tagNonHumanMy Naga King Ch. 06

My Naga King Ch. 06


(Thank you to everyone! Now about why Cass is Zeos's mate, I wasn't going to do anything special with that because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do. That is, until this little idea popped into my head, I hope you like this little twist. Also I must have gone insane trying to figure out some math for this chapter, you'll see what I mean later, but I finally figured it out.

Also, why do I love having bratty sisters and fucked up moms? Well because I like to take more than one angle on my stories. If you keep reading, you will see different twists in all three bratty sister/fucked up mom themed stories. That's all I'm going to say though :))


Not too long after the incident with my sister, I went to Livia who was going to test my blood to see how the change was coming. I was still frustrated but would play it off, I just wanted to put it all behind me. I made a mental note to send some flowers to Leta, with a little help from me she had shaved off a bit of the earnings each day for her life savings; so I knew she would be OK. Still, I wanted her to know I was thinking of her.

After the test Livia came in looking concerned.

"What's wrong?"

"The master's venom is no longer working on you for some reason, I'll have to wait for it to evaporate so I can test your blood alone to see what the problem is."

I swallowed nervously, she patted my hand.

"Don't worry, I would have seen it if you had a disease or something, it could just be that your body is done changing but the lamia half of you is still growing." she said.

I nodded.

"So, how long will that take?"

"Oh a week or so after New Years." she replied.

I stretched then cocked my head.

"Wouldn't Zeos be able to tell by scent?"

"Not at this crucial moment, while you're stuck in 'mid-change' only his scent will come off of you and if he thought something was wrong with his own body he would have known days ago..or sooner. Though maybe there is nothing wrong at all, remember, this is something that varies perhaps the bit of human left in you is fighting the change and it will only take a bit more time before you change completely."

I nodded again and asked her not to tell Zeos, I felt fine so if I remained this way there was no reason for him to worry.


The last few days seem to fly by and all of a sudden in December 31st there had been lots of preparation for the New Year's party. There was also a large guest list, I was suppose to meet more of Zeos's family friends. Nevia had been coming by but instead of stalking Zeos she came to spend time with me. She even told me she had found a new man, well Alexen wasn't new, he had known her just as long as Zeos and had been too shy to admit his feelings for her.

I was happy for her, it was like Zeos had only been a friend and she needed to be away from him for that to click in her mind. At first glance, Alexen appears to have short black and gold hair, but if you get close you can see a single braid that ended by the middle of his gold tail. He's fairly pale with blue gray eyes, I thought they would make really pretty children some day.

Tobias seemed to move past his shyness and had come to see me fairly often, he was so sweet I was beginning to think he had taken all the good manners and left the bratty ones to his younger sister.

It was early and I hadn't eaten yet, Zeos had left to look over some of his paperwork one final time he didn't want to start the new year off on the wrong foot. I looked up when there was a knock to the door and then it was opened. It was Lilly.

"Your brother isn't back yet."

"I know I'm looking for you." she said.

I cocked my head.

"Everyone else is busy so I figured this would be a good time to talk,can I come in?" she asked.

I waved her in and she closed the door she moved over to the vanity where I was sitting and stopped in front of me.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"I just wanted to apologize on my own so you would know that no one put me up to this, I gave you a hard time and probably still will but I know you make my brother happy and that's all that matters."

I stared at her in surprise to think I was just thinking how bratty she is, I smiled.

"What brought this on?"

"Well the year is starting over and I don't want to have this feud I started going on forever so I figured we could end it now."

She held up a credit card.

"Also, as a peace offering, I would like to take you out to breakfast that will really show you I mean no harm."

I wondered if I should let a child take me out to eat, but I had to remind myself that despite her normal child-like attitude she was still more mature than any human child I had ever known.

"I don't know, how about we split the bill?" I offered.

She smiled.

"Kay, let's go, I told Camilla and Harold we were leaving so they are staying behind to work on the preparations for the party."

I nodded and got up to get dressed.


