tagNovels and NovellasMy Name Is Linda Ch. 01

My Name Is Linda Ch. 01

byvelvet hammer©

My name is Linda. This is my story.

I'm brunette, 5'5", slim, and I'm told I'm pretty. My breasts are not particularly large but I think have a respectable pair of cute little cupcakes. My husband Tom always says so, although I think he worships my derriere as my most positive feature.

Tom and I got married when we were quite young; I was only twenty-one. We've been happily married just under ten years now. We were blessed early on in our marriage with two children, a boy and a girl; they have brought us much joy and happiness over the years, along with all the sorrow and heartache that having a family entails. Sure, we've had our ups and downs, but what marriage hasn't?

Quite early on in our relationship Tom expressed an interest in sleeping with another woman; with another woman and myself at the same time, actually. At first I felt hurt, I went through the predictable range of emotions; a sense of betrayal, inadequacy, and then even a sort of jealousy that he should be having such thoughts. Tom sensed my feelings and let the subject drop, bless his heart.

Now don't get me wrong – I'm certainly no prude; over the years we've eagerly explored any and all variations possible between a man and a woman. I mean, we've done it in all the positions – I find that riding on top provides me the most frequent and intense orgasms. Tom's explanation that masturbation is not only normal, but also probably healthy (which I can understand from a man's point of view, at least), eventually led to the pleasures of mutual masturbation. I'd play with myself with the vibrator he bought for me while he watched, stroking himself, as a prelude to lovemaking.

The mutual masturbation thing convinced me beyond a shadow of doubt that my husband Tom is a pervert, and that I'm probably a degenerate myself for going along with it. I drew the line, however, at letting him take me up my 'backdoor'. I couldn't imagine how anyone would find enjoyment from that particular act, at least not on the receiving end; although from articles I've read in Cosmo and in some of Tom's men's magazines I've learned that some women actually do gain satisfaction from 'taking it' that way.

Soon after we got married Tom established Movie Night as a facet of our love life. At first I was a bit shocked – not really offended or anything - but a bit taken aback, you might say. But after Tom pointed out that we were both adults, and married to one another, I relaxed a bit. We'd have some drinks, I'd put on something slinky and he'd wear the nice satin loungewear I bought for him and we'd watch X-rated movies as a prelude to sex. After I became accustomed to watching people having sex my natural curiosity took over. If anything I was interested in looking at other penises; Tom was the only lover I had ever known. I mean, the sheer variety of size and length out there, not to mention shape of the head, circumcised and un-circumcised, was intriguing to say the least.

It was also interesting to watch the women in the porno movies. I enjoyed trying to determine which of them were faking it and which ones were truly receiving pleasure. While most of the girls are simply very bad actors, emitting a series of fake moans and sighs, every now and then you can tell that the woman in the film is actually having an orgasm. I find this particularly exciting. This, and close-ups of penises ejaculating sperm all over a woman's body.

I don't like it when they come on a woman's face, however - it's just a thing with me. While I kind of enjoy watching a hard penis spurting cum all over a nice, round set of tits, or across a girl's belly as she writhes on her back in a state of pure ecstasy, or even shooting streams of jism across her asscheeks, I feel that the face shots are somehow demeaning to women.

My initial reaction to pornographic movies notwithstanding, I found that the sex we had during and after watching these films was quite intense; certainly amongst our most exhilarating lovemaking sessions. And despite my feelings about the way 'cum shots' are so often depicted in adult movies, I actually enjoy letting Tom come on me when I bring him to orgasm orally. I've let him come on my tits and come on my face, and upon occasion I'll even let him come in my mouth (although I don't swallow, at least not very often).

It was while watching dirty movies with Tom one night that I finally understood his desire to involve another woman in our lovemaking. The film we were watching featured a scene with two very good-looking women – hell, they were downright beautiful if they were anything – on their knees before a man seated on a sofa. All three of them were naked, of course, and both women were pleasuring the man orally at the same time. One would suck while the other licked up and down the underside of the man's penis, and nibbled with her lips and tongue, gently stroking him with her fingers while the other woman lovingly held his balls in her hand. (The women in these films really are talented, and over time I'd learned a thing or two about cocksucking from watching them.) Then the other woman would take the man's penis into her mouth while the first one took over licking up and down his length. Occasionally they would both lick and nibble up and down the man's length at the same time, effectively allowing the man to fuck what was, in effect, a pussy comprised of the two women's lips.

