tagIncest/TabooMy Mother was Mine, No Question!

My Mother was Mine, No Question!


This is a follow up to J's submission of Mom Susan's forced seduction by her scheming son. 'A son's guide to seduction'.


I couldn't believe I had done it, I had fucked and made love to my beautiful sexy mother, I had teased and taunted her to go along with my wicked (to her) plan.

It had taken me lots of thought, much bravery, and a great deal of scheming. For her part, she hadn't wanted to go along with it, but my blackmail ruse, which I would never ever have gone through with, had convinced her that her salvation lay in doing what I wanted. But I know, and she knows too, that I had made her cum, she hadn't been able to deny it, or keep it from me, but most of all, she, had been unable to keep it from herself.

Mom never knew that I saw the satisfied look on her face as she left my room. She had deleted the photos and mail addresses from my PC but what she didn't know, was that I had backed them up on a disk.

The following days, she was cool towards me, but her attitude had changed, I think she viewed me in a more adult way, in her eyes I had gone form her boy, to a man.

I had wanked for two weeks over what had happened and the memory of my mother submitting. So I went into town bought some things for her. I bought a pair of sheer nylon stockings in soft light red, I wanted it all to match the red heels I had bought her, and which I knew she loved.

Also I bought a gorgeous, cock tingling suspender belt in the same matching colour. A skimpy thong, and a lacy bra, all in the same simple light shade of pastel red. And to top it all off, a sheer see through nightie, with no fastenings or belt.

And the all knowing shop assistant offered to show me the kind of lipstick my 'girlfriend' will love, to go along with my purchases. I could hardly wait to see mum in them and in my bed again, wearing them for me, just for me.

But just for good measure, the girl on the counter gave me her phone number, just in case me and my girl ever parted?

I returned home, but I was a little scared, I love my mom so much, and hurting her was killing me, but I loved her as a man would love his woman too! My misgivings far were outweighed by my needs for her.

I had installed a brand new video camera when she was in my bed, and we made love. She didn't know I was filming us. I would get some terrific prints from them I knew, and oh boy, the film had me jerking off wholesale!

So I pondered my plan, and hopefully it would cement my hold over her, and again hopefully, she would eventually become a more than willing participant in our love making.

I boxed the sexy underwear in red satin, tied with a lovely red bow ribbon. Also in the box was a bright red rose, and 10 very explicit photos, just to remind her. And also the list of e mail addresses, including my uncles, so she would know where I was coming from. I had no idea what her reaction to this further blackmail would be, but I hoped I would survive it, and get her into my bed again.

My mother is just so beautiful and sexy, 37 years old; looks half that age, soft lovely hair, a beautiful loving face, skin like soft satin, that did men's, and boys heads in! Her 5ft 9" in height gives her an air of superiority, aloofness, and cool demeanour.

I know some of my friends drooled over her and some of their dad's friends too. And some of dad's friends did openly when they were here for various reasons. I must confess, I would have been surprised to learn none had tried to get her. But if someone had been successful in any way, I had no inkling of it.

So today was the day I would make my second attempt on my mum. I wasn't too happy with myself, but it had to be done, I had to have her again, and this time for good, and if hell had me, I would not give up now.

I had heard her in the shower; I took the wrapped box to her bedroom and hid it. After I listened to her returning to her bedroom, I sent her a text.

It said, 'Mum, there is a present for you in the back of your panty drawer, have a look, and see what you think?'

A text came straight back.

'Where are you?' it read.

'I'm in my bedroom.' I wrote.

When she opened the parcel, she would know for certain why I was there, and what I was wanting.


I waited, and waited, what was she doing?

My phone buzzed, it was a text from her.

'Darling these are beautiful, but why?'

'Why?' I thought, 'Why what?' I answered her.

More silence, I hadn't anticipated this. I was getting more and more nervous. 'Come on mum?' I wished to myself.

Buzz! 'Why are you doing this?'

'Because I have to mum.' I wrote. 'I love you.'

Buzz. 'You don't know the meaning of that!'

'I do, I proved it to you didn't I?'

Buzz 'You made me have sex with you, you blackmailed me!'

Fuck! Where was this going?

Then I heard not the tip tap of her shoes that I desired, it was the thud thud of heavy feet, and they were on their way to my bedroom.

The door opened, in came my mother, with a face like thunder.

