tagIncest/TabooMy Naughty Erotic Second Cousin Ch. 03

My Naughty Erotic Second Cousin Ch. 03


AUTHORS NOTE: I placed this story in the Incest / Taboo category since we were related. It may not be incest but it was definitely taboo particularly in 1966.



The afternoon session with Naomi went better than I could have ever hoped. She walked Mary and I through a tranquility session in our plunge pool. Naomi remained dressed and instructed us from the side of the pool. Mary and I were naked but I had become used to being so in front of other people at the spa. We were instructed on how to keep our partner afloat with one hand and caress them with the other.

I had my left hand in the small of my cousin's back as she floated on the water's surface. The plunge pool was only four feet deep so it is very easy to keep one's balance. My right hand traveled over Mary's pert breasts, flat belly and pubes. There was no penetration as this was to be a form of relaxation. Good luck with that, as I had a boner the entire time.

When it was my time to float, the two women snickered at my condition as my erection lay on my abdomen. It was odd being caressed with a hard-on that both women had already experienced. Except that Mary did not know about my encounter with Naomi. After the session, Naomi left us to continue on our own. However, Mary and I were ready for more than relaxation.

We returned to our room and made love for hours. Both of us came quickly and then we settled down and took our time. Mary liked a 69 position with her on top and I loved eating her pussy and caressing her bottom. We didn't cum in that position as she decided to ride my cock again. I reached up and fondled her lovely breasts and tweaked her nipples which she dearly loved.

After she orgasmed, she had me fuck her from behind but not her ass this time. I still liked the doggy-style position where I could look at and play with her super-fine ass. She liked a single finger in her bottom with my cock in her pussy. This time it was my turn to cum and I flooded her womb with a substantial load. She fell forward onto the mattress and asked me to get a towel and to run a bath for us.

I got up and ran the bath adding the moisturizing beads. I gave her a hand towel which she used to keep my seed in her as she headed for the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she was able to expunge most of the semen. Then we both entered the jacuzzi tub and settled into our favorite position. She sat in front of me and I had my arms around her. I liked the milder jets as they were quiet and moved the water gently around our bodies.

Following our session in the tub, we got dressed and went to dinner at the main building. Once again, I noticed how sterile and clean everything seemed with the natural beauty and everyone dressed in white. Another healthy meal without alcohol but I was getting used to it, even though a glass of wine would have tasted good. After dinner, Mary and I strolled around the grounds but did not stop at the springs this time. We returned to our room, looked over the plan for tomorrow. It was a session on intimacy and I wondered how much more intimate could things get? The description read:

"Through dialogues, dyadic exercises, guided and silent meditation, body sensing, subtle yoga, and spontaneous movement to music, we will explore opening our heart and whole body to the great intimacy of which we are capable. We will also learn how to stay present with difficult feelings and to question the beliefs that we use to defend our hearts and reinforce a separate sense of self. Together we will inquire, share, and play as we explore our edges to opening to our true nature and the intimacy and authenticity that spontaneously emerge."

At my young age, I had no idea what the hell they were talking about but I knew I would find out. After the morning session there was a hiking session through the nature trails. That I was looking forward to doing. Mary and I went to bed and cuddled in the spoon position as we did so often. My cock got hard and nestled in between her buttocks but we did not make love that night.


I was awake before my cousin again but this time I took my morning piss and returned to bed. As much as I was curious to see if either Deidre or Naomi would be at the springs, I decided to cool it. I already felt a little guilty having made it with those two beauties and I knew that given the opportunity, I would do it again. It was better to stay in bed and not get in trouble.

Later that morning, I was rewarded for my discipline as Mary rode me until she orgasmed and then gave me a marvelous blow job. Later, an attendant delivered fresh clean white pajama like outfits while we were at breakfast. Also, our room had been cleaned and the bed sheets replaced. I wondered how many cum stained sheets were laundered in the course of a month at the spa.

Mary and I put on our clean white outfits and headed to the Intimacy Session. It turned out to be a mind session where people were trying to get in your head. There was no nudity, a yoga warmup session and then pairing off with another partner who asked, what I considered, personal questions. I didn't care for the session at all and I was not interested in what was going on in another person's head.

