tagMatureMy Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 01

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 01


My mom had this good friend that went to the same church as us. Her and mother had been friend for years. She was a bank teller, or something to do with banking. She lived alone and was very active in a lot of the church ladies groups.

She must have been about 45 years young when this story took place. Elna was about 5' 7" tall and on the medium to thin build. That was except she had the largest set of breast for her build that I had seen so far in my young life. They must have been at least 36" with a "C" cup (just guessing at this point of the story as my only experience with breast sizes was with high school gals) Her butt was nice and firm with very sexy legs and her hair was a reddish blond.

I had just turned legal age for the state of Illinois back in 1963 when mother asked me to take Elna home after a Saturday evening of being over to our house for dinner and cards. This was about 9:00 PM and mom knew that I was going to be going out to the local drive in anyways so it would save dad a trip back into town.

I said "No Problem" and off we went. I had a 1962 Pontiac Tempest at the time, with a three speed transmission. It had a front bench seat and a floor shifter.

Elna sat on her side of the car and we talked about me working for my dad during the summer. Once we got to her place, she asked me to help carry a couple of things mom had sent home with her up to her second floor apartment. I grabbed the things and followed her up the steeps. Her legs were a great turn on for a young man.

She opened the door and asked me to set the things on the living room floor. As I was turning to leave she took my arm and stopped me and gave me a kiss on the side of the face. I smiled and said what was that for.

She told me it was for being a gentleman and helping her. That was the end of that trip, but I think she had further plans from the look in her eyes and the smile on her face.

About two weeks later mom asked me to go pick up Elna for dinner on a Wednesday evening as dad was gone on a business trip and she figured we should get together as mom say's "we all have to eat so we might as well do it together." I drove over to her apartment and waited a couple of minutes for her to come down. When she didn't, I went up to the door and knocked. She opened the door wearing a "house coat" (back them ladies call robes that) and asked me to come in while she finished dressing.

I sat on the living room couch and waited. She called out to me to come help her with something. I went to her bedroom door and asked what she needed. She opened the door and stood there in only her bra and panties. I backed up and hit the wall behind me with my head. She rushed out and asked if I had hurt my head. I said no and moved to the side of her. She took my arm and said to come in and sit down for a minute. After a couple of minutes she asked how my head was and then asked for help her with her dress. The zipper was stuck and would not go down so she could get it on. (The cleaners had damaged it) As I was working on the zipper she stood over my back and pressed her breasts into my shoulders. She them kissed my ear and turned my head so she could kiss my lips.

I looked up at her and put the dress on the floor and stood up. I turned around and looked her in the eyes and kissed her back. It was then that she looked down at my manhood and smiled. It was straining to get out of my pants and she could see that. She took one more look and placed her hand on it and rubbed it through my pants.

Her lips were still attached to mine and her tongue was now rubbing my lips. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me and she pushed her hips into my crotch.

She backed up and sat down on the bed and patted it for me to sit next to her. I did as I was requested, as a gentleman should, and she pushed me onto my back. She then swung her leg over me and sat on top of me with her breast (bra encased) just inches from my face. Her legs were on each side of my hips and she pushed her crotch down on my rock hard penis.

She started to slide back and froth on my cock and then stopped. She swung her leg off of me and told me to take on pant off, as she did not want to stain them, as we still had to go to my parents for dinner. As I was standing up to remove my pants the phone rang, which in those day you only had one phone in the whole house, she ran out to the living room to answer it.

It was my mother asking that we pick up some ice cream on the way back and dinner was getting done early.

Elna said sure and hung up. She came back into the bedroom where I stood in my underwear and cock fully hard and the head sticking above the waist band. She looked at me looked down at my cock and said, DAM want that monster, but that was you mother and we have to go, BUT wait till you bring me home tonight.

When we got to our house mom asked what took so long. Elna said that she was sorry but she had asked me to do a "chore" for her and it took longer then she figured it would. Mom looked at her and she smiled back at mom and they both smiled.

