tagIncest/TabooMy Mother My Satin Doll

My Mother My Satin Doll


Authors note: This story is based on a request that I received from a reader via e-mail. I have included the e-mail in this submission. I have tried to write a story that encompasses the e-mail request and embellishes the fetish for satin. I hope the readers will enjoy the story. As I wrote the story it got a little long so I decided to write a second chapter. This is Chapter One.



First of all may I congratulate you on your Incest Stories for Literotica....they are all awesome stories and very enjoyable reading!!

Secondly I'd like to ask if you would be willing to write a story to include the following...you have the quality and context in your writings to make it an excellent story.

The scenario is very much around the seduction of a son by the mother. She knows he has a fetish for satin and it turns him on. She starts going to his room each night wearing long satin nightdresses that hugs her curves.

Each night then unfolds like this:-

Night 1 - She wears a long black satin nightdress and climbs into bed with him and gets on top of him but only kisses him passionately while lying on top of him rubbing her satin body all over him. Then she leaves.

Night 2 - She steps up her game this time wearing a long blue satin nightdress and does the same as night 1 only this time when he thinks she is leaving she gives him a hand job while sitting on top of him kissing him.

Night 3 - She wears a long red satin nightdress but underneath this she wears black stockings and suspenders and gets into bed on top of him and while kissing him he runs his hands all over her nightdress and stockings. He is wondering what she will do next and she then ties his hands to the bed. Then she teases him with her satin before giving him a blowjob and riding him all while still wearing the nightdress and stockings.

Obviously the rest is to be added with your style and content but if the scenario above can be included into your story that would be awesome!!!

Let me know your thoughts....look forward to hearing from you.




The Williams family seemed to be like any other normal American family; however the mother and son had some deep dark secrets. Amanda Williams was a striking sophisticated looking woman who was well preserved at the age of 43 years old. She was a natural blonde who kept her 35-24-36 figure in marvelous shape through countless hours at the gym. Amanda weighed a fit 115 pounds which suited her 5'7" frame perfectly.

Amanda's husband Marvin was an engineer with a communication company who traveled extensively. Martin was often out of town or even out of the country for weeks or months at a time. Amanda, in spite of her lonely nights, had never been unfaithful to her husband. That is until she witnessed their son's fetish and then she chose to seduce him.

Eric Williams was in his senior year of high school having turned 18 years of age that September. Eric was an excellent student and had the engineering mind of his father. He was a shy boy and had never had a girl friend so far in high school. Eric was 5'9" and weighed 165 pounds. He was not athletic but he somehow was in fair shape. The amazing thing about Eric was that he was well endowed and possessed a nicely shaped 8" long cock that was over 5"around. He did not inherit that from his father who had an average sized cock.

Amanda knew that her son was blessed with a large penis and she was curious enough to try and see it from time to time. She had often hoped that she would catch her son masturbating so that she could see his cock when it was at its largest size. In her wildest thoughts, Amanda never expected to catch her son jerking off in her bedroom.

Marvin was out of town for another six weeks when Amanda came home from shopping one Saturday and caught Eric with his cock in his hand. It was quiet in the house when she arrived home and she thought that Eric might be taking a nap; something he often did on a Saturday afternoon. Amanda went up the stairs and started to enter her bedroom when she spotted her son in the room. Amanda had to suppress her gasp when she saw him.

Eric was standing naked in the room watching himself in his mother's mirror. He was jerking off in front of the mirror and he was wearing his mother's satin gloves. The long gloves matched the satin black cocktail dress that Amanda occasionally wore to black tie social events. Eric was cupping his balls with one gloved hand while he stroked his cock with the other gloved hand. Eric loved the silky feel of the satin gloves as he jerked off. Satin had become a fetish of his and he jerked off wearing his mother's gloves whenever he got the chance. He was so engrossed with his act that he never heard his mother enter the house.

