tagGay MaleMy Narrow Boat Adventure

My Narrow Boat Adventure


The sun crept through my curtains as I looked across at my alarm clock for the hundredth time that morning, I hadn't slept much due to nervous excitement for the day ahead. I was finally getting the chance to meet up with Justin; he was 28, 3 years younger than me and more muscular and stocky than my toned slender physique. We had met online and chatted a little, we were both looking for the same thing; a regular fuck buddy with similar interests and in the same marital situation. We both had girlfriends so worked hard to be discreet, we didn't talk often instead choosing to arrange times in the future to meet, this meant less email trail and more time to make our excuses. Luckily for me today was the day I had been waiting for 2 months, our long weekend away.

The sun light had moved across the bed and was touching the wall across from me and it put a smile on my face to see it was such a nice day. We were taking a narrow boat up the oxford canal system, not exactly something guys our age would be doing normally but the idea seemed fun and the idea of travelling at our own pace made us think we could find our own spot to enjoy each others company. I leaned across and kissed Claire on the head, I had told her I had a business trip which would mean going to Oxford on Friday and would have meetings all weekend and Monday. I showered quickly as I wanted to get on the road, I was desperate to masturbate, the thought of what was to come was getting me so hard. Once I was dry I got dressed and headed down for breakfast with Claire. I would never intentionally ignore Claire especially before meeting Justin, I would always try to act as normal as possible but today everything she said was simply white noise, her words drifting off in to space never quite finding their intended target. We kissed and I said goodbye, I tried to hide my excitement as I walked to the car. I placed my bag in the back and sat behind the wheel, I was hard, not like usual this was different, I was the hardest I had ever been and felt like I was going to burst through my fly.

It was a 2 hour drive to Oxford, I knew I was making good time but it didn't seem to matter, my impatience made the journey take forever. I arrived in Oxford just after 11 and checked my phone to see how Justin was getting on. He was 30 minutes away so I headed over to starting loading the boat. I met the owners and they ran me through how the locks worked, they offered to show Justin when he arrived but eager to leave I told them I would show him as we went. Justin chucked the last of his stuff on board and I slowly moved the boat away from the bank as Justin organised his things below. The heat was stifling as we moved slowly along the canal, Justin shouted offering me a drink which I gladly accepted. As Justin began to walk the 5 steps up to the rear deck holding 2 beers, he had taken his top off in the heat and looked especially muscular compared to the small entrance to the cabin. Justin's body was glistening with sweat, he had clearly been working out since I last saw him and I felt tiny compared to him. At 6'1" he was only an inch taller but here I felt dwarfed by his muscles which had made him seem taller too, this however only made me hornier, I was desperate to submit into those arms and rest my head on that chest.

My hands were full, one on the rudder and one holding my beer, this tall muscled adonis was making the most of my position by grabbing my arse and pinching my nipples through my shirt. We had been cruising through a quiet stretch of country side while Justin had been taunting me with his hands but now we approached our first lock. I pulled the boat to one side and instructed Justin to grab the winch and jump off. I took the boat back to the middle of the canal as Justin opened the first lock gate, I steadily entered the lock and the gate closed behind me. Justin opened the water gates to fill the lock and the boat rose slowly as the water noisily crashed in underneath me, the noise was loud almost disorientating I could only look up at the blue sky to keep focus in the deep lock. Justin approached the side and looked down upon me, I was hoping I might look up his shorts and sneak a peek at his manhood but his thick muscled legs filled the shorts and the material looked strained as it hugged them.

The tight fit did allow me at least to see the large and not inconspicuous bulge protruding forward from his crotch, Justin was very hung I am happy to say at 8 inches, beautifully thick and cut. I could make out his large mushroom head through the shorts, even flaccid his cock was thick and around 5-6 inches. I was hard again as the boat finally reached the top, I was desperate to hide my excitement for the night ahead from a few dog walkers slowly approaching along the bank but Justin had begun the arduous task to pushing the upper gate open and his muscles flexing were stopping any chance of my erection subsiding. Deciding to embrace the situation as there was little I could do I moved the boat through the gate and again pulled against the side to collect Justin. Once Justin was on board we carried on down the canal looking for a place to stop.

The sun was low in the sky as we found a quiet spot to stop for the night, the boat now set aside over looked a picturesque field with a small woodland a few hundred yards away. Justin had begun to cook dinner as a cool evening breeze drifted along the canal, the boat had begun to fill with the aromas of perfectly cooked Italian food as I followed my nose along the narrow boat to the kitchen. Justin had sadly hidden his body under a shirt but his shorts still flaunted his hard muscled buttocks. I grabbed a beer and pulled Justin round to kiss him and finally get a chance to place a hand on his arse. We kissed deeply, we had both been desperate for this moment and our tongues wasted no time in probing each others mouths. Our passion almost boiling over was only restricted by the small and some what dangerous kitchen. Justin broke our kiss to tell me to sit at the make shift dining table which folded out from the side of the boat as dinner was ready.

