tagGay MaleMy Name is Dave Ch. 04

My Name is Dave Ch. 04


It was a dark and stormy night. More specifically, it was a mid-June whopper of a Tennessee thunderstorm. The leaves of the trees where I saw them in my car's headlights were flipped silver side up by the wind. Somewhere, I was sure, there was going to be a tornado. The rain fell in buckets and as I made my way home from work I could see that the power was out in my neighborhood. For being so close to the high tension lines, we lost our electricity a lot.

No power meant the garage door opener would not work, either. A short, but drenching dash to the door, and another few seconds unlocking the door were sure to follow. I girded my loins for the rain. At least I would not be in wet clothes for very long, though: I had to get naked as soon as I got inside.

I did not see GreedySteve's truck. He had spent the first two nights, since our agreement started, here and used every chance he had to fuck my ass or have me suck his cock. He came by for a morning blow job yesterday, but I had not seen him since. Maybe I would get a full day and night off.

I parked as close to the door as I could, opened the car and sprinted the ten feet to the house while torrents of rain fell. I was pretty satisfied with myself as I unlocked it and stepped inside within a couple of seconds of being out of the car. Before I had a chance to be too proud, someone standing next to the door grabbed my shirt and yanked me in. The door slammed and locked behind me.

I was tossed off balance into someone else in the shadows. Before I could see who he was, he had a blindfold tied around my eyes. I tried to pull it off, but my hands were grabbed by someone behind me and held while the guy in front of me quickly and expertly tied them together. A gag was tied on before I could do anything to stop it. The hands and the knot felt familiar, so this was probably Steve. But Steve and who else? And how many?

I tried a blind kick behind me and missed. My leg was caught as it went past and pulled. I got off balance and would have fallen on the cement, but was grabbed by my shoulders and legs and lowered to the ground. I struggled, and a man sat on me while ropes were tied to each of my ankles then the ropes tied together.

I was tied, blindfolded and gagged. As helpless as I could be. At least I was still dressed.

"We should have gotten his clothes off first," I heard a voice that was definitely Steve say. I relaxed a little, if he was here at least I was getting out of this alive.

"I don't see a problem," another voice said. Who was that?

He grabbed the collars of my work polo. With one strong pull he ripped my shirt open down the middle. He reached a hand down and rubbed my chest and stomach then finished ripping my shirt off of me. I heard the remains softly hit the ground beside me. That was a work shirt, too.

"Let's get him to his feet and get to the good stuff," Steve said.

They lifted me to my feet. Steve stood behind me and got me in a full nelson with my bare back against his bare chest. I could feel that his cock was hard beneath my shorts. The other man stepped in front of me, put his hands in the front of my shorts and jerked.

I heard the button land somewhere far off and the fabric split. A couple of more tears and my shorts joined my shirt in the pile on the floor. I was left in my boxers.

"No more underwear," Steve ordered softly in my ear. "It slows things down."

Not for long, because they were ripped to shreds faster than my shorts. I was naked with no wearable clothes and two horny men. And I was tied up, bound and gagged, too.

"Nice cock," the other man complimented me. I heard him moving in front of me. Then to my astonishment, I felt his mouth on my cock. Steve had never done more than masturbate me, I didn't realize some tops liked to give head.

"You're lucky," Steve whispered in my ear, "Jim here likes sucking cock, too. You might get something out of this night."

I squirmed, which only served to rub my naked butt against Steve's bare shaft. He moved with me, his precum leaving streaks on my smooth cheeks. The hot wetness of his mouth on my aching cock felt so good. Being held, tied up and helpless just amplified it. I was on the verge of cumming when he stopped and stood up. I let out an audible moan of disappointment.

"Who goes first?" Jim asked. At least I could put a name with him. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, too. Another café regular?

"You," Steve said. "I'm going to leave a mess."

"Why don't you wear a condom, too?"

"Because I don't have to. He's mine, I can do what I want. You get a tasty piece of ass to fuck, you can make me wear one. But this one's mine and I say suit up and dive in."

"Fine," Jim said. "Let me get him ready."

I was pushed face first against the door. Steve released the full nelson, but kept a strong hand on the back of my neck to keep me from going anywhere.

