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My neighbor is a porn star.

My story starts in 2003, the summer after my junior year of schooling for me. I was like most teens into games and girls. The only problem is I have no girlfriend, so I guess just games. At this point I have not had much experience with girls except outside my own mind. However, this summer it all starts to change.

I got a new neighbor, whose house is on the side next to my bedroom window, is Danni Ashe. Yes, the Danni Ashe giant boobs goddess from the internet, score mag, and Danni's hard drive. However, at first, I had no clue of her modeling work. I found that out later.

She moved in to our south California neighborhood. When I saw her moving in, I was in love. She was older, hot, and stacked. I always thought of myself as a "Boob Man", but I never went for older women before Danni. Her breasts are ever teen on my block's wet dream. Most dad's too, I bet.

At first, I had no idea she was an online goddess. I think most of the block didn't. Ms. Ashe was 35 years old and single, she seemed nice but also a little bit of an air head. It was all my 18 year old brain needed to start to dream.

A week after Ms. Ashe moved into the neighborhood, I saw my mother in the kitchen with a new house plant. I know what she is doing.

"Mom, are you going to talk to the lady next door?"

"Why yes. Would you care to...," is all my mother could get out before I cut her off.

"YES! Umm yes, umm sure. I will join you."

Smiling my mother agrees to let me accompany her to the neighbor's house. I know my mother knows why her horny teenage boy wanted to go meet the huge boob lady next door. My mother rings the doorbell, and I pray Ms. Ashe is home.

She is home, opening the door smiling. Her hair is up and she is wearing a loose shirt and short shorts, the type girls wear to exercise. Besides her top being loose, I could tell she had large breasts ( which I found out are FFFs). And I also admire her legs and ass in those shorts she has on.

"Oh, Hi. You live next door. Right?" she said smiling. "My name is Daniela."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. I am Susan Smith and this is Bobby. We live right next door, and wanted to come by and welcome you to the neighborhood. We also have a house warming gift." My mother said and handed her the house plant. "It's nice to meet you Daniela."

"Oh, wow. Thank you. Please, call me Danni." However, I notice she did not give a last name, but I was in too much of an awe to care. She looks at me smiling and her voice sounds so soft and sexy. "Hi. Bobby"

My head is down. I am nervous and shy. However, I occasionally glance at her breasts. Finally, I look up. My eyes travel from her thighs, crotch, and breast to her eyes. I'm too naive to realize how obvious I must seem. However, instead of having a disgusted look at the little pervert in front of her, she just smiles. This made me ever more nervous. "Hi. Umm It's umm nice to....meet ...you." I finally got out stumbling though the words.

Danni and my mother talk for a few minutes. That's when I learn, she is recently divorced, works on the internet I heard her mention traveling, and then I didn't hear much just when I dared; I stared at her chest and legs.

Luckily, I did wake up out of my foggy head when I hear Danni mention she does not have time to mow her yard. She tells my mother she will properly hire a lawn service. Hearing a golden opportunity, I quickly jump and loudly to the opportunity.

"I COULD!! I mean. I need a summer job. I could mow your yard...if that's okay with you?"

I see my mother smile twistedly back at me. I know she is thinking about the argument her and my father had with me about having a summer job. They both suggest flipping burgers or mowing yards. I keep saying, I just wanted to relax and enjoy my summer.

"Bobby, are you sure? It is a responsibility that you said you did not want this summer." my mother says to me. I know she is trying to be cruel, but I keep strong.

"I did mom, but to help our neighbor. I mean, umm Danni. I would. Plus, she is so close." And has massive tits, I thought.

"Oh Bobby, that would be great." Danni smiles at me. She made my heart and cock rise. "However," my heart sunk, "it will be a lot of work. I need the bushes, yard, and my pool looked after. I don't have the equipment, and it will involve a couple days a week a least. Are you sure you want that much of a commitment?"

"Yes I'm sure I can help. No problem. I can borrow equipment from Dad, and I have looked after our pool. It will be no problem ma'am. I mean Danni," trying to keep my eyes from her huge tits, but I fail. I look up in her eyes and she smiles. My heart and self-confidence grows.

"Well, if you can talk your Dad in to letting you use the mower, I guess you have a job." says my mother with a smirk still on her face.

"Great, come by tomorrow after lunch." Danni says while smiling at me.

