tagIncest/TabooMy Mother's Dirty Panties Ch. 02

My Mother's Dirty Panties Ch. 02


I really felt like my life was over. I should never have done what I did and now a lot had changed. We were a very close family – just my mother and I – my older brother was living separately and that left just the two of us together alone in this house.

She was just like a regular mom – always trying to get me to do the right thing – making sure I did well in all my activities – she would push me and hope I succeeded in whatever I did – but besides that she was also a friend – I guess when its only the two of you living like that then one does feel a greater dependence and because of that we had a very close relationship.

But the incident in the toilet had changed all that – She never spoke about it – I think she was shocked at what she saw and I guess rather than being embarrassed I was a little sad that I had done it.

The atmosphere at home was very different now – we hardly spoke to each other and whenever I was alone I couldn't get her image out of my mind standing there in the doorway looking at me shaking my cock to her panties – it still aroused me but I felt sick that it did and wanted the feeling to go away, but it never did – It only increased.

This went on for a couple of days and the longer she kept quiet about it the more I thought about it and the hornier it made me – I was trying to fight the feeling but I couldn't - I was miserable. Then one evening when she came home I ran to her – I hugged her and just started to weep in her arms – she took me in her arms and started to weep with me. "I'm sorry mom – I'm really sorry"

"Its all right my boy" she said, "Its all right – everything is ok now" I started to cry uncontrollably and she just cradled me in her arms and rocked me – I clung on to her and slowly I started to relax – I felt safe in her arms – I could smell her perfume and I could hear her heart beating – my head was on her chest and I could sense that she too was breathing heavily - I felt it was all going to be ok – I opened my eyes and looked at her – she had tears in her eyes and she smiled at me – I felt better and I asked her "Do you still like me – mom" – she held my face in her hands and very slowly and softly with so much love she said "I love you my son and nothing you do will ever stop me from loving you"

I kept looking at her and she kept looking at me and then slowly we started to move close to each other and then – I don't know if it was just a moment or longer but we were kissing – I don't know what came over us – at first it was just a peck on the lips then it became more passionate – It didn't feel wrong at all at that time – we were both in the moment and enjoying it – I had my tongue inside my mothers mouth and she would suck on it then roll it around – then slowly she would put her tongue in my mouth and I did the same – we kept doing this – mother and son with our tongues in each others mouth while my crotch had started to bulge.

I had never expected this but I was enjoying her – our bodies were now close to each other – and I could feel her grinding her hips to my bulging pants –My cock was throbbing and having my mom grind herself to it was making it even harder and hot – I slowly moved my hands over to her ass – she had such a big body and a huge ass – holding it I felt the enormity of its size and – it actually wobbled in my hands. I squeezed it hard and pressed her hips further into my crotch – I felt her breath increase when I did that and I knew she was also enjoying it – her face was now near my ears and she started to gently take it in her mouth and lick it – I could hear her breath in my ear and in that heavy horny voice I heard her saying "So did you like the taste of mommy's cunt". I was so horny now –"Your cunt is very dirty and smelly mom – but Id love to clean it for you" I said teasing her.

Her movements became aggressive now – I suddenly realized what was happening – my large mother was letting herself go – she seemed so horny grinding herself to me and talking to me about her cunt – All I could think of was finally getting to smell and taste what I was depriving myself of all these days – my mothers cunt!

"Mommy will show you how to eat it – but you don't have to clean it baby – Ill go and wash it for you" – She was about to go when I stopped her "Oh mommy – will you deprive your son of once seeing something dirty about you" – I slowly went down on my knees stopping her from going further – She patted my head and smiled "its old and hairy baby – I don't want my darling boy to dirty his mouth – let me wash it for you" – I could see she was a little embarrassed about what was being said but I wanted to taste her the way she was - not after some soapy water was splashed onto it.

I reached under her skirt and glided my hands up her thick fatty thighs – I teased her skin and could feel her goose bumps rise as I did it. I reached up to her panties and slowly slid them off – she kept looking at me open mouthed as I took her panties off her feet and smelled them – I looked at her while I smelled her dirty panties – I was in heaven and she could see it – This was the smell I wanted for so long – I rubbed the stain all over my face teasing her and showing to her how much I wanted it – "Oh mommy – you have such a dirty cunt – but why do I love it so much".

She started to undo her skirt and slowly she let it fall to the floor – reaching over to her blouse she undid it and with a yank pulled off her bra – Her tits came out jumping from under that and sagged down to her belly - slowly she walked forward to me and for the first time I got a glimpse of what she looked like naked – she was so large –bulbous drooping breasts - big thick thighs and a huge ass – and heavy jungle like pubic hair sticking out all over from her pubic area – So chubby and heavy – but something very sexual about her – sitting there looking at her I felt as if her entire body was sex – this was sex in its purest form – my mothers naked body called out to me - I was almost powerless at the site - she saw me looking at her body in awe and she replied to me "You like it cause this is where you are from my son – I squeezed you out of here and I guess its natural you would love it" she said caressing the hairy jungle around her pussy.