'What is wrong with you, you perverted fuck!' she shouted. She threw the photos at me. Her beautiful eyes were even more beautiful as they flashed at me.

She wasn't wearing the things I had bought her, just her bathrobe it seemed.

'You loved it when you were in here that last time mum, I know you did, I saw it on your face.' I said defensively.

'That wasn't really me!'

'Yes it was mum, I know it was.'

She turned and left.

'Oh fucking hell!' I admonished myself, 'you have blown it now you goon!'

I tried a different tack. I sent her another text.

I was in the last chance saloon now!

'Have you tried the underwear mum?' I asked. 'Have you got them on?' I texted.

Buzz 'Yes, they are so beautiful, but, you are blackmailing me into this again, aren't you?'

'You are blackmailing me into this again?' She had written that! Was she going to give in?

I pondered my answer for a moment, and then wrote.

'I suppose I am mum, I'm waiting for you.' This was the acid test now.

More silence.

She could be in no doubt now about what I was up to, and what I wanted. Ten minutes went by. I was about to give up and concede defeat.

I was laid in my bed, naked and cock in hand. I knew that if I heard that tip tap of her heels on the boards again, it would jerk to life in a flash.

Just as I was about to get up, get dressed and disappear from the house to avoid her. I heard her door open, then that wondrous tip tap of heels! She was coming to me; my prick flooded with blood and was rock hard in a moment.

I listened as she paused outside my door. I quickly pressed the button to activate the camera for next time, if I was to need it again. Then it opened, in stepped that red shoe, and a long leg and thigh, wearing a light red stocking, and my first view of the clip of suspender, then mum was in my room walking towards me.

She looked fabulous; her soft hair resting on her smooth shoulders the swell of her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. Her heart shaped lips painted lightly in the pastel lip stick. I couldn't help but utter a guttural noise that stuck in the back of my throat.

'How do I look, you perv?' she asked softly, but her eyes were flashing what looked like anger.

'Mum, you are utterly stunning,' I whispered, as I slid across my bed, indicating for her to get in with me.

'You shouldn't be doing this to me. I am your mother, you are forcing me again, and I will not allow myself to willingly go along with this!'

'You did last time mum.' I said coyly.

'That's because it took me by surprise, not because I wanted to.' she said.

I had slid the single sheet back off me as I moved. I was on full view.

Her eyes drifted to my turgid prick, proud and tall, hard and thick, strong and powerful. It looked like it was waving to her, under its own power. It and I were waiting for the delights of her body. I was going to win this battle, victory would be mine, and she would be mine. There was nothing I wasn't prepared to do to win her now.

I saw blood surge to her pouty quivering lips, as she looked at it, they were now blood red too, under the pastel lipstick I had given her! Her high boned cheeks reddened, her beautiful face followed suit. Her eye lids fluttered. She was turning herself on, I could see it, and she couldn't help it!

Her tiny hands balled into fists, and then relaxed.

'Come on mum,' I whispered, and patted the bed.

She slid down and slowly lay next to me. I pulled her into my arms, I waited, I was not going to rush this. She made no move to me though; I knew I had to be slow and easy.

I gave her time to relax, how? I don't know, because all I wanted to do was get my prick into her again. But the more I forced myself to wait, the stronger I became.

I was turned toward her, so I cupped her breast, squeezed a nipple, which I found was already hard and fully distended.

Her eyes were closed, and she was unable to stifle the soft moan that emitted from her sexy mouth.

Her eyes were shut tight; I could almost see the struggle she was having within. I pushed open the see through top, and leaned into kiss her upper breast just on the brown bit above her nipple, at the same time as working on it.

Pushing up the bra, I released the jewels within. The rock solid acorns were alive with arousal. Mum was there I knew it. She just wouldn't, or couldn't, admit it to herself, not yet anyway. I took one in my mouth and twiddled the other, her whole body jumped and jerked.

Battle over! Victory was mine; she was mine, the unassailable contestant was defeated.

Her hand went to my head, I'm sure she didn't know this. It pressed at the back of my neck, securing my mouth tight over her treacherous nipple; I obliged fully, and went for goal.

I scored in seconds, her hips lifted from the bed, her body shuddered, her legs rose and fell, she had cum. I had made her cum!

She was going with it, I had no doubt now, but I still had to work hard for my ill gotten gains. Complacency was not in my mind. She was my mother after all.

