tagIncest/TabooMy Mother, Wow

My Mother, Wow


The Army is still screwing me even after six years. They tell you one thing then change it just to piss you off. I joined the Army to get College benefits but was now ready to get home and start school. I was supposed to get out on Monday. But here is was Friday morning and I just found out I could get my papers now and be gone in an hour. I had called my mother and told her I would be in later Monday evening. But now it looked like I would be home late tonight. I was flat busted so I did not try to call Mom again to let her know I would be home early. It would be a nice surprise any way.

I got on the interstate and pushed the speed limit to the limit. I stopped once to get gas and take a piss. So it was just after 1AM when I pulled into the alley behind the house. I grabbed my bag and headed across the back yard for the kitchen door. Looking up I saw a light on in Mom's bedroom. She must be reading I thought so it would be OK to poke my head in and say "Honey I am home." That of course is part of an old joke we all know.

I was just up to the landing when I heard a male voice. "Man this is the most fun I have had in a long time." The voice sounded familiar. But I did not place it right away after all I had been over three years since my last leave. But it did occur to me that the voice was coming from my mother bedroom and it was one in the morning. There was only one reason my mother would have a man in her room at this time of the morning. Maybe this was not a good time to march in and say "Gee Mom Hi; who is your friend?" I almost laughed out load at the thought of finding my mother with a man.

I thought of my mother naked and of course I could easily see why men liked to make passes at her. She is only forty six. Tall Dark haired with large high firm breasts and long legs that support a fine firm ass that fill out a pair of jeans to perfection. Mom is a true beauty and I loved to see her smile her mouth is wide and shaped like the drawn pictures in books. She does dress a little provocative at times and she can set off a wave of guys twisting there necks to see her. I had always admired my mother for her beauty and I liked to think of her in ways sons should not think of their mother.

I smiled and thought I could sneak passed her bedroom door and get to my room without being seen. But just as I was going to take a sneak peek to see if it was safe to move past the open door I heard another voice. Another male voice and this one I know for sure. It was Gene Kline a life long friend.

Now that stopped me in my tracks. What the fuck was going on. Two guys in my Mom's bedroom at one in the morning! No way was it what I was thinking; two guys, two guys no way my mother was fucking two guys and one of them my best friend.

Yet what else could it be. I heard Gene say "Sally I am ready to get some more of the finest ass in all of Valley Town. How about the best cocksucker in town working on this?" I could see Gene standing there with his long thick cock in his hand shaking it at my naked mother who was sitting naked on the edge of the bed. From the side I saw movement and into my line of sight walked Mr. Crane the local banker. He was older than my mother and a little fat around his middle but my god he had a fucking cock like a race horse. Both of these guys were hung and the thought of them doing double duty on my mother gave me a strange sensation and the feeling of arousal.

Mr. Crane got up on the bed and arranged Mom so she was on all fours. He was behind her and Gene was standing next to the bed with his cock pointed at her smiling face. Mom grinned from ear to ear and said.

"You boys are unquenchable tonight." Then she turned her head a little to the side and spoke to Mr. Crane "Now take it easy back there and use lots of K-Y Jelly that monster cock needs lot of lubricant."

I was shocked by the way my mother looked her large tits hanging down and swinging as she moved. Her plump ass high in the air ready for a big cock to fuck her in the ass. Damn my mother was going to take that fucking cock in her ass. I had fucked a few girls in the ass and thought it was kind of weird but fun just the same. I watched as Mom returned her attentions to Gene and willingly took his cock deep into her mouth. My knees almost gave out at this sight. My mother with a cock in her mouth and another fucking her ass. But she was a willing participant in this wild sex orgy.

I had my hand gripping my hard on through my jeans. Damn was I hard so hard it almost hurt. I wanted to join these guys when I got the idea that my mother was one hell of a great sex partner. Shit here I was thinking of fucking my own mother. Yes that was it I really wanted to fuck my own mother. I could see it now. My mother in my bed and my cock in her mouth. Now that was a wonderful thought my mother sucking me off. But I got even more aroused as I thought of looking down to see my cock disappear into her tiny ass hole. I wanted to see my cock in her ass that thought alone damn near got me off. My cock was throbbing and I was about to cum from just watching. Mr. Crane took Mom by the hips and guided his cock toward her ass. I could see her wince as the head passed into her pucker little hole. Gene said "God Sally you're the best fucking cocksucker I know even better than my mother." Mr. Cane muttered his agreement.

