tagIncest/TabooMy Naughty Niece Nicola

My Naughty Niece Nicola


Editor's note: story contains ravishment/nonconsentual themes.


Sexy Nicola has beautiful long dark brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes petit Size 8 waist and 32aa pert looking breasts.

I did not realise when I turned up at my Nieces house that my Sister was on her way out the door but I decided I would hang around while I was there. I quickly nipped to the bathroom; this allowed me access to Nicola's panties that she had been wearing that day. I would go to the bathroom almost as soon as I arrived, unable to resist the smell and taste of my Nieces panties.

I would rummage through the laundry basket until I found a pair of Nicola's worn panties; sometimes they would still be moist and warm where she had just got changed.

Luckily these were still moist and slightly sticky from being in contact with her most intimate of areas. I lift the crotch area of my Niece's panties to my nose and sniff that fine aroma, a mixture of her pee; sweat and vaginal secretions drive me wild with lust. I would then lick the area tasting the tangy, sticky substance that had leaked from her most private parts.

There is something very sexy about Nicola's black cotton thongs. With one last sniff and lick I replace her panties into the hamper savouring her creamy wetness and tangy aroma until it was safe to really enjoy them later. I notice another pair a silk looking cream coloured thong, I open them up to find the gusset area very crispy, just how I like them so when I sniff and lick at it I can actually chew the crispy pieces until they soften again and the flavour and odour come flooding to my senses. I'll save those till later I thought and return downstairs.

I try to catch a glimpse either down Nicola's nightshirt to those puffy nipples or up it to those panties that I want to get inside so much.

A lot of the time Nicola would lie on the floor facing away from me watching television and as she moved around I kept on getting wonderful views of her white cotton panties and the slight bulge of her labia, which was hidden by just that thin layer. I start to rub my erection through my jeans just wishing I could have my mouth over her pantied gusset. I decide I need to have another sniff and lick from her panties in the bathroom hamper.

As I pass her bedroom I notice a picture of her and her friend April on her desk I take this into the bathroom with me and look into the hamper for her cream coloured thong. As I am sniffing Nicolas panties I am looking at the picture of her. I release my rock hard penis from the confines of my jeans and start to stroke my cock whilst chewing on the crispy pieces in her knickers. I wish it is her tight vagina that I am sucking on, but her soiled panties do satisfy my lust-crazed desire. After I have eaten her dried vaginal juices I start to lick the gusset to make the leftovers slimy again I can really taste her now and smell the distinct odour of her pee, which drives me almost over the edge. I want to orgasm but I must return downstairs to the forbidden fruit, which, is hiding behind those little white panties.

As I walk into the lounge she is still lying there on the floor but her nightshirt has ridden up very slightly and I can now clearly see the outline of her labia! God I wish I could reach out and touch her there, to slip a finger into that tight warm, slick recess would be heaven itself. As I am staring at her little slit I realise she has turned her head towards me and is staring up at me.

"What are you looking at Uncle Terry?"

A distinct hint of sarcasm detected in her voice. I blush bright red, and stammer out some stupid excuse. Nicola then quickly gets to her feet and sits smack bang on my erection, Shit I thought now she is going to think I'm a pervert.

"Uncle Terry may I have a glass of that wine you brought round?"

"Certainly not your Mother does not like you to drink even if you are old enough."

"Did you like staring at my panties?" She replies

Talk about being caught red handed, what could I say?

"Well young lady if you lay in front of me with your legs open what do you expect." I said trying to turn the tables round again.

"Well I don't expect my Uncle to be staring at my crotch and getting a woody!" She laughed out loud.

"I will do you a deal" she said. "If I can have a glass of wine, you can have a much closer look at my panties."

How could I resist that?

As Nicky got off my lap she pushed herself up by placing her hand right on top of my erect cock. God I nearly ejaculated into my jeans right there and then. Nicky raced into the kitchen and back out again in a flash with the bottle of wine, corkscrew and two glasses. I could not get the bottle of wine opened any quicker in the quest for getting my part of the deal.

Once she had taken her a sip of wine and her face screwed up.

"You will get used to it" I said.