Amanda watched her son jerk off wearing her gloves and it turned her on. She was impressed with her son's big cock and she loved the contrast of his white dick with the black satin. Suddenly Eric lay down on the floor and stroked his cock until he shot a huge load onto his body. Eric's cock pulsed and six streams of cum ejaculated onto his chest, abs and pubes. He was careful not to get any cum on the gloves. He peeled the gloves off as he lay on his back and then he took the towel he brought with him and wiped the semen from his body. Amanda hurried back down the stairs and went into the kitchen as she did not want Eric to know that she had spied on him.

Eric was lying on the carpet when he heard the noise come from the kitchen. He scrambled to his feet, put the satin gloves away and dashed back into his bedroom. He got under the bed covers and acted as if he was asleep. Eric was nervous as he realized how close he was to getting caught but of course he did not know that his mother had already seen him in the act. Minutes later Eric got out of bed, dressed and went downstairs to greet his mother.

"Hello mother, I didn't hear you come home," Eric said casually.

"Oh I thought that you might be taking a nap so I was quiet when I came in," Amanda replied.

Eric grabbed a can of pop out of the refrigerator and went into the office. "I'll be on the computer for awhile," he told her.

"Okay, I'll call you when dinner is ready," Amanda added.

After they ate dinner and cleaned up the kitchen they sat in the living room reading for awhile. Then Amanda said that she had to go to bed as she was tired from the day of shopping. Amanda went to her bedroom and Eric returned to the computer. Amanda got into bed wearing a shorty nightgown and as she lay there she thought about Eric jerking off wearing her satin gloves. Amanda was intrigued by the satin gloves so she got them out of her dresser and put them on.

Amanda then got back in bed and played with herself while wearing the gloves. She liked the feel of the material on her breasts and tummy. Then she stroked her inner thighs and she felt her pussy heating up. Amanda then ran her hand over her vulva and she gasped out loud when the satin touched her clit. She diddled her clit with a satin covered finger and then pushed two fingers into her pussy. Amanda located her g-spot with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She raced toward an orgasm that was one of the quickest ever when she played with her pussy. Her body lifted off the bed and she moaned softly as an intense orgasm ran through her body. She then collapsed back on the bed.

As Amanda lay there she made up her mind to have fun with her son. She decided to go shopping again the next day and buy some satin nightgowns and negligee. She would also buy stain gloves to match the nightgowns. As Amanda was plotting her seduction of her son, he was on the computer looking at women clad in satin negligee with garter belts and skimpy panties. Knowing that his mother was probably asleep Eric was bold enough to take out his cock and jerk off as he looked at the computer screen. He had his cock out through the opening in his undershorts as he masturbated. He came quickly and cum shot out of his cock and landed on his undershorts. Eric tucked his cock away and then logged off the computer.

Eric went to bed and he jerked off once more before going to sleep. Amanda was still awake and by then she was using her favorite dildo on her pussy. Amanda often used the dildo when Marvin was out of town. As she masturbated with her toy, Amanda decided that from then on she would leave her bedroom door open in the hope that Eric would peek in and see her. She would dress in satin and wear the satin gloves when she masturbated. She hoped that Eric would be turned on by the scene.


The next day Amanda went shopping again but this time she headed straight for the intimate apparel store to purchase her satin attire. As she was shopping she wondered if her son was home masturbating wearing the satin gloves. She also wondered if he would be able to smell the tell tale traces of her pussy juice on the gloves this time.

Amanda looked around the store for awhile assessing the intimate wear and then she decided on a number of outfits. She purchased four satin night gowns, silver, blue, black and red. She also selected satin gloves in the same colors and she purchased some sexy satin bra and panty sets. Then the salesgirl suggested that she consider some sexy hose and garter belts to go with the bras and panties. Amanda blushed but she took the girls suggestion and bought some hose, garters and garter belt.

"You are going to make some man in your life very happy," the salesgirl said as she rang up the order for Amanda.

"I hope so," Amanda replied as she blushed again.

