My Name Is Cindy


"Awww Sis…"

I didn't give him a chance to answer. I put a hand behind his head and pulled him to my cleavage. Burying his face in my tits, he started licking them all over, lapping up my pussy flavor. No longer shy, Mark savored every square inch of my tit globes, his busy tongue enthusiastically roaming all over my tit-flesh.

"Ohhhhh Little Bro… I didn't know you were such a titty-boy!" I squealed. "You like my tits, don't ya? Your big sister's big, beautiful tits? Yes, that's it… suck ‘em, Baby! Suck my big titties!"

Baby Bro was like a starving infant, feasting on my tits. He was having the time of his life as I pushed my tits into his face, slapping his cheeks playfully with them, and basically smothering him.

"Mmmm… Oh Sis…" Slurp. Gulp. "Oh Sis… Oh yeah…Ahh… This is nice!"

I know this was totally wrong what we were doing, but I didn't care. Rather than feeling bad for what I had started, I felt really good about myself. I was happy that I was doing this for my darling baby brother. He was having so much fun with my body!

"Ohhhhh… Mmmmm…." I purred, as Mark sucked my tits. "Yes, Titty Boy. That's it. Mmmmm. Are you having fun, Baby?" I glanced down at his bulge, and it had grown obscenely huge. I gingerly caressed it, and its pulsing stiffness answered my question. "Ooooh yes, I can see that you're definitely having fun, Baby. You're such a naughty little boy, Marky, lusting after your own sister. Oh yeah… go on Baby, suck Sister's big tits while she plays with your big cock."

Oh my God! I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself being here in this position, totally nude for my baby brother. I had invited him to feel me up and play with my tits and finger my pussy. Now he was busy sucking my tits, while I felt-up the huge boner stuffed in his shorts! I was so turned on at that point, and my blond pussy was so wet.

His cock felt so huge! Could he really have a cock that big? "No way!" I thought. He must have shoved a zucchini or something down there! But zucchinis don't move, do they? They don't throb with the tempo of his heartbeat, right? But that's what I felt… the urgent throbbing of his stiff, young cock.

This was all so crazy. I have no idea how I lost control of the situation and let it come to this point. I pulled his face out of my tits, and left him gulping air as he watched me with a frazzled look. I quickly grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it off, exposing his scrawny torso. Next, I worked the button of his shorts and popped it open. I struggled with his zipper, which was super tight from his bulging cock pushing outward against the garment. Finally managing to open his fly, I pulled down his shorts and removed them completely from his legs. The only thing left was his white cotton briefs.

"Mark!" I breathed in awe.

I stared at it in disbelief, as the stretched-out fabric looked grotesquely distorted from the big, powerful cock hidden underneath. He was such a scrawny-looking kid, and his skinny body was a stark contrast to what appeared to be a massive cock that was trying to burst free of his underwear. It looked huge under the stretched-out cotton, and it was twitching with horniness. The very tip of the bulge was dark with a large, wet spot, where Mark's pre-cum was oozing out.

"Sss.. Sss… Sis!" Mark gasped, as I gingerly touched the wet-spot with a finger. I left my finger resting on the tip, feeling the lewd wetness that had gathered there, soaking the cotton. His bulbous cock-crown felt taut under my touch from being so agonizingly erect. "My goodness!" I thought to myself. Little Brother was so damn horny!

"Ooooh Baby…" I whispered. "Look at you! All stuck inside your briefs. They look wayyyyy too tight, Baby!" I lightly caressed the throbbing stiffness under the straining underwear with my finger tips. I was teasing myself, delaying my first look at the very thing I was dying to see.

"Ahhhh…", Little Bro moaned, his big stiff prick lurching at my touch.

"God Baby, it looks so big! All these years, you were hiding this big thing from me, haven't you?"

"Uhg… Ahhh."

"It feels so big and hard, Mark. So big and hard! And it's all because of me, isn't it?"

"God Sis…"

"You're such a bad, bad boy, Mark. I'm your sister, for God's sake! How could you let your dick get all big and hard over your own sister?"

"Oh… ugh." His faced blushed bright red at my use of the word, "sister".

"God damn, Baby... I can feel it twitching so badly. And it's so wet! That's a lot of pre-cum your big cock is leaking out. Your underwear's a total mess!"

"Ahhhh… ugh!"

"How big is it, Baby?" I whispered, my fingers still caressing his twitching prick.


"Come Little Bro… I know all boys like to measure their little dickies. But, your dicky sure doesn't feel so little to me!"

"Sis, please!"

"Come on Marky Baby… Tell me… How big is your cock!"

