tagGay MaleMy Name is Dave Ch. 05

My Name is Dave Ch. 05


"Another Day in the Life of a Gay Sex Slave"


"Come on," I heard a voice saying. "Wakey, wakey."

I emerged from enough of my sleep haze to realize that GreedySteve was here and he was waking me up. Which meant we would be having sex soon, or he would be having sex with me. I ran that train of thought around in my head for a minute before I realized that it really didn't matter. I looked at the clock, he was earlier than normal. He already had his the blanket down and was rubbing my thigh and butt.

"Go get ready," he said and gave my bare ass a slap. "I feel like fucking you this morning."

I made it out of bed and to the bathroom. Normally, blowjobs were his preferred way to start the day, but I knew not to expect things to get in a routine. I emptied myself then took a quick shower, paying particular attention to down there. Finally, I got myself lubed up for him.

He was in my room waiting for me, his eight-and-a-half-inch cock standing at attention to get my day started. My six inches was at attention in anticipation of my morning sexual violation. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pointed at the floor between his legs.

"Yes, sir," I said and like a good sub knelt on the floor between his legs. Before he even told me to, I began sucking his cock. I knew that was what he wanted, why prolong the inevitable? I thought about my life as I gave him head, how quickly this had become a normal part of my life. I no longer thought it odd that GreedySteve could come over at any time and demand sex from me. It was just my life. At some point, I knew (believed/hoped/feared) that this would end, but in the meantime, I might as well make the most of it.

"You're getting better at that," GreedySteve complimented me. "Looks like all that practice is paying off." I didn't answer, it's not polite to speak with one's mouth full, anyway. He lifted my head off his cock and gave my cheek a pat. "Now get on all fours," he said as I climbed onto my bed. "I've been in a doggie-style mood lately."

I turned and faced away from him, offering him my lubed ass. I wondered if I should have resisted him more, but if so, I had no idea how. He made it obvious early on that he could easily overpower me and he was not taking no for an answer from me. I guess I could go to the police, but there was enough of a paper trail with me being compliant for it to be difficult to get anywhere.

I gasped as he pushed his big cock into my tight backdoor. No matter how many times he had done it, it still hurt when he entered me.

"That's nice" he said and pushed my hips down a little to get a better angle. "I liked watching Jim fuck you." He put his hands on my hips and pulled me back onto him. "He asked to use you again, I told him okay. Be ready for him after work."

I did not say anything. What difference would it make? GreedySteve was certainly not going to change his mind.

"Don't embarrass me," he said and rammed in hard to drive home his point. "You embarrass me and I'll look into your agreement and see how much I can punish you. I'm betting it's a lot. But you're not going to embarrass me, are you Dave?"

"No, sir," I spat out between clinched teeth.

"I've got other friends who have been asking me for a taste, too," he was fucking me with long, deep strokes now. "Soon enough and I'll let them have you. And I don't want you to embarrass me then, either."

"No, sir," I said again. I was excited about more men fucking me, but scared, too. Who were they? Would I get to see their faces this time? What if it was someone I knew? I knew that I would do whatever GreedySteve told me to and he would make me if I resisted.

"Good answer," he said and picked up the pace a little.

Our conversations like this tended to be short and rather one sided. It was when he really wanted to make a point, too, he would drive it home with a cock in my ass. He was going to let other men fuck me and I better get used to the idea and behave. It wasn't like I had much choice in the matter.

He was fucking me hard now, I had to grit my teeth to keep from yelling out. A few last hard thrusts and I heard the sigh I recognized as him cumming in me. He slammed once or twice more and finished.

I unclenched my body, my muscles had all tightened up with the pain from the violation.

"You're a natural, Dave," he said and rubbed my back and legs once more before pulling out of me.

He headed to the bathroom while I cleaned up the mess he left in me with a handful of tissues. I think I generally liked being fucked more, but there was less mess with blowjobs.

I got up and went into the other bathroom to finish my cleanup. By the time I had finished, he had already left.


