My Mother's Revenge


"Oh, shit." I whispered as I watched the cum drip down my shaft and puddle on my stomach.

Still staring me in the eye, Mom lowered her head and as I watched in disbelief, began to lap up my cum. She was making loud slurping sounds as she sucked every drop back into her mouth. When she finished, she made it a point to open her mouth and show that she had swallowed it all.

"Was that better than a movie baby?"

"That was....oh, goddamn." I panted.

"Good, because now it's your turn to show me what you can do with that eager tongue of yours."

Sitting up, Mom turned away from me. Swinging her leg up over me, so that she was straddling me, she began to crawl backwards up the bed. I stared, my mouth already watering, as I watched her smooth wet pussy approaching my face. Mom slid her legs under my arms and sat straight up on the bed, shoving her pussy into my face. I eagerly shoved my tongue up inside her and I heard her squeal in delight. Her thighs pressed against my face and she said, "Keep your tongue still."

I did as she said and she started wiggling her hips, sliding my tongue through the soft folds of her pussy. I took a deep breath; inhaling her sweet scent and reaching around grabbed her thighs and held her to my face.

"I love it!" she cried, "Suck that pussy!"

My lips found her clit and I started tonguing it as fast as I could. Mom was moaning and wiggling around, smearing her wet pussy all over my face. She leaned forward and lying on my chest, eased back a little further.

"Spread my cheeks open." She told me.

I grabbed her round firm ass and did as she said. I found myself staring at her pink rosebud and she whispered, "Shove your tongue in my ass!"

I'd never done that before and earnestly pushed my tongue into what was probably the most forbidden place it could be, my mother's asshole. Mom purred and whispered, "Lick around honey, treat it like my pussy!"

I swirled my tongue around her ass, and keeping my tongue rigid, pushed it into her tight hole. Mom squealed again and called out, "Oh, yeah baby! Eat my ass! Your father wouldn't do it, but you love it don't you?"

I worked my fingers closer to her ass, spreading her cheeks further and moaned into her asshole as she squirmed and whimpered in delight.

"Hmmm, nothing like a rim job from your son," she cooed. Then sighed, "My pussy now, baby, eat my pussy, get me off again!"

I slid my tongue back and Mom cried out as I pushed my tongue deep inside. I sucked hard, getting a mouthful of her forbidden juices, before swirling my tongue around inside her. Mom started working her hips up and down and as I did before, I kept my tongue still and let her work it through her pussy. Mom stopped when my tongue was over her swollen clit and taking it between my lips, I started to suck on it.

"Oh, you are sooo good at that." She moaned, "So much better than your dad, he licked pussy like a dog licks water out of a bowl!"

I almost laughed at that, but the feeling of her clit in my mouth was overwhelming and I continued to suck on it. Mom was again rocking her hips, but slowly and I could feel her thighs starting to shake against my cheeks. I spread her further open and began swirling my tongue in hard fast circles around her clit.

"That's it baby, oh you are eager aren't you? Hmmm, I'm going to cum again for you honey!"

I cried out in surprise as I felt my cock slip into her mouth and she started sucking gently on it. I heard her moan around it and could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock the way I was working her clit. I could feel myself quickly hardening in her mouth and began licking faster. As soon as she came I was going to get to fuck her and as bad as it sounded there was nothing I wanted more right now. Popping my cock from her mouth, she called out, "Put a finger in my ass!"

Not needing to be told twice, I drove a finger into her remarkably tight asshole. Mom cried out then sucked my cock back into her mouth again. I moaned into her pussy and fought to concentrate on licking her while she blew me. Her legs were shaking and her hips moving, her clit was hard under my tongue and her ass was clenching around my finger. Mom moaned loudly around my cock, then with a loud gurgle started violently bucking her hips back into my face. I continued to suck her clit as, releasing my cock, Mom howled in pleasure as she came in her son's face.

I moaned as I felt her juices gushing out and into my face. Mom was now pumping my cock in her fist as she continued to come on my tongue. With a long shuddering moan, she slid her pussy from my face, and swinging her leg over me, quickly reversed herself so that she was facing me, she was straddling my hips and before I could move, she reached back, guided my cock to her pussy and drove herself down on top of me.

"Oh fuck yes!' She cried out as my long hard cock plunged deep inside her.

I cried out as well as she started bouncing up and down, slamming her saturated pussy up and down my cock. I lay there moaning as she rode me like a porn star. Her pussy was so wet I could feel it on my thighs and could hear my cock plunging into her. Mom's hands were on my chest and she was riding me so hard, I could feel myself bouncing on the bed.

"That's it! Oh, yeah I love fucking your nice big dick! I'm going to fuck you until you can't get it up anymore!" she called out, "This is my cock now isn't it?"

"Y...yes." I moaned as she started sliding her hips back and forth, grinding my cock deeper into her amazing pussy.