The food was exquisite but I could hardly savour it as I keenly ate to move the evening on towards its eventful end. I washed up and had another beer before heading for a shower, we both agreed to shower as the day had been hot and long. Sadly the shower much like the boat was small so no chance of us sharing but I went first and once finished I moved to the front of the boat where our bedroom was. I opened the large wooden shutters on the boat and felt the cool breeze hit my damp body which felt refreshing. I lied facing out the window with my legs towards the door, I looked out on the field as a cool light mist started to rise from the grass. A light dew was starting to form on the boat and make the dull paintwork glisten in the moon light, I was so at peace I almost drifted off to sleep.

Luckily before the tranquility could make me fall asleep Justin walked in, he walked around the bed towards my head. A pair of strong manly hands grabbed my head and coaxed me to rise on to my elbows arching my back, he squatted in front of me and kissed me full on the lips. Just kissing had got me hard and my erection strained against the bed, Justin stood up his strong hands which hadn't left my head stayed there to guide my mouth on to his semi erect cock. I sucked lightly at his large mushroom head and started to lick gently at his slit, i moved the cock from my mouth and sucked gently on one of his balls. They were large and well hung, I wanted to try sucking them both but at the angle I was it would have been silly to try. His cock rubbing against my face and the gentle sucking on his balls had made him almost completely hard, to finally get there he aimed his cock back at my mouth and pushed in deep. My mouth full I relaxed my throat to take all of Justin's 8 inches, he pushed a little harder and my throat relented even more finally taking all of his cock. My eyes were watering as I slowly began to breathe through my nose as Justin pumps my throat, I was in heaven! I love sucking cock and I love deepthroating; especially Justin's perfect cock, which was now fully hard and straining every muscles in my mouth as I tried to run my tongue along the underneath of his cock.

Justin slowly withdrew his perfect rod from my mouth, I sucked harder and tried to move closer to keep his manhood in my mouth. Justin pushed me back and told me to stay where I was, he moved around behind me and climbed on the bed. He kissed my buttocks, biting and nibbling before sticking his tongue straight on my waiting entrance. Justin tongue flicked expertly before becoming rigid and darting firmly to push its way in, I moaned in ecstasy as he jabbed hard at my hole. I arched my back and pushed my head back as my solid shaft forced hard in to the bed bathed in a pool of precum. I didn't want it to stop but Justin relented to move up and kiss me hard again on the mouth, his cock was pressed firm in my crack and he took his strong index finger and stuck it in my mouth to suck.

I coated it in my saliva which was thick from the hard throat fucking I had earlier, once satisfied it was wet enough he moved it down to probe my hole. It took a moment but his finger worked its way past my resistant ring and deep in to me. Slowly he fingered me but it was clear some lube was needed before I could take anymore and Justin reached for his bag and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Having lubed up 2 fingers this time he worked my hole again loosening it for the fun ahead, he grabbed the bottle again and applied the lube liberally to his hard cock slowly waking as he places his fingers back inside me. Mounting me he pushed his cock down towards my arse, i tried to relax as what felt like a baseball pushed hard against me.

The head popped past my sphincter and Justin thoughtfully stopped to allow me to adjust. I felt full, pushed to my limits but it felt amazing. I was moaning louder now, it must have been audible from the field but I let myself go louder knowing there was no to near by to hear me in the mist covered field. I was now taking the full length of this monster and we had worked to a steady rhythm, Justin kissed the back of my neck as he quickened the pace. The large hung balls slapped heavily against mine as I was fucked deep and fast, Justin had placed another finger in my mouth which I sucked hard as my loud moans filled the boat. Justin said he was close to cumming but I begged him to stop and let me get on top. Hearing my pleas he pulls out and rolls on to his back, I climb on top and kiss him before squatting over him.

I reach down and grab his thick shaft lifting it towards my arse, lowering myself on to the large smooth head. It enters me with ease and slowly take the whole length inside of me, resting there only to catch my breath I rise almost to top before squatting deep and taking it all again. I can see that even these first few thrusts are enough to make Justin spill his load inside of me so I reposition to my knees, his large phallus still deep in side I begin to grind and rock my hips. These short rhythmic movements are perfectly rubbing Justin cock on my prostate and sending pleasure waves through my body, my cock is leaking precum allover his abs and every time his cock hits my prostate the end of my cock tingles with joy.

The shorter movements had helped Justin's stamina but now his orgasm was building once again, "I am going to cum, ride me. Ride my cock!" he shouted. His manly voice echoed around the small boat and I obeyed my lovers command and began to increase the pace. I was getting close too so I grabbed both his hands, I placed one on my cock and shoved two fingers of the other in to my mouth and sucked them deep. Justin's balls bunched and I could see on his face what was about to happen, his eyes shut and biting his bottom lip he came deep inside of me. I bounced wildly as jet after jet filled me, with every downward thrust he ejaculated, 4, 5 maybe even 6 large burst of cum coated my insides. I sat down on his now spent cock and let him stroke me to my orgasm, I hadn't cum for two weeks waiting for this moment, I erupted and spunked my load up Justin's chest and on to his neck. I had never cum so much and it looked incredible sprayed across his large chest and abs. I leant forward and licked as much as I could from him neck and chest before he pulled me close and held me in his arms. Our sweaty bodies stuck together and his softening cock slipped from my now well used hole, he whispered in my ear that he had a surprise for tomorrow, I wanted to know what it was but exhaustion had got the better of me and I fell to sleep cocooned by his muscled frame.

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