tagIncest/TabooMy Mother the Pregnant Stripper Ch. 02

My Mother the Pregnant Stripper Ch. 02


The story as my mother puts it, goes like this.

About a month before my mother knew she was my mother, her cousin Ann's boyfriend Jeffery had introduced her to his mother, the strip club owner. Her name was Suzette, a brunette knock out of only 39, hair down to her ass, big (although fake) 38 DDs, a bald pierced pussy and who had a knack for seducing young girls, preferably between 18 and 25. Suzette could take a straight girl and in one night, turn her bi-sexual, if not perfectly lesbian. That is one way she got girls into her establishment. She herself, erred on the side of lesbian, although she loved the frequent romp with her son and sometimes his girlfriend Ann. He was actually the only guy she had fucked in a very long time. Otherwise, she was too busy with her strippers to care for the guys who frequented her club.

Now Frolic, the club that Suzette owned, was a bit of a piss fetish and kink club, maybe even what some would call an upscale brothel, not just your ordinary strip joint. The things that went on in there, men and often women, would pay a great deal to see and have performed. There was the regular strip club area and then there was VIP. The second floor of the club was for the fetish and kink strippers who would do almost anything they were paid to do. This included everything from light bondage, to orgies (if enough girls were paid to join in), and even a fetish bar, where exotic drinks were served by exotic girls. When I say exotic, we are talking extremely exotic - piss and vodka cocktails, piss on tap, and other things like the tampon martini, the pussy cum-shot (an expensive delicacy in the bar as there were only 4 girls in the club that could squirt) and other kinky delights like Beluga caviar served on a stripper's asshole and licked out by the guest (sort of like navel shots, only kinkier).

Jeffery took Maggie to the club with him one Thursday for his weekly lap dances from his mother and the girls he often saw, and when his mother came off stage to give him his dance, she first walked over to Maggie and started feeling her up. Maggie had on a tight low cut halter top that all but revealed her cleavage and a short little miniskirt with a thong underneath that was soaked with a mixture of Jeffery's cum and her own sex juices. She wore a black garter belt holding up sheer black lace stockings coming half way up her thighs. Jeffery had just freshly fucked her before they left to go see his mother at the club. My mom, like her cousin, never washed her pussy after sex; rather she loved the feeling of cum and often piss, either running down her legs if she was staying home or soaking into her panties if she was to go out right after. She was a dirty skank.

Suzette started by running her hands up Maggie's thighs and under her micro-miniskirt. She rubbed her hands over her legs and into her inner thigh. Maggie let out a slight gasp and slowly started to part her legs. Immediately, Suzette's hand went to the wet spot on Maggie's panties. She started to rub her pussy through the slick fabric and she could feel her clit start to get hard. She brought her now soaked hand to her mouth and sucked the cum off of her fingers. She could feel her own pussy starting to drip with lust for this girl her son had brought in with him.

"So this is the girl you have been telling me about baby?" she looked at Jeffery and licked her lips.

She reached down between her own thighs and started to rub her pussy through her sheer lace thong.

"Yes Mother" said Jeffery, "she's Ann's slutty little cousin Maggie. I just fucked her about an hour ago before we came to see you. She is actually looking for work. Would you like to audition her?"

"Oh yes would I!" she said with a bit of lust in her tone. "I think I'll audition her for the fetish club upstairs."

Suzette got up and straddled Jeffery's lap, grinding her crotch on the tent that had formed in his slacks.

"Mommy's gonna treat you extra good for this one tonight!" she whispered in his ear.

She braced herself on his shoulders with her hands and leaned back in ecstasy as a slight hissing sound started coming from her crotch. Jeffery could feel his pants and his cock get hot all of a sudden. His mother was emptying herself in her panties on his lap right there on the main club floor in front of the stage. And then she stopped.

"Why'd you stop you dirty slut?" he asked grabbing her by the waist.

"Because I need to save some for my audition with your girlfriend's little cousin over there" she said looking Maggie's way.

She got up off of her son's lap and walked seductively over to Maggie. Her panties were dripping wet and the piss was flowing down her legs.

"Maggie, I want to audition you for a position at my club as a fetish dancer" she said licking her lips. "I want to have you as one of my fetish sluts upstairs that will do anything a patron asks."

Maggie looked into Suzette's eyes with lust as she saw her crotch wet with her golden nectar.

"You want me to do things like what you just did to Jeffery over there?" she asked her breathing heavy after watching Suzette take a piss in his lap.

"That is the idea" Suzette said with a twinkle in her eye.

Suzette took Maggie by the hand and took Jeffery with the other and led them upstairs to a quiet corner of the fetish lounge.

On their way in, two well hung shemale dancers that worked at the club were strutting by on their way to a private room where a lesbian couple waited for them to perform for them and eventually fuck them bareback.

Suzette gave them a wink and turned to Maggie. "Those two trannies are very kinky" she started. "They both have thick ten inch cocks, and are known to have provided a few good piss enemas and douches to some of the girls here including myself. Their fantasy is to get female patrons and strippers knocked up (which of course is sadly impossible). It is a fetish for women to come here and ask for the shemales to bareback them and cum inside their fertile pussies. Men and women pay them hundreds of dollars each just to let them bust their nuts inside unprotected snatches."