I was thankful when we moved on to the hiking session. That was beautiful and invigorating. From there we went to lunch and then Mary wanted to be tranquil in the plunge pool. I knew this was foreplay for her and I was more than ready for that. She was so beautiful and sensual floating on her back. I loved running my hand over her fit shapely body. We passed on my floating as she was turned-on and ready to make love and I didn't need any more stimulation.

We dried off and went back in our room. I steered Mary over to the sofa and knelt between her legs. I lifted her legs up to my shoulders as I covered her pussy with my mouth. I could the feel the firmness in her thighs and muscular quads. She clamped her legs tightly around my neck as I delved in to her inner depths. I located her erect clit and sucked it into my mouth emitting an audible gasp from her. I reached under her and grabbed a hold of her buttocks. I loved the firmness of her muscular buttocks as she tightened her glutes. She was really hot and she humped my face as I sucked on her clit. She started to cum and I held her thrashing body tight against my mouth. My hands dug into her firm ass flesh as she went wild with her first orgasm.

"Oh, oh, oh God, here it cums."

I held her tight and sucked every drop of female love juice from her pussy. Mary writhed and gasped all throughout her intense orgasm until finally her climax subsided and her body calmed. I licked her tenderly until she gently pushed my head away from her pussy.

"Wow, you certainly know how to make me happy!"

Mary slowly recovered and then had me stand up as she remained seated on the sofa. She leaned into me and took my cock in her mouth gently nibbling on my cock head. I moaned softly as she sucked me deeper in her mouth. She took her mouth off of my cock long enough to tell me that she loved my cock then she took it back in her mouth. Mary sucked me for a while longer until she was hot again.

"I am really hot. I need your cock in me."

"Let's go to the bed."

Mary stood up and we headed toward the bed. I let her go first and as she walked in front of me, I admired her fantastic ass. God what an ass she had, I wanted to shove my cock up that beauty again but she was in control. She climbed in bed, spread her legs and she beckoned me to come to her with her arms open. I knelt between her thighs and slipped my cock into her pussy. She closed her eyes and sighed as my rock-hard cock entered her. I began to fuck her slowly as my cock settled into her snug pussy.

"You feel good in me. I like your big cock in me."

My cock was all the way in now and she wrapped her muscular legs around my lower torso. We picked up the pace as we fucked and I soon found myself pounding her pussy. She pulled me into her with her strong legs as I fucked her and we both raced toward our climax. I could feel my release building in me and I knew it would be a big one. My more thrust and my body tightened as I emptied my balls into her. She felt the surge of my semen flood her pussy and she fucked even faster in search of her own climax. She made sure that her clit stayed in contact with my shaft as she raced toward her orgasm.

Mary stiffened and cried out that she was cumming as her legs clamped tightly around my body. Her pussy involuntarily squeezed my cock. I could feel the vaginal muscles clench and release my cock over and over again until she finally went limp under me. We were both sweating from the intense fuck session when I rolled to my side allowing my cock to slip out. She just lay on her back looking up at the ceiling and breathing shallowly.

"You are a good lover. I'm so glad that you came to the spa with me."

"I certainly don't have any regrets about being here."

"You better not, smart ass."

Mary snuggled into me and I put my arm around her. I stroked her pert firm tits and teased her rock-hard nipples as we lay together. Mary began to stroke my cock and held it lovingly in her hand. I started to harden again and she smiled at my response to her fondling. She slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth again. Not caring that I had cum in her, I moved her hips over my face so that I could lick her pussy and we settled into a comfortable 69 position.

I caressed her incredible ass and teased her nether hole as we ate each other. I moistened her anus with her own pussy juice and my saliva before pushing my finger into her ass. Mary accepted the finger in her ass but she was not in the mood for anal sex. We ate each other until we both came again and then returned to a side by side position. She sighed and said.

"I'm done, I have nothing left. There is no way I can cum again right now."

"Me too, I'm finished for now."

"I know you're anxious to have my ass again. Maybe this evening after dinner, I'll see how I feel."

