tagBDSMMy Name Is Pain Ch. 02

My Name Is Pain Ch. 02


It's true, I'd always been a rather shy, introverted, quiet man. Finding Shannon had seemed to change that, at least until now. Now I stood at a doorway, emotions running rampant and a fire burning inside like I'd never experienced before. Before this time, I don't know, I probably would have...well I just don't know. What I did know was that I needed a plan and I needed it quick.

As night fell that evening I found myself in hiding near Rita's home. I had been up now for over 48 straight hours but I found myself totally alert, more alive than I had ever felt in my entire life. I'd spent the morning in a cyber café searching on the Internet while the afternoon had been for shopping and my bounty was stashed in a rental car parked down the street. The plan I had formulated was full of risks. A sane man would have never even contemplated what to the average individual would have seemed suicidal.

Ever since last night logic seemed to have taken a back seat to the raging emotions which were coursing through my body. It didn't take long before I watched as a long black sedan pulled into the driveway, a single figure stepped out, opened the trunk and pulled out a bag. I moved quickly and was on him before he knew it and the object I jabbed into his back immediately got his attention. "You have a decision to make my friend and I advise that you decide wisely. You can answer my questions or you can die, right here, right now."

"Well, which one will it be?" It's amazing how fear can free the tongue. Minutes later, though it went against everything I had ever believed in, I felt no remorse as I took the crowbar I'd been holding and struck him on the back of his head. The body tumbled into the trunk and with the set of handcuffs and tape I'd been carrying I was assured that even when he regained consciousness he wouldn't cause any problems. I picked up the bag he'd dropped and quickly made my way back to my car.

Opening it I took inventory of its contents before adding my own purchases and as I prepared to step from the vehicle I stopped and took a quick glance in the mirror at the individual staring back at me. I had spent my entire lifetime being the "nice" guy. Quiet, shy, plain, ordinary, the type of man who until just a few short weeks ago had been easy not to notice. Shannon had changed that, she had changed everything. The next few hours would tell if I could change everything for us.

As I walked up the steps I mentally went over each part of the plan, my mind racing with all the pitfalls and traps that could take place. Finally, taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door and seconds later Rita opened it. She looked just a little shocked to see an individual standing there clothed entirely in black with a leather mask covering his entire face. I had spoke maybe one or two words to her the previous night and Jonathan, the shy, quiet man, had said them. This man spoke with a menacing voice, one like thunder, saying, "Madame Rita, I presume. I am Pain."

She stood there looking at me, silent until I said, "Ah, my appearance. I would hope my assistant would have told you of my desire for anonymity?"

"No, she did not." I shook my head, "I will deal with Diana for this transgression. I prefer to keep my facial features secret so that I suffer no reprisals in my day to day life while if we were to meet in public you wouldn't be put in, shall we say, an awkward situation. Let me reassure you as to my identity."

"You found me through a mutual friend of ours, James is his first name, I don't know if he knows you well enough to give you his last so that will have to suffice. You have a bottom, a young woman who has shown a desire for the male of the species and you're hoping I will be able to provide her with what she needs. There has been an outside influence and you feel as if by doing this it will ensure your power with her, correct?"

I watched as her posture softened and she motioned for me to come inside. After I had crossed into the threshold I turned and waited for her to close the door. I felt my best chance for success was to keep her off balance and the only way I knew how to do that was to dominate not only Rita, but the entire situation. "My fee is $1,000. I assume you have it?" She paused momentarily but then walked over to a table, took the envelope lying there, picked it up and handed it to me.

"You're not going to count it?" she said and the look I gave her was to imply I certainly hope you would not be that foolish and by her nervous look I believe I had made my point. "Let me make myself clear. I am a professional, this is not a game to me. I make my own rules. I do not use a safe word, your submissive's pain is my pleasure. You've paid me, paid me well and I will not disappoint you. Now, do you understand?"

