My Mother, My Lover Ch. 02


Carole shrieked then moaned continuously as I concentrated on fucking her hard and fast, thrusting harder and more deeply and driving in and out of her pussy. I allowed my cock to slip out slowly until I was almost completely out then powered back in, causing Carole to scream somewhere between pain and ecstasy. I continued to drive deep and hard into her, holding on to her hips, which made her tits bounce with every thrust. Feeling her cunt muscles contract around my cock I knew Carole was about to cum, and I wanted to make her climax build and grow.

"Don't stop," she begged, "please Jesse, please don't stop. It feels so good, I can't take this much longer... I need it so much...more, more, more, please ... I'll do anything for you, I'll be your slut, anything you want, only just keep fucking me." I could feel the walls of her cunt seizing me as I slid in and out, welcoming me in and seeming to try to prevent me from leaving.

"Beg me to make you cum, you beautiful bitch."

"Please, Jesse, please" Carole begged. "I need to cum so much...I'm so close...oh, please, god, let me cum." Both our bodies were covered in sweat and the only sounds in the room were our moans of excitement and the sound of our bodies slapping together. Carole was on the verge of orgasm, but I forced myself to hold still, remaining buried in her gorgeous, clingy cunt.

The velvet glove encasing my cock was making every nerve in my body fire off in rapture. My climax was building and I couldn't wait any longer as I was teetering on the brink. I panted into her ear, "."Okay," I gasped, "cum for me, cum with me now you gorgeous slut."

Carole's scream rose in a crescendo as she thrashed so hard that she nearly dislodged me. She tossed her head from side to side as the orgasm exploded in her cunt and then throughout her body. "Oh, fuck, oh, god, Jesse!"

Her cunt muscles gripped me even tighter, and that was enough to send me over the edge. Carole went rigid, held her breath and then let go with a gasping shriek and at the same time, I howled in triumph as my cum shot into the depths of my mother's cunt, bathing her womb with my juices as she collapsed on the bed. Rather than crush her into the bed, I rolled onto my side, pulling my now satiated cock from her soaking pussy.

Carole slowly turned to face me. "Jesse, my darling, that was the most wonderful fuck I've ever had, and I mean ever. The only problem is that I don't think it could ever be as good again." She kissed me, a warm, sloppy wet kiss, then covered my face with little butterfly kisses, murmuring endearments as she did so.

I held her body close to me, feeling the press of her nipples against my chest and the sticky warmth of our combined juices against my groin. But it felt good to me, a gift from the woman I loved most deeply.

"Carole, you are truly the most wonderful lover, and you have totally spoiled me for anyone else."

"Just as well, stud," she laughed. "You're going to have your work cut out satisfying me!"

"Oh no, gorgeous, that's not work, it's the best form of play."

Carole snuggled her head up under my chin and I stroked her hair and down her smooth, velvety back. "Jesse", she whispered, "you do know you saved my life, don't you?"

"I'm not so sure about that, my sweet – I don't recall you ever being in imminent danger."

"Mmm, but I was getting close to a point where I would either have killed your father, or myself or both of us. He'd made my life hell, and I couldn't see any way out of it. But then you started to be closer to me, we talked, you went to Donny's funeral with me, and to the dinner/dance, and found a way to emasculate Denzel, and you didn't take advantage of me when you had the opportunity. You've been my knight in shining armour," she laughed.

I don't know about shining armour, Mum – it's a bit rusty and has a lot of dents and some bits are missing ..."

"Sshh, I just want to tell you how much I love you, and that I'll be with you for as long as you want me, my gorgeous boy."

"That's forever, Mum"

"Maybe, honey, but forever is a very long time. Let's make the most of the time we have now, and let the future take care of itself."

"Amen to that, Mum," I said, kissing the top of her head.

"You've just about exhausted me, Jesse, but it's the best exhaustion I've ever felt. I feel wanted, loved and desired and I don't think it gets any better than this. Now I'm going to sleep; please hold me in your arms, my love – I feel safe there."

"'Night, Mum", I murmured, wrapping her in my arms; her breathing slowed and she was soon asleep. I felt the warmth and softness of her beautiful sleeping body, and smiled to myself, "First my mother, now my lover," I whispered as I, too, started to drift into sleep.