The lights suddenly came back on. Even through the blindfold, I could tell it was light again. The rain outside seemed to be letting up, too.

"He does have a great butt," Jim said. I felt him squeeze a little lube in my ass and start to rub it in. He smacked one of my cheeks and added more lube.

"Wait 'till you get your dick in him," Steve said with a laugh. "Then you can really appreciate it."

Jim moved in behind me. I felt the tip of his cock slide up and down my crack before it caught on my anus. He paused there for a second and placed both hands on my hips. I was about to get fucked by only the second man in my life. I gave a yell out into the gag as he grabbed my shoulders with both hands and roughly pulled himself into me, burying his cock in my helpless ass in one quick stroke. I tried to rise up on my toes to make it easier, but his hands on my shoulders held me in place.

"Damn, this is nice," Jim said to Steve. He pulled back and rammed in again hard. "You own this for six months?"

"For all practical purposes," Steve said from somewhere beside me. "He agreed to three months, then screwed up and got it doubled to six. Thanks to Tom."

"Niiiice..." Jim said and thrust inside of me again and again as hard as he could. "Are you a good little buttbitch for Steve?" Jim asked me and ran his hands up and down my back. "You like getting your ass pounded?"

I didn't answer. I was gagged and didn't see much point in nodding.

He started fucking me hard, slamming in each time. Amidst the arousal, pain and pleasure of this, I noticed some differences between Steve and Jim. Steve definitely had a bigger cock. I still hurt with Jim, but was not stretched as much. Jim was rougher, more violent with his fucking, too. Steve always just wanted to get the most pleasure as he could from me, satisfied that I was already conquered and submissive. Jim seemed like he had a point he wanted to make, that he was in control and I was not. I have to admit that it kind of scared me and I was glad GreedySteve was there to keep me relatively safe.

I lost myself in the pleasure and sensations of Jim violating me. Who was he? Some guy who was friends with Steve. But I had signed myself away to GreedySteve and this is what he wanted to do with me. What was he thinking as he watched me get fucked? Was he jealous? Turned on? Proud he could make me do this? I was just glad he did it.

Jim shifted a little then fucked me harder. With a low groan he came in my helpless body. With GreedySteve, at least I had agreed to let him fuck me, I knew something about him. The guy who just came in my ass? I had not seen a picture, engaged with him in any way except for this. I could not see him, could not talk to him, could not resist him.

He slid out of me, kissed each of my butt cheeks then Steve took his place behind me. He squirted in a little more lube then stuck his cock up my already used ass. I sighed as his big, bare cock plunged into me, claiming me as his again.

I began to move my hips with Steve, rocking in time with his thrusts.

"Seeing you get fucked was so hot," Steve said as he used me. "Nothing you could do about it but take it. You better get used to that."

Steve rubbed his hands down the outside of my legs, up my hips and onto my back. Sometimes he would grab my shoulders for a little extra leverage, but usually his hands roamed. I was so lost in the pleasure of Steve inside me and his hands on me that I forgot about Jim for a moment. Only after Steve came and Jim let out a low whistle of appreciation did I even remember he was watching this.

I caught my breath. That had been intense. I had always wondered what it would be like to be used by multiple men. Now I was understanding it, it was scary and amazing and a little painful.

GreedySteve slipped out of me but quickly wiped up the cum leaking out of me with a soft (thankfully) cloth.

"Let's take him up to the bedroom," Jim suggested.

"You get the ankles and I'll get the wrists?"

"You come down to this."

I wasn't done yet.


Four hands groped me while they got me ready. I felt Steve's hands on my shoulders and Jim's on my legs. I was lifted and the two men carried me up the stairs to use me more. My mind raced, fucked by two men, it was amazing. Who was Jim? Did it matter? All that really mattered for me was that Steve wanted him to fuck me. A door opened in front of me and I was taken into my room.

I was lifted and tossed on my bed face down. My hands were pulled above my head again and tied to something. I tugged on them, but they were secured. The mundane part of me wondered what Steve tied them to, there had not been anything here before.

"You're not going anywhere, Dave," I heard Jim taunt. He slapped my butt once, then a second time on the other cheek. More lube was squirted into my already used ass and I heard a condom being opened.