In the car on the way home Amanda was excited beyond her expectations. She could feel her pussy heating up just from the thought of wearing the satin clothing. She began thinking about how she would seduce her son. She would have to introduce him to the new satin clothing gradually and get him excited about it. Once she perked his interest in the satin then she would leave her bedroom door open so that he could spy on her. Amanda was already getting close to an orgasm just from her sexy wicked thoughts.

When she arrived home, Eric was on the computer again and she rushed up to her bedroom. Once in the room she quickly unpacked the shopping bags and put away her new clothes. Amanda was so worked up that she had to relieve herself so she took her dildo into the bathroom and masturbated. She had a quick but rewarding orgasm and it took the edge off of her. Amanda then called down to her son and told him that she would be in her bedroom for awhile.

Amanda closed the door and then she tried on the different satin outfits that she had bought. She loved the way the satin nightgowns hugged her shapely body and accentuated her curves. At first she had put the nightgown on over her bra and panties but then she removed her underwear and put the gown on over her naked body. She liked the way she looked without the bra and panties and she loved the feel of the material against her bare skin. Amanda checked herself out in the mirror and she saw that her nipples were hard and pushing out the satin gown. The satin also clung to her buttocks and her ass never looked better clothed.

Amanda then tried on the intimate bra, panties, hose, garter belt and garters. She looked in the mirror and she could not believe it was her. She looked ravishing and she got excited by her own appearance. Then she got bolder and put on high heels and satin gloves. Her appearance was mind blowing and she wondered if she would ever have the nerve to wear the outfit in front of her son. Amanda felt that she looked naughty and wicked but very seductive. She was getting turned on again so she quickly put away the new clothes and put on a warm-up outfit before she had another orgasm. Amanda made up her mind that after dinner she would wear one of the new nightgowns.

While his mother had been shopping that Sunday, Eric took advantage of her absence. He first went on-line on the computer and accessed the web site that featured the young women wearing satin lingerie. Eric had become addicted to that web site as he loved to see the partially clad shapely women in satin. The link he favored the most was actually called Satin Dolls. Within a few minutes on the web site, Eric had a boner and within 30 minutes he was standing in his mother's bedroom masturbating in front of the mirror wearing her satin gloves.

Eric and jerked off and cleaned up before his mother returned home. He returned to the computer and the Satin Dolls web site and browsed it again. He was still on the computer when his mother arrived home. Eric had no idea what his Amanda had planned for him over the next week. Eric signed off the computer and sat in the living room before his mother came downstairs.

Eric helped Amanda with dinner and after dinner they cleaned up the dishes together. Amanda then decided to put on one of her new satin night gowns. She loved the fact that one could not see through them. Amanda went up stairs and she selected the silver one for that evening. She removed her bra and panties and put on the night gown. She checked herself in the mirror and she liked what she saw. Amanda decided against the gloves as it would be a little too much for the first night.

Amanda entered the living room and Eric stared at her in disbelief. His mother looked absolutely ravishing in her new night gown. Then Eric realized that the gown was made of satin and his loins tingled as he checked out his mother. The gown clung to her body and showed off her shapely figure. Eric noticed that her nipples were hard and they were pushing out against the satin fabric. It was obvious that his mother had not bothered with a bra as the gown clung to the erect nipples.

As Amanda moved around pretending that she was organizing some things in the living room, the gown flowed with her. Her buttocks looked perfect and her thighs looked firm under the clingy fabric. Eric by then had a huge boner and he tried to conceal it as he sat in the chair and watched his mother. Eric admired her and thought to himself that she was every bit as pretty and sexy as the girls on the web site. Amanda turned on the TV and then sat in the sofa curling her legs up under her. Eric was disappointed that she had stopped moving around the room but he still started at her.

"Mother, that nightgown is absolutely the rage. You look stunning," Eric told her.

"Why thank you Eric. It is made of satin and feels wonderful on my skin. I bought four of them today all different colors. I'm glad that you approve," Amanda replied.

Amanda turned her attention to the TV but Eric continued to steal glances of his mother. When she got up to get a drink, Eric watched her the entire time and his cock throbbed in his pants. He knew for sure that he would jerk off again that night. He was in disbelief that his mother could get him that turned on. After she finished her drink Amanda said good night and went up to her bedroom. It was time to launch her seductive plan.

