tagNovels and NovellasMy Name Is Linda Ch. 02

My Name Is Linda Ch. 02

byvelvet hammer©

The story continues. Our little three-way thing lasted a little over a year. During the course of that time I eventually lightened up as our fling with Valerie developed into a true love affair. When I lightened up about letting Tom to make love to Valerie to completion, it was almost anti-climactic. I mean, it was a natural course of events; Tom did not have to ask for permission beforehand, nor beg for forgiveness afterward. It just happened, and when it did it was beautiful.

We, I mean the three of us, were naked in bed together one evening. Valerie was sucking Tom's dick. I lay next to Tom, stroking his chest as we both watched Valerie's lips going up and down the length of his cock. She really was good at it; she used her lips and tongue, and had a twisting of the wrist technique, as she stroked him into her mouth, that was quite remarkable.

I remember it occurred to me that Valerie was doing quite a bit of work, that she deserved to have Tom's hard dick in her wet pussy. I reached down to hold Tom's dick, replacing her hand with mine as she sucked. I rubbed his cockhead all over her face as she ran her lips and tongue up and down his length, held it for her as she took him into her mouth once again. "Valerie," I said.

"Mmmmm?" she replied. She could only moan in response because her mouth was stuffed full of Tom's rock-hard cock.

"Go ahead and fuck Tom now. He's ready."

"Mmmmm," she answered. She released Tom's cock from her mouth with a –pop!- and, giving him one last little kiss right on the very tip of the head of his dick, moved forward on the bed to straddle him.

I held Tom's hard dick in place for Valerie as she hovered over him, rubbing his hot, hard rod up and down the length of her wet slit. Valerie reached down and parted her labia with two fingers to allow Tom's swollen cockhead entry. I was able to feel her heat as she impaled herself; her neatly trimmed blonde pussy hairs brushed against the back of my hand. Once he was fully within I withdrew my hand, allowing Valerie to come down and take his full length.

I went back to stroking my Tom's chest, kissing and sucking his nipples as Valerie rode his cock. I could see that Valerie was in ecstasy, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she rode up and down his hot, hard pole. I put a hand to her hips, pushing her on the downstroke as she came with a quiet series of cat-like mews. Valerie was always quieter than me when she came. And of course she was beautiful. She almost looked like Rafael's Venus on the Half-Shell, holding her tits with her blonde hair all about her. It was a beautiful moment.

Now it was time for Tom's satisfaction; he was very near, but he couldn't come in this position. He never could when he was being straddled – it was just one of those things. There was a moment of hesitation as Valerie dismounted, he looked to me with uncertainty. Valerie lay next to him, on the other side of him; her hand met mine as I cupped his balls, stroked the base of his hard cock.

"Go ahead," I whispered as I kissed him on the lips. "Make love to Valerie. Do it."

Tom returned the kiss, long and deep, then broke away, looking me in the eyes. An unspoken understanding passed between the two of us.

"Do it," I simply said. "Love her."

Valerie spread her legs wide as my Tom mounted her. She looked down to watch the head of his cock rub up against the folds of her wet pussy, holding her labia open with two fingers for him to enter with ease. Tom's cock slid into her wet pussy like a knife into a sheath. Linda moaned involuntarily, "OOOoooOOOhhh!" Tom hesitated for a moment as he enjoyed the sensation of her heat, then began thrusting in and out, slowly at first.

I lay by their side. Valerie's right leg, her hip and thigh, lay on me; my hand went to Tom's butt, to stroke him and push as he went up and down and in and out of her. Valerie wrapped her legs about his thighs; her hands met mine on his butt as she attempted to pull him deeper still. She flung her head back, eyes closed in her abandon as Tom ploughed her furrow.

Tom's thrusts picked up tempo. He fucked her faster now with long, hard strokes. Valerie began emitting her little mewing sounds once more, "oooh! oooh! oooh!" as his rod plunged in and out of her wet hole. I was pressing hard on his butt now, pushing him into her harder. The slap of his flesh on her flesh sounded like an audience clapping hands. Valerie's hands moved up to clutch at his arms, his shoulders, it was all she could do to hold on as he plunged into her; she was splayed beneath him, taking every inch of his length, all the force of his powerful momentum.