They continued past one other private session where a middle aged man was just dumping his baby batter inside of another female "dancer".

"We also get guys in here all the time that pay very large sums to impregnate our girls. They of course have to show proof that they are healthy and disease free and sign release forms stating that if they successfully knock one of our girls up, they have no rights to the child. We make enough money here that we take care of the women throughout their pregnancy should they choose to keep the baby and they become a fetish all their own; guys love to bareback our preggos as they have no need to worry about knocking them up again, and also, some people come here just to see a pregnant slut dance her ass off! It's really quite an arrangement. Plus then there are the milking fetishes and parties as well."

Maggie's heart was racing with excitement. "Wow!" she said sort of breathlessly.

They finally reached the back corner room where Maggie was to audition her kink skills among other things.

Suzette led them into the room and turned around grabbing Maggie in a passionate embrace. She began French kissing her and Maggie returned the affection by plunging her tongue into Suzette's mouth and sucking on her lower lip. Suzette began dry humping Maggie's left leg and before long, spurts of her hot urine were flowing through her panties and down Maggie's lace stocking clad thigh. Jeffery stood behind Maggie, with his cock, now out of his pants and nestled between her barely legal ass cheeks, his right hand holding her micro mini skirt hiked up around her waist like the slut whore she was. With his left hand he was stroking his mother's waist on the other side of his girlfriend's cousin.

He could hear the slight hissing sound coming from between his mother's legs and he himself found that after the three beers he had had downstairs, he needed to relieve himself too. He quickly positioned his throbbing cock head under the tiny triangle of fabric at the top of the back of Maggie's thong and proceeded to start relieving himself in her panties and down her ass crack.

A little surprised at the sudden onset of Jeffery's pissing on her back and down her ass and legs, she pushed into Suzette and found herself grinding her slippery wet cunt on her leg through her still soaked panties. Jeffery's cock slipped out of the tiny area he had secured it in in Maggie's panties and was now soaking her back and skirt with his piss.

Quickly trying to control his piss flow but with little success, he bent his knees slightly to lower himself down and slipped his still peeing cock between Maggie's legs and started soaking her crotch and wetting his own mother's leg in the process. She quickly stopped making out with Maggie and squatted down in front of her, placing her luscious lips on the protruding head of her son's cock to drink from his golden pipe.

With all of the excitement and all of the free flowing piss, Maggie instantly came when she felt her cousin's boyfriend's piss hit her clit through her already saturated panties. She tugged at her thong and pulled it aside and franticly started frigging at her sloppy wet teen pussy. It was here that she experienced her first pissing -- not squirting, but pissing orgasm, where she lost all control of her bladder while having the best orgasm she had ever had in her life. She began to grow faint, her body spasming from the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

While being passed out from her orgasm, Jeffery and his mother had laid her on a bed and stripped Maggie down to her garter belt and stockings, and Suzette had finished leaking her golden juices into a nearby wine glass. Jeffery had also removed his clothing and was receiving a deep-throat blowjob from his mother.

When Maggie came to, she found the two of them hovering over her naked, Suzette with the goblet of urine in her hand and Jeffery about to drop his load in the cup for a piss/cum cocktail, a beverage that Suzette indulged in when she was with her son. However, this time, it was for her newfound lover, Maggie. Jeffery had told her all about Maggie's piss fetish and Suzette wanted to see it for herself.

Jeffery was now grunting, a man on the edge of busting his nuts into the glass of his mother's piss for Maggie to drink. She gagged at it a little at first. The taste was bitter and pungent, but after the third sip, Suzette told her to down it like a shot. Maggie did so with a slightly sour look on her face. But afterward, she admitted that it was a huge turn on for her, and before long, she was up and ready for the rest of her audition.

After fully recovering from her orgasm, Maggie was ready to do some of the dirtiest things she would every do in public. After all, this was not just a strip club, it was a fetish and sex club, where only the well screened and elite of the "public" where allowed. But first, she had to prove her worth on the main stage downstairs, where she would start her career. From time to time, there would be a panty wetter onstage or a full nude pisser, even sex shows from time to time where porn stars were paid to fuck onstage for the general public to view.

But Maggie was only there to dance tonight and dance she would. She gyrated and humped the poles with such seduction in her moves; like it was an over grown cock that she getting ready to mount. She ran her hands up and down her thighs and smacked her ass with a lick of her luscious lips and a look of pure animal lust in her eyes. And when her G-string and barely-there bra came off, she licked her fingers and plowed them into her sopping wet cunt for all to see, fingering her tight little asshole with her other hand, humping and grinding herself to orgasm right there onstage, thus ending her performance. She sucked her fingers clean and gathered up her threads (almost quite literally) and left the stage to a cheering crowd of both men and women stumbling over themselves to tip her.

Before she was even hired, she was being handed $20 and $50 bills and asked to hump and grind for the patrons who came in just for the stripping. When she saw the money she could make just from doing what she loved to do most (teasing guys and screwing) she quickly signed her contract with Suzette. Her life would never be the same, but in a good way. She would learn many new things and put the things she already knew to good use. It was the start of something new and great. The start of her new life.

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