," Mom cooed as I began to withdraw slowly. She turned around, her cum-streaked face making my cock twitch involuntarily. "Drive that thick, fuck meat home in to my dripping cunt, Ben. I hope you don't mind fucking me with a cumshot on my pretty little face," she giggled. "At least it's yours! In my younger, crazier days, it wasn't so rare for a boy to fuck my snatch while another eager lover's load dripped down my chin."

Mom hung over the sink, her full titties flapping persistently against the side as I pounded home in to her sticky, wet cunt. She braced herself with both arms against the wall, her blonde hair rolling down her back. She arched her back like a pro so that I could watch her flawless ass jiggle, the merest trace of her anus coming in and out of view.

I grabbed Mom's ass with both hands, and separated the jiggling globes.

"Mmmmm, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Mom groaned. She allowed the sink to fully support her weight and reached back with both hands to separate her ass. I watched my cock slam in and out of the tight pink hole, her walls hugging my penis on each withdrawal like it couldn't bear to be empty for even one moment. Her gorgeous brown asshole quivered and flexed.

"You see my tight brown eye?" Mom asked, as if reading my mind. "Don't worry, this is definitely a 3-hole afternoon," she laughed. "So you better save up some strength. I won't go to bed happy tonight unless I waddle there because you ram my tiny bootyhole so hard."

I could barely stay upright, I was so turned on. Mom's semen-dampened face turned back to see the effect of her dirty talk, and I parted her filthy lips with my right thumb. She responded eagerly, running her tongue over the inserted digit.

Sliding my thumb out of her mouth, Mom made eye contact, whispering, "Slide that finger right up my ass, baby. You know Mommy likes to feel full while she gets fucked."

PUUUUH. I spat a dollop of saliva on Mom's thick booty, a bubbly, white drop landing on her tailbone. It began its inevitable slide over the prominent curve of Mom's bouncing cheeks. I grabbed her ass, stopping her motion and simultaneously spreading her succulent crack. I dropped her right cheek and directed my spit to her starfish with my thumb. With a satisfying plop, I dipped my thumb past her muscular ring and in to her asshole.

Needing no further instruction, Mom resumed twerking her ass back to meet the strokes of my rod. She whimpered as I repeatedly bottomed out in her pussy, my thumb flexing and extending quickly in her impossibly tight ass.

Seeing her brown muscle flex around my thumb as her huge booty opened and closed caused a twinge in my balls.

"Oh Mom, I'm gonna fucking cum."

Mom jerked forward, both my penis and finger abruptly consigned to the cool, dry air.

She turned around at the sink, her DD tits swinging as she faced me, wet cum still visible on her left cheek and upper lip. I could barely glance down to her well-fucked pussy before she drove me backward toward the couch with one outstretched hand on my chest.

"Sit down, sweetie, and let Mommy ride your thick meat." The furniture suddenly beneath me, I awkwardly plopped down to sit, my fully engorged cock pointing straight toward the ceiling.

Mom straddled my legs with her own, two soft, dangling boobies, each capped with an erect, pink nipple, hung from her chest and jiggled with every movement, shaking in my face as she took my cock in hand and directed it toward her sex.

"Let me do all the work," Mom begged, as she dropped her steaming vulva around my prick. I could feel each inch of her love canal sink by on my journey to the back of her snatch.

I grabbed Mom's full tits with both hands, my palms cupping her pointy nipples. She sighed as she rose up, then fell, her cunt bouncing on my meat.

"Your fat prick has me so fucking full," Mom whispered, her hands overlaying mine as they kneaded her flawless breasts. "My little honey pot is completely stuffed with your throbbing meat. Do you feel my silky, throbbing walls trying to coax out your load? My body wants you to shoot your milk all over my fertile pussy walls so you can get me pregnant with your perfect sperm. What do ya think?" she laughed. "Wanna see Mommy's belly balloon up and her tits fill with milk while she grows your fuck trophy?"

Mom teased me with dirty talk while she rode my penis like a horny cowgirl.

"Jesus Christ, Mom," I moaned, as her incestuous dirty talk continued.

