tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Naughty CFNM Neighbor

My Naughty CFNM Neighbor


Thank God it was Friday! It was a long and arduous week. As the week came to a close, I felt as though the end of my bad luck was finally over. Three deals tanked this past week causing the firm to lose more than a half million dollars. Not that it was my fault but I was the victim of flaky clients that could not make up their minds.

I pulled into the row of townhouses that I lived in and found that there were a few construction vehicles blocking the drive to the garages. A sign directed the condo owners to park in the lot across the street for the next day or two. What a way to end the week.

I finally made it through the ninety degree sweltering heat and into the townhouse. I checked the mail and found another letter from my ex-wife's attorney requiring additional payments to keep her in the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Just a great topper to such a wonderful week.

As I stood in the foyer of the townhouse, I felt the cool air and felt some relief. The air conditioning was on. Finally, something going my way this week.

I changed out of my suit and pulled on a pair of cut-offs, t-shirt, and sandals. I grabbed a beer and some cold pizza and turned on the tube.

I must have dozed off because when I awoke, it was dark out. I checked the thermometer and it had cooled off a bit so I decided to grab my pc and hit the patio to check my e-mail.

I had just logged on and a head popped around the wooden divider that separated my patio from my neighbors. My neighbor was a nice looking brunette woman, probably in her early forties, single or divorced since I never saw a guy hanging about on a regular basis, and always cheerful.

"Hi, you haven't been around much lately," Vicky asked me.

"Hi Vicky. I have been trying to salvage my career after a tough week. Just checking my e-mail to see what is going on in the social circles," I replied to her initial inquiry.

"Anything new or good in your e-mails," Vicky asked me. She appeared to be trying to keep the conversation going.

I glanced at a few and saw some from friends, some junk, and not much else. "No, not really," I replied to her second question.

"So Heath, do you do a lot of work on your computer?" Vicky continued with her questions.

"Yeah, I kind of live on here," I replied.

"Oh I just love my computer, e-mails, and technology and playing games on-line," Vicky chimed in with her idea of 'living on a computer'.

For a second I was lost in thought but her comment of games somewhere piqued my interest.

"Games?" I replied, "What kind of games?"

"If I am bored at work, sometimes yahoo games, such as pool, backgammon, or cards," Vicky shot back at me.

"No kidding, I haven't played cards in ages but would not where to begin," I replied.

"Care to play a hand or two?" Vicky asked me, her face all aglow.

"Hmm, possibly but..." I trailed off and noticed an e-mail from a friend.

"Heath, you ok?" Vicky asked. "How about an intellectual challenge if cards and pool aren't your thing?"

"Oh, sorry. What intellectual thing?" I responded after opening an e-mail from the boss mentioning a meeting tomorrow morning to review the week's events.

"Shit!" I muttered.

"Well, it isn't that hard of a game to play!" Vicky replied tersely.

"Oh, geez, not you Vicky, just the office piling on," I explained to her.

"Ok, an intellectual game you said," I asked trying to clear the miscommunication on my part. "Ok, how do we play?"

"Give me your e-mail and you will see!" Vicky squealed.

I gave her my e-mail account and two minutes later I had an e-mail from vickycfnm@noway.com I opened the e-mail and saw a link. Her instructions were explicit to clink on the link. Interesting e-mail name.

The web page opened to a page of quizzes from Encarta. Looked interesting so far.

Vicky came around the wooden partition and we chatted for a bit about the web site.

"Sometimes I play against my girlfriends, sometimes stranger, and sometimes for stakes," Vicky explained.

"Stakes?" I queried Vicky wondering what you could play for on this site.

"Well, sometimes we play for drinks, sometimes for fun and sometimes for crazy things," Vicky continued placing, I think, a bit more emphasis on the last two words 'crazy things'.

We both were working on another round and life seemed to becoming a bit simpler listening to Vicky explain her time killers or wasters that she used at work.

"Ok, this is what we will do," Vicky continued to explain this game and how we were going to play as well as the logistics.

"The first game will be for another round of beers. Since you appear to be stressed out, the loser has to down a beer and do two shots of the winners choosing," Vicky explained as she brought her laptop over with her.

"Ok, what quiz do we take?" I asked.

"How about the state flags quiz?" Vicky replied.

"You must complete the quiz, score it, and show the results to the other," Vicky chimed in providing the last piece of logistics.

