tagIncest/TabooMy Mother, My Love Ch. 02

My Mother, My Love Ch. 02


In the days and weeks following the special driving lesson my mother gave me, my mind was a swirl of thoughts and a ball of confusion. What had happened between her and I was the most intense and exciting sexual experiences of my eighteen years of life and five plus years of masturbation. My brain told me that what happened shouldn't have happened. My heart told me that I should cherish and embrace the experience. I won't even begin to describe what my cock was telling me.

Mom had not brought up what we had done. In fact, she acted as if nothing even happened. She went about her daily chores and tasks just as she had done every day during the summers. She still teased me the way she always did. She still asked me personal questions about girlfriends .

One part of our usual interactions did change. That was our occasional wrestling matches. Unlike all of those times before, as soon as I'd feel her arms come around from behind me and feel her breasts press against my back my cock would start to grow. I wasn't so "careful" where my hands went. I would even let her pin me from time to time so she could rest on top of my throbbing erection. I know she had to feel it. There were even times when I could swear that she actually thrust her hips a few times. The times that I would pin her, rather than the "traditional pin" in which I my knees would be even with her hips so that I had the leverage to keep her arms and hands secured, I would sit almost on top of her thighs. This way I would have to lean closer to her, my chest against hers. I would lower my face to hers...only an inch or so apart. She would then whisper those words, "Now that you've got me, what are you going to do with me".

It had been a few weeks since the most intense orgasm of my life. My dad was getting ready to go out of town for a convention in Kansas City. The night before he left he was talking about some yard chores he wanted me to do while he was away for the week. As he was finishing the "to do" list, he looked at me with a very stern look.

"I don't want to hear about any funny business while I'm gone." He said in a very authoritative tone.

My bowels turned to water. He fucking found out about what happened. Did Mom tell him? Hell, did somebody see us in the parking lot that day? Is that why Mom was pretending nothing ever happened?

"Funny business?" inquired in a voice that was about an octave higher than usual.

"I don't want you taking advantage of your mother" he continued, his voice growing ever more firm. "I know you think that just because I'm away you can sneak out with the car or hit the liquor cabinet. I don't want to hear about any of that."

My face must have been revealing something because he finished his directives with "I can tell you had something like that on your mind. I can tell by the look on your face". With that he gave me a light pat on the cheek.

I went back to my room and lay on the bed so that I could get my heart rate down.

For the next couple of nights my sleep was seriously disrupted. I was having dreams that would wake me up, either in the grip of panic after dreaming that my dad or someone else found us out about what had happened; or in the throes of an intense orgasm after dreaming that Mom and I were gaining some higher carnal education of each other.

One thing Mom had done every night for as long as I could remember was come into my room to give me a kiss on the forehead on her way to bed. Most nights I was already asleep when she conducted this ritual. The third night of my dad being away, I had awoken at the sound of Mom opening my bedroom door. I had been having one of the "bad dreams" so I was a little on the "disturbed" side. I pretended to be asleep when mom came over to the bed. She bent over and kissed me on the forehead as she always did. Then, she slid my bed covers down to just at my thighs. She slowly slid her hand past the waistband of my underwear and let her fingers glide briefly over my flaccid cock. I just laid there, eyes closed, as she removed her hand and slowly slid the covers back over me.

The next day, I spent the whole day replaying the previous night in my head. Why did she slide her hand down there? Why did she remove it? For an eighteen year old that was just a couple of months away from heading to college, I felt like such a dumb ass. I didn't know the answers to anything. Mom did her usual thing. She pretended that everything between us was as it had always been for the first eighteen years.

That night, I thought I'd up the ante a bit. I went to bed at my usual time. I didn't want to let on that I knew anything might be up. Rather than try and go to sleep when I got to bed, I spent the time playing with myself. I was imagining what Mom and I had done in the car that day. I was imagining what other things we could be doing. I had worked up a diamond cutter of an erection when I heard her starting to turn out the lights and check the door locks. I slid my underwear down just a bit so that the head of my cock was sticking out of the top of the waistband.

Like the previous night, Mom came in and kissed me on the forehead. Like the previous night she slowly pulled the covers down. Her soft hand touched my stomach, just under my belly button and slowly moved towards my shorts. I felt the side of her hand connect with the head of my erection. I thought I heard her breath catch in her throat a bit. She let her fingers move over the length of my shaft, slowly pushing the front part of my shorts down past my balls. Softly and deliberately, she began to caress back and forth. Not jacking me off, just lightly brushing. I could hear her body shift against the side of my bed as she went down to her knees.