Securing her in my arms, lips and tongue, I actively, and intentionally devastated her nipples in turn. She, bless her, and maybe unknowingly, felt for my prick, I moaned around a nipple as she connected, squeezed and held it.

I eased myself off her nipple and rose slowly above her, as I held my face slightly above hers, her eyes opened. She looked obliquely at me, as if she couldn't focus. I dropped my mouth to hers for our very first kiss. She had the nous to try and pull away from it, but I held my ground. Her eyes closed once more, and her mouth opened slightly, to show her small even white teeth. I took this to be a sign that a kiss was being offered.

I turned my head sideways to hers and I rejoined lips, her mouth moved to mine, she was actively kissing me now; my tongue was admitted willingly. Her grip on my prick was so sensual. Her other hand was still at the back of my neck holding me to her. I squeezed a coat hook hard nipple, and she tugged on my prick.

Was she trying to get me over her? Another tug told me she was, she was using what she could, to get me on her. I had no intention of refusing. I hooked a thumb carefully into the band of the thong I had bought and gently pushed it down. Mum assisted by lifting her bum for me. They went down, and I felt her kicking them off, my mum's pussy was open for business!

I placed my right knee between her legs, took my weight and lifted my left leg in, I was between hers, still lip locked, she then urgently pulled my prick toward her pussy. I went willingly, but as I did, I bent my knees to shunt hers out of the way.

Having accomplished that, her knees were bent sideways, then she grunted, and her feet went over my back and up into the air.

I had won!

As that happened, my prick went right up to the hilt in her pussy, I drove it in hard, very hard. Her hand had come off me, and now it was secured around my back, her nails deliciously digging through my flesh!

We had broken our kiss, her head was buried into my neck, and I began my long awaited reconnection with my gorgeous beautiful sexy mother. She would never be my mother again; she would now be my lover, my willingly submissive partner of love.

I really did try only to please her, the last thing I wanted to do was cum too soon, and her not get what she wanted, and now obviously needed. I forced myself to think of all sorts, football, dancing, drinking, anything I could, to get my mind off shooting my load into her wonderfully, hot slick pussy, which I was at that moment in time fucking as furiously as I could!

Then she came under me in a glorious way, she called my name, gripped me tight, murmured illegible words, grunts, groans, words of endearment, words of passion for me, urging me on. And then came the ultimate words (to me) from her.

'Darling darling darling, please cum for me, cum in me baby.' she was gasping for breath, as I was too. 'I want you to fill me now, again and then again, please hurry baby, fuck me, blow me up with your cum!'

I needed no more encouragement, I shot all I had into her, we both lifted from the bed as we came together. My prick was blazing hot, it was as hard as steel when I came, so hot that it blasted my cum out of me, mum squealed as I did. I kept pumping my prick at her as my cum slowly subsided, and mum kept having orgasms.

I rested on her, kissing her as I lay there on her, my pulsing prick throbbing away in her galvanized pussy. Her hold on me was still fixed, she wasn't letting go, not just yet anyway. For my part I was in utter heaven, I was kissing her neck now, telling her how much I loved her, needed her, and that I would do forever.

Then minutes later, that amazing thing happened, my prick started returning to life, I was still in her, I could feel it getting harder, I began to move slowly within her. Mum, said to me.

'Oh baby, you can't be ready to go again, you just can't be?'

I was, so I did, I began to move faster and faster, mum went with me.

'Go on, go on, go on baby, do me, do your mum,' she panted, 'give me everything you've got baby, everything everything!'

She was humping back at me as hard as I was slapping my hips at her, trying to drive my prick through her back.

We went at each other like two demented animals, thud thud thud we went. It was fabulous, my mum was going insane at me, she wanted it harder and harder. I tried my best to satisfy her needs. I know I succeeded.

It took us ages to get to cum again, but this time it was more satisfying than anything I could ever remember. This was controlled urgent fucking from us both, but we were this time, aware of what we were doing, and how we were doing it.

My mum gave everything to me in that one crazy session, I did too. I didn't know it yet but my back was bleeding, from the nails she was raking into me.

We both eventually gave in. I had no more, mum was giggling softly, it was something she did when she was happy at being fucked like that. She told me later, that she hadn't giggled like that for a long long time!

