tagFetishMy Neighbor Ch. 04

My Neighbor Ch. 04


I've been visiting Peggy every 4 or 5 days for the past month. I've been teased more than I thought possible. I've been left in halls and exam rooms while being denied orgasm. I was left in a waiting room once. I've had a group of five women watch me cum after an extremely long tease. I've been denied orgasm next to a woman who was also being denied orgasm.

Last time, Peggy told me the study was complete and that this would be my last visit. My disappointment was instant. She saw how disappointed I was and quickly told me that we can continue to play on our own. How close it would be to this would depend upon how much of the equipment she'd be able to get home.

Today is two weeks since I last saw her. Two weeks since I was last teased and denied orgasm. I've not masturbated during that time because it lost much of its excitement. So has watching tease and denial porn.

Today, I'm thinking it's time to break my self imposed denial as I am pretty horny. In fact, I don't know that I've gone without masturbating for two weeks since I was 14.

I'm sitting on the sofa trying to decide how to get back into things when I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and smile instantly when I see Peggy.

"Hi.". She is also smiling. "Have you missed our time together?"

I lose my smile and reply "Yeah."

"Well then, get happy. I got quite a bit of the equipment home. More than enough for us to have a good time. And, best of all, I have some free time and would love to spend it teasing you."

My smile returns. And my erection decides to make an appearance.

She spots my excitement and laughs, "I guess that means you would like that!"

I shake my head yes.

"Well then, get undressed and follow me to my place."

"Huh?" is all I can get out.

"Yup, get naked and follow me over.

"Can't I get undressed by you?" I ask not really wanting to walk the halls of our complex naked.

"Nah, I like it better this way. I think it will make things more fun." She smiles at me. My cock overrides any concerns I may have.

I'm naked in record time, leaving my clothes wherever they fell. Being naked in a public, well semi-public, area is something I haven't experienced yet. And now I'm going to walk into my hall naked. Thinking about that makes my erection just a little bit harder.

"Keys?" she asks.

I grab my keys from a table by the door. She opens the door and indicates I should leave first. I say what the hell and walk into the hall, my erection leading the way. I wait for her.

She notices that I'm still rock hard and smiles. "Come on" she says as she starts walking to her apartment.

We get into her apartment without incident. I throw my keys on a table by her door as I realize I'm both disappointed and relieved that we weren't caught. But I'm so excited about what is to come that those feelings pass quickly.

She has the equipment ready and wastes no time getting me ready. When I'm ready, she puts cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

"Stand in front of the sofa and line your legs with the legs of the sofa." I do as instructed and end up standing with my legs spread quite a bit. She attaches the ankle cuffs to the sofa legs, locking me in that position.

"Take a seat". I manage to do so without falling. She pulls one arm out to the side and attaches it to a rope coming from behind the sofa. She repeats this on the other side. I test my bonds and realize I can't move much.

She grabs a small ring from her pile of goodies and puts it on my cock. I don't remember ever experiencing this ring before. But my cock is hard and ready for whatever. She doesn't waste any time and the machine is turned on before I know it.

She takes 30 seconds to calibrate it. And, almost before I'm ready, I'm close to cumming and the machine starts it's cycle of tease and denial.

Peggy is watching me. I don't remember her ever doing that through all of the sessions we had before. She might have done it when there were a group of women watching me. but never like this. She is intently staring at me. For some weird reason, this is making me hornier.

The machine is keeping me on the verge of cumming. As it's done so many times before, it changes the vibration pattern and intensity as I feel I'm about to cum. And that keeps me from cumming.

After the machine has been edging me for what is probably 10 minutes but feels like an hour, Peggy walks into her bedroom. The machine keeps doing it's thing while she is gone. I'm getting hornier and hornier. And my need to cum is growing. I think because I haven't cum for two weeks, I am feeling this quite a bit more than I expected.

Peggy walks back into the room. Naked. I haven't seen her naked before and she looks amazing. She has small but perfect boobs with slightly hard nipples. Her pussy looks shaved except for a landing strip. Her legs look wonderful.

She stands next to me, smiles and adjusts the machine. The stimulation increases. This time, it's only seconds before the pattern changes to keep me from cumming. The machine is still teasing me but at a rate I haven't experienced before.

My cock is screaming for orgasm now but my eyes are glued to Peggy sitting down in a chair across from me. She spreads her legs, putting them over the arms of the chair. This gives me a clear view of her pussy. I see her clit peeking out so I'm pretty sure she's horny too.

She picks up a vibrator from next to the chair that I hadn't noticed. She puts it on her clit and turns it on. She moans almost instantly. I am instantly ready to cum and, for the first time tonight, the vibrator on my cock stops. My cock is swollen, purple and is dripping pre-cum.

Peggy has this incredibly passionate, erotic look right now. She's staring at my cock and moving the vibrator around her pussy. The vibrator on my cock starts back up and it makes me moan and pull at my bonds. My reaction triggers another moan out of Peggy when she starts to cum.