"That would be wonderful!"

We showered, dressed in the white outfit again and headed to the main building for dinner. All through the meal, I kept thinking about anal sex with my cousin. I loved her ass and I could not get it out of my mind. Still, I knew, it was her call. After dinner we went for a stroll around the grounds and then returned to the room. Mary was thoughtful as always and she douched her bottom before anal sex. She had me massage her first and pay a lot of attention to her ass.

Know that he anus was squeaky clean, I rimmed her nether hole after massaging the buttocks for nearly 30 minutes. She loved the way my tongue danced around the taut rubbery ring and she gasped each time I probed it. Her ass was in the air with her head, breasts and arms on the mattress. Her back was arched and she looked magnificent in that position.

I controlled my anxiety and took my time lubing and fingering her rectum. It was an erotic sight to watch my finger prepare her bottom. Unable to resist her lovely ass any longer, I knelt behind her and eased my erect cock into her scrumptious derriere. She moaned softly as the head pushed passed the anus and nestled in her chamber. I felt her hand on my thigh reminding me to go slow and not too deep at first. As I always did, I fed it to her a little at a time.

Her passage continued to loosen up and expand, accepting my thickness. Once my pubic hairs touched her skin, she dropped her hand, knowing that I was in all the way. I began that slow movement of fucking her ass and watched my shaft slide in and out. There was just something about anal sex that was exciting. Certainly, the allure of the shapely female bottom was a turn-on. It also had to be the woman giving up her most private body part. It was naughty and erotic at the same time.

I was lost in the moment when I felt that familiar surge in my loins. Seconds later I was cumming in my cousin's marvelous bottom. Mary liked the sensation of warm cum entering her rectum and she used the sphincter to grip my shaft. I stayed in her for a short time after cumming and then eased out of her. I handed her a hand towel which she used to hold on her bottom as she made her way to the bathroom.

Later we were in the bathtub again with the jets running and bath beads coating our skin. She liked having a jet on her anus soothing the rubbery flesh and douching her bottom. I thought that was a very erotic act. As always, after the bath we dried off and slept in the nude. Tomorrow was the last day at the spa but we had nothing scheduled. It would be free time and then checking out and heading back to her house.


I was having one heck of a dream Friday morning. I was with many women but their faces were a blur. They were all playing with my cock which was obscenely long and thick. Multiple hands were stroking it and keeping me hard. Suddenly, I woke up and felt Mary's hand on my erection.

"You're up early," I whispered.

"So are you," she whispered back giving my cock a squeeze.


"I like playing with your cock. I like stroking it."

Her soft hand moved up and down the shaft. With feather like touches, she caressed the underside of the soft mushroom shaped head. She ran her finger tip over the pee slit teasing it. I knew that if she kept that up that I would cum soon.

"I think that if I had a cock, I would be playing with it all the time. Do you do that?"

"I don't have to. I, have you?"

Mary then flicked a finger at my erection. Holding the middle finger on the tip of her thumb, she let it spring off and hit my cock.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"For being a smart ass. It's a trick we learned as nurses. Anytime a guy got an erection when we were tending to them, we would whack them with a flip of the finger. That usually took care of the erection."

She resumed stroking my cock and masturbating me. It was clear that she intended to make me cum using her hands. The other hand fondled my taut ball sac and scraped her fingernail along the perineum. I could feel the release building and I cautioned her. She stroked my cock faster and squeezed it tighter. I felt the surge but she gripped my shaft even tighter and then released it, holding it straight up. When she relaxed her grip, my seed shot out and traveled at least a foot in the air. Several streams landed and pooled on my abs.

"Oh ho, look at that! Look at it all," she remarked.

She continued to stroke my dick until every drop had been squeezed out. She then got out of bed and told me to stay still. She went to the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth and wiped the semen from my belly. Once I was clean, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me back to an erect state. Next, she mounted me as she had done several times that week and rode me until she climaxed.

Her orgasm was intense and she covered her mouth to muffle her cries of ecstasy. She collapsed on me and I held her trembling body tight to me. We stayed together for several minutes and I caressed her back and her bottom. I loved touching her and feeling her smooth skin and curvy buttocks. Slowly she recovered and rolled off of me onto her back. Looking up at the ceiling she let out a big sigh and whispered.