I woke next morning, spooned into Carole's back. She was still sleeping, but I stroked over the smooth, silky skin of her arse, and kissed my way up her back and nuzzled into the sensitive place behind her ear, licking the soft skin. She woke, and turned to look at me through sleepy eyes.

"Morning gorgeous," I whispered, kissing her half open mouth lightly. She grabbed my head drawing my mouth to hers in a long, passionate encounter, our tongues blending together on a soft, sweet voyage of exploration.

"Mmm," Carole murmured in her softest, huskiest, sexiest voice, "And what does my lord and master most desire this morning?"

"Well, let me think, slave," I said, kissing her inviting mouth lightly but resisting her attempts to draw me into another passionate embrace. "My cock is so hard, it feels as if it's going to explode; it urgently needs some of your extra-special tender loving care."

"Oh yes, master," Carole teased and caressed my cock all over with her hands, bringing me closer to orgasm. She wiped a drop of pre-cum with a finger, and sucked it into her mouth in an explicit rehearsal of what she was about to do. Carole moved quickly down my body, rubbing her tits along my chest and stomach as she did so, and I felt the sensational delight of her lips playing up and down the length of my cock. I moaned in ecstasy as she took my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around the most sensitive spot, while she stroked and caressed my balls.

Carole alternated long moist strokes with shorter sucking and playfully licking the tip of my ultra-sensitive cock. I could feel the tension building in my balls and groaned loudly as she continued teasing me.

"You want me to make you cum, don't you?" Carole stated the obvious, but I realised that she was greatly enjoying playing with me.

"God, yes, you cock-tease." I moaned, "please let me cum – I don't know how much more ecstasy I can take?

Carole laughed, a low, sexy sound and continued bobbing her head up and down bringing me closer to exploding in her mouth. I pulled her head into my groin and held her fast while she continued to suck, her movements becoming faster but more erratic. A few moments later, I could contain myself no longer and screaming, "I'm cumming, oh mummy, I'm cumming," my hips raised off the bed, every muscle in my body tensed and my cock exploded into her mouth.

Carole swallowed and licked my cock clean before moving up and kissing me deeply, and I could taste myself on her tongue. "My darling Jesse, I love you so much," she whispered, "especially when you called out to 'mummy'. Just hold me close for a little while."

"Yes, Mum, yes, I so much want to feel you close to me and we can immerse ourselves in the love we feel for each other."

We stayed locked in a soft embrace, stroking each other and whispering endearments, sometimes including outrageous suggestions about what we'd most like to do to each other. This seemed to last for a hundred years, but cold reality suggested about fifteen minutes.

This idyll was broken by a knock on the door announcing breakfast, and I kissed Carole on the tip of her nose before throwing on a gown and bringing the food in. We ate in bed, feeding each other pieces of food and laughing and joking in high spirits. After we finished, Carole turned to me and said, "I don't know about you, honey, but I need a shower."

"Yes, sweetie, excellent idea – I'd love you to wash my back and there are other parts of my anatomy that I can't reach," I laughed.

"Jesse, you're incorrigible, but ... it would be nice to have someone to wash my hair for me. And to soap my tits for me," she continued enthusiastically.

We both headed for the bathroom which contained a palatial shower and set the water to the right temperature. I removed Carole's robe and she took mine off and we held each other close, revelling in the skin to skin contact. I could feel Carole's nipples pressing hard into my chest, and I reached down and ran a finger along her pussy. She gasped as I felt the heat and moisture flowing from the centre of her lust. She pulled my head down and kissed me urgently, but then said with a smile, "If you keep doing that, we'll never have a shower."

I stepped into the shower, drawing Carole after me, and we soaked before I worked a generous amount of shampoo into her long, thick hair, working it well in and massaging her scalp as I did so. Carole purred like a contented cat; "Mmm, that is so luxurious – you can keep on doing that for as long as you like." So I continued for a few minutes until she laughed and shook her head, then dipped under the shower to wash out the shampoo.

"Thank you, my love, that was gorgeous," she said pulling me in for another of her special warm, wet kisses.

"Carole," I said, rather hesitantly, "I've got a favour to ask you, and it's a bit kinky."

"Anything, my love – you know that, and with you, I don't mind 'a bit kinky'," she grinned.