Valerie's was contorted as she suffered through heightened levels of ecstasy at the receiving end of Tom's dick. Her legs were spread wide apart, her ankles about his thighs, her fingernails embedded into the muscles of his back as she cried, "OH! OH! OH!"

Tom was going up and down on her, in and out of her like a fucking machine. When he started to groan, "UHHH! OHHH!" I knew he was going to come any minute now. I continued to push his butt on the down stroke, my naked body was pressed against Valerie's as she received his full force of his pile driver. He was going in and out of her hard, their flesh on flesh went "SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" as he fucked her.

Then suddenly Tom drove his dick deep within her and came to a sudden halt. His body shuddered and he groaned out loud, "OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" as he unloaded his cum into Valerie's depths in one, two, three powerful thrusts.

"OH! OH! OH!" she cried, pressing her face against his chest. Tom continued to go in and out of her for a few moments as he spurted the rest of his cum deep inside of her. Then he collapsed into a heap on top of her; he was satiated, totally spent. Valerie was quietly weeping tears of pure joy, smothering her face against his chest as her tears ran down like water. I leaned forward and lightly kissed Tom's upper arm. It was a beautiful moment in our love affair.

Time went on; time waits for no man and time didn't wait for us. Valerie eventually met someone. Although we got together a few more times after that, there was an uneasiness because we knew she had somebody else now; somebody else who was not there. Somehow it was no longer the same. I missed our little ménage-a-trois, and so did Tom, but he knew better than to beg for me to arrange something new. What we had had with Valerie was special. It was born of spontaneity, and any efforts to replicate this special love would be cheap and sleazy. At least we both felt this way. It would be better if all we had were our memories, rather than to tarnish this precious time of our lives with furtive attempts to recreate something beautiful that had simply happened.

Fast-forward five years. I went to visit Valerie down in Savannah, where she lived now. She was doing better in the career department, although there was a permanent sadness in her life because of the situation with her children. No mother should be without her kids, and later I often wondered if what eventually played out had anything to do with this sadness in her life.

It seemed to me that Valerie had changed somehow. She now wore her blonde hair pulled back in a severe bun, and there was a look about her face that I took for an astuteness gained from the rude hand circumstances had dealt her.

Savannah is a lovely city, a piece of the old, old South, a true anachronism. If you haven't been it's hard to describe the entire vibe going on down there. There are block after block of these antique houses, mansions really, with these old live oak trees covered in Spanish moss; the place is like a set out of an old MGM pirate movie.

"I'm going to show you the inside of one of those old mansions," Valerie said, indicating the scenery as she drove me through town on the way from the airport to her place. "You're in for a treat."

"Cool!" I said, "I'd love to see what one of those places looks like inside."

"Darius is some kind of local big shot business man," she told me. "He's a bit of a weirdo, Linda, but nothing you couldn't handle. Wait 'till you see his place!"

We dressed up and went out. I wore my little black dress, some stocking and heels. Valerie had on a sort of businesswoman's attire; a jacket and slacks in blacks and dark grays. With no blouse underneath her top she was showing quite a bit of cleavage. A nice string of pearls set her whole look off rather nicely.

Valerie took me to one of those ancient mansions we'd passed by earlier, the old, moneyed part of town. The properties are surrounded by wrought-iron grillwork; the Spanish moss dripping off the trees give the entire neighborhood a haunted feeling.

A beautiful young woman met us at the door. Green-eyed, her hair a thick mane of golden-brown ringlets, she had a decidedly foreign look about her. But it wasn't her exotic looks that got my attention: the girl was dressed for the bedroom. She wore a short, gold-colored kimono. She wore a curious leather collar she wore tight around her neck like a choker. "Hello, Monique," Valerie said. "Is Darius in?"

"He's in the sitting room," this Monique answered demurely. There was a definite hint of an accent there. European, perhaps, or maybe some kind of South American. A Spanish Oriental; exotica times two! I thought it curious how she looked to the floor as she spoke; there was very little eye contact, if any.

Valerie and I let her take our coats, and then Valerie removed her light jacket. Beneath it she wore only a black leather bra number, a strappy thing that featured lots of metallic buckles and fittings. I suppose this was the sort of thing you might see in a dance club. She looked very severe in this rig, with her man's trousers; something Madonna might wear in one of her videos. Once more I was taken by how Valerie seemed to have changed.