Fearing she would not keep to her side of the bargain I quickly added. "OK your turn now."

Nicola then slowly walked to the other end of the couch that I was sitting on and swung her legs on so that she had her back against the arm of the chair and her legs were facing me, her toes were touching the side of my leg. I got just a very quick glimpse of her white panties increasing my arousal to new heights. After taking another sip of wine and grimacing again, she then gave me a very sexy smile and asked if I was ready. Nicola raised her nightshirt just a little so I could now see a hint of her white panties poking out at me, very slowly opening and shutting her legs teasing me to new heights of sexual arousal. I could feel my breath becoming faster my palms becoming sweatier and my penis was even more pronounced.

"More" I whispered.

"Do you like what you see Uncle Terry? Are my panties making your cock hard?"

"Yes I do very much, but I want to see more."

Nicola new she had me in the palm of her hand she was going to tease me.

"So do you always try to get sneaky peeks at my panties Uncle Terry?"

"Sometimes I do yes."

"Who's were the last panties you saw, were they mine?"

"Yes they were yours on Friday when you were doing some work in the kitchen, when I dropped a pen under the table I bent down to pick it up and I could see right up your short skirt I had a lovely view right to your panties and I could clearly make out a damp spot on them. They were the cream coloured pair in the wash basket."

"How do you know that?"

Shit! I did not mean to mention that I thought to myself.

"Have you been going through the wash hamper and looking at my worn panties Uncle Terry? Eeeeerrrrrr why would you want to do that? That's nasty you old perv. She teases.

Do ya sniff em pervee? I bet you would like to sniff these ones then wouldn't ya they are all warm and snug up against my tight little pussy?"

As she says this she pulls up the nightshirt and opens her legs wide. God I have died and gone to heaven this little goddess is showing me the whole of her panty-covered pussy, which, is only about a foot and a half away. I wanted to reach out and stroke it but I thought that would be going too far.

She slowly runs her middle finger right the way down the middle of her pussy.

"Do you like what you see Uncle Terry, does it make your cock hard? Move your face closer to it maybe you could smell me then."

I move my face closer to her as she instructed, I am only about six inches away from her pussy, I try to take a deep sniff, but she suddenly clamps her legs shut.

"Give me some more wine Uncle Terry."

"I can't your mother will kill me for letting you drink." I exclaim.

"If you don't let me drink she will kill you for perving on her daughter Uncle Terry!"

This little bitch was now annoying me, how had she gained the upper hand?

"C'mon Uncle Terry let me have just one more glass and I will let you have a big sniff of my panties while I'm still in them."

"OK, Ok." How could I refuse an offer like that?

I quickly refilled her glass, her eyes were becoming a little glazed now, she better not have any more or her Mother will realise I thought.

After taking a large mouthful of wine Nicky turned to me and said.

"Here Uncle Terry have a good close look at this, I bet your cock is hard isn't it?"

This time not only did she pull the night shirt up, but much higher and exposed her pert breasts to me as well, she then pulled her panties up really tight so I could see the outline of her pussy with the crease running down the centre.

"Uncle is so naughty taking advantage of his tipsy Niece." Nicky slurred.

I moved in and placed my nose about two inches from her pussy and sniffed the perfect aroma of this little slut's warm vagina invading my senses.

"Errrrrrrrr you dirty old perv, sniff them go on put your nose right in my slit and sniff my knickers if that's how you get your kicks, sniff my dirty smelly knickers."

I did as I was told and placed my nose right into her crease I was in heaven the smell and warmth coming from my sexy niece was getting too much for me, she was also getting wet.

"You are enjoying this aren't you Nicola? There's a wet spot forming down there."

Acting like a little slut and having her Uncle slip his nose into her crack through her panties was obviously arousing her.

"Yes I am enjoying this Uncle Terry it is very naughty isn't it? "No-one has ever got this close to me down there before, it is making me tingle, take another sniff of my dirty knickers. I am a naughty little niece aren't I?"

I had to taste this little slut, as I tried to move her panties to one side she said

"NO we did not agree to doing anything more. You got your sniff and that's it."