I don't know why looking at her like that I sat there and just licked my lips – I knew the time had come – I was going to be one of those few sons who got to eat their moms pussy – She asked me to lie down flat on my back – and she came and stood on top of my face – the view of my mother from that angle was almost scary – she towered above me and her hairy cunt between her legs dripped down some of her juice on my face – I was in heaven – I had forgotten about everything – the only thing that existed for me was that pussy which was being slowly lowered on to my face.

It took her some effort to sit down on my face – she took the support of a chair and slowly eased her large body on my face – "Well then son – all these days I cleaned after you – I guess its time you clean after me – here it is baby - clean your mommy's dirty cunt" as soon as her cunt hit my face I started to lick it and suck on it – I didn't know how to really eat a pussy but I was enjoying this meal – her smell was very heavy and she tasted even heavier – her juices were dripping right into my mouth and slowly I could sense my mother going wilder and wilder – pretty soon she stopped taking support of the chair and her full weight was on my face – I was getting crushed and I moved my hands on to her ass for support – I felt it wobbling in her movements almost crushing me but I wanted her to enjoy this so I just let her do as she pleased.

She had now started grinding her cunt on my face – she didn't care what I did with my tongue - for her my face had become her dildo and she used the contours of my face to rub against herself – she rubbed herself on my chin – then my nose - sometimes my tongue and mouth and sometimes my head – I was so drenched in her juices that I felt I would drown – but I just held on to her flabby ass and let her rock away on my face.

Finally after a lot of grinding and rubbing - she was on the verge of Cumming – her groans had become moans and just before she came she started to shiver and let off a loud scream – I could feel her entire cunt pulsating with her pleasure and – with her Cumming – I too instantly exploded in my trousers – I had forgotten about my hard cock in my pants and the horniness of my mother sitting on my face resounded with the explosion in my pants

Together we both screamed our pleasure in unison – both mother and son Cumming at the same time – she kept on screaming and Cumming for a long time – and I enjoyed the pleasure I had just given her. Finally when she was spent – she slowly got off my face and stood above me looking at me. My face was covered in her juices and I kept rubbing my mouth and licking my fingers hoping to not waste a single drop of her cunt juice.

"I think my baby likes his moms dirty cunt," she said enjoying the sight she saw below her – feeling more confident about the way she smelled now.

"I love it mom – Its smelly but very juicy and I love the way it tastes – I wish you had more for me to lick" – she smiled when she heard me say that and slowly she reached with her hands onto her big thighs and parted them – letting me have a full view of her now swollen and wet cunt – "I can give you something else if you like" she said teasing.

I knew what she meant but I asked her anyway "What mom?" – a smirk appeared on my face.

"Would my darling boy like to drink his mothers pee" – she was looking so big and slutty there just waiting for me to say it – almost on the verge – all she needed was my yes and she would let her pee go right on my face.

I didn't say anything I just opened my mouth. As soon as I did that I saw her bending her hips a little and slowly she started to trickle into my mouth – it was hot and yellow and it came out in spurts – she had very bad aim and her pee was going all over my face – into my eyes my nose my hair – but finally her stream became constant and it flowed straight into my mouth – I gulped it and drank it down – it was so warm and bitter but I cherished every drop that I drank – she spluttered again and then finally stopped.

I had wanted to eat her cunt but never knew that I would want to drink her pee too – She looked at me so satisfied and I knew all this had been worth it.

She walked away and rose to watch her go - I kept looking at her – her huge bums accentuating her movements as she walked away – She went into the toilet and turned to face me – She smiled back at me just like how she had done all my life – my mothers sweet smile – but this time it looked so different – for one she was stark naked and the other that I had her smell on my nose and her taste in my tongue.

I looked at her like that for a long time – and she too stood there letting me look at her. She looked so naked – so fat and yet so sexy. I walked up to her and started to unzip my pants – letting my hard on jerk out for her – she looked at it and then smilingly patted my cheek saying "Not today baby – not today".

I didn't know what to do I just looked at her surprised – and she just closed the door on me saying, "I don't think I can baby – I really don't think I can". I was shocked beyond belief – what had just happened – why did she change all of a sudden – I was so hard and horny here and she just left me out – the thought of what had just passed came back to me and I found myself stroking my cock standing right outside the toilet door. I could hear her too – and I fully understood what those sounds were – she was rubbing herself inside the toilet.

Mother and son for the second time that day came in unison – I knew that behind that door – my mother was rubbing herself thinking of me and I shook myself thinking of her.

I came on that toilet door that day screaming and moaning even louder so that she could hear me – while all the while I felt cheated – I walked out of there angry and hurt not understanding her and thinking that I would never again do what I had done.

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Pure love between mom and son.

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