My Mother, My Cum Target Ch. 05


"Pound my shitter, baby," Mom instructed simply. I not so gently sank in, inch by inch, until my belly rested against Mom's flawless ass, her tight butthole gaped open with my meat.

I pulled out 6 inches, only to slam home again in to my mother's bowels.

"Fuck yeah!" Mom encouraged, "Pound Mommy's tight little dumper. I'm a 3-hole bitch, and I need you to fill up my asshole like it's just another thirsty cum receptacle!"

Mom clenched her asshole around my throbbing rod, the crinkled brown sphincter trying to wring out my load. Her face contorted in ecstasy, pressed against the ground as I drove in and out of her inviting butthole, framed by the ass cheeks that were turned up toward the ceiling by her arched back. Her tits bounced frenetically against her chin in response to my thrusts.

"Slam. That. Shitter!" Mom cried, in time with my thrusts. "I've been getting this pooper fucked since I was a teenager, and this is the best anal fucking I've ever had!" she exclaimed.

I withdrew suddenly, leaving Mom's doggy style ass empty, her asshole gasping as if for more cock.

"Sorry, Mom," I apologized, my penis a half inch from her butthole. "Another second of that tight ass around my cock and your filthy talk woulda made me cum."

Mom immediately thrust backward, her shitter cleaved by my rod without any effort from my end. Her fat butt cheeks bounced on my crotch, my thick meat lewdly swallowed up on each stroke by her hungry hole. Mom fell forward, her huge, hanging breasts now being driven in to the floor as she flexed and extended her hips over my prick.

I grabbed half of Mom's perfect ass in each hand and spread wide, revealing the tight sphincter spread wide by my cock, as well as the dripping, well-used pussy lips hanging below.

I took over the fucking, whispering, "This tight asshole is mine, Mom, and it's about to squeeze my load right out."

Mom groaned in satisfaction, arching her back even more so I could admire her tanned form, her firm globes pried open by my resilient penis.

"When Mommy earns your baby batter, and it's time to give your reward," Mom whimpered in a high-pitched voice, "I want you to pull that big fat cock of yours right out of Mommy's butthole and stick it right in her mouth." Mom grinned and licked her lips, looking back at me mercilessly fucking her ass.

The thought of my fat-assed, busty blonde mother begging to suck my penis right out of her well-fucked shithole had the desired effect.

"OH FUCKKKKK," I cried, falling back slightly on my heels.

Mom whipped around, my rock-hard penis leaving her bowels with a SCHLORP. I could barely admire the rod that had probed Mom's deepest depths for a second, before she wrapped my mushroom head with her pert, red lips and dropped her warm, wet throat to fully engulf my fuck stick.

"I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnng," I bellowed, as the first blast of my load fired down my mother's welcoming throat. My second volley raced towards her stomach while Mom withdrew, causing a thick spurt to paint both tonsils and the back of her tongue. An unabashed pro, even my semen-hungry mother gagged on the enormous load that suddenly filled the back of her throat.

Mom gulped heartily, her DD cup tits bouncing below my knees as she struggled to collect the remainder of my gift in her mouth. She pulled out my penis with a firm hand milliseconds before my next spasm.

"Your cum tastes so..." but how I tasted would stay a mystery as my next wave interrupted my mother. A large dollop of clear cum fired from my cock and splatted audibly on Mom's nose, ricocheting up between her eyes.

"OHHHHH," Mom cried in enjoyment, the next shot landing on her lower lip. Getting the message, she opened her mouth wide, my creamy load pooled around her tongue and sprayed across her face. She stuck out her tongue, flat and pink, with a thin strand of white semen bridging the two sides of her mouth.

Mom stroked my penis hard, willing the last three shots from my balls out on to her outstretched tongue, leaving a crude white puddle directly in the center.

"Wha should Mommy do?" Mom teased, barely comprehensibly, taking care not to spill her precious reward.

"You better fucking swallow what you drew out of my balls with your perfect ass and tight, tiny poophole," I instructed.

Mom shivered, her giant tits swaying as she gulped down my semen. She looked directly at me with her beautiful blue eyes and cupped her breasts. After her conspicuous swallow, she opened her mouth slowly to show that she hadn't wasted a drop. She teased her clit with her left hand as she stuck out her tongue to verify she had missed none of my load.

"You have the milkiest, tastiest cum I've ever swallowed," Mom sighed contentedly. "And it doesn't hurt when the source is a thick flesh rod that just came out of my tight ass!" she giggled.

I flicked my penis in Mom's direction, the last droplet of my cum load leaving a white spot on her right cheek. She turned around, full breasts swaying heavily, to present her full, thick ass. She rested her cum-covered face on the floor, tits hanging down and jiggling on the carpet. With a cheek in each hand, she spread herself open, presenting her well-fucked pussy and ass. The open streak of her wet gash pointed to the floor from her still pulsating anus.

I lined up my softening cock head against Mom's dirty hole and pushed until my half-hard member resumed its rightful place in her ass. Mom grunted, her exit hole tightening against my intruding rod. I withdrew slowly, leaving Mom's dumper empty and eager as she began to bounce her booty expectantly.

"Give me ten minutes," she smiled, "And I bet I can stiffen this up." As she swallowed down my filthy rod again, I closed my eyes at the very second her lips passed my tip. If she minded the taste of her tight butthole, she never showed it.

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