She holds out her hand to me. I take her hand and my cock stiffens at the touch of her soft smooth skin. I could barely think or talk.

"Umm, tomorrow it is." Then I realize, I have to convince my dad. A man that would not give me a piece of note book paper, I had to talk into giving me his pride and joy. His lawn equipment.

I run home and jerk off twice. Then, I wait until after dinner to talk to my father. I know once dinner was over and he has a drink, he would be more relaxed, that is the time to ask.

I explain to my father I want to make some extra money, it would get out of the house, and I would not need to beg him for so much money. After five minutes, all he says is no. He says I should go flip burgers.

I reach my last resort....begging.

"Dad, I know I said I did not want a summer job, but this is to help. And, besides it just for the neighbor next door."

I see a different look on his face. Then, he smiles.

"You mean the new huge boob neighbor. Umm I mean. I mean neighbor, next door?", asks my father.

I smile, I know what he is thinking. I could see my father telling his buddies at work. "My son gets to spend his summer with Ms. Massive Tits. Yep, that's my boy."

My father turns to me and tells me I could use his stuff. He says that if mom asks it would be to teach me about responsibility and stuff.

Next Day

My heart is racing as I knock on Danni's door. All I can think is she forgets or changes her mind. She opened the door with a smile. And, to my enjoyment and surprise, she opened the door in a bikini top, one that barley held her tits. The top covers maybe half of her breasts. It leaves a lot exposed and spilling out the sides.

I yell to myself, "Look up! Look UP!! She does have eyes. I think." I finally look up. And I see her smiling at me.

"Bobby, you decided to keep our agreement. Great, I am so happy. Come in." Danni says as she opens her door wider. She walks into the house, and I follow her.

While following her I notice she has on cotton grey short shorts. They barely cover her ass. I know I need to talk. So, I did while I keep staring at her ass.

"Yes, of course. I came to do you. I... um, I mean, to do your yard. ummm." I stuttered terribly. "I am... happy to help..you."

Danni smiles as she slowly turns around. We are in her kitchen. Danni leans against the kitchen counter. She holds her hand out for me. I walk to her and wrap my arms around. I look into her eyes as she pulls me in for a kiss.

We kiss deep and passionately. I feel her tongue explore my mouth. My first French kiss is with this sexy big breasted woman. Danni takes my hand and places it on her massive tits. I cannot believe how soft and massive they feel. I squeeze them enjoying how they feel.

"Do you like them?" Danni whispered.

"Uh huh." Is all I can say. I feel her top slide to the side. I see her full massive breasts. I could not have imagined how large they are. Danni's breasts are big, natural, and hang in a natural tear drop form. I cup and smash my hands into her boobs.

I hear her whisper, "Go on lick and suck them."

I say nothing as I bend down and take her pink nipple in my mouth. I licked then sucked. I cannot believe how great this is. My hands move from her breasts to her hips. I move them further back and feel her firm ass in my hands while I suck on her breast.

I feel Danni unzip my pants. It was unexpected when her soft hand slides into my pants and pulled out my semi stiff cock. She stroked it back and forth; I was getting harder with every pump of her hand and suck of her nipple.

"God, I want you to fuck me." I hear her say. She pulls my head up and places my hands on her hips. "Help left me." With that, she moves to get on the counter, and I help her with ease.

Danni pulls me between her full thick thighs. I see her move her grey shorts to the side. I see her amazing trimmed pussy. I cannot believe it my cock is about to slide into a girl, and not just a girl, a goddess. She holds my cock and eases it into place. I push forward into her wet and warm pussy.

I cannot believe that I was inside her, she feels so tight and soft. I start to push in and out slow.

"Oh God. Ohhh Fuck. You feel so good. I can't believe how big you are." I hear Danni tell me.

I keep pushing in and out of her wet pussy. I see her massive tits shake back and forth. I could not believe I was having sex. I cup her massive breasts as I fuck her faster. "Ohhh ohhh Danni. I can't believe I am fucking you. You feel so good. I've never been with a girl. Ohh god."

Danni's arms wrap around my waist as I fuck her. She encourages me to thrust faster and deeper. I know I can't last much longer. Then, her hand pulls my head down to her nipple. I keep thrusting in and out of her as I start to suck her hard nipples.

"Do you want some Milk?"