What the fuck was going on?

I could not take any more of this so I made my way back down and out of the house. I slept in the car till cramps woke me around 5am. I checked the driveway both cars were gone now. Again I returned to the house and made a pot of coffee.

It was only a few minutes before Mom came rushing in to the kitchen and hugged me and kissed me telling me how wonderful it was to have me home and how she had missed me. I thought "Sure you missed me between fucking my friend and others." Mom was dressed in a silk rob and I was sure she was naked under it. I could see her heavy breast swinging and the nipples were pointed and stiff making pointy outlines in the silk material.

My cock got hard and my jeans were not fitting too well just then. Mom turned to pour a cup of coffee and I saw the out line of her fine ass under her rob. My cock grew even harder and longer. It was very cramped in there. So while she was faced away I opened my jeans and let my cock out. When she turned around my jeans were around my knees and my cock was pointing at her and bouncing to the beat of my heart. Mom stopped in her tracks and looked at me.

Mom smiled and said "I thought I felt you in the house last night. I did not see you but I knew you had been here and seen what I was doing."

I blurted out "Mom, you were fucking my best friend. Hell you were fucking two guys at once. You, you sucked him off and took a cock up your ass." I froze and was at a lose for words. Mom came to me and hugged me. Her hand found my cock and her fingers circled the shaft. "Don't be up set with me Darling. Your mother has needs and I found Gene a wiling helper. And Mr. Crane is setting up a loan for your college fund with no interest. So you see I do love you and was thinking of you.

Her fingers were like bands of fire burning into my cock. Her hand was a torch that was lighting the fire I held in me. My hand found the nipple under the silk rob. I twisted the nipple and ground it between my fingers. Mom winced and moaned at the pain. I guess I wanted to hurt her for her indiscretions. Mom kissed me and whispered in my ear "Does my Darling boy want to fuck his mommy?"

I whispered back at her. "Yes I want to fuck you, I want to fuck the town whore and I want to rim your fucking ass hole and watch you suck me off. I want to see my cum on your fucking tits and face. I want to fuck my mother till she screamed for me to stop and then I'll fuck her some more. But most of all I want to be the only one to fuck her from now on. Do you hear me Mother? Do you understand? You will be my fucking whore and only my whore from now on!"

Her smile was wide and as she said "Darling you will be my man and the only one for me."

It was a week or two later that I went to the bank to see Mr. Crane about my school loan. He was so friendly and pleasant I could see how he would have impressed my mother. As we were about to part he said "Please give your mother my regards. She is a fine lady. I do think a great deal of her. In fact I was thinking of asking her out for dinner. Would you mind, Mark if I did that?"

It was a surprise but I said that she was old enough to make up her own mind and yes I thought it would be a pleasant change for her to get out. He shook my hand and patted me on the back and told me the loan would be ready in a few days. Once out side I sat in my car thinking I had just set my mother up with a date. A date with a guy that had already fucked her and I was sure he would again if they went out. Yet it was I that made her stop seeing other guys. I guess he got to me too. I would have to talk this over with Mom later today after our afternoon fuck and suck session.

Mom came out of the shower as I looked up from the bed in which we had just made love. She was a beautiful lady and some how I knew that she needed some one in her life that was her age and could give her what I could not.

I told her that Mr. Crane was going to ask her out and I had said I approved of the idea. I told her I really loved our relationship and I wanted her for myself but I also knew that was a bit selfish of me.

Mom came over to the bed and laid on top me and I cradled her naked body in my arms. We kissed and hugged for a long time. Then she told me Mr. Crane had a beautiful daughter my age and maybe we could make it a double date. I laughed and said I knew he wanted to get her in the sack. She agreed and said she looked forwarded to that but just maybe I could get his daughter in the sack also.