As we had rested, kissed and cuddled. Mum told me off for making her do this again.

'But you absolutely loved it mum?' I said.

'Yes I did, and have, and to be honest, I don't think I will ever be able to refuse you again, even though I know it's so wrong, and on top of that, illegal!'

'I won't tell anyone mum, I promise, on my life.'

She pushed me onto my back and leaned over me, her sweet breath rolled over my face. Her arm went around my shoulders.

'My sweet, beautiful powerful, bad and naughty boy, what am I going to do with you?' She sighed.

'Anything you like mum, anything you like?' I said happily, as I squeezed a nipple again.

This caused her mouth to drop onto mine and into a loving kiss. Her hand went to my now limp dick; she gently rolled it, felt it, then slid under to caress my empty balls.

I just lay there and let her explore me, it was fantastic, to be looking up into the eyes of my sexy mother, and now know, that she wanted me to be her loving lover.

She laid her head next to mine, her mouth kissing my neck; I know I'm not that too experienced when it comes to older sexy women. But I definitely got the feeling that she was loving me, and I mean loving me. This wasn't sex; this was a woman loving a man, showing him, that she loved him.

I gloried in that new fact, it crushed my chest, it was that good.

My fingers found her still hot pussy, I tweaked and twiddled, and she loved it.

'Lets go and shower baby, then we'll use my bed okay?'

What a sublime admission that was to me! She was in, full time, big time, all the way, and it was me she was into!

'But there is one thing I insist on.' She said.

'What mum?' I asked.

'Those photos and everything else has to go, no more, never! Okay?'

'You got it mum, I swear,' I kissed her to let her know I meant it.

As we got up to go and shower, I held her stocking clad and suspender belted body to me, that's all she had on now. Her shoes, bra and thong were missing!

I told her. 'Mum? You think I am naughty? Just you wait, you are gonna see how naughty I intend to be with you, just you wait!'

'Hah!' she laughed, 'okay, let's see shall we?'

As we walked into the bathroom, I could see my cum and her juices down her long shapely legs, I looked at my dripping prick and smiled to myself.

She turned the shower on, and then sat on the bidet, I looked at her quizzically?

'Gotta clean myself out baby, don't want to poison you, do I?' she giggled.

I was still wondering what she meant as I stepped under the water, then it hit me! She wanted my tongue and mouth there! 'Oh boy, oh boy,' I thought, 'Oh yea!'

I stuck my head out smiling, I looked at her lovely trimmed pussy, then back into those drop dead eyes.

'Oh and by the way mum?' I said.

'What?' she asked.

'I want that shaved next time, smooth as glass is how I want it from now on!' I closed the shower door behind me. I could just hear her laughing.

She came in; put her arms around my neck, and said.

'That will have to wait a while baby, I have other things on my mind right now, okay?'

'Yes mum, whatever you say.'

She put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a gentle push downwards.

I dropped willingly to my knees and looked up at her, her hands went to my head, and I was pushed unceremoniously into her sweet pussy, it was heaven.

I started licking, slurping, kissing and sucking hard, real hard, she was soon backed onto the wall, my head in her hands I gave her it. I attacked her protruding clit with a vengeance. I think it was the prime evil thing in man. I had to rut my female, to show her I was the strongest male. And that she would come to me for all her needs.

I pulled her clit into my mouth and damn near ate it, reached up and nigh on pulled a nipple off, she screamed softly when I did that!

Then I got a finger up into her arse, she jumped in to the air a little, squealed, then she came all over my face.

I think I had accomplished my goal, when she fell to the floor.

We were both laid on the floor of the shower, the warm water splashing over us; she made no attempt to move. So I just loved her, and loved her as much and as hard as I could.

As we lay there, mum manoeuvred herself around on top of me, I found myself gazing up into the sweetest sight I had ever seen. Her mouth closed tight over my prick, my first blow job was under way. Her hands got my balls, mum almost sucked my prick right off me, I had no idea a BJ could be so good. I intermittently clamped myself to her pussy, but I had no control over this, so I gave up and submitted myself to God's gift to me.

Between her hands and her all consuming mouth, I blew my load once more, into her hot watertight mouth. This time she was willingly going for it, I willingly gave her it, I gave her it all. I could hear her gulping as she took it down. Then her pussy dropped onto my face and open mouth, I just kissed her pussy lips whilst she recovered.

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