We went to a restaurant I had yet to visit with the family, it was a tiny diner with a fifties theme. She acted strange, but in a good way, I thought it was nice that she went out of her way to prove her sudden change of heart. The customers were complete strangers she didn't have to put on an act for them. After that I decided to reciprocate the peace offering with a little shopping. There were a few family owned business that were open so we went and looked for dresses. She found this dress with a sleeveless and strapless leather top and the silk skirt that went down to about my thigh.

Obviously this wasn't for her, she had me wear it out the store over my jeans, when we got back, via taxi, she wanted to show me something. I followed her to the cellar doors near the stables and we walked inside. The cellar was fairly large, well really large considering how far it spread under the castle. There was a lot of things being stored down here, I turned to ask her what she wanted to show me in here and that's about when I felt strong pain in my head and the world faded from view.


I groaned and slowly opened my eyes I recovered faster thanks to Zeos's venom, but my vision was still blurry. I looked around and saw that it was completely dark, my eyes adjusted until I could make out my surroundings. I was still in the cellar and it appeared as though cement had been used to block the window. I felt around for my purse but when I found it only my ID was inside. I pressed the light button on my watch and saw that it was around seven.

I felt around more thinking I had dropped some things and found a sheet of paper, it took a while but my eyes adjusted again so I could read it.

(Dear Cassandra,

It has come to my attention that you really aren't suitable for my brother, I mean come on, why would I change so soon for someone like you? You should have known I was playing you, but I'll give you a little bit of an excuse since I heard Livia telling you that brother's venom wasn't working. It was a long shot, but like I hoped you couldn't tell I was lying. I knew the human blood still in you would make you weak in the morning, anyway, I locked you down there and will come get you in the morning. You probably know by now that I kept everyone just busy enough by destroying decorations and other things so they wouldn't notice that you left before putting on your perfume. Clever aren't I? "Oh could you not wear perfume, it burns my nose" I can't believe you fell for that haha.



P.S. the room your in was made soundproof so it wouldn't disturb the horses when people were inside. I also put a few fire crackers around the doors, and did you notice the doors are metal? With powers like ours you should know that panic plus electricity plus metal and fire crackers don't mix well. So stay put and behave.)

I cursed and took back everything nice I ever said or thought about her, she just took brat to a whole new level. Though, I was stuck I sighed and looked around Zeos would forgive me for missing the party when I told him what happened. I found a group of paintings resting by the wall and pulled the sheet off of them to see what the subjects were.

They were really faded but I made out a pretty red head in one picture, I couldn't really tell if she was smiling or not but she seemed familiar. The name had been scratched off, I wondered what she did to piss off Zeos I just knew he had had a part in damaging her portrait. I pushed it aside and saw another portrait, it looked like claws had run through it, the name had been torn off. I could make out a woman with really curly hair and pale skin but it was mostly faded around the claw marks.

I found another one, of a couple, I could see a man with dark brown or black hair, and a woman with blond hair but again the paintings were partially damaged. That bothered me, I re-covered them and wondered if it was a family. Who could have pissed Zeos off that much? I hoped I would never meet them.

I sat down and told myself to remain calm so I could try and reach out to someone mentally, this place was giving me the creeps and I wanted to leave. It was no use though, the room was so large but I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I had never had problems with claustrophobia before. Then again, I had never been so trapped in my life, yeah she was clever alright. I sniffed and pulled my knees to my chest while I rested my head on them. Rocking back and forth I only wanted to go home, my home, but it didn't seem I would be at any time soon.


I must have dozed off because when I woke up it was bright in the room, as if Lilly had just opened the door and left me to sleep. It was also warm...no it was more than warm, it was hot, I opened my eyes and screamed. I was surrounded by fire, it hadn't reached where I sat but it was getting close. I coughed as the smoke started to fill my nose and lungs, and something was burning in the fire that shouldn't be.