"hmmm, ummm. Huh." I couldn't talk.

"Do you want some milk before you do the yard? It's gonna go bad."

"ummm. What?"

"The milk is gonna go bad because the fridge is out." Danni says standing at the fridge. She was holding a half gallon of whole milk.

My head clears I had a day dream about fucking the neighbor. I had never done that. Now, she is talking to me, and I could not think. All I can do is think about fucking her.

"ummm. I... I am Ok. Thanks. I should get to work. Thanks though." I almost run out the house.

Now, I am horny as fuck as I start my yard work. The entire time mowing, all I can think of is my day dream. I keep thinking of how great she felt. I could not believe it was only in my head. Danni has to feel a lot better in real life. Soon I finished the front yard.

I see Danni take some trash out just as I was finishing. She looks over at me, smiles and waves. She walks through the wood privacy fence and into her back yard. I quickly follow behind her. She had a small amount to mow in the back due to the in ground pool. As I turn the corner to the back yard, my jaw dropped and my cock got rock hard, again.

There lying face down on a pool chair is Danni, she is sun tanning topless. She is lying face down so her wonderful tits were smashed bare into the chair. I see the sides fully uncovered. Her small bikini top barley covered much before, now nothing covered them. Her shorts are also off her, she only has a G-string bikini bottom on. When I say string, I do mean string. It's like her ass is nude and God her ass looks great. Danni's ass was big firm and smooth. I thought, if I could touch her ass I would die and go to heaven.

I continue my work. Well, I continue the best I could. I can barely keep from staring. Danni catches me staring not just once but four times. To my amazement, she stayed. Once, she even smiled.

"I.... umm. Miss. Danni. I am done. All finished for today." I say after turning the mower off and now standing next to her. I try to keep my eyes off her ass and tits. I am not winning this battle.

"Great. Thanks Bobby. I hope you didn't mind me tanning. You seem nice, so I felt safe doing it."

"Umm. Ya Sure. It's cool. It's a great day. Real sunny." I said, then I joked "Just don't get burnt."

"Oh. Yes. Am I red?"

"um.... Not yet"

"Oh, Bobby, there is some sun block at my feet. Can you help put some on my back and neck?" She asks with a giggle.

I move to her feet. I kneel down and pick up the bottle. As I bend my shorts lift and my hard cock slips out. I begin to put my cock up, but while holding it, looking at her smooth firm shinny ass. I start to rub it. I start to jerk off behind Danni's back looking at her. She has no idea.

"Hurry. I might burn. Come on Bobby. Put it all over."

"O Ya. I I will. " I now jerk off over Danni's ass. My rock hard cock just inches from her ass. With the day dream earlier and watching her tan, I am so fucking horny that I can't hold out any longer.

"Ohh. Ohh. I almost have it."

"Ok. Hurry Bobby. I need it all over. Come on Bobby."

I shoot my massive load all over her. I shoot ropes of cum over her back. I few shots even went on her ass and the last one fired out and went far and landed in her hair. I was shocked that I had just came all over the neighbor without her even knowing it.

"Oh God. It's warm Bobby. It must have been in the sun for a while. Don't forget to rub it in. It's Ok Bobby. You are helping me."

I pause at first. I don't want to touch my cum, but I do want to touch her. So, I rub my cum into Danni's back and her neck. My fingers slide to her side and touch her massive tits. I thought she was going to kill me. She does not even tell me to stop. My fingers caress her tits a few times as I rub my cum into her.

After a minute, I see the cum over her ass. Now, I am more daring.

"Umm Danni. All over? Even umm your umm rear?"

She giggles. I speak low, and she hears it. However, she still doesn't know I just came on her.

"Yes. quick, it's ok," she replies.

I do. As I quickly run my hand over her ass, my wet cock head rubs over her ass. I finish rubbing into her ass, and then I quickly put away my cock as I stand up.

"Thanks for your help today, Bobby. I will see you tomorrow for the hedges."

I smile and say "Oh yes. Thank you, Danni. It was... umm.. fun. I mean...nice.. Thanks. For the work."

I go home quickly. I jerk off as soon as I am home.

To be continued.........

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A Little Help....

Danni's real name is 'Leah Manzari'... and when you right 'yeah', use it, not 'ya'. Ya is what Scandinavians say, Ya?

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