I deserved an Oscar for the sleep acting I was doing. It was damn near impossible to lay still or make no sounds at all while all of this was happening in the dark. Her soft caress had become a lightly held grip on my cock. I felt the bed begin to shake lightly. I also heard a wet, almost slurping kind of sound. As the seconds went by, I could tell her breathing was getting more rapid. The speed of the wet slurping became quicker and more intense. I could smell her as well. It was the first strong scent of a woman I had ever experienced. With the exception of sight and taste, all of my senses were being driven to overload. I began to feel the first build up of an orgasm inside of me when I felt Mom's grip on my member tighten and her breathing becoming almost hyperventilation. She began to twitch and shake uncontrollably. After what seemed like forever, Mom settled. She released her grip of my still throbbing cock. Her body fell against the side of my bed. Her head dropped next to my right hip.

I was thinking about what I should do. I wanted to touch her but I was afraid that if I blew my cover (no pun intended) she would get upset and all hopes and desires of furthering what was developing between us would come to an end. My desire, however, fueled my boldness. I reached my hand out and lightly touched her on the top of her silky, blond head. Mom jumped as if she had been hit by a bolt of lightning.

"Mom, can I see you?" I whispered.

"What are you talking about Danny?" she mumbled back.

"I've been awake the whole time. I really want to look at you"

I rolled over and turned on the bedside lamp. Her face was flushed. It stood out so bright against her long blond hair and the white nightgown she was wearing. I couldn't tell if she was angry, embarrassed or both.

"I'm sorry that I pretended to be asleep" I said sheepishly, trying to get an idea of her mood. "I wasn't sure what was going on and I was afraid you would stop if I wasn't sleeping."

Her look to me was a look of shame. It was the last thing I wanted her to feel.

"Mom, I think it is really good for me what you are doing. You don't know how special you made me feel that day in the car." I continued "What you're doing in my room now makes me feel like you're teaching me something important. "

Her look started to change from one of shame to a look of something completely different....was it a look of pride?

I pressed on "All I've ever known about women I've learned from you, Mom. All of my friends talk about the girls they have messed around with and they make it all sound so dirty. I never feel dirty around you. I feel happy that you love me the way you do."

Her look became, what can best be described as...sultry. Without saying a word, she climbed up onto the bed. She reached down and grabbed the bottoms of my shorts and slowly pulled them off of me. She then pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her completely naked body. It had been years since I had seen mom nude. The last time I remember was when I was 5 or 6 and I took a bath with her. The vision of her made my breath catch in my throat. Her breasts were never that big, but the last time I saw them I didn't look at them with the same thing in mind that I had now. My eyes wandered down her body. Her pussy was very hairy (it was the 70's, after all) but not wild. The blonde pubic hair almost disappeared on her white skin.

Mom moved up and straddled herself right above my knees. She lightly and gently grabbed my hand and pulled it to her. She guided it between her legs then pressed it against her hot, creamy wetness. She held it there for a few seconds. Her other hand reached down and slowly wrapped around my now throbbing cock.

She began to rock her hips back and forth against my hand. Her juices ran down my fingers, into my palm. She also began to slowly stroke me. I reached out my other hand and put it on her leg and let it slowly glide up her thigh, past her stomach and to her breast. Not having much experience, all I did was leave it there and squeeze it a little. That must have been a good thing to do because mom let out a very low growl.

The rocking stopped for a second.

Mom took my hand and pushed my ring finger and pinky to my palm, leaving only my middle finger and index finger extended. She then slowly guided them inside of her. I thought my head (actually both heads) was going to explode. I had never had my fingers inside a woman's (or girl's) pussy. It was so hot and smooth. I couldn't believe how it felt. She was slowly moving my fingers in and out of her. She continued stroking my cock.

Everything started moving faster. Her ramming my fingers inside of her sounded exactly like her pussy sounded when she masturbated beside my bed. Her breathing was getting louder and more rapid. This time she wasn't worried about waking me so her moans were very clear to me.

I felt my cock start to stiffen with my coming orgasm. Mom must have felt this too because she started whispering for me to come. She wanted to feel it on her this time. She stopped fucking herself with my fingers and concentrated on me.

She leaned closer to my cock, with her breasts right over it. When I exploded, my cum painted her beautiful breasts. She just kept pumping me and I couldn't stop.

My body was shaking uncontrollable. She was in a frenzy. She grabbed my fingers again and plunged them inside her. Pushing them in deeper and harder than before.

She was whispering loudly "oh god" over and over again.

I felt the shaking start inside of her with my fingers. It quickly spread throughout the rest of her. My bed began shaking as well. Her head was tossing around and throwing her hair into her face and mine.

As the shaking subsided, she crawled up and curled her body on top of mine. Her knees were at my hips. Her face was buried in my shoulder. Her hair draped over my cheek.

We both just laid there for a minute. She then raised her head and gave me a very soft kiss on my lips. She slid off of me and got off of the bed. Standing next to it, she slid her gown back over her head. She handed me my shorts, turned off my nightstand light and gave me another kiss. This one was a little harder and she let her tongue slip between my lips slightly.

"I love you. Sweet dreams." Was all she said as she left my bedroom.

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