I was a bit hesitant about going on a blind date but as it turned out Sally Crane; same name as my mother turned out to be a beautiful girl. She had one of those pixie hair cuts. It was cut close and it out lined her pretty little face just right. Her eyes were large and blue. She was small only five one at the most. Her breasts were firm and round as was her tiny ass. She dressed in a smooth skirt that fit around her rear in a way that showed it off. The same was true for the tight jersey t-shirt. I was taken back and very impressed with my blind date.

I had gone to the Crane house to pick up Sally and Mom was going to be picked up at our house by Mr. Crane. We all were then to meet at the Rockside restaurant out on the highway. Rockside was set back into the face of a rock wall that was open to the river.

Sally and I had introduced ourselves to one another upon meeting. By the time we arrived at the Rockside restaurant we were getting a warm feeling that comes when you fine that right person and know it from that first moment you meet.

I did not see her father's car in the lot so we went in and sat at the bar. Sally had a Slow Gin and I ordered a Whiskey and seven. I found myself letting my eyes run all over her tiny body. She knew it and from time to time she would move so that her figure would be set off in the low light. After an hour and two drinks later I said I better call the house to see if they left yet. Sally was getting a little tipsy and she answered by telling me "If I know my Dad he had to get a little before they left the house."

I laughed and told her I thought my Mom was kind of taken with her Dad and "Yes "maybe they did get it on before they left. We were snickering and laughing but I don't know why other then the fact we were getting high.

I leaned over and whispered in Sally's ear maybe we should have done the same. She kissed me on the cheek and told me if she had known me five minutes earlier we would have. We laughed and I told her my dick was getting hard thinking of how sexy she was. She told me her panties were all wet from thinking of us fucking our brains out. We laughed and giggled and I kissed her.

Mom said "Hi you two; I see you're getting along just fine." We turned to see Mom and Mr. Crane standing behind us. Mr. Crane said for me to call him Bob and Mom told Sally to call her Marie her middle name. We were seated at a window table so we could see the river and the moon that was shining like a big street light. It was a lovely place and we all were soon laughing and talking like old friends. The meal was perfect and I started to sober up some. But Sally had another drink and was getting very sexy in her language. Bob could see his daughter was getting a little loud so he paid the tab and we all headed for the parking lot.

Mom and Bob walked us to my car. Bob asked me if I was OK to drive I assured him I was. I opened the car door and Sally got in. Bob came around to her side and asked if she was Ok as well. Sally laughed and said "I bet you were fucking Marie and that is why you were late." Bob seemed not to notice his daughter accusation and kissed her on the cheek and closed the door. Bob asked me to take her home and stay with her till she was asleep. He said Mom and he were going to do a little dancing before they arrived home. I wondered just what kind of dancing that would be seeing that he had already screwed her I was sure.

We were hardly out of the parking lot when Sally leaned across the center console and started to open my zipper. I thought what the hell let her have some fun. So I moved the seat back as far as it would go and let her pull my hard cock free of its restraints.

Sally had her mouth down over my cock and was sucking cum out of it before we reached the river bridge which was only three miles from the restaurant. Sally sucked the juice out of me and never let a drop get on my trousers. Sally was an expert cocksucker. I told her so but she never heard me as she was dead to the world, passed out cold. So I pushed her back up in her seat and delivered her to her door. It took me all of ten minutes to get her undressed and in bed. I was home in another thirty. I was surprised to see the big Lincoln parked in the drive. But it gave me vision of the night I came home to fine Mom fucking my best friend and my now buddy Bob.

I stood at the door of my mother's bedroom and listened to the sounds of two people fucking. I pushed it open and looked at Bob's naked ass bobbing up and down between my mother's raised legs. I could see Bob's sizeable cock going into my mother's wonderful cunt. The same sweet cunt I had licked to a climax this very afternoon. I walked in and said

"May I join you two?"

