tagIncest/TabooMy Mother, My Love Ch. 01

My Mother, My Love Ch. 01


Even today I have never found anything wrong with what we did. The news howls about such things and the public outrage has forced me to bottle these memories, even though they are some of the most cherished of my life. As a way to express myself and my feelings for my first and truest love, I am writing these accounts. So, my dear mother...my first and best lover, this is for you.

Part 1. The Beginning

Everything always seemed so natural. The way my mother and I talked about things. The way she used to tease me. I just thought that's the way things were supposed to be. Not knowing what my friends talked about with their mothers behind closed doors, I thought it was natural for my mother to be asking about my "sexual maturity". Did I have girlfriends yet? Did I masturbate a lot? Even though it embarrassed me, I always answered. It never occurred to me that other mothers would never ask their sons if they masturbated. I thought it was playful the way she would always want to wrestle and the way she would wrap her legs around my waist when I had her pinned. I thought that's the way moms and sons got along.

My first hint that something might be a little different was was when I was 18 and mom was letting me practice driving for my upcoming drivers test. My parents couldn't afford to pay for drivers ed when I was in high school, so I had to wait until I was 18 to get my license. It was summer. Dad was at work and my little brother was at Bible School Camp. Mom asked me if I wanted to go to my old High Schools parking lot and practice driving. I was in the car before she could get the keys out of her purse. My test was a week away and I wanted to get as much practice in as possible...especially parallel parking.

I was in the driver's seat when she came out. I noticed right away that she had on a very short pair of cutoffs. She usually only wore these around the house (and coincidentally, many of the times we had wrestled), never out in public. It was a very hot Texas summer day, so I dismissed it.

The car was a candy apple red 1965 Olds Cutlass. It had a bench seat for a front seat...a vinyl bench seat. Hot summers in Texas and vinyl seats are a recipe for disaster for fair skinned women wearing cutoff shorts. Mom found this out as soon as she hopped in the passenger side of the car. Her voice rang out with a shrill squeal as her exposed skin met the searing seat. She struggled to raise her butt off of the seat but her flat soled sandals kept slipping on the floorboard carpet, which kept her bouncing, skin to vinyl. She finally opened the passenger door and jumped out. She was swearing like a sailor. The word "fuck" must have rung out a dozen times. I don't know why, but I found it mildly arousing to hear my mother say that word.

As she vented her verbal agony, I jumped out to see if I could help. When I got to her side of the car, I saw that she was trying to see how bad she had been burned. She couldn't twist herself around good enough for a good inspection.

"Danny, I can't see it. Tell me how bad it is. It fucking hurts like hell." She was almost in tears.

I moved for a better look and the first words out of my mouth were "Holy Shit!". The backs of her legs were as red as the Olds and looked as if they had been branded with an iron. When I told her what I was seeing she said that was exactly what it felt like.

She asked me to come back into the house to help her. I wasn't sure what I was going to help her with, but I obliged immediately. I figured the quicker we took care of her, the quicker I could drive. When we got in the house I followed her into her and my dad's room. She went to the medicine cabinet in their bathroom and came out with a bottle of aloe lotion. She handed it to me and asked if I would put lotion on the backs of her legs. I protested a little, asking why she couldn't do it. She told me that she couldn't see everywhere back there and she wanted to make sure that everything got covered because she didn't want to blister. I told her that I would. At that point, mom did something that almost made me drop the bottle she handed me. She took off her shorts right in front of me. As shocking and exciting as that was, what pushed it even further was the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Mom, what are you doing?!?" I said in a shocked, shrill voice.

"Danny the burns are not just on my legs. Settle down. You've seen my butt before". I had, but it was several years ago and I didn't know what I was looking at.

Now, I was feeling something very different. My stomach was doing somersaults and my cock was starting to grow like a bamboo plant in time lapse.

She laid face down on the bed, her butt and burns exposed to me. I knelt beside the bed next to her, put some lotion on my hand and started to lightly massage behind her right thigh. She tensed up and jerked a bit at my first touch.

"Damn, that's cold" she hissed.

As I started to slowly massage the creamy liquid into her burn, she relaxed a bit. She also let out a small sigh. I was very thankful that I was kneeling and the bottom half of my body was hidden. The erection I had developed was painfully obvious in the athletic shorts I had chosen to wear that day.

"Make sure you get it up on the cheek too" she said, in a more quiet voice.