"That was wonderful, I love being with you and making love with you."

"The feeling is certainly mutual, Mary. You are a great lover. I love everything that we do together."

"Let's get cleaned up and get some breakfast. Then we'll walk around one last time before we pack and check out."


We were on her way back to her house after saying our goodbyes to the staff at the Spa Institute. It was a little awkward when I said goodbye to Deidre and Naomi. As I was driving Mary's car we chatted about the experience.

"So, did you like the Spa Institute?"

"Yes, it is in a beautiful setting. I didn't really get into all that sensitivity mumbo-jumbo."

"That's okay, you're not studying to be a therapist. There are some very well-educated and smart people there."

"That's true, when I read the profiles some of them had more letters after their name than I have in mine."

"Yes, many with advanced degrees and doctorates too. What did you like the most?"

"Well I liked being with you. For the sessions, I liked the massage therapy the best."

"Did you like Deidre and Naomi?"

I blushed and stammered, "They were nice, attractive and polite."

"Did you like fucking them?"

"You know that?"

"Of course, I know, I gave them permission to come onto you. I knew you would be discreet."

"Jesus, I was feeling guilty that I screwed them. I was worried that you would be upset."

"Why? I don't have any hooks into you. It isn't often that they get a stud at the spa and they were pleased to see you there."

"I thought the staff got fired if they fooled around with clients."

"That's just a paper tiger so that clients don't hit on the staff. They have had their share of perverts come through there. If a staff member approaches you then its okay. So, did you like them?"

"Yes, they are both good lovers and very pretty."

"I'm glad and I like that it didn't slow you down with me."

"I like being with you, Mary."

"Stay at the house this weekend. I'll take you to pick up a rental car on Sunday."

"Thanks, I will."

"The children like you and they'll be glad to see you."

We got to Mary's house just about dinner time. She was right the kids were happy to see me and I enjoyed playing games with them. They asked if they could have pizza so Mary called out for it. We sat at the kitchen table eating pizza as the children talked my ear off. Traci was 8-years-old and her brother Adam was 6.

The kids were shooed off to bed at 10:00 and I had to read them each a story. It was 10:30 Pm when rejoined Mary. She showed me to the guest bedroom and then had me come to her room. We made love again that night and then I went to my room.


The next morning, I was beginning to wake up when I sensed someone else was in the room. I partially opened one eye and saw the kids standing there. I pretended to be asleep and watched as they got closer to the bed to see if I was awake. When they were near the bed, I spring up and growled at them. They giggled and then jumped in bed with me. I hugged them both and then Traci turned on the TV. Saturday morning cartoons were on and I watched them with the children. They were both still in their pajamas and lay on either side of me. I had the pillows propped up and an arm around each one. It was an hour later before Mary walked in the room and smiled at us.

"What's going on in here?"

"We're watching cartoons with Uncle Walter," Traci said and Adam nodded his head.

So that was it, I was now Uncle Walter. Mary smiled again and left the room. Minutes later she was back with a cup of coffee which I appreciated. She sat in the chair in the room and we enjoyed our morning coffee. I was the oldest of five children and I was used to being with the younger ones before I left home. It all seemed very natural to me to with Mary's children.

"So, now I guess you are Uncle Walter?"

"It seems that way."

"What should we do about breakfast today?"

"Pancakes, pancakes," both kids called out.

I asked, "Do you have the stuff or do we go out?"

"I have everything. Normally Maria makes them when she's here"

"I can make them."

"Yea, Uncle Walter is going to make pancakes."

"Okay, get dressed you two. No one eats pancakes in their pajamas," I said.

The kids scrambled out of bed and raced to their room to get dressed. That gave me an opportunity to get up and get dressed too. Mary told me she would get everything ready. Minutes later I was in the kitchen whipping up a pancake mix. Mary had put out some fresh fruit too. I made pancakes in the shape of a Mickey Mouse face using the fruit for the eyes and nose. The kids went wild over them.

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