I opened the quiz and Vicky counted down, "Ready, set, go!"

I started to read the quiz and moving my cursor across the screen and as I moved the screen I saw a box that asked me to click and score my exam.

I was relieved to see that I had a perfect ten out of ten. I turned my screen to Vicky with a slight smile on my face.

Vicky looked up and smiled back turning her screen so it was facing me. She looked at my score of ten and I saw her score of eight. Finally a victory for me this week!

"Nice job Heath. Now for my forfeit," Vicky said as she grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured two shots. She picked up the first, downed it, and shrugged slightly'

Wow! This gal knew how to pick the stakes. I loved the bet seeing that I was driving on fumes for the better part of the last few days.

"Deal!" I replied.

"Ok, the weather quiz at the top of the page," Vicky said directing my eyes to the top of the page.

I opened the quiz and started pointing and clicking away feeling somewhat cocky after my first quiz.

This time Vicky turned her laptop toward me first as I hit the scoring button. Vicky scored nine out of ten. My screen flipped and my score came back. Eight out of ten.

Vicky clapped and handed me the bottle of Jack Daniels and poured me three shots.

I did the first shot and felt the Tennessee sipping whiskey burn all the way down to my lower intestines. Shit, two more shots to go I thought.

Vicky looked at me and laughed. "Oh come on now Heath. It can't be that bad!" Vicky chided me.

I did the second and third shots and felt my head spin a bit.

"Ok Heath, you lost that one now you pick the next quiz," Vicky instructed me to chose the next quiz.

I chose the football quiz thinking that I should win this one hands down.

"And the stakes will be that the loser will wash the winner's car and they have to do another round of shots," Vicky nearly shouted. Evidently the shots and beer she shot gunned five minutes ago must be having an effect on her.

"Ok." I replied also starting to feel the effects of shots.

We both took the test and I turned my pc about to face her. I scored nine out of ten and felt pretty good about my score. I thought that Vicky probably knew some things about football but not some of the statistical stuff that was on the quiz. I felt assured I would be seeing my neighbor with the 38 D's wash my car sometime fairly soon.

And 38 D's? I sat there staring at her chest as she stared at her computer screen clicking away. I never really noticed her chest seeing that I was in such a shitty mood when she came over earlier. Yes, she was stacked.

Vicky looked at my screen and scowled. She slowly turned her screen in my direction. I smiled at her. Feeling arrogant I glanced down and the blood drained from my face. Vicky had scored ten out of ten.

" Ha! Male chauvinist nothing! You will not only fill my tank with gas you will also wash it for me!" Vicky declared just as though she had won a major triumph.

I was feeling kind of looped and now I was one win and two losses in this little drama on my patio.

Vicky could sense my irritation at that remark and offered to up the ante.

"I must say Heath that you took that one well. Some of the guys that I play against pick sporting quizzes thinking that I am just some stacked brunette that knows nothing," as Vicky blathered on about her win.

"Sometimes I give them the chance to see these baby's if they can beat me," Vicky pointing at her breasts and continuing to bait the trap.

Could it be? If I won the next quiz, those lovely breasts could be exposed and in front of me.

"No way," I replied. "Really? You have wagered your top and showing your tits to another guy?" I asked.

"Sometimes guys, sometimes gals," Vicky replied.

"Ok, you are on," I stated as I accepted her challenge.

"Let's make this interesting," Vicky continued. "We both have about the same number articles of clothing. How about we play for one another's clothes. Deal? Ok our shirts are on the line!"

The brain in my seven inch friend kicked in negating the common sense messages coming from between my ears.

"Even better!" I exclaimed.

Vicky looked at the list of quizzes and picked a television quiz.

We both turned our pc's in our own direction and started taking the quizzes.

Vicky finished first but just sat there looking at her screen. I completed the quiz and looked in Vicky's direction. "Well?" I asked. My eyes praying that my score of seven was better than whatever she scored.

Vicky turned her screen in my direction. A five!

I raised my arms in victory and smiled at her.

Without saying a word, Vicky stood and took off her top.

The hem of the material caught against her breasts and raised them slightly as her top went up and over her head.

As the law of gravity came into play, the raised breasts fell and bounced slightly as Vicky's top cleared her head. I stared at those perfect breasts. Even in the dim light that was given off by our computer screens, her breasts were beautiful.