I could see how this scene excited Tom – he was quite aroused; his penis was pointing straight up in the air, creating a tent, and I could feel how rock-hard he was as I fondled him through his silken pajama bottoms. It was about this time that it occurred to me that this was not a bad thing. The concept of a ménage-a-trois, that is. I mean, two women can share a man's penis and suck and suck and suck without experiencing any of the jaw fatigue that makes giving head such an ordeal, because when one woman tired the other could take over; and when her jaw ached the first could begin again. The same thing went for stroking him off while you sucked. Any time the muscles in your hand and arm began to tire the other girl could step in to continue.

It was obvious how exciting this concept would be from the man's point of view. Two women meant twice the fun; two sets of tits, two pussies, two asses, and all those arms and legs. And of course, two mouths to lick and suck a man's tool at the same time. I took a little mental note of all this, for future reference, then treated my man to a little oral examination of my own before straddling him and letting him fuck my brains out.

Despite how hot things were getting between Tom and me, I couldn't help but notice how the scene played out on the screen; both girls were now on all fours, one on top of the other. The camera angle was from behind, so what we witnessed was essentially a pair of pussies stacked up one upon the other, while the male performer fucked them both from behind, doggie-style. He would plunge his dick first into one wet pussy, only to withdraw and stick it into the other wet pussy directly on top of the first. By this time my Tom was lifting me up and down on his rod, his fingers knuckle-deep into the sides of my ass as his cock unloaded what felt like a gallon of hot cum deep inside me.

* * *

Valerie was an old school friend of mine who'd been through a hard time. She'd married, and in the process of a nasty divorce she'd foolishly granted her pig-of-a-lawyer-husband custody of their children. She was now living out of state, and to help her out I offered to put her up at our place whenever she was in town. It helped save her money on hotel bills – Valerie wasn't doing too well, career-wise – and it was nice to have her visit.

Valerie was a very attractive girl – fetching is a word I believe would suit her looks - from a great family. Blonde and blue-eyed; a fresh-faced, healthy, athletic girl with an intelligent look about her that kept her from ever being automatically stereotyped as the cheerleader bimbo type. She was always popular at school, had lots of boys around her all the time, good at sports and good at the classes she took. It was just hard to imagine that this All-American girl with her picture-perfect cover girl looks had come into such dire straights.

Valerie was quite blue these days, quite down in the dumps over the way life had turned for her, and I was eager to help her out in any way I could even if that were only to cheer her up. Tom was always the perfect gentleman whenever Valerie came to visit, they got along well enough, and he was never indiscrete enough to suggest anything. I must confess that what finally occurred was entirely my doing.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Tom was outside working on the lawn while Valerie and I were sitting around the kitchen having a little 'girl talk'. "So, eh, Valerie," I asked, "you have a boyfriend down in Georgia these days?"

"Well, no-o-o..." I detected a hint of sadness in her voice as she answered. Perhaps this was an opportunity to finally provide Tom with his ultimate fantasy. Without intending to say a word to Tom I made my proposal to Valerie; no use getting Hubby all worked up over something that might not even come to pass.

"You know, Tom and I have an interesting thing going on," I volunteered. Valerie acknowledged this with the most imperceptible raising of an eyebrow. "He's really good. You know. He's good at 'it'. In bed, I mean." This last said with a naughty smile.

At that very moment Tom entered the kitchen, all sweaty in a white t-shirt and jeans. "Hi, girls," he said cheerfully, as he passed by on his way to grab a cold drink from the fridge. I waited until he returned to his chores, taking note of how my girlfriend regarded my good-looking husband's chest and arms in his tight t-shirt. Once he was back working the yard I decided it was time to stop beating around the bush.

"How would you like to do it with Tom?" At first Valerie pretended she didn't understand my meaning, so I said it again. "Would you like to, you know, make it with my husband?"