It only took a momentary hesitation on her part for me to take two steps towards her and repeat; "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" It was unbelievable, the feeling of power, the feeling of dominance as I watched her eyes drop from mine and she quietly replied "Yes m'lord". "Good. Now let us discuss this woman. I need to know everything." As I sat down in the lone chair next to the table she was forced to stand there like a schoolgirl reporting to the teacher and I listened.

She told me how you had met at work, you were her new boss, and she was your assistant. One day she had come across your personal log in your computer and you had talked about your feelings of submissiveness and how you wondered what it would be like to experience such a thing. She had been a long time devotee of the game and began planning her strategy from that moment on. A few weeks later she asked if you would join her for a drink after work to start the weekend and she had taken you to a bar known for it's rather unique clientele.

By the time you found a seat your eyes had started to become accustomed to the darkness and you noticed the room was filled with women. There were tops and bottoms of all shapes and sizes, some in various styles of dress and undress. Rita said she had watched you closely for your reaction and that you looked flushed, excited by the people there. Just minutes later a tall, slender brunette with green eyes had walked up to you and extended her hand to dance. You had looked at Rita and she had told you to "Go ahead, have fun."

Out on the dance floor the brunette had pulled you close and you had felt confused, excited, scared, so many different emotions. She had looked at you with eyes that sparked and a slightly wicked smile. It had felt like almost an out of body experience as she placed her lips on yours, gently parted them and kissed you. As her tongue danced inside your mouth you felt your entire body almost melt and she held you tighter. Seconds later, the kiss and the dance were over as she smiled and simply walked away.

As you made your way back to where you had been seated you saw the waitress wiping the table down and removing Rita's glass. She said, "Your friend felt like three might be a crowd so she said she was leaving." You thanked her, picked up your drink downing it in one gulp and had left hastily. As you rushed out the door both Rita and the brunette watched you from a dark corner of the club. The plan was in motion.

The next day came a knock on your door and when you answered it there was no one there. You looked both ways down the street and then down at your feet where an envelope that had been marked PERSONAL had been left on your doorstep. You took it back into your house opening it while walking and pulled out several photographs, which elicited a gasp as you found yourself crumbling to the floor. The shots were of you and the brunette from the night before walking onto the floor, dancing and then the two of you kissing.

The note was typewritten saying, "Your employer should take a dim view of your outside relationships, they don't care for their managers being shown in this type of light. These photos will be made public if you do not follow these instructions. Go to 5444 Camden Lane tonight at eight p.m.. Do not be late. Do not disappoint me." Little did you know that Rita was watching you from a nearby window and as your face turned to tears hers broke into a smile.

That night at eight sharp you found yourself face to face with the brunette who had opened the door to 5444 Camden Lane. "Why are you doing this?" and she answered you with just a smile and motioned for you to follow her. Through the darkened house you went until you came to a flight of stairs and you followed her down into a dark, damp basement. A single chair stood in the center of the room and she pointed for you to sit and seconds later out walked Rita.

The astonishment on your face was almost as good a reward for her as your tears had been earlier that day. She was dressed in a black latex cat suit and carried a whip by her side. "Surprised Shannon? I thought you might be. Tina here is one of my clients, I'm her dominatrix and she is one of my willing slaves. She helped me last night insure that you would be here. You see, I found your secret in your computer and now it's time for you to find out what it's really like. Oh, or I can send those pictures to company headquarters via e-mail. I bet everyone would just love to see them, don't you?"

Your silence combined with your confusion had left you speechless but speech wasn't something Rita seemed to be interested in. "Strip, I want to see what I have desired for too long" and when you didn't move fast enough she cracked the whip within inches of you and as the tears welled in your eyes you stood and began to remove your clothing. Thus began your voyage to the place where I had found you the previous night. "I worry about this man. You told me that she has taken quite an interest in him, correct."

"Yes, I believe I scared him away last night but I'm not sure. He seems to have almost as much a hold on her as I did at one time. I can not lose her, she is my prize. That's why you're here." I sat and pondered the thought and then said, "It may come to taking more drastic measures than this. I can arrange for him to come to an untimely end if that is what you desire. I can't say it, you have to give that order. Well, are you willing to go that far?"