"That's it, rub those titties while you fuck me. I fed you with these puppies a couple decades ago, and I'll gladly let your baby do the same if you manage to knock me up with that cumload." Mom smiled. "We've certainly tempted the pregnancy fates enough times."

The shift in my nuts this time was unmistakable- I was past the point of no return.

"I'm cumminggggggg," I promised, as I felt the stream pass the base of my member.

"Fill up my pussy, baby!" Mom rode my cock even harder with my impending orgasm. "I need to feel your hot load dripping out my pussy for the rest of the day."

I grabbed Mom's ass with both hands and held her, her sex fully filled by mine. My ejaculation was so forceful that Mom recoiled, feeling the blast of my semen against her pussy walls. My hands falling from her tits, she dropped the puffy pink nipple of her right breast in to my mouth as I came.

"MMMMMmmmgggh," I moaned incomprehensibly, sucking Mom's tit as I fired shot after shot of semen in to her throbbing, welcoming sex.

"Fuck, you know how to fill up a pussy," Mom whimpered in satisfaction. She jiggled her big booty in my lap, coaxing out any last drops remaining in my shaft. I dropped her flawless breast from my mouth and she relaxed her upper body against mine, large breasts pressed against my pecs. I could still feel the occasional quiver of her vagina hugging my staff.

"That's two down," my sexpot mother whispered in my ear. "But if you remember my game plan from earlier, you still have an orifice to fuck," Mom reminded me.

"Oh God," I exclaimed. "I want that tight ass so bad," I promised, "But I'm really not sure I'm up to it right now."

Mom flexed her quads and stood up, my cock evacuating her clam with a PLOP. A thick, white rivulet ran out of the hole I just emptied, trickling down her leg.

Mom's tits bounced over my head and her blue eyes met mine, as she told me, "You have no clue how many times a guy has just blown his load in me and then said he might not be able to perk up for my butt. Let's just say that experience says I can convince you."

Mom stepped over me, more of my splooge running down her leg, the facial load now mostly dry. She turned around, her fat ass making my seemingly-spent rod twitch. Her booty wiggling with each step, she walked toward the carpet. With just a glance over her shoulder, Mom dropped to all fours, her fat ass opening in front of me like a flower. The cheeks separated- her pink, inflamed lips below the tight ring of brown muscle that winked open and closed with Mom's invitation. I dropped to my knees and shuffled toward Mom's welcoming behind.

I felt a small rush of blood toward my now flaccid cock as I grabbed a cheek in each hand and separated Mom's fat booty. Her pink lips splayed open, more of my load dripping out from the depths of her womb. Mom bounced her butt, her thick orbs bounding under my hands.

"Do you see my tiny booty hole?" Mom asked. It was hard to miss. Mom's wrinkled brown asshole was beckoning with each movement of her ass. Drunk with horniness, I shoved the second and third finger of my right hand in to Mom's creamed snatched before I lowered my head and flattened my tongue, running it repeatedly over her opening and closing pooper.

The earthy smell of Mom's ass wafted in to my nose and directed even more blood flow to my penis. Three broad tongue strokes to Mom's welcoming booty prompted her to spread her ass with both hands, her beautiful blonde head now resting on the ground, her breathtaking breasts hanging toward her chin. I pointed my tongue and drove it firmly up her asshole.

"Eat Mommy's ass," she begged as I tongued her eager hole. She let her thick cheeks close around my face so that she could reach a hand underneath to plunge the slickened depths of her cunt. "I wanna feel that cock up my tight colon as far as you can fucking pump it."

I dropped back from Mom's ass to take a breath. Her saliva-covered anus beckoned as she teased the inner walls of her cunt with one hand. I grabbed my now fully-engorged cock with my left hand and nestled it against the inviting ring of Mom's ass.

"I've been dreaming of your thick meat opening up my tightest hole all fucking week," Mom told me. "My dirty girl hole is ready for some thick teenage cock, and you better not let her down," she grinned.

I drive forward so that the head of my member strained against her resisting muscle. It finally sank in with a PLOP, her seemingly-impenetrable anus now tightly gripping the mushroom head.

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