Bob slowed down for only a second and said it was Ok with him if mother did not care. Mom said three was never a crowd before. I was naked in a flash and into bed next to Mom my erection pointed at her mouth as she turned to face me. Bob lifted up some to make more room for me. Also I think it turned him on to see my mother willing taking my cock in her mouth. Before I could reach a climax Bob did. Mom reacted to his filing her with his load and I pulled back to let them have all the room they needed. Bob rolled off and got up saying he had to get on home. I did not resume my love making with mother till after Bob had left.

I told Mom it seemed to me that Bob was in a hurry to get gone and if it was because I came home I was sorry.

She said "No" it was not that at all. It seems Bob told my mother he was very taken with her and he wanted to make seeing her a regular thing. We were both naked standing in the kitchen. I was standing behind Mom and I reached out and patted her lovely bottom.

"I guess he likes the way you fuck him." I told her.

"Mark, he lost his wife some time ago and he is a lonely man that is all." She said. I got the feeling it was really more than that and if Bob continued to see my mother I was going to be on the out side looking in so they say.

But I was OK with that after all I wanted Mom to be happy and if I had to give up fucking her then so be it. But it was not going to be tonight. We returned to the bedroom and made love for some time. It was sweet and slow. I screwed her to a climax. She sucked me hard again so I went to the bathroom and came back with the tube of K-Y jelly. Mom only smiled as she got up on all fours. I mounted her from behind and found her to be an exciting and willing anal sex lover. But I knew Bob had reamed out her ass and made it big enough for dicks my size. Not that I am small it is just that Bob is so fucking big.

Mom and I talked the next morning about our situation. We agreed that if Sally wanted to join the family so we would be a foursome then we would keep things as they are. If Sally would not then I would not stand in Mom's and Bob's way. I would move out and let Bob move in.

Of course Mom and I did not know that as we talked Bob was fucking his daughter and they were talking about Mom and I. Bob had told her about me joining him and Mom last night. Sally was happy about that and she told her father she wanted to try a little one on one with Mom.


A phone call was all it took to get the four of us together for diner here. Bob and Sally were to bring the pizza and Mom and I were to furnish the beer, liquor and whiskey. I was going to introduce Sally and Mom to a drink I believed very tasty. It is called a Harvey-wall-banger.

The pizza was laid out on the kitchen table with the beer. We each carried a plate and beer into the den. Sally sat next to me on a love seat while Mom and Bob sat on the wicker couch. After a few minutes of casual talk Sally asked "Marie I hear you enjoyed a threesome with Mark and Daddy last night. How does it feel to have sex with your son?"

Mom did not even look up as she answered "God I do love a girl that comes straight to the point. So let me say this Sally; fucking my son is not different from you fucking your Daddy. How does sit feel to have your Daddy fuck you with that big cock of his?"

There was silence for ten seconds and then we all laughed. Bob said "OK well all know about incest and we must agree it is a special and true feeing of love for the four of us. Few persons I know can say they love their children any more than we do. Marie and I have talked about it and we agree you kids are two of the nicest people we know. Also I guess we may as well tell you two right now I asked Marine to marry me and she has accepted my proposal."

Somehow this did not come as a shock to Sally and I. But I said "I can not think of any two people better suited than you two. I fine the idea of Bob as my step father a welcome one."

Sally said "So what does that make us, brother and sister. Marine is going to be my Mother and Daddy will be Marks Dad. Will we all still go on as we are now? I mean can I still fuck Daddy and Marine still screw Mark? You guys are not going to cut us off are you?"

Sally was kidding of course I felt it was understood we were going to be a happy family together. Well almost anyway.

Mother said "Of course we will still enjoy our special loving relationship up to a point." Here she paused and let us look up at her. When she had our attention she said "Bob wants another child and after I see the doctor we may cut you two off till after I get pregnant so we know for sure who the father is. Once I come off birth control I only want Bob's little bugs running around in there to fine there away up to my egg."

Now this was a shock. I just never thought of my mother ever having another child. But I found the idea intriguing. Sally said "Well I am still on birth control so I can still enjoy both. I am sure if Mark only fucks you in the ass or if you give him a blow job it would be OK. I think we can all still have a great deal of fun together."

"Yes of course we can, there are so many ways we can still enjoy and love one another." Bob said.

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