Jim climbed on the bed behind me and kicked my legs as far apart as the ropes would let them. He lay on top of me, his right forearm across my throat while his left hand guided his cock to my hole. He pulled his arm up, slowly choking me. I tensed up, afraid he might really hurt me, and when I did, he thrust into me.

I could barely breathe while he sodomized me. He would loosen his grip enough for me to catch a half breath then he would choke me again. I hoped Steve would keep me safe, because there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop this.

"Don't cum yet," I heard Steve say.

Jim slowed and loosened his grip on my throat. I sucked in air while I had the chance.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Let's get him on all fours and do a dick spit."

"Sounds good. Can I cum in his mouth?"

"Of course," Steve said. "Or on his face if you want, too."

It was humiliating to be talked about like this, especially since I was tied, gagged, blindfolded and had a cock up my ass, but very arousing too. I existed at the moment only to be a sex toy for these two men. My cock was aching, Steve had not let me cum today or yesterday and getting fucked over and over just made it worse. I thought back to how it felt with Jim's mouth on my cock and hoped he would finish the job tonight.

"Take five while I get started," Steve said.

Jim pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty. I expected Steve to immediately take his place, but instead he untied my hands from the bed.

"Come on," GreedySteve said and spanked my bottom. "Up on all fours." I was a little slow in reacting and this gave him an excuse to spank me again.

It was awkward and uncomfortable to be on my hands and knees with my hands and feet tied up. I thought I was a little unstable and thought a stiff breeze might knock me over. I felt Steve's hands on me, then Jim's, too.

The gag was loosened and removed. I felt something small and stiff poking me in the lips and realized it was a straw.

"Get a drink," Steve ordered me.

I gratefully took a drink of room temperature water and swished it around my mouth to get rid of the cottonmouth that came with being gagged for so long. I took another long drink then Steve took the straw away. The next thing to poke my mouth was Steve's cock. It was much bigger. I opened up and he slid in.

GreedySteve had not been terribly impressed with my cock sucking skills and had been working on teaching me to do it better. A lot of spanking for correction had been involved with this process, but he said I was improving. Much of that training was completely irrelevant now since I wasn't giving head so much as getting my face fucked.

As his hard shaft slid into my throat, I thought about how I never imagined my life being this. I could not have pictured being a sex toy for a stranger, but I loved it. I loved how he desired me, how his lust for me made me feel sexy and wanted. I moved in time with his thrusts, moving towards him on the in strokes and away on the out.

He enjoyed me like this for a few minutes before pulling out of my mouth. A trail of spit followed his cock. He patted my cheek then stepped around to my back end. I tried to relax knowing what was going to come next. He forced his cock in my ass. Slowly but inexorably he filled me. I was getting used to this feeling.

GreedySteve started fucking me slowly then Jim stepped in front of me. I opened my mouth and Jim shoved his cock in. Both pushed all the way into me and I was filled top and bottom with cock. They paused, I began to choke on Jim's rod filling my throat then both began to fuck me.

Steve, in my ass, was nice and slow. Long, deep, claiming strokes into my helpless back door. I knew he was in no hurry, that at this pace he could fuck me for a really long time. Jim, in my mouth, seemed to be in a rush to get off as fast as possible. He was quick and rough, taking full pleasure from me. The sensations, two different men using me, using two different holes, two different speeds at the same time, were amazing.

Suddenly, Jim started cumming. He started in my mouth and I swallowed what I could, but after the first round of cum he pulled out and sprayed the rest on my blindfolded face. I felt the warm, sticky globs of semen land on my cheeks and chin.

"Good?" Steve asked from behind me.

"Oh, yeah," Jim moaned.

Steve continued to slowly fuck me.

"Stand him up," Jim said. "I want to suck his cock while you pound his ass."

GreedySteve pulled out of me and I was helped off the bed and to my feet. GreedySteve grabbed my hips and thrust back into me and I felt Jim's hot mouth on my aching cock.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk about my cock. I've got a decent one, not like GreedySteve's monster in my ass, but good enough. I'm a little over six inches, kind of thin, but sensitive and responsive, which means I don't have that great of stamina. Both my partners (one male and one female) had complimented me on it. I did not mind being smaller than Steve, I really preferred it: a big cock was another symbol of his dominance over me.