I watched as her eyes took on the hard, dark texture from our encounter the night before. "Yes, if need be I'll want you to kill him. I won't lose her."

"Good, then we'll see how the evening progresses and if it has to come to that. Now, where is she?"

"Downstairs, dressed as you so required."

"Excellent, you will be able to watch only. Do you have a place where you can do that from?" Minutes later, she was seated in the same room I had once occupied and I was now opening the door knowing full well she could hear and see everything.

As I shut the door behind me I walked over to the center of the room where you were kneeling on the floor. Dressed in a beautiful white corselet, with matching stockings, gloves, heels and a white ribbon, which completed the ensemble adorning your neck. I stopped and let the bag slip from my fingers and when it slammed to the ground you jumped but kept your face down to the ground. "I am Pain, and I am here to take you to your next step on your journey. Are you prepared?"

Your voice shook, the quiet almost whispers like sound came forth of, "Yes Master". "Excellent, stand up so that I might see what is mine to claim tonight." You did as I requested, your hands hanging down at your side and your head remaining in the submissive pose. I found myself retreating into my old ways as tears filled my eyes at your beauty. Such an exquisite woman, this Shannon, the woman who had given me hope at one time but now, who knows how this evening might end.

"Go to the rings, I will have you there first." You moved obediently over to the circular rings, which were bolted into the ceiling and held your arms up for me. I connected the chains there to each of your wrists and then spread your legs, taking each of your ankles and secured them to similar ones in the ground. You had gotten your first look at me then, the first glance at the mask I wore and I heard your breathing begin to come more rapidly. I picked up an item from the bag; rose then and stood directly in front of you saying, "Look at me woman." When you didn't respond quickly enough I grabbed your hair, snapping your head back, wanting desperately for you to see it in my eyes.

As your face looked at mine in what seemed like absolute terror, I remembered back to the night before and how I felt when I had seen you hanging there. Angry, hurt, worried, concerned, all these things but there had been something else. The last 24 hours had seen a shift in me, a change in the direction I would take if everything were to somehow work out they way I hoped, the way I dreamed. I knew all you could see was my eyes and I hoped that would be enough as I stared at you, your mouth agape from the pain you were feeling in my grasp.

For two maybe three seconds all I saw was fear but then you blinked, gasped and I saw your mouth begin to form my name and I knew. The ball gag I held in my hand was roughly shoved into your mouth before you could utter the damning sound, though you tried to speak through it as I cinched it tightly behind your head. I knew for now my secret was safe and that you would know if I could provide that for you which you had kept hidden from me. As I walked back in front of you, your head was still moving rapidly as you tried desperately to speak but a single hand to your throat steadied you as I said, "Calm down my dear, we're just getting started."

As I held you by the throat with a firm but gentle touch I watched your eyes and found myself taking such delight in your obvious confusion, excitement, all the mixture of emotions that were running rampant throughout your body. The body that I'd never glimpsed till last night but was now ripe for not only my picking but for anything I would desire to do to it. I'd done my homework well and I planned on providing quite a show both for you and our host. I gave you that same slight, shy smile and your eyes almost did the same back at me until suddenly my smile and my gaze turned dark.

I could see it in your eyes, feel it in the way you were trembling, you were coming. Oh no, not without my consent were you. My hand dropped from your neck and I turned away. The moans and groans that came from behind the gag told me of your disapproval, you had been so close and now the moment had passed. I began unpacking the bag on a table behind you and I could hear you strain to try and turn your head to see what I was doing. It was time to begin, it was time for Pain to fulfill his part of the bargain.