As Monique led us into the house, I couldn't help but notice her tight little ass, so nicely encased in the silk hem of her very, very short kimono.

The entire downstairs was a series of open rooms, salons I suppose you could call them, connected to one another through wide archways. From where we were in the sitting room area we could see all the way across to the dining room on the other side of the house. I thought it would be a great place to entertain in.

The golden sunlight of the late afternoon streamed through the gauzy coverings that served as drapes for the alcove we now occupied. The chamber was carefully appointed with some nice pieces, undoubtedly expensive antiques. Large bunches of flowers, chrysanthemums and camellias, were displayed in large blue-and-white Chinese vases. The delicate flower pattern of the wallpaper was not overwhelming; in fact, it seemed to give the entire setting an effervescence. I was quite taken by the tastefulness of it all.

Monique indicated the sofa for us, then took up a position between two of the large Chinese vases; it was as if she was a part of the décor. I thought it odd how she stood with her feet together, arms down by her sides, her gaze directed at a spot on the floor just in front of her.

Then Darius entered the room and greeted us.

He was a large man, muscular, his head shaved completely bald, with ice blue eyes and an oddly charismatic smile. I wasn't sure if I liked him or not; there was something odd about the man that immediately put my sixth sense on full alert, a vibe he gave off or something. Later I was to learn that what I sensed was power, raw power that Darius seemingly emitted from his very being like an aura. This sense of power was incredibly aphrodisiac in nature, as later I was to learn, but at the time I could only go by my senses and my intuition.

Despite these impressions, things were pleasant and Darius was affable. We shook hands, Valerie kissed Darius on both cheeks in the European style, and then he directed Monique to bring us some drinks. From the way he spoke to her like she was a servant, and her totally subservient manner, I was beginning to suspect the nature of her role.

Monique brought refreshments on a tray; tea and cakes. I could not help but look at her now. I let my eye wander down as she held the tray before me. Her breasts were not particularly big; in fact they were barely a pair of handfuls, but I liked the way her nipples poked through the satiny cloth of her kimono. She was obviously naked beneath her skimpy garment. Her skin was tanned a golden brown, with her lion's mane head of hair this gave her an almost feral appearance. I took particular notice of this aspect of her appearance when she resumed her place by the wall, between the two large Chinese vases. There was a wildness about her, a savage look in her green eyes as she stood on display, for all it was worth.

I wondered what sensations were going through her being as she stood before us with every eye in the room free to gaze at her barely covered form. To be exposed like this; practically naked in a room full of clothed people who regarded you as little more than a piece of furniture. Little was I to suspect where these musings would eventually lead . . .

Drinks in hand, Darius led us on a small tour of his place. Like the sitting room, the entire downstairs area was sparsely appointed, yet the few pieces that adorned it were obviously very old, and equally obviously, very expensive. As well as the exquisite pieces of furniture, there were exotic curios and bric-a-brac everywhere. "These vases are from Thailand," he said, "and this rosewood chest is from Indonesia, and this is a stool that the Ashanti kings used to sit on, I got it in the Ivory Coast."

* * *

We didn't stay long. As much as I loved Darius' place, I don't know if I could handle much more of the weird vibe that was going down in there. It wasn't until after we left, as we drove through the city, that Valerie filled me in on what was going on.

"So what'd you think of the place? Isn't it to die for?"

"Seems like Monique's doing her part to pay the rent."

"Oh, yeah. Have you figured out what's going on with that?"

"Some kind of weird love-slave thing is what I made of it."

Valerie smiled at this. "Darius was kind of restrained this afternoon. I think he kept things toned down out of respect for you."

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked naively.

"You were right about the love slave thing," Valerie replied. "Monique usually isn't allowed to wear any clothes," she added.

"What, in front of other people? Visitors?"

"That's her kink, darling!" Valerie laughed, "That's how she gets off!" Valerie put her hand on mine, "And Darius gets off by putting her through one humiliating ordeal after the other."

"You mean she willingly subjects herself to . . ." I started, "why, that's outrageous!" What else could I say? And yet my smile betrayed that I felt anything but shocked. "I guess I could see how someone could find pleasure . . ."

