tagIncest/TabooMy Mother's Dirty Panties

My Mother's Dirty Panties


I found them all curled up lying in the used toilet hamper of my mothers toilet – Her used panties just sitting there staring at me. I don’t know what urged me to pick it up - but I did and I straightened them out – My mother was a large woman and these were big panties – big white cotton panties – nothing sexy about them – except it made me very excited and I had a hard on inside my pants – just holding them.

I looked at them for a long time – went over every part of the fabric – there were a few curled up black pubic hairs stuck to the sides and what appeared to be a big yellow stain right down on the panty crotch – there was still some sticky fluid on it and it glistened in the light of the toilet – I knew that these panties were the ones my mom had worn all day yesterday and she had taken them off only in the morning when she had changed and left for work.

It was just my Mother and I in this house – she was a 44 year old woman and one wouldn’t really call her sexy – she was rather matronly - a large woman – with big breasts and a belly and huge hips with a big ass. But this morning standing in the toilet I don’t know why I felt like picking up these panties.

I was still struggling with whether what I was doing was right or wrong when my urges took over me – I had to smell these panties - specially that stain – why did it excite me so much – this was my own mothers underwear.

I brought them close to my nose and took a whiff of what must have been the smell of my mothers cunt. To tell you honestly it smelled rancid – a mixture of sweat and urine and fish – gone stale. At first I reacted immediately and took them away from my face – but the smell lingered on in my senses – It was very smelly and it made me week in my knees. I sat down slowly on the toilet seat and thought about it – I had just smelled my mothers pussy – I started to think about it – about her pussy and what it must be like. It smelled so much on her panties - surely it would smell more between her legs.

I couldn’t help but think about all the time she told me about brushing my teeth making my hair washing my face, telling me to clean myself when I was dirty or smelly and here was she – her pussy – so dirty and smelly – I kept thinking of all these things and the more I thought the hornier I became – I could now see her vividly in my mind all naked and slutty – I started to imagine her legs spread wide all naked in front of me and asking me – pleading with me - to lick her pussy clean because it was so dirty and smelly.

I was very horny by now – I unzipped my pants and took them off – my hard on sprang to life as I did that. I had to taste what my mothers cunt would be like – cause If I was going to clean it for her in real I should be ready for the taste – here was my chance – her used dirty underwear right in front of me.

I picked up the panties with one hand and started stroking my cock with the other. I brought the panties close to my face. After a deep breath I flicked my tongue out for a first lick of it and a small glob of her sticky cunt fluid came onto the edge of my tongue. I took it inside and pressed it against the roof of my mouth. I was actually salivating and immediately the taste of my mothers cunt hit me. It was so pungent, salty and bitter and so gooey that it coated the inside of my mouth – I was in a daze – this was it I was tasting my moms cunt. My right hand had started jerking my cock very fast and I was getting so horny and aroused – I opened my eyes and saw the dirty panty in front of me – I wanted more of it – I started to lick faster and faster almost cleaning the panty fabric of the stain but making it wet too. I was sucking on it biting on it juicing it with my mouth till all of the dirty cunt fluid was inside me.

The faster I licked the faster my hand worked and when I had finally licked off all of my mothers cunt juice I was on the verge of cumming. I opened my eyes and brought down the panties only to see my mother standing in front of me – but at this point I couldn’t stop – I was looking straight at her now and as I looked at her my cock erupted - all I could say looking at her with her used panties in one hand and my exploding cock in the other was “Ohhhhhhhh Moooooooooom!"

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