"Okay, sweet Carole, while I'm not into toilet stuff in a big way, will you hold my cock while I pee?"

Carole giggled. "Sure honey, but on one condition. I've always envied you guys being able to stand up and pee. So I want to do just that in the shower – and you've got to watch me!"

It was an interesting experience, although Carole was laughing so much that she could barely control herself. After that little exhibition, she took my cock into her soft hand and stroked me a few times before I started to pee copiously. I expected Carole to direct my flow to the side of the shower, but I was surprised when her soft hand actually sent it over her stomach and tits.

After we recovered from so much laughing, I worked up a lather and soaped all over her beautiful body. I stood behind her and reached around, soaping her tits and massaging her long, hard nipples. She moaned as I pinched her slippery nipples and held her tits together, feeling their firmness and fullness. Then I moved further down, working my soapy fingers over her pussy and into her cunt, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. Carole turned in my arms and continued to stroke me, such that I generated a serious erection, so hard it almost hurt. "I want you, Carole," I moaned, "I want so very much to bury my cock in your beautiful pussy and make you scream with ecstasy and lust."

"Mmm yes, honey, I won't need very much persuasion at all," she whispered in reply, and with the warm water still flowing around us, she pulled my head down and kissed me passionately. Our tongues wrestled and fought with each other, and I reached down and again pinched each of her hard nipples.

Carole pulled away from me and squealed with delight. "Oh god, Jesse, don't tease me too much – I just want you to do me hard, any way you like."

I reached further down and stroked her pussy, wet with both the shower and from her excitement. Then I told Carole to hold onto the shower rail and spread her legs, which she did, quickly, moaning in the extremes of her pleasure. "Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, yes, yes, darling, take me from behind, fill me pussy with your big hot cock. I can't wait any more, just do me now!"

I moved into position and stroked my cock along her wet inviting slit causing her to moan with lust and anticipation. "Oh god, Jesse, that's so good but I beg you, don't keep me waiting."

I continued to stroke my cock along Carole's slit, teasing her and making her whimper and gasp. She trembled and shook, and I entered her with one long firm thrust of my rigid, aching cock, and Carole screamed her desire and the almost overpowering sensation of joy, delight and bliss.

Carole's cunt muscles gripped me as I drove in and pulled out steadily, with the clinging sensation getting stronger as her cunt seemed determined not to let me go. This caused me to fuck her harder and faster, alternating short hard thrusts with longer forceful cunt-filling strokes. At the same time, I reached round and pinched her nipples, then rolled them and pulled them out, stretching her tits away from her chest. Carole squealed and moaned, "Aargh, mmm, ooh ..." repeated over and over, rising in a slow crescendo.

She cried my name – "Oh, Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I'm almost there – please don't stop fucking your mummy."

My climax was coming fast. Her sensational clingy cunt was gripping me and on each thrust my cock seemed to swell and throb harder. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, and they drew up close to the base of my cock ready to shoot a red hot stream into Carole's womb.

"Yes, my lovely mummy-slut, take it all," I groaned and to put the finishing touches to he climax, I ran a finger over her aroused and needy clit. She screamed and went rigid as her orgasm swept through her body in an unrestrained sensual climax. That was enough to send me over the edge and I emptied my balls in three or four jets of hot cum in an ecstatic ejaculation only just this side of pain.

Carole turned in my arms and I supported her as her legs seemed almost to turn to jelly. She whimpered softly as her orgasm subsided, and I held her close under the steady stream of warm water. After a short while Carole looked deep into my eyes and I could see a woman who had been liberated by her passion and allowed to be someone she most needed to be; a woman freed from sexual doubt and insecurity and able to give herself completely to her desires. She had been swept along on a tide of lust and powerful emotions in a direction that she had longed to go but had never been quite able to achieve.

I also felt a little unnerved at my role in this transformation, but more excited by our experiences together in a new and electrifying journey.

Then the spell was broken as Carole laughed and said, "Jesse, honey, we'd better dry off – I'm turning into a prune."

"Mmm, me too, lovely woman," and I grabbed big thirsty towels, wrapping one round her and one round myself, as we played at drying each other off, laughing and teasing as we went.