After dinner I went down to the basement and worked on a school project that I had started a couple of weeks ago. As I was getting ready to paint the parts when mom called to me and said that Elna wished to go home, as it was getting late and she had to work in the morning. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30 PM (that's late I said to myself)

I went up stairs and got her and my coat and off we went. This time she sat towards the middle of the car once we left our block. She placed her hand on my leg and started rubbing my knee. As I shifted into third gear my hand slipped and went between her legs ever so briefly. She started rubbing my leg up higher at that point and she started brushing the head of my cock. She spread her legs a little and at the next light as I put the car in first and was waiting for the light to change she took my hand off the shifter and put it between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy and as I pushed my hand back could feel the moistness of her wet panties. To say the least I drove rather quickly to her apartment and went in side with her with no asking.

She took her coat off and turned around and grabbed me by the neck and kissed me before I could get my coat off. She reached for my belt and off came my pants in the living room as the door closed. The next thing I knew she was pulling my boxers down around my ankles and with her face right in front of my rock hard cock, kissed the head and left her dark red lipstick on its purple head. She then looked up at me and took my cock into her mouth and just sucked on the head as I was taking off my coat and shirt.

She still was fully dress as I lower my hands to her arm pits and raised her up so I could kiss her. I reached behind her and unzipped the dress and it fell to the floor. Her half slip was next to go along with her panties. Now the only thing left to do was remove the bra for both of us to be naked and very horny. She reached for my cock and stroked it gently. With her other hand she took my hand and placed it between her legs. Her wetness was amazing and her full bush felt ever so inviting to be licked.

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. She hopped on top of me as before and while humping my cock removed her bra and let her breasts swing free. I had never seen breast that large before. They had the largest pinkest nipples and did not have a bit of sag when being set free. She leaned forward and placed a nipple at my lips. I stated to lick and suck on it as she rubbed her pussy up and down my shaft. On the third slide my head slipped into her moist wet cunt and she froze. I thought I had done something wrong and started to say something when she pushed down on my shaft and plunged my 9" cock deep into her love tunnel. She stayed in the fully filled position for a minute as I could feel the muscles of her pussy milking my cock.

Then she leaned back a little and raise herself part way off my cock. Then plunged back down hard and it felt like she smashed my balls. I let out a sound and she just smiled and kept up the piston like strokes. Being a pleasure machine for her, at this point, I just cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples and with every stroke the nipples came close to my mouth so I licked them.

It did not take me long to fill her full on my young sperm and as I was pumping my last drop I felt here pussy tighten up around my cock and explode. She through her head back and let out a cry of pleasure that I had never heard before from anyone.

She fell forward on top of me and lay there kissing me and pressing her breasts into my chest. She then pushed herself up with her arms and started to stroke me again. Being young my cock was still hard and respond to the motions of her body. I rolled her over and plunged my cock in as far as it would go and I swear I could feel bottom of her love tunnel with my penis head. She looked up at me and pulled my face to her and kissed me as I keep plunging in and out. I took a lot longer to explode this time, but by them she had exploded at least three times.

After that I fell off to the side of her and she just took my semi hard cock in her hand and held it. After about twenty minutes she looked at me and said we have to do this often but right now you better get home before you parents wonder where you are.

I told her that I had told them I was going to stop at the local drive in and talk to the guys for a while after dropping you off. She smiled and kiss me again. Well then you /we had better go take a shower so your mother does not smell my perfume on you and our sex juices also.

She got up and put on a light so I could see her sexy body in the light and reached out her hand so I could take it and we headed for the bathroom and the shower.

I left about 9:30 PM to go met the guys and check out the carhops at the drive-in for a while before going home.

All I could think about was Elna and what we were going to do in two weeks when my parents went to visit my uncle in Nebraska for a week. She had promised me a week of sheer pleasure and enjoyment when they were gone with me here at her place.

Next chapter: How we spent the first days of the week.

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