tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Mother's Maid

My Mother's Maid


I heard the door handle to the study turning and quickly moved to the cupboard to hide from my stepfather.

I had only been back from university (Cambridge) for two nights, and was snooping around my stepfathers things, to see what he had changed now my poor father was dead.

He didn't see me, as I hastily hid myself inside the large cupboard, but went round to his desk, sat down and rang the bell on the wall. Presently one of my mothers maids came in with a tea tray, she must have been new because I didn't recognise her.

She was beautiful, petite with bright green eyes, full lips and wonderfully heavy, pale breasts which were spilling out from her chemise, pushed up by her corset.

'Ah Anna, good girl, shut the door, put the tray down and come round here' said my stepfather only briefly looking up from his newspaper.

Anna did as she was told, and came and stood in front of my stepfather. He put his paper down and with no further discussion started to softly stroke her ample bosom.

I was shocked, my stepfather had always seemed like a shy bumbling man, not one to take advantage of his servants in this way. I was angry for my mother, they had only been married a short time, I wanted to go out and confront him but I was also aware of the stirrings in my trousers and wanted to see how his dealings with Anna developed.

Sure enough his fumblings got stronger and he started to pummel and pinch her breasts before pulling and tugging her chemise, down from her shoulders and over her bosom. They were now bare, and god were they beautiful.

Anna did not look as if she was enjoying this but also did not look surprised. This was not the first time.

He continued to gently stroke and kneed her milky orbs and then began to suck them, carefully licking each nipple with his wet slobbery tongue, cupping the heavy weight with his hands.

I could see Annas body stiffen and start to get goose pimples all over, her rosy pink nipples hardened.

I couldn't help myself, over my trousers I started to rub my stiffening cock.

My uncle spun Anna round and she placed her hands on the mahogany desk and lent over so her heavy breast where swinging. Standing behind her he continued to roughly grab and squeeze them with one hand.

'There's a good girl don't look round' murmured my stepfather urgently as he unbuttoned his trouser and started to rub his erect member. Jerking away at it, I could tell he wasn't going to last long, the climax was building up as he continued to pull and pinch her nipples. Annas occasional gasps of pain sent me into overdrive. I also was furiously rubbing myself. Having undone my trouser front my cock was now large and incredibly hard.

He brought himself to a fast, jerky climax and gave an embarrassed whimper as he quickly brought out his pocket hanky and shot his load into it.

Anna wasn't allowed to move until he had cleaned himself up and sat back down at his desk.

'There's a good girl, back to work now.'

He had left a shiny penny by her hand.

Later that night having escaped from the study unnoticed, I went in search of the pretty maid and found her alone in the pantry. I hadn't stopped thinking about her all evening. It was my duty to chastise the naughty girl, she was in my mothers employment and shouldn't be allowing my stepfather to do that, even if she did have no choice.

I startled her as I asked where Mrs Hill the cook was.

'Oh sir?' She stammered as she span round 'She isn't here, she's already gone to bed, may I do something for you?'

My handsome face gave a wolfish grin. God she really was ridiculously wonderful. Her bosoms were heaving with shock at having been found by a strange man and she kept nervously biting her pouty lips. I couldn't help but get straight to the point.

'I know what my stepfather is doing to you and I wont have my mother humiliated by dirty whores.'

The blood drained from her exquisite face.

'Do as I say and there will be no trouble. Turn around, put your hands on the kitchen table and don't make a sound. We don't want to wake up the household do we?'

Her eyes begin to well up but she did as she was told and didn't say a word.

I pushed down on her back until she was bent over the scrubbed wooden table and began to lift up her skirt and petticoats and pushed them over her back.

Her body shuddered and she gasped as I began to caress her soft pale bottom. Putting my hand between her thighs, I made her spread her lovely legs, admiring the blue ribbons that held up her stockings. My prick was as hard as stone by this point but I didn't want to rush this.

I slowly raised my hand and without warning sent it swishing down with a firm slap. Anna squealed. I had left a wonderful mark on her peachy behind.

'That is what little sluts get.'

I raised my hand again and sent it whooshing onto her tensed bottom leaving a hand print. I could feel the heat coming off her as I gently stroked her reddened derriere.

'Please sir, please don't', she begged 'I'll try and stop him touching me.'

I slapped again and again, fast and hard until her little body was quivering and her lovely face was wet with tears. I stopped and stepped back to admire my work, she flinched from the pain as my white hand softly touched and caressed her sore behind.