I slowly massaged the right cheek of my mother's ass, feeling like I was drunk. My head was spinning. She then sent me from a spin to a complete pinwheel. She spread her legs slightly revealing her beautiful pink lips and pubic hair (it was the 70's).

"You need to rub some between my legs too" she softly directed.

As I began to apply the lotion to her inner thighs, her breathing became a little more labored and she began to shift her hips as if she was trying to get more comfortable. I was almost hypnotized. I had no concept of anything around me. It was almost a shock when I heard her voice again.

"That's good, now do the other side."

I repeated the massage I had given her burns on the right leg and butt cheek on the left side. It seemed to last forever, yet it was over in a second. I know it's hard to understand.

"Thank you for helping me with that. I feel so much better now. "she said in a relieved, yet content ton of voice. "I'm going to put on something more appropriate and we can hit the road, ok?"

"Great. I have to go to the bathroom and I'll meet you outside" I answered back.

I spun around as quickly as I could, so as not to give away the raging erection fully visible in my shorts, and headed to the bathroom. Once there, I couldn't get my cock out fast enough. I ferociously started pounding. I came in less than a couple of minutes. I was seeing spots, stars and more colors than a kaleidoscope. After a few minutes, I was finally able to gather myself enough to head out to the car.

Mom had changed into a longer pair of shorts and also brought a towel to lay down on the seat with her.

"I'm not making the same mistake twice" she giggled as she tossed me the keys.

The High School wasn't that far from our house, maybe about five minutes of driving. I should have been concentrating on the road and how I was driving. All I could think about was massaging the cheeks of Mom's ass and the way her pubic hair felt against my hands when they were between her legs. My mind was so far gone I almost blew through a stop sign. If it wasn't for an abrupt and loud "STOP SIGN!" shout from Mom, I would have t-boned a Datsun pick-up that was crossing the intersection.

"Where is your head at?" she scolded as I was yanked back into reality.

I wanted to tell her it was between her legs, but thought better of it. I just gave an oblivious shrug of my shoulders.

"You'll be retired before you ever get your license if you keep driving like that."

Back in the real world, I steered us into the school parking lot. We went through a bunch of exercises that I would be facing on my test. We must have driven around that parking lot a hundred times over the course of an hour or so. After all of this Mom directed me to drive to the far corner of the lot. She said this would be a good place to practice parallel parking.

I began a series of practice parking maneuvers. It was monotonous. Over and over again..park, pull out, park, pull out. One thing that struck me though is that as I was trying to perfect this skill, Mom kept putting her hand on my thigh. A couple of times I even felt her hand slip a little between my legs. My heart was starting to race a little at the feeling of her fingers against my skin.

The distraction was immense. How in the hell was I supposed to concentrate on parking when she was doing this? I powered through, however, and did a pretty decent job. Mom even complimented me a few times how well I was doing.

After twenty or so repeats, she finally asked "Do you think you have all of this down?"

"I think so" I replied.

"So you're ready for next week then?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess."

She shifted in her side of front seat so that her whole body was turned towards me.

"I think so? I guess? That doesn't sound too convincing to me." She observed. "Are you not excited to get your license?"

"Of course I am. I'm just nervous. Everyone I know that's taken their test has failed the first time. Hell, Scott has taken it three times. If he fails again he has to wait until he's twenty one." I explained. "It will be so great to be able to drive. You and dad won't have to take me to work anymore and I might be able to go on a real date."

Mom's face got a sly grin on it.

"Aha. Now I get it. You want a license so you can impress the girls." She teased. "You are definitely your father's son".

That last comment intrigued me a bit...My father's son? Given the events of the last few hours that was such a mixed message to me. I must have had a look of some kind on my face.

"That didn't embarrass you did it? About just wanting to impress girls?" she asked with some concern.

"Oh god no. That's actually a big part of it." I confessed.

"So what's your plan, man. Going on a date and finding a nice quiet place to park?" she inquired. "What happens after you park? What's your move?"

That question took me completely off guard and I must have looked like a deer in headlights.

"My move? I don't know what you mean?"

She looked at me with a look of mock disbelief. "Oh please! You know what I'm talking about."

I kind of did, but was kind of embarrassed because I didn't really have a "move".

With an exaggerated huff impatience, Mom repositioned herself on the car seat. She faced herself straight ahead, sitting stiff with her arms down her sides. She looked like a mannequin.

"I'm your date." She started. "We're parked. What are you going to do with me now?"

"Mom this is silly. I'm not going to pretend you're my date." I lightly protested.