"Uhg… Ummm… T… T… Ten… Ten and a half, Sis. It's ten and a half inches…"


"May I see it?" My caressing fingers were teasing the Hell out of his massive cock, which was bulging so badly in his straining briefs.


"I wanna see your cock, Baby. Come on, you can't tease me with a ten-and-a-half-inch cock and not let me see it!"

"Sis… please!"

"Come on, Baby! Let Big Sister see how hot and horny you are for her. Let me see that big, beautiful cock you've been saving for me all these years!"

With both hands, I grabbed the elastic waist band and slowly pulled it downward. I struggled trying to get the band over his cock, which was stiff like a lead pipe. Shit, what a big fuckn' dick!

I couldn't wait anymore, and I forced the waist band clear of his cock. The massive boner snapped backward and slapped against this belly. I felt a faint sprinkle on my face. It was his copious pre-cum splashing as his cock jerked free.

"HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT, Mark! Your cock is huge! Oh my God, it's so fucking huge!"

From between his scrawny thighs, my geek of a little brother had the fuck-organ of a god! Now it was me that was trembling, as I reached into his lap to grasp his magnificent prick. It felt really massive in my hands… and yes, that's two hands! At that moment, I wished I was born with three hands! And his balls were not to be outdone. They were big and full. "Damn!" I said silently to myself, "I bet he could cum gallons with these babies!"

"Ahhh… Uhhhh…" Mark moaned. He was breathing very heavily now, watching me intently, not sure of what was happening.

I wasn't sure myself, but deep down in my heart, I knew that once I had this gorgeous hunk of cock in my hands, for the rest of my life I would never be able to let it go.

I had invited him have his fun with my body, but now it was my turn to play! I caressed his fuck-pole with my hands. I toyed with his big balls and bounced them gently in my palm. His cock and balls were already sticky with his copious precum, and more seminal goo oozed out from the tip and coated his meaty shaft as I stroked it. I could feel my palms and my fingers getting slimy and sticky.

"My God… Your cock is soooo big, Mark," I whispered.


"You're such a naughty boy…."

"No, Sis…"

"Is this what you want, huh? Your big sister playing with your big, fat cock? You're such a bad, bad boy, Mark!"

"Aw fuck!"

"God… Look at this thing… You're oozing out so much slime, Baby. You're making my hands so sticky and nasty!"

Without even thinking… I guess it was an instinctive reaction on my part… I lifted a slimy hand to mouth and licked it. As soon as his flavor hit my tongue, I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through me! Oh my God! I had just tasted my very own brother's cum! This was incest! My conscience came flooding back to me, and I realized the immorality of what was happening. But I made a conscious decision at that very instant…

I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of him. I paused for a moment to stare in wonder at Mark's beautiful cock. It was truly gorgeous… long, and thick, and fat, and very straight with a big bulb of a head. And it looked so slick and slimy with his seminal ooze coating the meaty shaft. It was twitching with urgency, as he felt my hot breath on his sensitive skin.

I looked up at Mark, who was staring right back at me, intently watching my every move. I licked my lips in anticipation. Then, I puckered my lips and planted a juicy kiss on his cock head, right on his oozing slit. Still looking him in the eye, I gave it a lewd French-kiss.

"Ohhhhhh Sisssss!"

"Watch me, Baby!" I spoke the words in my mind, but communicated with him through my eyes. "Oooh yeah, Baby… watch your big sister make love to your cock!"

The sound of kissing could be heard clearly in my apartment. It was the sound of a big sister kissing her little brother's big, beautiful cock! I worshiped it and licked it. I licked the fat head, the long, thick shaft, and his big full balls. I even used the tip of my tongue to tickle his leaking slit and the extra-sensitive spot just below it. His precum was flowing copiously, and its slimy flavor coated my tongue and mouth.

Mark watched me with a look of helpless lust in his eyes. "Oh God Sis! Ah! Ah!" was all he manage to whimper.

"Mmmmm…." I mewled as I began my suction. And I really sucked it, Baby! I shoved as much of his giant cock into my mouth as I could, and I sucked it! His meaty dick was like a fat straw leading down to the thick, rich, protein milk shake that was brewing in his bloated balls, and I was ravenous! "Mmmmm…." I was infatuated with Mark's cock, and I sucked it with all my heart!