With that she straitened her nightshirt and sat with her feet on the floor. The fucking little prick teaser I thought.

"OK, OK. We'll stop then, would you like some more wine Nicky?"

She gulped down the last in her glass and then presented me her glass to refill, so I did. Fucking prick teaser I thought. Just wait. I hurried her to finish that glass as well. She had now drunk just over half the bottle and I refilled her glass again. She was getting drunk very quickly which, was now my intention. Within ten minutes the greedy little prick teaser had finished off the whole bottle!

She tried to stand but fell into a heap onto the carpet, perfect I thought. I bent down and tried to pick her up and back on to the sofa but she was very limp and rambling on calling me a pervert for sniffing her smelly panties.

God if she thought that was being perverted then wait until later! There she was spread eagled on the floor, past out through alcohol and I could now do what I liked with her and she would not even realise! I gave her a shake to see if she was totally out of it and she was, I then lifted her nightshirt up a bit so I could get easy access to her pert body.

Her skin is so smooth to the touch just like silk, I ran my hand up higher under her nightshirt and felt her breasts in my hand tweaking her nipple and feel it harden under my touch, I needed to see her naked so I decided I would take her upstairs to her bedroom and place her on her bed. As I lifted her she murmured something, which, I could not make out.

Her small frame against mine made me even more aroused, I threw her down on her bed and took off her nightshirt; I feasted my eyes on this nubile plaything of mine her tight body was exquisite. Her flawless smooth skin, soft pert breasts and the soft pubic hairs that gently covered her mons were a feast for my eyes.

Climbing on the bed beside her I whispered in her ear. "You dirty little slut I am going to do more than just sniff your panties."

I forced her mouth open and stuck my tongue in and licked her tongue making sensual love to her mouth. Moving slowly downwards nuzzling her neck and the top of her breasts. I Kissed all over her amazing breasts and then took her left nipple in my mouth and slowly suckled her till her nipple became very hard in my mouth, I then moved to her right breast and licked the whole of her breast savouring the silky softness before gently suckling her right nipple feeling it swell between my lips.

Moving my hand down her flat stomach to the top of her pubic mound I gently stroked her whole pussy area through her white panties they were still damp. God how I wanted to taste this little bitches cunt. I spread her legs wide and slowly rubbed against her panty-covered slit with the whole of my palm. Her pussy was surprisingly puffy and was definitely getting damper, I pressed a little firmer and slightly inserted her panties just into the opening to her vagina feeling them become wetter and sliding easily around. I then pulled her panties to one side and for the first time my finger came into contact with her virgin pussy, I started to rub up and down the full length of her slit which, was now very moist with a clear sticky fluid. I leaned closer and took a deep sniff of her uncovered pussy. I could smell her sexual arousal mixed with the faint odour of sweat and pee. I longed to slip my tongue up inside her body and to taste the forbidden fruit but I made myself wait.

Opening her lips a little I slipped a finger just inside the entrance to her vagina God she was very tight, I wondered if I would manage to get a finger inside her tight but pliable body. Slowly I inched my finger in just before my first knuckle as she widened to accommodate me, once it had become slick with her juices I pulled my finger out and held it up to my nose and inhaled. It smelled so fresh and pure I then slipped my finger into my mouth and for the first time tasted her salty, tangy juices not from her dirty panties but directly from her vagina.

Knowing that no other had ever had that pleasure before the rush was so intense my senses were going wild. But I needed to drink the fluid of her arousal straight from the source so I slipped off her panties and then returned my finger back to her pussy and again slipped it inside, forcing more in until it was in up to my knuckle. I took my finger out and rubbed it under her nose and then slipped it inside her mouth and cleaned it off in there.

I opened her legs wide and pushed her knees up onto that beautiful chest of hers which gave me unrestricted access to her tight vagina, bending my head down I took a deep sniff very slowly then licked from the top of her very sparse soft pubic hair down into her slit and then lower down to the entrance of her vagina, where I dipped my tongue and started to flick it in and out all the time savouring the taste and aroma of my little plaything. Tasting the sticky fluid and smelling her arousal had me delirious with lust. I then placed my nose at the entrance to her vagina and pushed, slipping it actually inside her body, her fluids seeping into my nostrils and coating the outside as well.