"Why not? Am I not pretty enough to be your date?" she asked

"Of course not..err..Of course." I stammered. It's just that....that...well you're old enough to be my mom..MOM." I replied, exaggerating the last MOM sarcastically.

It was just like Mom. She treated these kinds of interactions between us as if they were as normal as breathing oxygen. It was one of the many things I loved about her, but at the same time one of those things that left the angel and devil on my shoulders in a constant battle. So many times in the past she made these kinds of comments. Even those times we would wrestle, before she would wrap her legs around me she would say "now that you've got me, what are you going to do with me". Many times at night after my brother and dad had gone to bed, it would be just her and I on the couch watching TV. She would always ask me if I wanted to make out.

All those times I thought she was just playing around. Today was making me rethink everything. Her insistence that I massage lotion onto her ass; the way she was touching my leg; the way she was talking to me now, all had me wondering if she was kidding with me all this time. I made what was probably the first major decision of my young adult life. I decided I was going to play right along with her. I was going to call her bluff or whatever you want to call it.

"Now who's being silly?" she fired back at me. "Come on. If you're going to be the stud with the car, you have to know how to move in it. Now show me what you got."

I took a breath and started to slide across the vinyl seat towards her. Now she was the one with the deer in the headlights look on her face. My first thought was "Oh shit. She was kidding and I'm scaring the fuck out of her". That look, however, softened into one of anticipation.

I was now snuggled right up against her. I slipped my right arm behind her head along the back of the seat. Slowly, I moved my head towards hers. I was ready to pull back at the first sign of resistance. No resistance came.

Our mouths were less than an inch apart. She closed her eyes and parted her lips. She let out a very low, and primal moan as we came together. That first kiss was like my very first kiss. So soft at first, she slowly opened her mouth. Mine followed her lead. Her tongue glided across my bottom lip and began to tentatively explore. She brought her hands up to my face and pulled me closer.

In my life at that time, I could count on one hand the total number of girls I had French kissed. It was even a lesser number of girls that I had actually made out with. Now, here I was, sharing the most passionate kiss of my life with my mother.

My mind was a cacophony of white noise. I was lost in that moment so deeply it didn't immediately register that Mom had removed her right hand from my face and was now massaging the throbbing erection I had developed through my athletic shorts. It was only when I felt her hand on the bare skin of my stomach, under my tee shirt, that I became aware that anything outside of our kissing was happening.

The muscles in my stomach twitched at her touch. Tingles and fire raced through my veins as her hand glided slowly past the elastic waistband of my shorts and her fingertips made their first contact with the tip of my cock. With our lips in full lock, the breathing through our noses was becoming rapid and more audible.

Her hand continued the journey down my shaft. Nothing about my respiration or heartbeat was normal at this point. I felt the warmth of her skin gently squeezing my balls.

At that point she looped her thumb around the top of my shorts and began to slide them down. I lifted my butt off of the seat so she could get them down past my hips. She stopped just as my aching member was free from its cotton and polyester confines.

Our lips had not separated this whole time, and continued to feel welded together with molten passion.

Mom softly wrapped her hand around the diamond cutter that was my cock. She then started to slowly stroke and masturbate me. Her moans and sighs told me she was reveling in all of this. They also continued to drive me towards something I had never had; an orgasm that wasn't induced by me. After a couple of minutes, I could feel the pressure building with the impending eruption. Only then did Mom pull her lips from mine.

"Is it coming?" she whispered huskily, as her strokes quickened with more purpose.

"Oh god yes" was all I could reply.

I exploded with a force measurable by seismograph. My body twitched and jerked as if getting hit with bolts of lightning.

Mom just kept whispering over and over again "that's it baby, that's it".

As the earthquake subsided, I slouched into the vinyl bench seat as if I had been drained of all blood and energy. Mom laid her head on my shoulders. Her hand continued to massage my cock, working the warm results of her work into my skin.

"I love you Danny." She said quietly. "Don't ever think that this is wrong. In our hearts, this is the most right thing in the world." She turned my head to face her and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Mom then pulled the towel she had put between her and the seat and proceeded to wipe me clean.

"I'm glad I brought this" she commented, nodding towards the towel.

Noticing that I was still somewhat dazed, she asked if I was alright to drive home. I told her I was. With that, she gave me another kiss.

"Then we'd better get home. You're brother is going to be there soon."

We drove home with mom snuggled next to me like a girlfriend. It was the beginning of something very special.

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