"Ahhhh Sissss… yesss"

His eyes were the first to give me warning. The passion I had been watching in them evolved into a higher state of lust. The urgent throbbing I felt in his shaft, the portion of which I stroked because it didn't fit in my mouth, and the tightening I felt in his big balls as I massaged them, and the increase in seminal leakage from his cock slit that I tasted on my tongue… All these signs confirmed what his eyes were telling me at that very moment…

"Sis! Oh Sis! Please! …"

Little Bro struggled to pull his cock out of my mouth, before he reached the point of no return. "What a sweetie," I thought to myself, "not wanting to spew his nasty cum in his sister's mouth." But Little Bro froze in astonishment, however, when he got a look at my sparkling blue eyes and read the lusty message that I was flashing there.

"No, Little Brother," I willed my thoughts to Mark through my eyes. "Don't take away your beautiful cock from me, Baby. I want your cum. Spew your young, hot cum in my mouth, Baby. Come on Little Bro… cum for Sister!"

The nastiness of what I desired overwhelmed Mark's willpower, and my little brother could not deny his extreme horniness any longer. His big, bloated cock jerked with conviction and filled my mouth with his hot semen. My brother's incestuous semen! The taste was out of this world! His angry cocked jerked and jerked, and then it jerked some more. And more thick semen flooded my mouth. "Mmmmm…" It was so rich and creamy, and I could feel it's viscous heat bathe my tongue, my cheeks, my teeth, and my gums. It was so freakin' hot as I swallowed it down. "Mmmmm…" My brother's semen! Holly shit… I was eating my brother's semen! "Mmmmm…"

This all happened so quickly, and we lost track of time as Little Bro kept spewing his semen in my mouth. I'm not sure when it stopped, but it was awkward when it did. In our labored breathing, the reality of the situation came crashing down on us like a ton of bricks. I was looking up at Mark and he was looking right back at me. Both of us were frozen, not sure of what to do next.

My mouth and lips were sticky with Mark's semen, and there was a thick string of semen connecting my sticky lips to his cock head. On instinct, I swiped out my tongue to catch it.

"Ohhhhh!" He moaned.

That snapped me back to my senses. At that moment, I felt like the nastiest slut in the world! I was such a whore! I had just sucked off my little brother. I sucked his big fat cock until he spewed his virgin cum in my mouth, and I willingly swallowed it down! I couldn't believe I had just sucked him off and ate his sperm! I was such a nasty, slut! A dirty, nasty, filthy whore of a slut!

"Ooooh, Marky! Did you like that, Baby? Did you enjoy your first blow job?" I continued licking his cock, trying to clean it of the spilt semen that escaped my lips. I was pleasantly surprised to find the massive fuck-pole still hard.

"Oh God, Sis! I can't believe you su… Ohhhh!"

I cut him short in mid-sentence the minute he felt my big tits wrap around his cock. My baby brother's cock was still so big and hard. I felt it throb as I tit-fucked the massive boner, its twitching fatness pushed back against my spongy tit-flesh.

"Was this what you been fantasizing about all these years? You nasty little boy! Sucking my tits ‘till your heart's content, then having me suck-off your big cock!"

"Holy shit, Sis! I never dreamed…"

"You're such a dirty little boy, Mark. How could you let me suck your big cock like that? I'm your sister, for crying out loud!"

"Ohhhh Gawwd!" His face burned red with shame. Was it really shame at what we had done? Or, was it my talking dirty that made him blush this time?

"You came in my mouth, Mark. You shot a huge load of your nasty sperm in my mouth, and made me swallow it! You dirty, naughty little boy! Mark, your own sister sucked your cock and ate your sperm!"

"Oh damn it, Sis! Damn, damn, damn!"

"And now you're fucking my tits! You've got your big, fat cock buried between my big, fat tits! Is this what you want? Huh, you dirty little boy? You've always wanted to tit-fuck your sister, didn't you?!"

His big cock was achingly stiff. I took it out of my cleavage, and simply looked at it. I don't think I could ever stop admiring this beauty. I was still amazed that my nerdy little brother had such a godly cock. Where the Hell had he been hiding this monster all these years?

"You've got such gorgeous cock, Mark," I whispered. "My God, I can't believe how big this thing is. And it's all because of little ‘ol me!" I blew cool air over it, and it twitched. I kissed it, then began kissing and licking it all over as if it were my favorite lollipop.

"Ssss… suh… suck… suck my cock again, Sis. Please… sss… suck it!"

I giggled at his nervousness. I smiled at him and winked. "Oh my darling brother," I thought to myself, "of course I'll suck your cock again for you."

Unlike the urgency of the first one, this blowjob was more gentle and loving. The first blowjob was more of a "one thing led to another" type of thing, an out-of-control lust. This one, however, was more deliberate. It was a conscious choice by a big sister to give her little brother a blowjob.