At the Café

I had to work a 10-6 shift and was in the down time of the day before lunch started to pick up. I had plenty of side work I should be doing, but I was engrossed in my phone instead and did not see the customer approach the counter. I quickly pocketed my phone and looked up.

"May I help you?" I said automatically. To GreedySteve, who now stood in front of me.

This was not unusual. I had served him coffee many times before, even a few times since he popped my anal cherry. But this was the first time I knew it was him. The man who essentially owned me as a sex toy was standing in front of me at my work. He wouldn't make me do anything here would he?

"Black coffee for here," he said in an offhand way. His eyes looked me up and down quickly, a hint of leer and smile on his face. He exuded the air of confidence of an owner.

Okay, that was how we were going to play this. I could do that. I gave him his total, he paid and left me a big tip (didn't he always?).

"Can you bring that out to the table for me?"

Normally, it was counter service (and, to be honest, questionable service at that), you carried your own drinks. But this was GreedySteve and I was not sure I could say no to him. I poured the coffee into a ceramic cup and carried it to his table. I knew, from our frequent mornings together, that he liked it black.

He did not say anything, including thank you, and waved me away after I set his coffee down. It was downright rude.

I walked back to the counter, a little rattled from the encounter. I busied myself with some of that side work to keep myself distracted while he was here. He was making it clear that he controlled me here, too. These were no idle fantasies now. GreedySteve, the man who was regularly fucking me in the ass, was sitting at a table twenty feet away from me. Hell, a couple of hours ago his cock had been in my mouth. Every time I glanced at the table, his eyes found me. He was a good looking guy, even if I couldn't see those wonderful arms.

It was weird to see him outside of our sexual world. It was even weirder to think that I had been seeing him really since I took the job at the café. He must live or work somewhere close, or we were right on his commute. He had been here the whole time, but only joining Predator and Prey let us connect. Frankly, I preferred it this way. I'd rather be his slave than his boyfriend. But I did wonder about him, who was he? He hinted that he did construction, and the calloused hands, strong arms and tan supported that theory. I tried to picture him at a construction site, tool belt and hard hat, shirtless in the Tennessee sun. I laughed as I realized I just imagined half of the male strippers out there. But this one was taking me in the ass every day.

And then, inevitably, the table next to him cleared out. It was my job to clear it. No one was waiting at the counter so I grabbed a tub and a rag and went to work. At this point, I realized I did not care about modesty. Steve would do whatever he wanted to me, anyway. Before I went to the table I rolled my shorts up an inch higher to expose a little more leg.

I gave him a show. It was a big eight top and I knew if I stood in one spot, with enough bending and stretching, I could clear the entire table. The spot I chose was directly opposite Steve, my back to him. He could watch the entire spectacle without even turning his head. I took my time and gave that table the best cleaning it had had in a long time. When I was done, I smoothed my shorts and apron and returned to the counter without looking at Steve.

When I looked back, he was gone from his table. My phone buzzed. I checked the message and saw all it said was "come to the bathroom now." Uh oh.

I told the manager I was taking a break. He was kind of an ass, and didn't like me but was too lazy to put in the necessary work to keep me from being lazy.

I softly knocked on the bathroom door and it opened just enough for me to slide in. Steve locked the door behind me and I turned to face him. There was an almost thoughtless intensity in his eyes. He turned me around so I was bent over the sink. Before he had a chance to rip another pair of shorts, I unbuttoned them and let them drop to my ankles. I knew what he was after and I could not stop him anyway.

He quickly rubbed some lube in, but did not do a great job. He was in a hurry, though I was the one giving up my lunch break to take it in the ass. He rubbed some on his cock then guided his shaft to my brown hole. I clenched my teeth to keep quiet as he forced his way into me.

"That was a nice show," he whispered to me as he bottomed out. "But you knew something like this would be the result." He started fucking me hard and it took all my willpower not to yell or at least cry out. But I kept quiet. "All your customers, all your coworkers, just a few feet away while you take my cock in your ass."

I tried not to think about it and concentrate instead on just getting through this without making any noise. It was a relief when he finished and came in me. We were both panting and sweating as he slowed and stopped.

There was a knock at the door.