Vicky tossed her top at me and it landed my keyboard.

"Thanks!" I replied.

I picked the next quiz. Something about legal battles thinking that would be another slam dunk.

We both took the quiz and I scored a nine. Vicky had a ten.

"Quid pro quo!" Vicky replied asking for my shirt. I took it off and handed it to her.

The next quiz would require the loser to shed their shorts.

Vicky chose a quiz on geography. Our drunken little minds stared at the questions, trying to figure out the right answers to these inane questions.

I finished and saw my score of five. Ok I thought, it may be just my shorts.

Vicky looked scared and turned her screen at me. Shit! Vicky scored a six! A bloody six!

Without even turning my screen for her to see. I stood and pulled off my shorts.

Vicky cackled and said, "Thanks for the short and I do love those boxers! Very chic!"

I felt embarrassed sitting in my boxers but I could not stop looking at her breasts. The thought of sticking my face in her chest and playing motor boat was a real distraction for me at the moment.

"Heath! Stop staring and pick the next quiz!" Vicky shouted at me bringing me back to my drunken and nearly naked state.

I looked over the titles of the quizzes. I needed this one. I chose the MBA quiz.

"Ok, you know what is at stake, right?" Vicky asked me.

"Yep, let's play," I replied in my all business tone of voice.

Vicky finished first and held her face and screen steady. No emotions from this lady at this point in the playing of this game! Wow! Ice woman.

My score was eight. Ok not bad. If we were playing blackjack, I would be holding an eighteen. I'll stand on this score I thought.

"What you got big fella?" Vicky mockingly asked of me.

I smirked and turned the screen to her.

"Eight, huh?" Vicky replied using her best impersonation of a poker player.

"Well, Heath..." Vicky said, her voice trailing off, her eyes cast to the floor. Suddenly her head jerked up and yelled, "STRIP!"

I could not believe my ears. Sensing my disbelief, Vicky turned her screen to face me. A nine. A fucking nine!

Vicky pushed her chair back, her breasts bouncing, her hands clapping and her chanting of "Strip! Strip! Strip!"

I stood up pushing my chair back and hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my nice baggy boxers. Just as I was to push them down and off, Vicky stopped me and said, "Slowly!"

I felt the heat from the outdoor air mingle with the heat and embarrassment from my body as I slowly began to push my boxers down. The top of my boxers were just above my semi-erect cock and Vicky stopped me. Teasing bitch I thought.

"Turn around," was her next order.

I turned so my half exposed bum was facing her.

"Bend over slowly," Vicky continued her direction of me.

As I bent over, the material from my boxers moved six inches down my bum and rested below my cheeks. The front of the boxers continued to stay above my dick with my pubic hair showing.

"Now sweetie, I want you to turn around for me," Vicky cooed.

I turned and she just smiled.

"Heath, now you will jump for me until your boxers fall off," Vicky said teasingly.

I began to jump and I felt my semi-erect cock bounce. After the second bounce, the boxers dropped across my thighs. After the third jump, they were around my ankles.

Vicky just stared at my semi-hard dick.

"Now turn around, bend over and pick them up with your teeth honey," Vicky directed me again further adding to my embarrassment.

I bent over feeling my exposed bum and warm air on my ass. I must have looked like a dog with my head near the ground and my ass in the air. Vicky howled with laughter.

I picked up the boxers and walked over to Vicky with them between my teeth.

"Good boy Heath," Vicky said as she stared at my four inch cock swaying back and forth.

"Now, from this point forward, you can win your clothes back. But if you lose, you will have additional forfeits. Understand?" Vicky said to me as though as I were some young school kid in the principal's office.

Thanks to my drunken state, I also could have done the most logical thing and quit, conceding defeat and letting her keep my clothes. But who was thinking clearly after drinking for the past hour and a half and seeing a beautiful topless woman across from me. Captain Midnight was doing the thinking for me.

"Yes." I croaked out barely audible over the crickets in the yard.

Vicky let me pick the quiz. I looked over the choices. American History sounded like a safe bet. I announced the quiz and we were off to see who would win the next game. I finished first and Vicky looked up a second later. The moment of truth had arrived. Would Vicky lose her pants or would I have to do a forfeit? We turned our laptop screens toward one another searching for the scores.

To be continued...

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