tagIncest/TabooMy Naughty Diary: Oh Boy!

My Naughty Diary: Oh Boy!


Okay, when I left off, dear Diary, I was lying on the sofa at Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's house pretending I was asleep and the Johnsons and my grandparents were talking about taking my clothes off and even sucking my nipples and their plan was to say I had messed up my own clothes and gotten myself sexually excited in a horny dream if I woke up and that they were just trying to wake me up so that I would stop embarrassing myself.

I was already topless with my jersey pushed up around my neck thanks to Mrs. Johnson and my little mini skirt was up around my stomach so everyone had a good view of my yellow bikini panties. So far, I was going along with them because my plan was to teach them a lesson for being so naughty. I had decided to keep pretending I was asleep and get them really worked up and then I would "wake up" and give them a lecture and also tell my parents what they had done. The thing was, I had started to get worked up myself!

"Dear, get the cameras," I heard Mrs. Johnson say, and my heart almost stopped.

"Oh, what a great idea," Grandma said. I am sure the fellows would love to have some nice pictures of her to look at when they, you know, want to have a good time without us but by themselves!"

Everyone laughed at that but they were serious about the pictures and Grandpa and Mr. Johnson really did want them for the reason that Grandma said. Even Mrs. Johnson agreed with her.

"Yes, it must get boring to have to look at the same pictures all the time. This will be a nice change of pace for them instead of those Playboy magazines. And we will have to take lots and lots of pictures so they will have a good variety."

I almost wanted to get up at this point but I was getting interested in the idea of posing as a "sex model", as Mrs. Johnson started to call me. Of course I would be posing in my "sleep". So I lay there for several minutes listening to them talk about me while Mr. Johnson set up a video camera on a tripod which he positioned a few feet away from me and loaded up his regular camera with a new roll of film.

"Take off her panties, will you, Louise. We need cunt pictures of course."

":Oh, of course, dear," Mrs. Johnson said. I felt her getting onto the sofa. I held my breath.

"She is such a sound sleeper. I bet you fellows could fuck the little sweety and she wouldn't wake up," Mrs. Johnson said as she pushed up my skirt which had slipped down. I felt her fingers grasp the tops of my panties and then I felt my panties coming off my bottom and down my legs. The air was very cool on my cunt. Mmmmmm, this is terrible, I thought. I should stop this right now, I told myself. Mmmmm, well I will just see what happens first and then I will stop it, I decided, keeping my eyes tightly closed.

"Damn, she would sure as hell wake up if we fucked her," Grandpa said, but I could tell from the tone of his voice that fucking me was definitely something he would like to do.

"Ooooo, look at her cunt," Grandma said.

Mrs. Johnson pushed my legs open to give them all a good look. I was nude now except for my sneakers and my jersey that was pushed up around my neck.

"Boy is that a tasty looking cunt or what?," Mr. Johnson said. I peeked under my eyelids and saw him pointing his camera at me. He started moving around the sofa taking pictures at different angles. ""Here let me get down there between her legs," he said to his wife and the two of them changed places. I peeked again and saw Mr. Johnson lying between my legs pointing the camera at my cunt for a closeup.

Then Mrs. Johnson came up with a much worse plan than the first one they had of saying I had been having an erotic dream.

"If she wakes up, we can tell her to keep her mouth shut or we will tell her parents we came home and found her being fucked by one of those high school football players she knows from being a cheerleader last year. She will say, no that we were ones fucking her but who are her parents going to believe, we four adults or this little teenage sexpot."

Everyone thought this was a great idea and they told Mrs. Johnson what a smart woman she was. I couldn't believe it! Grandpa and Mr. Johnson were saying that they were going to fuck me and there was nothing I would be able to do about it unless I wanted my parents to think I was a total slut.

"We could say it was one of the black football players," Grandma said. "Remember how upset her father was when she went to the prom last year with that black boy."

"Yeah, that's right," Grandpa said. "He was furious. Ha! I wonder if she got some black cock that night."

"Yes indeed," said Mrs. Johnson. "We'll say we found her with TWO black boys. They were taking turns fucking her and getting her to give them blowjobs, we will say."

So they were really serious about their awful plan. I was trapped. While I tried to think about what to do, Mr. Johnson circled the sofa, taking more pictures and then Grandma got down on the sofa between my legs. Mrs. Johnson knelt down beside me and began to kiss my breasts. Then Grandma blew her warm breath into my cunt just as Mrs. Johnson took one of my nipples into her mouth and began to suck it like a piece of candy.