The smell was strong and my eyes started to water, all too soon I was gasping for air I tried to rub the tears out of my eyes but I couldn't get over that smell. My vision was failing, I couldn't see where to move to to avoid the flames that were moving closer and closer. The constricting top was heating up fast I ripped it off and tried to back away from the flames. As the room spun and it got hotter and hotter I noticed something was off....the cellar....didn't have carpet I passed out just as the thought appeared.



I coughed and my throat felt like I had swallowed a bag of play sand, I could breathe but barely. I didn't know who was talking to me, I didn't want to open my eyes, or maybe I just couldn't who really knows.

"Cassandra can you hear me?"

I coughed again and opened my eyes, my vision was still blurry but again I recovered pretty fast. The blob of white shaped into a male doctor I stared at him for a while he was older and balding, his pale blue eyes were covered by thick glasses and he had a bushy gray mustache.

"Ah, good afternoon, you seemed to be going in and out of consciousness for a while so I came in to see if I could help." he said.

"......" I tried to speak but only coughed.

What the hell had been burning in that fire?

"Hang on, let me get you some water."

He handed me a glass and pressed the button on my bed to make it sit up, as I downed a few glasses he introduced himself as Dr. Raymond. He told me that most of my neighbors were out of town but someone did notice the flames in my apartment, obviously, and called the fire department. I was lucky to be alive, he said, I frowned then.

My apartment? When the hell did I get to my apartment? I thought about it and remembered saying I wanted to go to my home. Did I really teleport? That would be really cool when I had recovered and had gotten some answers. Who had set my apartment on fire?

"We found a note partially burnt next to you from a...Lilly and it didn't sound too friendly so the cops went to check over the area, they found that the fire had been set on purpose. A large amount of chemicals and charred remains of lumber were found. This Lilly, must have been trying to get rid of you." he said seriously.

She was a brat but I know she had nothing to do with this.

"No, it wasn't Lilly."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because she locked me in.....my boyfriend's, her older brother, basement when I found a way out I went to my apartment because I forgot some things for our New Year's party. I remember someone hitting me on the head and I woke up surrounded by flames, Lilly is eight she probably thinks I'm still in the basement." I lied.

He believed me of course, and laughed a little.

"Well I'll make sure to explain that to the cops, sounds like one of those typical 'little sister hates the new girlfriend things'. However if she isn't responsible for this, do you have any idea who would want to kill you?"

I sighed.

"I don't know I don't have any proof..."

"We'll let the cops deal with that, tell me."

"I've been fighting with my sister, she blamed me for her boyfriend being placed in a mental ward, she even admitted to destroying my employer's bakery because she was mad at me."

He frowned.

"Oh yes, I saw that on the news, Leta's husband has been a friend of mine for a while now, I'll tell the cops right now....guess it's not the best way to start but happy new year."

"Happy new year..." I said.

He left the room and I glanced at the clock on the bedside table, it was a little after noon, some New Years this turned out to be. When he returned I asked him if anyone came to see me.

"No, this was kept out of the news and the cops watched your room, they were concerned about someone going out of their way to end your life. We have your file pulled up so we called your parents. Dial nine on the room phone if you want to call anyone else, I need to go set up some tests for you."

I nodded and he left, I reached for the phone but stopped myself, the party must have gone on to well after sun up, they would probably all be asleep. I sighed and rested against the pillows.

Not too long later a nurse came in to do blood work I wondered if she would notice something odd about my blood. I hoped not.


After that I was taken down to another floor for a few other tests, of course I was fine, when I was taken back to my room my father, brother, sister-in-law, my aunt and uncle and even my mother were waiting for me. I was only surprised to see my mom because of the silent treatment she had been giving me. They hugged and kissed me while I continuously assured them that I was fine.

Dr. Raymond came in the room and chatted with my parents a bit before he opened the folder in his hands.

"So, you're fine and that's great, you know what else is great? You're going to be a mother."