She's moaning and moving her hips against the vibrator. I'm ridiculously close to orgasm but the machine slows down a lot, continuing to deny me.

Watching Peggy cum is one of the most intense things I've ever experienced. It's adding to my frustration but in a way that is increasing my desire.

About a minute later, Peggy removes the vibrator from her pussy, puts her legs down and smiles. I can't smile back because the sensations are too intense. All I can do is moan and shake as the machine continues to deny me my much needed orgasm.

"Wow, that was intense. You don't know how horny I got watching you get teased all these time. Today, seeing your cock so swollen, it was great. And when you starting to leak pre-cum, that pushed me over the edge."

I don't reply. I can't. I don't think I could form a coherent. And I definitely can't talk; all that is coming my mouth are moans and other expressions of my need to cum.

"Sorry Jeff, but you are going to have to wait a little longer for your orgasm" she tells me as she leans back in the chair, puts her legs up, and starts masturbating again.

I'm covered in sweat. I can't keep myself still; I'm squirming to try and get a little more contact with my cock. It's of no use of course but I can't stop. I start thrusting against the vibrator a bit which is also not making me cum. The vibrator keeps changing pattern, intensity, and speed making me need to orgasm more than I ever have before.

I look at Peggy. She's enjoying that vibrator and staring at me. Again, it makes me want to cum more than before but it also increases my desire. I wonder what her second orgasm will be like.

I don't know why I'm feeling like this. I so need to cum. And I so want to cum. But Peggy is looking at me; I can see her need in her eyes. I realize just how much watching me getting teased mercilessly by her machine is turning her on.

She's quietly moaning now and her hips appear to be moving involuntarily against the vibrator. And she is still staring at my cock.

My cock has started dripping pre-cum again. While her moans are soft, mine get louder as the vibrator continues it's assault.

The vibrator isn't turning off any more either; it is just slowing down to almost nothing. When it does that, there is no respite. It seems I'm staying just away from orgasm for a long time before it gives me an all too brief high speed buzz. the respite is short; it ramps up to a high speed after a few seconds. Then it slows down a little and changes the pattern keeping me from getting the stimulation I need to cum.

It only takes another couple of minutes of my suffering for Peggy to cum again. I thought her first orgasm was intense but her second orgasm puts the first one to shame. She is arching her back and holding that position. She's pushing hard against the vibrator. Her eyes are closed. Her mouth is clenched. She's moaning seemingly uncontrollably. And it's not stopping.

It's driving me insane. The vibrator keeps doing a job on my dick. It's keeping me so close to orgasm for longer than I've experienced before. And watching Peggy orgasm is just adding to my desire and misery.

I don't know how long this goes on, 30 seconds, a minute, but Peggy finally starts to relax. But not me. I'm still desperate to cum. My cock is so swollen, it feels tighter than normal.

I'm staring at Peggy for another 2 or 3 minutes, waiting for her to recover from her orgasm. I'm a little less excited now than I was but I'm still ridiculously and deliciously close to cumming.

After what seems like forever, Peggy looks at me and smiles. "Wow, that was unbelievable. But now I think it is your turn." She gets out of the chair to kneel in front of me.

Before I realize what's happening, Peggy puts her mouth on my cock. The vibrator is on a slow cycles so somehow, I don't cum. She keeps my cock in her mouth and starts to gently lick the underside of my cock. I don't know how much more of this I can take but, for now, the feeling is exquisite.

I feel the vibrator ramp up again. Peggy stops moving her tongue and starts gently sucking. This time, as I get close to cumming, the vibrator doesn't slow down. Instead, it stays at the same speed. Peggy increases her motion, starting to slowly move her mouth up and down my cock while sucking.

It is only a few seconds before I start cumming. She keeps on moving up and down on my cock while I cum. And I cum and cum and cum. When I'm finally done, she sits back, letting my cock fall from her mouth.

She smiles at me but doesn't speak. She is sitting watching me recover from my orgasm. I look at her and realize some of my cum is running down her mouth.

As she sees me recover, she removes the vibrator ring from my softening cock. I'm so spent, I barely even register the sensation. She releases my arms and legs from the cuffs. I stand and she removes the rest of the equipment from me.

I collapse back onto her sofa. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is a washcloth on my soft but now hardening dick. I smile and notice that she has gotten dressed. This is when I remember that I don't have any clothes here so I now have the naked walk back to my apartment.

"You can relax here as long as you need. I will walk you home whenever you are ready."

I tell her that I'm ready and she grabs my keys and walks me back. The walk back is uneventful. As we get to my apartment and she starts to unlock the door, she looks at me and asks, "Are you ok?"

I smile back and say a soft "Yes. I'm tired so I think a shower and bed is in order."

"Good. I see your cock is still satisfied. At least for now" she says with a little giggle while starting at my still soft member. And then instead of leaving, she comes over and gave me a long, passionate kiss followed by whispering into my ear, "I really like you Jeff and I hope we can do this again soon."

Before I can reply, she leaves, closing the door behind her. And my cock started to get hard at the prospect of a repeat of this performance.

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