I then placed my finger back inside and I very roughly started to finger fuck her, then I forced another inside her which, is when I then felt her body tense up. I thought she was coming out of her drunken stupor so I stayed perfectly still but she just mumbled something like yessssss yessssssssssss more and then no further movement.

My cock was straining to be released so I decided to take my clothes off and also to remove her wet panties. Once I had removed my clothes I decided I wanted to give Nicola her very first taste of cock so I took hold of my rock hard Penis and rubbed it over her mouth and lips. There was strings of pre-cum oozing from my tip, I then moved into a sixty-nine position with me on top and forced the head into her soft velvety warm mouth and slowly started to feed my length down into her throat. At the same time I slipped my tongue back into her wet pussy and again tasted that forbidden nectar.

Slowly I started to thrust in and out of her mouth not caring if she started to gag or not I had gone past the point of no return. Picking up my speed I was nearly all the way down in her throat, this was so arousing getting deep throated by my little slut of a niece and at the same time licking her out. Knowing I would not last much longer so I thrust harder and faster and then it hit me like a huge wave as I exploded jet after jet of fresh hot spunk into her throat, again inserting my nose right inside her vagina and tried to inhale her juices and aroma which, heightened my own orgasm ten fold. The slimy juice was up my nostrils and over my face. I then forced my tongue inside her pert body as far as I could get it and started to lick at the walls of her vagina. As I ejaculated into her mouth she had no choice but to automatically swallow my semen as my cock was all the way down her throat into her gullet, this was the most exhilarating sexual experience of my life.

After I finished Cumming I decided it would be good to slip her wet and sticky, smelly panties over her head so that her gusset was over her nose and mouth, I managed to make a small hole in them. This way I could French kiss her through her panties whilst still being able to smell and taste her pussy at the same time fucking this little slut until I wash her insides with her Uncle's semen.

It was time to fuck this little plaything of mine. I mounted her in the missionary position and rubbed my still rock hard cock over her clit a few times making her body twitch. I placed my cock just inside her wet slit and stroked it up and down coating it in her juices.

I knew this was going to be very tight and there was a good chance that she might wake up from her drunken stupor, I started to rub the head of my cock at the opening of her wet pussy making the head of my cock very wet and slippery.

I started to push, it was hurting me a bit but that was part of the fun. I pushed in further and again I felt her body tense up but did not care, I wanted to fuck this little prick teaser. I managed to get about 2 inches inside of her when I pulled out a little way so to coat my dick with more of her juices then in one hard thrust I rammed my cock in, she let a blood curdling scream which was so damn loud could of woken the dead.

A tear trickled out the corner of her eye.

"Fuck me Uncle Terry." She mumbled then whether it was a mixture of the alcohol and pain but she passed out again so I continued my assault on her body slipping my cock further and further into her with each stroke whilst sniffing and licking the wet gusset of her panties and slipping my tongue through the hole into her mouth, the scent of her cunt was making me delirious and I knew that I would not be able to last very long.

Her insides felt like a mixture of warm wet silk and velvet vice gripping and milking my cock. Again I felt that familiar surge in my balls and knowing that I was going to shoot another load of my hot spunk into her body. I speeded up into frenzy and unloaded a huge wad of my cream into her whilst constantly sniffing on her panties to heighten my own arousal.

It was the most sensational fuck that I had ever experienced. As I was coming down from my orgasm I kissed her lips through her panties for the last time and could still smell and taste her sluttish pussy on them.

Slowly I withdrew my cock from her used cunt and was glad to see only a very small amount of blood on me. I then inserted two fingers into her used vagina and pulled out a dollop of my semen and slipped them into her mouth repeating this until nearly all of my semen had been removed from her ravaged vagina.

Then an amusing idea entered my head I went down stairs and got the empty wine bottle, which, I proceeded to push into her vagina quite roughly getting it as far up her tight spoiled pussy as possible then I got dressed and left her like this.

After about an hour and a half I heard some movement upstairs, soon afterwards she appeared at the door looking very sheepish and quiet.

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