I was taking my time here, really savoring the feast of his cock. It was such a beautiful piece of manhood. Heck, this whole experience was beautiful. As I made love to his cock, I reflected on the events of the day. This was my sweet little brother, a person whom I cared about so much. I was truly happy that I could give him so much pleasure. It was something that he had never experienced before in his life… only in his wildest dreams.

My emotions started getting to me. Mark was a virgin, and I knew those stuck-up bitches at his school would never give him the time of day. "Stupid bitches" I thought. "If they only knew about the incredible cock between his legs..." My protective, big-sister instincts started kicking in.

"Sis… What the…?" He looked at me confused, as he felt me take his cock out of my mouth.

I stood up and straddled his lap, supporting myself on the couch with my knees on either side of his thighs. I flash him my sexiest smile, as I lifted my long blond hair with my hands. I stretched out my body and arched my back, causing by big, beautiful tits to thrust out.

"Oh my God!" he gasped, as his eyes surveyed my nakedness, so close directly in front of him.

I reach under me and grasped his stiff cock, which was pointing straight up at my crotch.

"I'm gonna christen your cock, Little Bro." I whispered seductively to him, as I stroked his fat cock head along my blond pussy. My entire pubic area, as well as my inner thighs, was sticky from all the love juices that had been continuously seeping from my cunt. And now I was making his dick sticky too, coating it with my pussy nectar. Mouth gaping open, Mark stared up at me in disbelief.

"Yeah… That's right Baby. Your big sister's gonna pop your cherry." My stroking of his cock along my pussy slit was teasing the Hell out of both of us.

"Holy shit, Sis!"

"I'm gonna fuck you, Mark, give you the very first pussy of your life."

"Oh God!"

"I'm gonna slide my tight, wet pussy over your big fat cock, and we're gonna FUCK, Baby!"

"Oh Sis!"

Placing his cock head between my labia, I slowly sank downward. My pussy was very tight, and his cock was so damn fat. The feeling of him forcing my lips apart and stretching my cuntal wall was phenomenal! I had a mini-orgasm after only a few inches, and I could feel my pussy juices seeping out and down his shaft.

"Ohhhhh…. Fuck yeah! Your cock is so big, Mark. So fuckin' big in tight little cunt!"

I screamed every filthy swear word I knew as I impaled myself, cumming numerous times. After what seemed like forever had passed, my blond pubic hair was tickling the base of cock.

"Awwww shit Sis, you feel so tight!"

I finally had all ten-and-a-half throbbing inches of his beautiful fuck-pole buried in my cunt. His cock was so very long and fat, and my cunt was so very tight, and I could feel his throbbing dick all the way up to my womb! Little Bro's massive cock was in my pussy much deeper than anyone had ever been before, and his fuck-pole was touching places within me I never knew existed. I just sat there without moving, simply reveling in the feeling of his big cock stuffed deep up my pussy!

"Ahhhhh!" Another orgasm ripped through me.

Up until this point, I was the one in control. I was the confident one…. The sexy big sister with her horny little brother wrapped around her finger. Now the roles were switched. I was under his power… a slave to his big cock!

"Ohhhh I love your cock, Baby! Ohhhh yeahhhh!… My sweet, sweet fuck boy! To think… Ahhh!… that this is just your first time… Ohhhh! And you're giving me the best fuck of my life!"

"Oh my God, Sis! Ugh! Damn, I can't believe I'm finally fucking you!"

Can you imagine how we must have looked? A tall, very sexy, big-titted young blonde… totally nude and straddling a young, scrawny teenaged boy on a couch… she writhing in total ecstasy, moaning and screaming, because the boy had his enormous cock stuffed to the hilt in her blond pussy. The busty blonde then cums uncontrollably, and her cunt juice gushes out from around the tight seal that her pussy lips make with the thick base of the boy's cock. God, what a site that must have been to watch!

"Aieeee!" His cock was so damn big in my cunt!

I saw my brother's face, and my heart melted. He had a look of supreme rapture as he witnessed for the first time an explicit, unadulterated display of pure female lust. I bent down and planted sweet kisses all over his face, mumbling incoherently about what a great fuck he was.

After a while -- I don't know where I found the strength -- I started to bounce on his cock, slowly starting the in-and-out motion of what fucking is all about. I eventually increased the pace into a very deep and lusty fuck. I buried my moaning brother's face in my bouncing tits, telling to him to suck on them, and he did, like a hungry baby thirsting for milk. His hands were busy, roaming all over my tight, nubile young body, caressing, fondling, and groping. If I was talking dirty to him before, it was nothing compared to now. I was saying very filthy, slutty things to him as he sucked my tits and I fucked his cock, while every so often screaming out in orgasm.

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