"And that's your pussy baby! It's not his anymore," she laughed drunkenly, "Oh, no, not anymore, I have a real cock now! A nice young, hard cock!"

Mom lowered herself and shoved her tit into my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple and wrapping my arms around her waist, started driving my cock into her.

"Yes baby! Yes! Fuck me!" She screamed in my ear.

She let herself go so that she was laying on me and wanting to impress her, I pumped my hips into hr as hard as I could. Mom was yelping with every thrust and I couldn't believe how good this felt. Mom abruptly sat up and easing herself off my cock again turned around on my hips. I was confronted by the sight of her perfect ass, and raising herself, she reached back and eased my throbbing cock into her. I sighed as she slowly lowered herself onto me and started riding me in reverse. I watched as my cock slid in and out of her pussy and reaching down, she grabbed my hand, "Put your finger in my ass again."

I obediently did as she asked and groaned at being able to feel my cock sliding in and out of her pussy through the thin flesh between her pussy and ass. Mom was looking over her shoulder and speaking softly, "Yeah, how do you like that view? Like watching me work that cock baby, like watching my ass?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Want another treat baby? Want something I hardly ever gave your father?"

"Yes." I answered, having no idea what she was going on about, but not caring, there was nothing that she was going to do that wouldn't feel good.

"Hold your cock still." She said as she slid off it.

I held my engorged cock up and whispered, "Holy shit"

Mom had lowered herself so that the tip of my cock was against her asshole. She paused then with deliberate slowness, pushed down, sliding my cock into her incredibly tight ass. I groaned and Mom let out a soft whimper as my large dick spread her ass open. When her cheeks were against my stomach, and my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass, she started slowly rocking back and forth.

"You like that baby," she gasped as she began rocking faster on my cock, "You ever have a girl's ass before?"

"No." I moaned as she was now bouncing up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her tight ass.

"Well, you can have this one whenever you want." She moaned, "He used to beg for this, but you never will baby, your mother's ass is yours honey, all yours."

All mine! I gasped as she was beginning to drive herself down onto my cock almost as hard as she had been when it was in her pussy. Her ass was so tight it was almost uncomfortable, almost, because damn did it feel good. She wasn't lying either, all the videos I'd seen she'd never let my father have her this way. That thought excited me to the point I began thrusting my hips, shoving my cock into her ass.

"Oh, look at you!" she moaned, "You want to fuck that ass? Be my guest baby!"

Mom pulled herself from my cock and turning got on her hands and knees facing the headboard. I quickly got up and getting behind her grabbed her hips.

"Pussy first baby, fuck my pussy!"

I slammed my cock hard into her from behind and Mom cried out, "Fuck that's deep!"

I reared back and started slamming the shit out of her, I was fucking her so hard my balls were slapping against her clit and she was moaning continuously.

"Now fuck my ass!"

I pulled out, lifted my cock and plunged it back into her tight asshole. Mom cried out and grabbing the headboard started thrusting herself back into me.

"Fuck that's good!" she cried, "You fuck me like a real man don't you baby? That worthless dog would have cum by now, but not you baby! Now back to my pussy!"

I did what she said, sliding into her wetter, hotter pussy. For the next few minutes I had that feeling that this couldn't be real. Mom would let me fuck her pussy, then cry out for me to go back to her ass. I did as she said and began breathing heavier and groaning in pleasure as I worked both my mother's tight holes. Mom would moan when it was in her pussy and yelp when it was in her ass, The entire time I was using her holes, she was talking, crying out how much better I was than my father, how much bigger I was and how much longer I could last.

That wouldn't be much longer as between pounding her ass and pussy and the sight of her sweat covered back and the sounds of her moans, I could feel the cum building and knew I couldn't hold back any longer. I began moaning loudly, "Fuck my ass, as hard as you want!"

I pushed it in and started fucking her as hard as I could. Mom let out a long howl and started slamming herself back into me. I couldn't hold back anymore and whipped my cock out, prepared to cum all over her back.

"Stand up and hold it!" she yelled and sitting up, turned sideways.

I stood up quickly and almost lost my balance, but Mom reached out and wrapped her arm around my thigh. I was still squeezing my cock, and looking up at me, Mom opened her mouth. I let out a loud cry as I released my cock and a huge spurt of cum landed on her lips and tongue. Mom turned her head and the next spurt hit her cheek, she turned the other way and some cum splattered on her other cheek. I groaned as I pumped my cock and watched her paint her face with it. I whimpered pathetically when my spent cock had nothing left to give.

I started to sink to my knees. But Mom grabbed my cock and to my surprise, sucked it into her mouth. She bobbed her head quickly and I moaned and pleaded, "Stop, please!"

Mom slipped my cock from her mouth and after smiling up at me through her cum covered lips, turned and stared at the headboard. She was panting and just sitting there, letting my cum drip onto her tits. With a sigh, she scooped some cum from her tits and putting her fingers in her mouth sucked on them.

"Oh, fuck me." I moaned and all but fell onto my back on the bed.