Once I had everything laid out to my liking, I picked up the first purchase I had made that afternoon and walked back to stand in front of her. Her eyes were wary, concerned, and inquisitive as she looked at the two pieces in my hands. I knew she would never had seen them before, they were brand new according to the young woman who had insisted on demonstrating their use for me earlier today. The two circular bands had silver wires attached to their tips and they slipped easily over her breasts. I almost heard a sigh of relief but seconds later that all changed as I began to close the circles tighter and tighter until she found herself experiencing as the saleswoman had said, "breast bondage at it's finest."

I walked back around to the table and picked up three more items, once again noticing how I had her complete attention. Kneeling down between her legs I slipped a finger in between her lips and found her sex already dripping with excitement. I smiled as I saw her embarrassment and took the first item, parted her lips and placed it directly on her throbbing clit. The muffled gasp I heard was followed by what would have been a scream if not for her gag. The magnet I had placed was now held in place by two other magnets, which were strategically put on each side of her pussy's lips. They now provided a constant weight on her most sensitive of spots and they were having quite an effect.

As I stood back for a moment and gazed at her beauty I saw her eyes begin to cloud with the intensity of her feelings. Earlier that day on the internet I had read about this transition when the submissive begins to enter a realm of her own, a place where the mixture of pain, pleasure and submission melt into one. I was determined to not only take her to that place but to guide her through it so that she would never be the same again.

The belt is next and I lightly shook her and watched as her eyes struggled to focus. I wanted to make sure she saw what I was about to do. Her eyes widened at the sight of the special chastity belt I had found with two huge dildoes placed strategically. She struggled mightily but the rings held her in place as I slipped the first of the two in easily while the second proved to be a little more difficult but soon too it was driven home.

Before moving on the final item, I took the time to tighten each of the four rings so that she was taught, a spiders prey caught and now awaiting it's final reward. She now supported her own weight with her arms and legs and I could see the strain on her face. It brought me such pleasure. I was now as lost as she was in the moment and I moved with an urgency fueled by my own surprising desires. The wires that I attached to the rings would provide me with the last piece of the puzzle and take this wench to where she had never been before.

Just before I flipped the switch I walked to stand in front of her once again, the slap to the face this time harder and her eyes immediately opened wide with fright. She watched as I took my hands and put them on the silver rings which encircled her breasts and pushed on each of them. The springs let loose and the alligator like clamps sunk deep into her nipples. Pulling desperately at her bonds she was helpless as I stepped behind her and activated the electricity.

Her head reared back and her body shook as she convulsed with the force of the mild electrical shock, which ran throughout wherever I had placed metal on her. From the newness of the clamps to the magnets it took her by surprise and as spittle ran down from the gag as she tried to scream I felt my own pleasure welling inside of me. I left it on for another few seconds and then turned it off and walked to stand in front of her once again.

Her face was slumped on her chest, her body covered in sweat and I could see her cum as it dripped down her legs. Even in the midst of this pain, her body had provided her with the pleasure that she also sought. "Now, let us talk." Her head moved slowly up and though her eyes were once again clouded I knew she could hear me. "This man, this Jonathan I have heard so much about. He can never give you this. He's weak, spineless, not a man at all. Your mistress loves you, cares for you, and provides for you. It is her that you need, correct?" She could not speak but the movement of her head was clear, no.

I walked back behind her and started again, this time at half power. Sixty seconds later she continued to tremble even after I had turned the power off and I tried again. "I would hope that you would see the error of your ways. Mistress Rita can care for your needs, your rather unique needs. Why, she even went so far as to provide your fantasy come true this evening. I am here. Now, are you ready to throw away these childish ideas of this man now?" It was a little slower coming this time but the answer was the same, no.

My clenched fists showed my displeasure and my words spoke volumes. "You leave me no choice." The power went to full and the effect was immediate. I watched as her body danced silently, her lesson in bondage and discipline in full force and I found myself in a quandary. On the one hand my dark heart danced with glee at the effect I had watched unfold while on the other Jonathan remembered his feelings for the beautiful woman who he was subjecting to such strict demands. The two sides fought for minutes and then they remembered the final part of the plan. I turned off the switch and knew that this would be either the grand finale or the end of Shannon and I.

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