"Linda!" Despite this reaction, I sensed an iota of interest there.

"You can, you know. Don't tell me the thought's never crossed your mind." At this Valerie blushed. As she turned red right up to the hairline I knew I was right on track.

"But... but... he's your husband..." Valerie stammered. I noticed she hadn't dismissed the suggestion outright, however. Now all I had to do was run the thing past Hubby...

* * *

Tom had finished his yard work and was in the shower. I suggested Valerie use our shower to rinse off after Tom, on the made up pretense that there was something wrong with the plumbing in the guest bathroom; so when Tom was done I let Val know that the shower was free. She came into our bedroom just in time to encounter Tom emerging from the shower wearing only a towel around his midsection. Valerie did a quick double take but appeared to handle it. Her attitude read; we're all old friends here, Linda and I have known each other since junior high. Anyway, he was wearing more in that towel down to his knees than if he'd been wearing a bathing suit. What's the big deal, right?

Part of the plan going around in my mind was to let Tom think the whole enterprise was somehow of his doing; that we two women were simply overwhelmed by his incredible macho studliness, or whatever. Basically I wanted to stroke his precious Male Ego at the same time I was treating him to a very special favor.

To successfully pull this thing off, timing was going to be everything. The kids were still very young; it was their afternoon naptime, so I had to move fast and we would all have to be quiet.

Once Valerie was in the shower and Tom and I were alone together in the bedroom, I casually dropped the sundress I was wearing to reveal the very skimpy, very sexy black lace bra-and-panty set I had on underneath. Innocently lounging around on our king-sized bed in my slut-wife outfit, I pretended to let the subject come up quite innocuously.

"Poor Valerie," I offered.

"Yeah, poor girl got some bad breaks."

"She's really having a hard time of it."

"I can see this," he answered.

"Her self-confidence is totally shot."

"Yeah, she's going through some hard times."

"I wish we could help her somehow."

"Sometimes, Linda, the best way to help people is to show them how to help themselves," Tom said philosophically.

"I think she needs a man," I suggested.

"I don't know if she needs to jump into a relationship right away, Linda," Tom answered. "I mean, she'd be on the rebound and all, and you know how a relationship like that can backfire."

"I didn't say she needed a relationship," I replied. "What I said is, I think she needs a man. Right now. Tonight. Between her legs. You know." Having said this, I waited to see how Tom would manage the bombshell I just dropped in his lap. I could practically hear the cogwheels turning in his head. I swear, although I love him, sometimes my man is just so dense. Like all men, I suppose. I could see this was going to take a little work to pull off, so I spoke up again. "Do you think she's pretty?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you, you know, think she's attractive? To men, I mean." It was a loaded question; if anything the girl was knockdown, drag-out beautiful. Anyone who looked at her would think so in a second.

"Well, y-e-e—a-h..." he answered, not quite sure where this whole thing was going.

"I mean, you know, bedroom pretty." I was intensely studying my scantily clad body as I said this. I mean, it was pure vamp on my behalf, all the way.


"Would you want to, you know, do it with her?" I casually spread my legs wide as I said this, seemingly unaware yet knowing full well this provided poor Tom an excellent view of the Center of the Universe through the black, net-like fabric of my sheer panties.

"W-h-a-a-a-t???" Tom stammered.

"Well, would you? If you weren't married to me, I mean..."

"Well, y-e-e—a-h, I guess so..."

"You guess so? Why? What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing's wrong with her, Linda. Valerie's beautiful. She's a beautiful woman."

"Then why don't you want to do it with her? What is it with her?"

At this point Tom sat down on the bed. He had this incredulous look on his face and was struggling with where the conversation was heading. Finally he spoke. "Sure, I'd do it with her." Then he caught himself - speaking in the conditional, he realized that it sounded like some kind of chore or ordeal. "I mean, Valerie is a very beautiful woman, a very sexy woman, and I'd love to make it with her. Anywhere, anytime."

Having obliquely steered the conversation to this point, I asked him real slow and serious-like, "Tom, do you want to make love to Valerie?" I was absent-mindedly toying with the tiny black velvet ribbon bow that was located right between the cups of my brassiere as I said this, enjoying watching him sweat.