"Oooohhhhh," I moaned, keeping my eyes closed.

"Goodness gracious," Grandma exclaimed. "This girl has the hottest cunt I ever saw. Look at this. I am putting my hand about four inches away from her cunt and I can feel the heat coming out of her."

Grandma knelt down then and put his hand next to Grandma's. I was almost ready to faint with embarrassment.

"Man alive. Ain't that something!", Grandpa said. "Hey, now that I have my hand here I think I will just fingerfuck her a little."

"You wait your turn," Grandma told him and she pushed Grandpa away. He mumbled something and stood up.

Mr. Johnson turned on the video camera. Then he circled the sofa again, snapping off pictures on his other camera. He finished the roll and popped in another one. I kept taking peeks under my eyelids and I could also hear him and hear the conversations that were going on. Of course, Grandma and Mrs. Johnson weren't talking much. Their mouths were busy doing other things. I was going crazy practically from having my nipples sucked and licked by Mrs. Johnson and now things got much worse. Grandma began to eat me.

"Mmmmmmm, nooooooo," I heard myself say as I lifted my bottom just a little so Grandma could get eat me better. She was going to give me an orgasm in about ten seconds, I realized, and she did. She cried out as I made my little spurt in her mouth.

Well, you can imagine what happened next. I got fucked of course. Grandpa fucked me first since he was older and had like seniority, I guess. I tried to control myself. I kept my eyes closed the whole time, even when Grandpa made me cum. His thing was not too big but it was big enough and it was quite hard. I was actually proud of Grandpa for having such a hard one and I was happy in a way that he had a young girl for a change instead of Grandma is all wrinkled and saggy. It was wrong of him to be fucking his own granddaughter but I decided to forgive him. Then Mr. Johnson fucked me. His cock was bigger than Grandpa's and Mr. Johnson fucked me a lot harder than Grandpa did. He pounded me into the sofa cushions and made me cum in about two seconds it seemed.

I was discovering that the big benefit of being screwed when you are "sleeping" is that you can have real sex and make believe sex at the same time. When I masturbate, which I do constantly, I think about different guys I would like to screw me and as Mr. Johnson was screwing me I started to think about one of my favorites. It is Albert Einstein. He was a huge genius and they had a picture of him in our history book last year that was taken when he was about 25 years old. He has a beard and glasses and a very cute face. He was kind of a little guy with a big brain. I think smart guys are the sexiest of all and you won't find anyone smarter than Albert Einstein, so I was pretending it was him for a while when Mr. Johnson was screwing me.

"Oh, Albert," I moaned, and I wrapped my slim legs around Mr. Johnson's back and pumped myself against him as he pumped into me.

Grandpa and Mr. Johnson both had excellent orgasms. They came inside me but they were also performing for the video camera so they pulled out before they finished and also came on top of me and I had cum everywhere, on my stomach and on my breasts and on my neck and my face and even in my hair. I was a mess. Each time, Mrs. Johnson cleaned me up with a warm face cloth and a towel while I lay there with my eyes closed panting and moaning. Finally, they were finished with me and Mrs. Johnson and Grandpa carefully put my clothes back on and then Mrs. Johnson shook me a little and I opened my eyes.

"Well, you had quite a nap, sweetheart," Mrs. Johnson said.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Mr. Johnson and Grandpa were sitting down in easy chairs, acting non chalant.

"You seemed to be having a pretty interesting dream there, Elle," Grandma said.

"Yes, I was having a dream," I laughed, but I could feel myself blushing.

"Well, you can sleep here anytime, Elle. I think you like this sofa because it is so comfortable. We have a bed upstairs in the guest room that is even more comfortable so if you would like to come over and take a nap sometime, you would be quite welcome. As a matter of fact, we are having a little party on Saturday night. We will be downstairs with our interesting guests and the children will have to stay up in their rooms. Why don't you come over and stay up there with them and then after they go to bed if you are tired you can lie down on the bed in the guest room and take a nice nap."

I smiled at Mrs. Johnson and said that maybe I would do that, I didn't know yet what my plans were. And then Mr. Johnson paid me for babysitting and I went home.

So that is what happened yesterday, dear diary. I will write again when something else happens that is interesting, like if I go to the Johnsons on Saturday that might be interesting. Oh well, bye for now.

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