I paled and touched my stomach, Livia told me I couldn't carry Zeos's children as a human.I really needed to get to the castle and get the correct information. I started to feel panicked again I put on a smile as my family congratulated me. Mom didn't seem too happy but I expected that, she wouldn't want a demon in the family.

"Oh have they called Zane?" Gina asked.

Mom shook her head.

"Oh no I don't want her to be abused while she's expecting."

My jaw dropped, I can't belive she said that in front of the doctor he'd over react.

"Zane doesn't abuse me." I said.

"Dear you're exhausted you could have died, you don't know what you're saying."

I glared at her.

"I have body guards that he paid for." I added.

"Yes we all know that, but where were they?" she asked.


I could see already that Dr. Raymond wasn't about to let Zeos near me while I was in the hospital. Even though it wasn't true a good doctor wouldn't just overlook accusations of abuse especially when a pregnant woman was involved.


When I was finally left alone it was getting darker, I picked up the phone and called Camilla.



I didn't get to say anymore before she started crying, she was mostly upset that she couldn't find my scent. After she started sniffing I told her about how I got out of the cellar, she explained that since I hadn't walked I hadn't left a scent trail for them to find. I knew I had been coated in ash and then put in a sterile environment. The mix of scents from the early guests had covered the area, Lilly was too clever for her own good. She asked me where I was and I really didn't want to tell her because I knew she would freak all over again.

"Lady Cass?"

I gave in and as if on cue she flipped, she was yelling in another language but I didn't recognize it so I think it was demon made. I don't know what she said but I did hear her calling Harold in the background. I told her the guards wouldn't let Zeos up and she scoffed.

"While his majesty won't hurt a human, they can not keep a demon king from his mate we will see you soon."

She hung up before I could say anything else, I couldn't help but smirk a bit.


I woke up and instead of a pillow my head was resting against a familiar, toned chest, I tried to look up but his chin was firmly placed on the top of my head. I could feel he was shaking slightly as if he'd only just calmed down. He held me carefully and one of his hands was resting on my stomach.


He jumped slightly like I caught him off guard, he stared at me, his eyes were blood shot I smiled at him and stroked his cheek. He crushed his lips to mine, and we stayed like that until I needed to breath.

"Sorry about the party..."

He actually glared at me.

"Do you honestly think I care more about some stupid gathering than your safety?" he sounded more hurt than angry.

"No but it..."

He kissed me again, his way of telling me to shut the hell up.

"Not that it matters but I canceled it as soon as Lilly said you weren't coming." he said with a sigh.

I smiled again he was still frowning as he focused on my face.

"To think I could have lost you last night and wouldn't have known about it....and our child."

"Oh the doctor told you?"

"No, Lilly went off about how I needed someone who could change completely, and then I made her tell me what Livia told you. The only time that happens is when the body of a woman is strong enough to carry a child from my race."

"But I thought I couldn't have your child while I was human..."

"That only applies to non-royal nagas that don't have the power to completely shift their mates from human to lamia."

"Why didn't you tell me that before?" I asked.

"I wanted you to focus on your change and not constantly worry that you weren't acceptable because you hadn't made the change yet. That was what a cousin of mine went through with his mate, I didn't want you to be upset over something that doesn't matter. You're perfect for me."

I bit on my lip and blushed lightly he nuzzled my cheek.

"When the baby is born the remaining venom in your blood stream will overpower the last bit of human in you." he added.

I relaxed against him, he said this doesn't happen that often and he was sure the only reason he couldn't tell I was pregnant was because I didn't release the pheromones that lamia did when they were expecting; naturally because I'm not quite there yet.

He flipped off the men that had tried to stand in his way and carried me out of the hospital.


Lilly was in serious trouble when we arrived at the castle, Zeos told her to sit in the living room and wait for him. Good, give her hell, he set me down on the bed and kissed my forehead while gently stroking my stomach. When he pulled away he left the room and was replaced by Livia and Tobias. While Livia looked me over Tobias sat with me on the bed I smiled at him and patted his head.

"....Are you OK?" he asked.

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