"W-e-e-e-ll," he said, not wanting to say 'yeah, SURE!' and yet not wanting to say 'Hell, no!' either. I noticed the way he ever so imperceptibly cocked his head to the bathroom door, just as he said this; the sound of running water told him Valerie was still under the shower and therefore wasn't able to hear our conversation. I mean, sometimes my husband is as easy to read as a book.

I'd decided I'd played head games with the poor guy long enough. Time to lighten things up.

"It's okay, Tom," I said quietly, "if you want to make love to Valerie. I can accept this. She is a very beautiful woman, after all." By now I was shamelessly fingering my nipples right through the gauzy material of my bra, pinching them to a delicious hardness. "All I have to say is, if you're going to make love to her, I have to be a part of it. Otherwise it'd be going outside of our married life, wouldn't it?"

Tom looked up at me. Once more I could read the look on his face like it was typed out in boldface: he thought the whole thing was due to his powers of persuasion. Tricky little me. "I'll see if Valerie is up for a threesome, then, if it pleases you..." I said.

"Uh, okay," Tom croaked. My husband was so tripped out on what was playing out in front of him that his throat was completely dry.

"There's just one thing I want to say first." Tom looked on expectedly. I continued, "IF we're going to have a threesome, there are a few ground rules I want to put out first."

Tom nodded his assent. The poor man was squirming around like he had ants in his pants. I was loving it.

"You can make love to my friend Valerie, I'm okay with that. You can fuck her six ways to Sunday. You can titty-fuck her. I'll even let her suck your dick, if she wants to. All of that's okay. But you don't come with her; either in her or on her. That part is for me and me only. Me, your wife. Is this understood?"

Tom quickly nodded his assent. I mean, as far as he was concerned he was getting into a really good deal here, actually getting his wife to finally go along with the girl-girl-guy thing after all these years; as far as he was concerned all I was asking was a mere technical detail.

What I followed up with surprised him even more. I could hear the shower still running and estimated that if I worked it right there was enough time...

I got up from where I lay on the bed, undid the black brassiere and tossed it aside. I took a moment to cup my breasts and study my half-naked form in mirror over the bureau before turning to face my husband. Then I went to my knees, pulled open the towel he wore around his waist let it fall to the floor. His dick was already stiff - from the mere thought of what was to come, no doubt. Horny dog. Without a word I parted my lips and took his hard cock in my mouth, sucking up and down his pole until he was good and hard. I slickened his shaft with my saliva and used it as a lube to stroke him into my mouth as I sucked.

The sound of water running behind the bathroom door stopped and we could both hear Valerie stepping out of the shower. "Uh, Linda..." Tom whispered. I looked up to him from where I knelt, my mouth still full of cock, giving him my best innocent-little-puppy-dog look. Tom gave a desperate glance toward the bathroom door.

The next thing we heard was the blow dryer. Valerie was drying her lovely golden tresses. I estimated this gave me at least four or five minutes to finish Hubby off. I can usually bring him to climax orally in half that time, but I realized that the thought of Valerie coming through that door and encountering us like this might be interfering with his ability to relax. It was time to use some of the advanced techniques I'd learned from the movies. I released him from my mouth, then, looking him in the eye, I put the middle finger of my left hand into my mouth and made it very wet. Tom groaned, knowing full well what was coming next.

I began to finger his asscrack. Tom likes this, and from my readings I understand why. I withdrew my finger to place it back in my mouth and make it more wet. Tom is usually clean, anyway I've become accustomed to the taste of him back there. I was happy to discover, nonetheless, that his shower had been complete and that he tasted more of soap than the usual dirty taste. I returned my finger, now slick with spit, to his backdoor and slowly, gently, began pushing it in and out.

While I fingerfucked his asshole like this, I placed my wet puckered lips around the very tip of his cockhead and began cooing sweet words of encouragement, continuing to stroke him off all the while. "Come for me, baby," I murmured, "Come for Mama. Come on me now!" With this I opened my mouth wide and began jacking him off onto my outstretched tongue.

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