"Anyone in there?"

It was my manager.

"Almost done," Steve said.

I reached up and grabbed some paper towels. I was ready when he pulled out and caught all the mess, but there was still more in there that would be coming out. I wadded some paper towels between my buttcheeks and pulled up my shorts. GreedySteve flushed the toilet.

I realized that I couldn't go out with Steve without it looking really weird, it was a single toilet men's room. But it did have a window that led out onto the back parking lot. I quickly opened the screen and climbed out while he washed his dick in the sink.

I was a little rattled and not ready to face people yet. I scuttled to my car and checked the time; I had fifteen minutes left on my break. I checked my shorts, they were good and drove to the nearest McDonalds for a quick Big Mac to calm my nerves.

I wasn't terribly happy with this new development. I liked keeping my work and sex lives separate, a place for each. GreedySteve had intruded rather forcefully into my work world.


After Work

I was looking forward to some downtime. I was a pretty shaken up from Steve taking me at work. This was another part of my life that he was taking over. I had been pretty close to being caught today, I knew he would push things until I did. I needed some way to fight back, to get things under some kind of control.

I was done with my shift and walked out to my car. There was a man leaning on it. Another regular from the coffee shop. I never knew his name, but he usually ordered a latte'. About 5'8", red curly hair that was starting to thin. He looked me very deliberately up and down and smiled.

I had a sinking suspicion about who this was.

"Get in, bitch," he said. "We're going for a ride. I'm driving."

When I heard the voice, I knew it was Jim. He held out his hand and I handed him the keys. He smiled, unlocked the car and climbed in. I took a deep breath and walked to the passenger side.

I got a good look at him as I got in the car. Not bad looking, but I probably would not have given him a second thought sexually.

I was hoping GreedySteve would be here, too. Part of it was wanting to get doubled again, but I also felt safer with GreedySteve there. I knew he would play by the rules and assumed he would get the others in line, but one should not assume when one's ass is getting used.

"I like it rough and I like it rapey," he told me as we drove out of the parking lot. "I also like to suck cock, but Steve said you can't cum. You're in for a rough night."

"The question is," he said and smiled, "how close can I get you without you cumming."


The answer turned out to be an agonizingly close. He licked and sucked my dick, going slow and bringing me ever closer to orgasm. I clenched up, trying to will myself over the edge to a wonderful orgasm.

We were in the basement of a house. I had no idea whose house it was, but it was a house. Jim had parked my car in the alley then led me to the back door into the basement. It was unfinished and Jim only used one light bulb in the corner. He took me back to a curtained off section that was obviously his bondage area. He quickly had me strip then tied my hands spread above me and my legs slightly spread and tied to loops in the floor. As soon as he had me secured, he began sucking my cock and I was hoping for a quick nut bust to get the night going.

But it was not to be. As I was on the edge of shooting my load into his mouth, he suddenly stopped and rose to his feet. I moaned in disappointment. It felt like I had been smacked in the balls.

As I tried to recover from the disappointment; for the first time, I was aware of people in the house above us. The floor creaked and I could hear muffled voices.

"That's the way it's going to be tonight, fuck toy. You don't get to cum." I felt him squirt some lube into my butthole. That was soon followed by his hard cock forcing its way inside me. "But I do." He bored deeper into my ass until his hips were pressed against my lower cheeks. "Steve said he got to be your first. I guess you've been making up for lost time since then."

"You're my second," I said through gritted teeth.

"Tell me, Dave. Did you really mean to agree to this agreement?"

I shook my head no.



"I'm not sure if that makes this more or less of a turn on," he said with his hands on my hips. "I think more. It's more like I'm raping you than fucking a whore. If you had a choice, would I be fucking you right now?"

"Honestly, no."

"You're not just saying that to make me happy, are you?"


"Well, good. I like it better that way."

He got me positioned to his liking then began to pound away at my ass.

"Sex any time he wants it, any way he wants it, with a hot young piece of ass," Jim said. "I can see why he's so damn cheerful lately." He reached around, stroked my cock for a second then moved up to pinch my nipples. "I'm just glad he's so generous with you. Too bad P&P won't let him charge for you or he could make bank. Not that I'm complaining about getting you for free."