I pulled her up and wiped the tears from the pale freckles on her cheeks and gently kissed her pretty mouth. I could feel her start to respond to my gentleness, her lips parting as I slipped my warm tongue inside. Cruelly pulling away I whispered. 'Now Anna, get on your knees.'

Her eyes widened with shock as she realised what I wanted.

'Please Sir don't make me do this' she pleaded, but like a well trained maid did as she was told.

I yanked her chemise off her shoulders and sighed at the sight of her magnificent milky orbs. As I caressed one nipple, making her gasp, I guided her head to my large prick now released from my trousers.

It butted her pillowy lips and she cautiously parted them.

I could tell she was a novice so I gently started to guide my penis into her mouth. Slowly she started to kiss and lick my manhood. Her wet tongue flicking along the shaft. It felt incredible, I instructed her to open her lips wider and pushed the head of my penis into her warm mouth. As she started sucking I couldn't resist, I pushed the back of her head to make her take me further her startled green eyes only turning me on more. Thrusting myself into her, losing control, going faster and harder until choking I felt she could take no more.

I stood her up and spun her round again. I pushed her back down over the table lifted the skirts, spread her bruised cheeks and stroked my fingers along her pussy lips. Gently pushing her soft slightly plump thighs apart.

Anna let out a moan. Her quim was puffy and soaking wet.

'Well Anna you naughty girl, you are even more of a slut then I thought.'

Anna's cheeks flushed.

'Now Mrs Hill won't mind if I borrow a bit of this butter will she.'

I dipped my fingers into the soft pat of butter on the side and started to rub it into Anna's brown rosebud, she shivered. I then slid it down along her moist pussy lips coating them in the creamy butter, pushing my lubricated fingers deep inside.

She clamped her legs closed with my hand still between them.

'No sir', she whimpered. 'I have never..'

A virgin? Laughing I pushed them easily apart again. I started to rub her clit and holes more vigorously. Everything was slippy. Anna stopped resisting and started to push herself against my hand. Low moans escaping from her.

Finally I pushed my finger into her tight anus. She cried out.

'Shush, now this wont hurt much, you'd rather this then get yourself in the family way.'

'Sir please!'

She tried to get up but I roughly pushed her down.

'Do you want to be on the streets with no references? One word to my mother will make that happen.'

'No sir' she whispered.

'There's a good girl.'

Stroking away the tendrils of hair that had escaped her bun I began kissing the back of her neck until she was mewing softly.

I then continued pushing one finger into her virgin arsehole. Anna stayed very still. Her bud had a pincher grip but with the help of more butter I slipped another finger in and started to finger fuck her behind, gently, until Anna started to relax.

I felt she was ready for my cock. I pushed its throbbing head against her opening coating it in the butter. I took hold of her hips and started to press into her. Stretching her wide. It was so tight and slippery. I wasn't sure if her tiny rosebud could take it. She was panting and gasping. I slowly inch by inch pushed my massive manhood in, right to the hilt. My balls pressed against her soft bottom. I had never felt anything so tight and wonderful. I stayed deep inside, fondling her breasts, kissing her neck and stroking her stomach. She smelt of soap. I had never wanted anyone so much. I started to thrust, slowly at first, her shapely legs quivering as I eased myself in and out, in and out. Anna began to moan and her bud relaxed more. This had never felt so good.

Feeling she could take it I grabbed her hips and started ramming my cock in, getting faster and harder. My balls slapping against her. Anna's cries only making me pound harder, her tight hole milking my cock.

'Oh Sir, Oh god.'

Reaching my hand round I started to rub her clit, slick with her juices. I could feel her body start to tense beneath me. I continued to thrust in and out, her moans becoming louder as I furiously circled her clit. She came with a shuddering cry and collapsed onto the bench.

I couldn't help but start to smack her still burning red behind, spanking her with each thrust. She was so sensitive her body jolted with each slap, squeezing my member tighter still. I began to lose control, pumping into her. I wasn't going to last much longer I grabbed her soft hair and with one last powerful thrust I came gushing inside of her.

I lay panting on top of her for a while stoking her softly all over.

'There Anna' I whispered in her ear 'that wasn't so bad was it?'

Pulling my now shriveled cock out of her, my semen began running down her leg.

'Go clean yourself up and don't worry, everything is just our little secret now.'

Without a word she ran out of the room. Her beautiful face confused by how wrong it all was but how good it had felt.

Oh dear I thought grinning to myself that wont be the last time.

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