Eric waited about 30 minutes before he went up to his room. When he got to the top of the stairs he heard his mother moaning. Eric walked down to her bedroom and he was surprised to see the door open. He peeked inside and saw his mother playing with herself. She still had on the satin nightgown but it was pushed up over her breasts. She was wearing satin gloves that matched the nightgown and she was running her hands all over her body. Eric was frozen to the spot as he watched his mother touch herself and eventually finger her pussy. He stayed glued to the spot until she orgasmed and then he quietly but quickly went to his room. Eric stripped naked and jumped in bed. He grasped his throbbing erection and jerked off. He was so wired that he came quickly and shot a massive load onto his naked body.

Eric then relaxed in bed as did his mother in the other bedroom. Amanda was pleased that her son had watched her cum and she guessed that he too masturbated. Amanda was now ready to take it to the next step.


After school on Monday, Eric did his homework right away as he was hoping that his mother would dress in satin again after dinner. Normally Eric would have used the computer right after school to access the Satin Dolls web site but he anticipated his mother wearing her satin nightgown. Amanda did not disappoint her son as after dinner she changed clothes this time appearing in a black satin nightgown.

Eric felt his loins tingle again when he saw his mother dressed in the black satin gown. The black material reflected the light at certain angles and accentuated his mother's curves. Once again her nipples were hard and pushed out the gown. Her nipples looked so pointed and sharp that Eric thought they might poke a hole in the nightgown. As Amanda moved about she had the desired effect on her son. The gown hugged her body and within minutes Eric's cock was straining within the confines of his pants.

The time seemed to move incredibly slow as he waited for his mother to go to bed. Eric hoped that she would leave the bedroom door open again and that she would masturbate as she had the night before. Eric was anxious to get in his bed and jerk off as he fantasized about his mother dressed in satin. Finally Amanda excused herself and said goodnight to her son. Eric waited for 15 minutes before he ventured up stairs.

He was pleased to see the bedroom door open and when he peeked in he saw his mother in bed. She was moaning softly as her satin gloved hands ran all over her body. The black satin nightgown was pushed up over her breasts again and she had donned the matching black satin gloves. As she did the previous night, she fondled her breasts, tweaked her nipples, stroked her flat tummy and played with her pussy. Eric was incredibly turned on by the act and he freed his cock from his pants.

Eric stroked his cock slowly as he did not want to cum in the hallway. He watched as Amanda then inserted satin covered fingers into her pussy and played with her clit. She groaned as she approached her orgasm and Eric watched intently as her body then lifted off the bed and she covered her mouth with her satin covered forearm. As soon as Amanda began to recover from her orgasm, Eric moved quickly and quietly to his own bedroom. Once again he stripped off his clothes and got into bed naked. He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it rapidly as he sought his own release.

Eric then saw a shadow move into his room. He panicked when he realized that his mother had entered the room. He reached for the bedcovers in order to cover his naked body but Amanda moved quickly and covered his form with her satin clad body. Eric was momentarily scared and lost his desire to cum. His cock softened as a result of his distraction but it would not stay soft for long.

Amanda did not say a word but simply moved her body on top of Eric. He could feel the satin caress his skin and when his mother planted light kissed on his face and tongued his ears, Eric's cock returned to life. Amanda felt the big dick grow under her and press against her thigh. She rubbed her body against it as she continued to kiss and tease her son. Eric's body moved of its own volition and he began to dry hump his mother. He thrust up into her and drove his cock hard into her thigh.

Amanda then moved her body so that her vulva was in contact with her son's cock through the smooth satin material. The two bodies moved rapidly and pressed against each other. The satin feel of his mother's body was an incredible turn on for Eric and he felt his release building in his loins. His ball sac tightened and he felt the semen travel through his scrotum. Eric's body stiffened as he ejaculated between their bodies and drenched the satin covering his mother's pussy.

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