He pounded me hard and came, kissing me softly on the neck when he slowed.

"Real nice," he said softly, "you are a great fuck, bitch."

He pulled out of my ass, tossed the condom in the trash then knelt down in front of me. I moaned as he started sucking my aching cock. I knew he wasn't going to let me finish, so I tried to pull away. I was tied up and not going anywhere, so instead I tried everything to speed the process. I tried thrusting my hips in rhythm with him, but it was no use; he knew what he was doing and stopped just before I would have cum again.

"Be back in a few minutes," he said. I heard him go up the stairs then his voice tone joined the conversations above.

I stretched as much as I could. My hands were definitely falling asleep. I really had not had any time to work on my escape plan or on finding out about GreedySteve. Since I had nothing else to do at the moment, I decided to think some things through.

My mind wandered, as it often did now, back to the first night with GreedySteve, my first time taking it in the ass. Things were definitely newer then, more open. I tried to think of "if I knew then what I know now with GreedySteve, would I still have done it?" I honestly did not know yet; this had been the most intense month of my life and I'm not sure I would give that up for anything.

But, I wanted to at least have the option of getting out of being GreedySteve's personal sex toy. I wasn't ready to be done with this yet, I liked where things were, but if things ever got to be too much or too intense, I wanted a way out. My first choice would be some nice easy bit of blackmail: "let me go or I'll tell your (boss/sister/mother/neighbor etc.)". If I could not get that, then anything that would loosen his grip on me would be welcome.

I was going to need help. I could go to the library and use their computers (I did not trust my home stuff anymore) and do a basic search for him. But in terms of following him or getting that kind of intelligence gathering, I needed someone who was better at it and someone who wouldn't be me if spotted. I needed a private dick.

Jim came down the stairs. Or at least I hoped it was Jim. He was back sooner than I expected. He walked into the curtained area and set up a screen right across from my face. It was a tablet of some sort, I was not too interested in the details, but more curious about what he was going to do with it.

"This will be yours when we're done tonight," Jim said and worked the controls. "Something to keep you thinking of me until I get back."

He walked away and I saw my room on the screen. In the first few seconds, the door opened and I was brought in, carried by Steve and Jim, and thrown on the bed. I saw my futile resistance as they tied me to the bed. It was the video of my night with GreedySteve and Jim at my place. Their faces had been blurred, but mine was clear. Even with the blindfold, there was no mistaking it was me. GreedySteve managed to get some nice reaction close-ups of my face, and a close-up of the birthmark on my thigh, too.

I had to admit that I looked good naked and tied to the bed. I appeared very helpless and inviting, waiting to be fucked. When Jim spanked I me, and began getting my ass ready, I couldn't blame him for taking advantage of the situation. GreedySteve was working the camera when Jim was fucking me and had a nice close-up of my face when Jim first penetrated me. He panned up and down our bodies for close-ups while Jim pounded away in my ass.

When they both were in me, the camera was set on the tripod. I watched as they changed ends, as they both fucked me at once and when Jim sucked my cock while GreedySteve did my ass.

"Good little bitch."

And the video ended. That had been intense. I knew what it was like to get fucked like that, I mean that was me in the video, but it added a different perspective to see from outside. The honest fact was, I looked like I should be tied up and turned into a sex slave, anything else would be a waste. I should just accept that it was a good thing that I was bringing such sexual pleasure to someone and embrace my six months of bondage.

I thought back to my economics classes: other men derive greater benefit from me as a sex slave than I derive from not being one. Therefore, it was for the greater good that I be tied up, fucked top and bottom.

I wasn't sure if I bought that line of reasoning, but it made me feel a little better about the situation.

"Alright," Jim's voice said from the doorway, speaking of the greater good. "Where was I?"

He undressed and hung his clothes neatly on hangers.

"My roommate and I are hosting a little get together upstairs, just some work friends. And I love that I am coming down here, fucking your sweet ass, then going back up like I just left off in the conversation."

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