Carole dried her hair with the dryer provided and padded out into the bedroom. "Hey gorgeous," I chuckled, "how about doing a reverse strip? There is something quite exciting in watching a beautiful woman dress."

She tossed her hair and raised her eyes in an exaggerated gesture. "Men," she exclaimed, "don't you ever think of anything but sex?"

"Umm, come to think of it, no," I smiled, but Carole started dressing in a slow and deliberately provocative way that generated a very pleasant response from my cock.

"There, how do I look?" she preened after completing her dressing and makeup.

"Good enough to eat," I growled, "and if you're not very careful, I'll do just that," at which she danced away laughing.

We booked out of the hotel and headed for home in Mum's BMW, which I was permitted to drive – a rare privilege. As soon as we were home, we threw our arms around each other and kissed deeply and passionately, tongues tangling and dancing together. I looked into her sparkling eyes and saw a future that promised so much for both of us in so many ways. A lot of those ways had to do with a deep physical attraction that meant that we would be hard put to keep our hands off each other for very long.

"Back home again, honey – but it seems so different from when I left."

"Me, too, Mum. Now it's filled with love and lust, and we can show each other just how much we care."

"Why don't you move your stuff into my room, Jesse, for maximum togetherness?"

"Hmm – I don't think that's such a good idea, Mum."

She looked at me with shock and disbelief. "Oh god Jesse, what's happened? Don't you want to be with me now we're home?"

I laughed. "Ooh yes, Mum – it's all I can do to keep my hands off your gorgeous body. But we've got to be careful, particularly as Mrs D cleans our bedrooms regularly. You know what a dreadful old gossip she is; if she saw your silky nighties tangled up with my jammies, it would be all over the neighbourhood within hours. On the other hand, if you slip into my room, or if I'm invited into yours, we can still have lots of fun."

Mum grinned at me. "Okay stud, I can't argue with that, but you have a standing invitation to visit me whenever you like, so long as you leave your door unlocked for me."

With that, we went our separate ways, but with plenty of occasions to touch, kiss and caress each other. We were both busy during the next week, Mum with her job and me studying hard for finals. That didn't prevent some very lust-filled and energetic encounters in the evenings where we both enjoyed each other to the max.

To my max. certainly, but I started to get a slightly uneasy feeling that all was not quite as it should be for Mum. Nothing I could definitely put my finger on and nothing that she was prepared to talk about. This, in itself, was unusual because she was normally quite happy to discuss personal issues with me. I wondered if, perhaps, I wasn't able to satisfy her enough, but she never showed any hesitation about joining me in an active and pleasurable romp.

This puzzled me, and I spent a while in the university library ruminating on how Mum might be feeling. Then one or two clues started to surface. Her confession some years ago that she had a strong sex drive and tried to tempt Dad by dressing provocatively. Her drunken demand that I should punish her, her lust driven desire during my 21st "celebration" to be my slut, and her willingness for me to pee on her tits and stomach all led me to wonder whether there might be a submissive element in Mum's make-up. That might be an answer – perhaps she needed to be dominated in the bedroom and made to do things that she otherwise wouldn't be capable of or couldn't face doing by herself.

"Possibly", I thought, and then spent some time reading up on the various manifestations of submission and what is important to submissives in their relationships with a Dom. Reflecting on this, an idea hit me as a complete project.

It was a Friday evening, and Mum was quite playful, flaunting her body in front of me, dressed only in short shorts and a top tied under her gorgeous breasts. "If you can catch me, you can fuck me," she teased, dancing away, but knowing it wouldn't be long before I did catch her.

I did, but when I did so, I told her, "This time, I'm going to tell you to do something, and I want you to agree. I won't hurt you, but you have to agree first without knowing the details."

Mum looked a little puzzled, but trusted me enough to agree.

"Okay, let's go to your bedroom, Carole, then you will strip and sit up with your back against the headboard of the bed – put some pillows behind you, then spread your legs as widely as you can without too much strain."

She did this, still looking puzzled, then I told her,

"I want you to masturbate to climax, but you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission to do so. At the same time you must continue to look straight into my eyes while you do so." She nodded, although a little hesitantly.

"Last but not least, as you masturbate, you are to tell me exactly what fantasies are going through your mind as your climax builds. When I judge that you have told me enough of your fantasies, I will permit you to cum."

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