GreedySteve and his big cock began pounding my back door while Jim sucked on my cock. If I thought getting roasted on a dick spit was amazing, it was nothing compared to getting fucked and sucked at the same time. I have no idea how long it went on. I felt pain from behind and pleasure from the front until I came and came hard in Jim's mouth. I realized I had been making an almost animal moan as they used me. GreedySteve rammed in one last time and I knew he had cum, too.

There was a pause as we all caught our breath. Then, Jim kissed me. His open mouth found mine and I realized he still had a mouthful of my cum. He kissed me and his tongue pushed my semen into my mouth to swallow.

"Good little bitch," he said.

I was dropped back on the bed and lay there, panting and coming down from my euphoric high.

"I've got to go," Jim said. "Can I borrow him sometime?"

"Sure," Steve said. "Let me know when and I'll let you have him."

I lay on the bed, spent from the night. I think this was about as far as I wanted to take things. But it had been intense, and pretty damn amazing.

Steve tied my hands back above my head. Only after I heard a car drive away did he remove my blindfold. The first thing I noticed was that Steve had drilled and mounted two metal loops on my headboard. The one closest the outside wall was holding my wrists. I wasn't terribly pleased that he had damaged my furniture, but the realization that those loops were there just to tie me up during sex tempered that annoyance.

The second thing I noticed was a camera set up on a tripod facing the bed. The red recording light was on until Steve reached over and turned it off. I was a little horrified that he had recorded what had just happened. What was he going to do with the video? Had I agreed to this? I needed to check the agreement when I had the chance.


"I want a copy," I heard myself say out loud. I didn't say the original, I knew he would never agree to that. But, in addition to whatever plan he had in mind for it, I wanted a copy, too. I wondered if I looked as good taking it in the ass as I thought.

He looked at me for a second. I was hardly in the position to be asking for anything.

"I don't see why not," he said. "I'll get you one once I'm done sanitizing it a bit."

He walked out the hall and into the bathroom. By now he had a complete set of toiletries here. He had me clean the bathroom daily, too. It was a chore, but I had to admit it was more pleasant in there than when I lived purely as a bachelor. He turned on the shower and I knew I had a few minutes.

I lay on my side and looked out the window. There was not a lot else I could do. What a night it had been.

Steve came back in and lay down beside me, facing my back. He grabbed my ass and kneaded the cheeks for a minute before pushing his body next to mine. He quickly squirted some lube into me. I was definitely sore, but could take one more. Not that I had any choice.

I gasped as he pushed painfully into me, but made no effort to stop him. He took his time, slowly savoring me and my helplessness.

"You know I am going to try to find a way to extend the six months, right? I'm not giving up this if I don't have to. I figure I'll get a couple more months added just for the occasional bad behavior by the time we're done. But there's also a proposal to remove time limits for agreements altogether. That's been in the works for a while, but we might be getting somewhere on it soon."

I tried to take in what he was saying. I wasn't surprised. I already figured out that he was greedy. I didn't like the idea of having my time extended, but the rule change should not apply to me.

"If they change the rule, I can petition the site arbitrator to have it retroactively applied to you. I think Tom would agree. But, that only matters if they change the rule before your six or however long it is by the time the months expire. I'm going to try to speed things up."

It was time to start working on a bail plan. I was not ready to go yet, but if they did make this permanent then I needed to be able to run. The problem was, he held all the cards. He was physically stronger than me, enough to be able to overpower me easily. He scared and intimidated me, too. That part was kind of intoxicating, too. And he had the video of this evening.

What I did not know was who he was, what he did? Anything, really. Maybe if I could get some kind of leverage on him I might have some bargaining power. There might be someone who disapproved enough of what he was doing to me to help me out of this.

"And if you decide to run," he said. "You met Jim tonight. He is one of the friends I'll send out to find you and bring you back. If they can't, well, we got some nice video tonight. I could send that out to all your family members, including Granny. How'd you think she'd like to see you getting cock top and bottom? Or I post them online under your real name so any prospective future employers, girl or boyfriends, or anyone who goes to search for you will see that."

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