"Oh, darling, let me tell you about this one time over at Darius' . . ." Valerie proceeded to relate the story of a dinner party, during the course of which Darius claimed that no man could satisfy or pleasure her, Valerie that is, as well as the slave Monique could. "I took the bet," Valerie said. For a split second I was stunned at the notion of suck a perverted soiree, then glancing at my girlfriend I noticed the sly smile that played upon her lips.

Valerie continued, "So the challenge was put out to the male guests and this one bold young blade stepped forward. We all ended up in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Monique, this guy, and me in between. The other guests were invited to look on as Monique and the young man competed to see who could pleasure me the most, satisfy me more. The guy had his turn, then Monique took over. They licked me all over!"

This time I was truly scandalized, and it showed on my face. Words simply escaped me.

"Oh, it was wonderful, let me tell you . . ." Valerie said with a broad smile as she recalled the pleasure she experienced that night. "Come on now," she said, putting her hand on my arm, "don't tell me you're shocked. Why, it's nothing more than what you and I and Tom used to engage in."

"Yeah, but in front of other people?"

"That made it all the more thrilling," she laughed.

"I guess there's a certain thrill to be had in breaking taboo," I admitted. I remember experiencing this thrill myself, the first time I let Valerie enjoy my husband in bed.

"If you like that, you'd love the parties Darius throws." Valerie proceeded to tell me about an evening where lots were drawn amongst the female guests. Half the female guests were then required to walk around stark naked, save for frilly aprons, thigh-high stockings and heels. They served drinks on trays, and then more as the evening wore on. "By midnight it was a full-fledged orgy, let me tell you."

I realized now what it was that I had noticed about her earlier. After the thing with Tom and I, Valerie had fully immersed herself in the alternate lifestyle scene. Despite her wholesome All-American cover girl looks, Valerie now carried the air of a sexual sophisticate.

As for Darius, he struck me as some kind of rich guy who chose to live as a pervert, nothing more. And yet the girl Monique intrigued me; the whole obedience bit . . .

It had been a long day. Both Valerie and I were ready to turn in when we got to her place. Once inside we prepared ourselves for bed. By now pajamas seemed a silly extravagance, after all we had been through together, not only this night but on many other nights before. Wordless facing each other across the expanse of her queen-sized bed, we slowly stripped off our clothes and climbed under the sheets in the altogether. When the lights were out Valerie turned to me. Our arms went automatically about each other; her lips found mine and we embraced.

Our kiss was long, slow and delicious. With Valerie I had already learned the pleasures of embracing another woman, of appreciating her body, and so it was not only a familiar embrace but also a most sensible course of action for both of us. We kissed because we were already lovers, after a fashion, and it brought us both a pleasure and a relief to be able to press our breasts together, to rub bellies, to grind our pussymounds against one another's.

After a little while I broke our kiss and went down to kiss her breasts, to nibble and suck at her nipples. I've always loved Valerie's huge mountains ever since, with my husband, we became more than just 'friends'. I kissed and sucked her succulent nipples for a while, and then an urge came over me, an urge that had never come over me before, and I once more went down, further south than I had ever gone before.

I sensed a pause in Valerie, for she did not expect me to love her this way; it had never been 'all the way' for us, ever. Our excursions into the Land of Lesbianism had only ever included sweet, innocent kisses and some embracing. After the evening's events with Monique, however, I was ready to go further.

I pressed my face into the neatly trimmed, golden fur that graced her mound and sniffed deeply of her womanly scent. When I touched her slit with my fingers Valerie instinctively let out a moan. I could feel her wetness, even on the outside of her pussy. By no there was no doubt in my mind, no hesitation whatsoever. I parted my lips and tasted her peach; my tongue delved deep into her womanly folds. I liked her taste; salty yet so sweet. My tongue found her clitoris; I sucked her lovebud into my lips and licked it at the same time.


Valerie's long moan let me know my efforts were fully appreciated. It was dark and my eyes were closed as I tasted her pussy, but I imagined her head flung back, her eyes squeezed shut as she pressed the back of my head towards her pleasure button. Her legs were wide open, her fingers digging into my scalp as she rode my face to oblivion. It didn't take her long to come, thank God, for my jaw was beginning to ache. With an "OH! OH! OH!" and then a series of quiet mews, she was done. I licked her softly, gently, for a while, licking up all her love juices, then after rubbing my wet face against the fuzz on her mons I came up for air.

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