tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Naked Adventure

My Naked Adventure


There I was. How could I be SO stupid? "Sure, yeah I'll just go for a swim." It was about 7:00 in the morning when I made that decision. The morning air was just too inviting. It was warm, without being unbearably hot. I'd left my condo around 6, and run the entire 3 mile route to the beach, as I do every Saturday morning. It was when I got to the beach that I made my mistake.

I was wearing a swimsuit and tennis shoes, but decided to take them off before going into the water. There was no one around, so I stripped down to nothing and got in the water. I swam out to the sandbar. I love the freedom of being naked in the water. It's so invigorating. Allow me to take a moment to describe myself. I'm 23 years old, about 6 ft even, 170 lbs. I have an athletic build, with an average amount of body hair. I keep myself well groomed (down there) I have blue eyes and wavy brown hair. My penis is about 4 inches flaccid, and 7 inches hard. I continued to swim around for about 30-40 minutes, then decided it was time to head back to shore and get dressed before it got late enough that I might run into someone.

I swam in and walked onto the beach to where I had laid my clothes. MY CLOTHES!! They were gone! I searched around frantically. They weren't here! I turned back to the ocean. It was pointless. I hunkered down and thought about what I should do. I would have to get home before it got late enough that someone might be out. My mind set, I ran up the pear and crouched beside a bench before getting out onto the main road. "I'll have to go through town, there's no way around it." The road was eerily empty as I made my way to the first set of buildings. I darted from building to building, checking all around me as I went. I had to admit, this was pretty exciting. I'd never been naked out in the open like this before. My penis began to grow at the thought of being caught by someone. I couldn't help it. I was now running through town with a semi-erect penis and it was starting to get light outside. I passed through an intersection that marked the half-way point of my journey, when I heard a faint hum coming down the road behind me.

"OH FUCK!" I said out loud, looking around frantically for something to hide behind. There was nothing. I was in the middle of a stretch of long, connected buildings, with no alleyways to dart down, and no signs or dumpsters to hide behind. I ran to the side of the buildings and turned towards the wall, praying that this car would pass me by. The sound grew closer and closer, then it stopped right behind me. I heard the engine idling then heard three female voices laughing.

"Oh my GOD!" "What the hell are you doing?!!"

"Nice ass!!" The laughing continued.

"Hey!! We're talking to you!"

"What are you doing?" I mustered up the courage to speak. Without turning around to face my questioners, I answered with the truth.

"I went for a run this morning, then went for a swim and I seem to have misplaced my clothes." The laughing continued.

"Why don't you turn around so we can get a better look at you?" I don't know why I did it, but I turned to face them. There in front of me were three beautiful girls. The two in the front seat had shoulder length, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. The one in the back had straight, red hair, cut into an adorable little bob.

"How far are you going?" The driver asked.

"My condo is down the road a little further." I said, standing there with my hands cupped over my crotch.

"We'll give you a ride, hop in." The red head in the back seat opened the door and patted the seat next to her, biting her lower lip in a smile as she did.

I walked forward and got in the car. "So what happened to your clothes?" The red head asked.

"I'm not sure. I stripped them off to go for a swim earlier this morning, and when I came back, they were gone." I tried to act as nonchalant as I could, but the rush of my situation was too much. I could feel myself growing in my hands.

"So what is your name?" The red head asked.

"I'm DJ." I responded.

"Very nice to meet you DJ, I'm Tyler, this is Lauren and Alyssa." She said, gesturing to the girl in the driver's seat, then the girl in the passenger seat.

"Nice to meet you all." I was now at a full erection, and was having difficulty keeping covered.

"So how old are you?" Alyssa asked.

"23." I said, nodding my head.

"Wow, we're all 19." Tyler responded.

"So you live here?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, I'm actually in the next set of condos on the left." We pulled into my parking lot, and cut the engine.

"So this is your place?" Tyler asked.

"Yup, home sweet home." There was an awkward silence as they all sat there, looking at me.

"Hey," Lauren said. "we did just help you out a lot back there, didn't we."

"Yeah," Tyler chimed in, "Not everyone might have been as cool with finding a naked guy running the streets."

"You could have gotten into a lot of trouble." Alyssa added.

"I know, and if there's anything you girls want, I'd be glad to repay you." There was a slight pause.

"We wanna see what you've been covering up this whole time." Alyssa said.

Tyler jumped in "Yeah, why don't you take is up to your condo and show us what you've got?" I was so excited.

"Alright, lets go." I checked to make sure none of my neighbors were around, then got out of the car and led the girls to my condo.

"God he's got a great ass." Alyssa said as we walked up the stairs to my door. We got inside and I directed the girls to the couch.

"Alright, come on." Lauren cheered.

"Lets see what you've got." Alyssa taunted.

"Yeah!" Tyler yelped. I stood in front of them and spread my legs a little. I paused for a moment then dropped my hands to my sides. My full 7-inch erection sprang forth in all its glory, extending off my body, and arching upward ever so slightly.

"Oh my." Alyssa gasped.

"WOW!" Tyler cheered. "Ha HA!" Lauren laughed.

"WOW, this is officially the best day ever." Tyler blurted.

Lauren got up off the couch. "Come and sit between Alyssa and Tyler." I walked over and sat down on the couch between the two girls. Lauren knelt down in front of me, and extended her arm, taking hold of my penis in her delicate little hand. She began stroking me gently. Tyler reached down and began tickling my balls. Alyssa got down beside Lauren and gently blew on my crotch. I was in heaven.

"Come for us, DJ." Lauren begged.

"Yeah, we wanna see you come." Tyler and Alyssa joined in. Lauren increased the speed of her strokes. This continued for another 4 minutes: Lauren and Tyler stroking my penis, and Alyssa, gently blowing on my crotch. Then... everything went white. I sprayed my load all over them. Rope after rope of cum shot forth onto their faces. I twitched in ecstasy.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" All three of them exclaimed. I sat there, twitching on the couch as Lauren milked me for all I was worth. When she was finished, the three of them stood up and wiped the cum off their faces.

"That was insane!!!" Tyler cheered.

"Fucking EPIC!" Alyssa shouted.

"Wow... just, WOW." Lauren let out. Lauren went into the kitchen, and returned with a towel. She tossed it on my slowly deflating penis.

"Here, clean yourself off a little." I stood up and did as she said. I shrunk back down to my respectable 4 1/2 mark.

"So DJ, what are you doing the rest of this weekend?" Lauren asked.

"Nothing, why do you ask?" I responded.

"Well, we were wondering if we could hang out here this weekend."

"AND have you stay naked!!" Alyssa added. All three of them sat there in anticipation.

"Yeah, sure. Why not." I responded. All three of them jumped up and hugged me.

"This is going to be an awesome adventure." Lauren said.

"It sure is." I said.

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