"I just did, baby." Mom laughed, "And I'll be doing it again, soon enough."

"You...I....what?" I asked, breathlessly.

Mom didn't answer right away. Reaching up she grabbed a small towel from the shelf over the headboard and turning to face me, started wiping the cum from her tits. When she finished, she leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss. The sweet kiss after all that raunchy sex, caught me off guard and I whispered, "That...that felt nice."

Mom gave me a big smile and gave me another soft kiss. I kissed her back, just as softly and she made a cute little sound in her throat. Sliding down so she was lying next to me, she wrapped her arms around me and kissing me again, said quietly. "I love you Nick, I really do."

"Love you too, Mom."

"I can be both you know your mom and your lover," she sighed, "You can see me however you want me, as long as you love me." She looked at me a little sadly, "I need to know someone loves me, who won't hurt me."

"I'll never hurt you." I told her.

She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder, I put my arm around her and after a minute said, "Mom, I..."

"What honey?"

"What we did was pretty...."

"I know." She said cutting me off. "It was wrong, but know what honey? So is getting turned on by watching me have sex. You wanted me Nick, and whether it's wrong or not it's true and I..." she sighed. "I...I'm wrong for doing this, I'm your parent. But...I wanted to get back at him so bad and excited me to know you saw me as sexy. I....I guess maybe we're both kind of wrong."

"It...felt good though." I told her. "And..." I squeezed her to me, "This does too."

"It does!" she said laughing and giving me another sweet kiss. "Maybe next time we can be sweet and take our time you can...." She lowered her head as if embarrassed, "Make love to me."

"'d like that?" I asked, already imagining how good that would feel.

"I would, your father," she rolled her eyes, "Just liked to fuck. Guess I know why now."

"Sorry, mom."

"Don't be, glad I found out." She giggled, "And I got to be with you out of it. You know, I'm pissed at him for crossing a line, but wow did we cross one."

" want to again?" I asked.

"If you want me." She said, "I...I won't push."

"Trust me, you won't have to." I laughed.

"Okay, then. Mom during the day, Kara by night."

"We can't have sex during the day?" I asked, grinning.

"Okay, screw Mom, all Kara, all the time!" she laughed.

"You know, you don't seem drunk anymore." I pointed out as I noticed she hadn't been slurring her words.

"I..." she looked away embarrassed, "I never was. I...dumped that bottle out; the wine would have been my excuse if you didn't want me."

"I couldn't have said no." I told her.

"And revenge is icing on the cake!" she laughed.

"Uh, Mom?" I asked as something occurred to me.

"What honey?"

"Well I get this would be a pretty big blow to dad, but you think he'd believe you?"

Mom gave me a huge smile and sitting up, reached onto the shelf of the headboard. When her hand came back into view she was holding the video camera.

"Oh, my God." I whispered.

"Why do you think I kept everything facing that way," she laughed, that's why I shoved my pussy in your face and rode you backwards so you could put it in my ass? Perfect angle."

"'re going to send...."

"Oh, yeah," she smiled. "When your father checks his e-mails tomorrow he's going to have something very shocking in his in box." "He...he might..."

"What? Show someone? Show them a tape of me telling you you're a better fuck than him? Show someone his wife is a little sick? He's too proud for that." She shrugged, "I have his tapes and will take him for every dime he has in court, no honey this is just getting even pure and simple."

She smiled, then stretched and I licked my lips at the sight of her amazing tits. Looking at me she said, "Hey don't know about you, but I'm all sweaty," she grinned mischievously, "You never saw a video of what I can do in the shower have you?"

"Uh, no." I said, feeling my cock already starting to swell again.

She noticed as well and smiled, "Youth and enthusiasm. "You want to come get dirty with your mother while she gets all clean?"

"Lead the way," I laughed.

Mom stood and taking my hand, she began to lead me towards the bathroom. As we started to pass her bureau I saw a picture of my father on it that she hadn't tossed and stopped, "Hey Mom?"

"What honey?"

"Want to bring the camera?"


Author's note: Hope you enjoyed my latest. If you did, please take the time to vote and comment. Now next up for me? Well I've decided to finally take the plunge into the shark infested waters of the Loving Wives category. So within a week or so be on the look out for "How do we look, baby?" As always long on story, but the scene at the end will be reminiscent of some of my nastier SWB scenes. As always thank you for reading. Lovecraft68

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Different title same story

Language is getting old it is almost identical to your other stories. Every women who screws is not a sex godess and all teenagers are wimps and hung..In 75 years and over a large number of women I havemore...

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Believable plot.

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Just a quick question

Why were they arguing over who gets the son? Either, A; He's over eighteen and an adult, so can go where he likes, or B; He's a minor, in which case this story belongs on an entirely different site!

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Another great story

LC68, great story. She sure needed his young cock and showed him what a great fuck she is. Loved how it turned quickly and she found he was watching her fuck videos.

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